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Marguerite d'Anjou, comtesse d'Anjou et du Maine MP (c.1273 - 1299)

"Marguerite Comtesse D'anjou Et Du Maine De France (born D'anjou)"

Marguerite d'Anjou (1273-1299) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. ) Marguerite d'Anjou, née en 1273, morte le 31 décembre 1299, comtesse d'Anjou et du Maine, fille de Charles II d'Anj...

3/11/2007 11/25/2012

Marguerite d'Anjou de Tarente MP (c.1330 - c.1380)

10/25/2008 8/28/2012

Charles Anjou de Tarente MP (1296 - 1315)

5/26/2009 8/28/2012

Fulk III "the Black", count of Anjou & Vendôme MP (987 - 1040)

"Le Noir", "Nerra", "Foulques", "Count D'anjou", "the Black", "/Fulk/ III", "Count", ""LeNoir" Count", "/Le Noir/", "The Black", "Fulk Nerra /Plantaganet/", ""the Black")", "le Noir", "called Nerra (that is", ""Le /Noir"/", "Fulke III /De Anjou/", "Count of Anjou", "Fulk the Black", "Fulk..."

Fulk III “the Black”, born circa 966, was the son of Geoffrey Grisegonelle "Greymantle" or "Grey Tunic". He one of the most remarkable figures of his period and the most powerful member of the dynast...

2/2/2007 8/27/2012

Charles I of Hungary MP (1288 - 1342)

"Károly Róbert", "Karlo Robert", "Karol Róbert", "Charles Robert"

Charles I of Hungary From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Charles I of Hungary (Hungarian: Károly Róbert, Croatian: Karlo Robert, Slovak: Karol Róbert), (1288, Naples, Italy – 16 July 1342, Vise...

5/30/2007 8/21/2012

Louis the Great, King of Hungary MP (1326 - 1382)

"Louis I of Hungary", "Ludwik Węgierski", "Лайош I Великий", "Людовик I Великий", "Лайош V", "Ludwik Andegaweński"

) MedLands: LAJOS, the Great King of Hungary (=) LUDWIK King of Poland Wikipedia: Magyar: I. (Nagy) Lajos magyar király English: Louis I the Great, King of Hungary and Croatia

8/19/2007 8/21/2012