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Hugues de Calvacamp, I MP (c.914 - c.980)

"de Tosny", "de Calvacamp", "de Cavalcamp"

Please see Peter Stewart's "Origin and Early Generations of the Tosny Family" (July 2009, rev. March 2012) at

8/7/2007 12/21/2010

Raoul de Tosny, I, Seigneur de Tosny MP (aft.915 - aft.991)

"Ranaulf", "Ralph", "Rodulf", "de Toeni", "Tosni", "Toni", "Rodolphe", "Radulf"

GRESLEYS OF DRAKELOWE COMPILED BY FALCONER MADAN, M.A. FELLOW OF BRASENOSE COLLEGE, OXFORD PRINTED FOR SUBSCRIBERS 1899 has an excellent section on the de Toeni from 2-15 and Robert de Stafford 16-17 ...

7/24/2007 12/21/2010

Raoul II de Toeni, seigneur de Tosny MP (c.955 - aft.1023)

"Radulf", "Raoul II (Rodulf) (Ralph) de Toeni / Tosny / Toni", "de Todeniaco", "de Ternois", "Rodulf II /De Toeni/", "Seigneur de Toeni /Rodulph/", "Rudolph", "Ralph", "Rodulf"

Peter Stewart's work: Updated May 2018 RAOUL [II] de Tosny, son of RAOUL [I] [de Tosny] & his wife --- . "…Rodulphi filii Rodulphi de Todeniaco…" subscribed the undated charter under which "Richard...

7/24/2007 12/21/2010

Roger I 'd'Espagne' de Tosny MP (aft.985 - bef.1043)

"Hispanicus", "de Toni", "de Toeni", "The Spaniard", ""The Spaniard""

This is Roger de Tosney, d'Espagne (The Spaniard) NOT Roger de Tosny, seigneur de Conches CURATOR'S NOTE from Pam Wilson, 18 May 2018. For many years, historians and genealogists have considered Roge...

7/24/2007 12/21/2010

son of Roger II de Tosny and his wife Godechildis. married Avice de Clare [Curator's Note: though some sources have him married to Adelisa de Savona, this is not strongly supported, and we have detac...

9/13/2007 12/21/2010

Robert de Toeni, Lord of Belvoir MP (1030 - 1088)

"Tosny", "Toni", "Toeni", "Tony"

His parentage is unknown for certain. PLEASE NOTE: (1) Robert de Toni/Tosny Lord of Belvoir (married Adelais) MAY or MAY NOT be the same as (2) Robert de Tosny also known as Robert de Stafford (married...

6/10/2007 12/21/2010