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Froukje Saartje Stoppelman (1914 - 1942)


, Saartje Froukje (nee Stoppelman) (21 January 1914 - 30 Sept 1942)It seems possible that Anne met this woman. She was the Stoppelmans' daughter. During the start of 1942, she and her husband and kids ...

6/24/2013 5/5/2018

Juliette Nanny Ketellapper (1928 - 1943)


Friend of Anne FrankKetellaper* Biographical Summaries of Notable People* Birth: June 26 1928 - Amsterdam* Death: Cause of death: Gas chamber - July 9 1943 - Sobibór, Lublin Voivodeship* Parents: Lena ...

12/5/2014 5/2/2018

Isidora "Isa" Cauvern (1914 - 1946)

Isa was in love with Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank and that she jumped out of her room on the day Otto told her that he would not answer her love for him. 'Isa' Monas* Op 19 jan 1914 werd Isa ge...

6/23/2008 3/1/2016

Abraham Cauvern (1909 - 1986)

"Albert", "Ab"

Ab Cauvern named Abraham but called himself during the war years Albert, why is he so less noticed by the German occupiers. Ab worked for broadcasting, after the war for the VARA as dramaturge, chief p...

6/23/2008 3/1/2016

Meier (Max) Stoppelman (1915 - 2005)


After the selection on their arrival in Auschwitz, Otto Frank, Hermann and Peter van Pels, and Fritz Pfeffer had all been sent to Block 2 in the main camp, Auschwitz I. They were lucky. One of the seni...

1/21/2010 11/14/2015

Johannes Kleiman MP (1896 - 1959)

Oom Jo en tante Jo waren moedige mensen. Oom Jo werkte voor Otto Frank, de vader van Anne. Tante Jo hielp ook met voedsel en kleding voor de onderduikers in het Achterhuis. Op de site van het Anne Fran...

10/16/2009 7/7/2015

Charlotta Pfeffer (Kaletta) MP (1910 - 1985)

Fritz Pfeffer and Charlotta Kaletta, 1939 In 1936 he met a young woman Charlotta Kaletta (1910 – 1985), born in Ilmenau, Thuringia in Central Germany, who shared his history of a broken marriage. She w...

3/18/2015 7/7/2015

Jan Gies MP (1905 - 1993)

"Henk van Santen in diary of Anne Frank"

Biography:==* archiefkaart stadsarchief Amsterdam * * Anne * Wikipedia * Yad Vashem - The Righteous Among the Nations Database

4/17/2015 7/7/2015

Miep Gies MP (1909 - 2010)

Hermine Santruschitz = Miep GiesDuring the Second World War, Miep Gies, along with Johannes Kleiman, Victor Kugler, Bep Voskuijl, Jan Gies and Johan Voskuijl, made up a team of helpers for the eight Je...

4/17/2015 7/7/2015

Friedrich "Fritz" Pfeffer MP (1889 - 1944)

in THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK as Mr. Dussel, which in German is "Mr. Nitwit" -- not a flattering portrayal, which was then exaggerated in movies and plays. Fritz was born in Gießen, Germany, one of the si...

4/26/2009 7/7/2015

Auguste van Pels MP (1900 - 1945)

"Petronella van Daan", "Gusti"

On 29 September 1900, Auguste Röttgen is born in Buer, which today is part of Gelsenkirchen in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Her parents are Leo Röttgen and Rosa Rosenau, and Auguste has ...

11/24/2010 7/6/2015

Hermann van Pels MP (1898 - 1944)

"Hermann Van Daan"

Hermann van Pels was a German-Jewish refugee who hid with Anne Frank and her family during World War II. When the "Dairy of Anne Frank" was published in 1947, Hermann van Pels name was changed in the b...

11/24/2010 7/6/2015

Erich Geiringer (1901 - 1945)

Erich Geiringer manufactured and exported shoes. He also was an active sportsman. Eva was born in Vienna, Austria on May 11, 1929; her older brother Heinz Felix Geiringer was born on July 12, 1926. Sho...

5/25/2010 9/14/2014

Peter "Van Daan" van Pels MP (1926 - 1945)

Peter van Pels , born November 8, 1926 and died May 2, 1945. Peter was the son of Hermann and Auguste van Pels, and was one of the eight people in hiding in the “secret annex” in Amsterdam as written i...

11/24/2010 12/29/2010

Edith Frank MP (1900 - 1945)

Edith on Wikipedia of starvation in Auschwitz because she hid her rations of food for her daughters instead of eating herselfcf. also:

1/8/2008 12/29/2010

Otto Frank MP (1889 - 1980)


Otto Frank From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the physiologist of the same name, see Otto Frank (physiologist). Otto Frank Otto Frank (1961).jpg Otto Heinrich Frank (1961) Born 12 May 1889 Frank...

1/8/2008 12/29/2010

Margot Betti Frank MP (1926 - 1945)

Margot on Wikipedia Read more . . .>The eight residents of the Secret Annex are transported to Auschwitz on the last train leaving the transit camp Westerbork . After a month at Auschwitz, Anne Frank a...

1/8/2008 12/29/2010

Anne Frank MP (1929 - 1945)

"Anne Frank אנה פרנק Anna"

Anne Frank , Author, Holocaust Victim, named in Time Magazine's icons of the 20th century on their list The Most Important People of the Century.Anne Frank was born in 1929 in Frankfurt am Main in Germ...

1/8/2008 12/29/2010