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Residence : 1850 -  Grayson county, Grayson, Virginia, USA Updated from 1850 United States Federal Census via Phillis Hampton by SmartCopy : Nov 10 2014, 20:03:47 UTC

11/10/2014 3/18/2017

Dr. Edmund Mazyck MP (1840 - 1893)

When Major Anderson transferred his forces from Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumter, Mazyck was within a few months of graduating from South Carolina College, but with burning enthusiasm in the cause and utte...

3/9/2017 3/9/2017

Pvt.,Co.D,VMI cadet at Battle of New Market;43rd Va.Cav.Battn.-CSA------------------------------------------Robert Nelson was born March 3, 1847 in Lunnenburg, County, VA. He wasthe third child born to...

3/6/2017 3/6/2017

Pvt. Josiah Wesley Nunn MP (1827 - 1901)

Josiah Nunn served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He enlisted in Company H, 24th Virginia Infantry Regiment on 17 Mar 1862.

3/3/2017 3/3/2017

Dr. William Isham Jordan MP (c.1834 - 1862)

Asst. Surgeon of the 23rd NC Infantry. Killed in the battle of South Mountain (Civil War) as his unit engaged 23rd Ohio Inf. led by future US Pres. Rutherford Hayes. Sept. 1862.

8/21/2007 3/2/2017

Pvt. William Daniel Bowman MP (1836 - 1914)

William Daniel Bowman served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He was drafted to Company D, Virginia 12th Infantry Regiment on 25 Mar 1862. Mustered out on 17 Sep 1862 at Harper's ...

2/26/2017 2/26/2017

Pvt. Joel Mankins MP (c.1838 - 1863)

Joel Mankins served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He enlisted in Company K, Virginia 50th Infantry Regiment on 22 Jun 1861 in Wythe County, Virginia alongside his brother James...

2/26/2017 2/26/2017

Pvt. (CSA), James Yancey MP (1836 - 1862)

James Yancey served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He enlisted in Company A, 21st Georgia Infantry Regiment on 06 Jun 1861. He died on 28 Aug 1862 at the Second Battle of Bull R...

2/25/2017 2/25/2017

Baylis Richardson served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He enlisted in Company E, 35th Georgia Infantry Regiment on 19 Apr 1862. Baylis was captured by the Union at Petersburg, ...

2/25/2017 2/25/2017

James Thomas Cooper, CSA MP (1839 - 1896)

James served with the CSA CoF 60th VA Inf. He lost his right arm as a result of wounds received in the battle of Frazier's Farm near Richmond VA in 1862. His brother, Robert, served in the same Company...

10/1/2010 2/12/2017

George William Cooper, CSA MP (1840 - 1864)

George was killed during the Civil War, but was never found. His brother, Robert, also died during the War, of wounds received in battle. Another brother, James lost an arm in another battle.

10/1/2010 2/12/2017

Robert Samuel Cooper, CSA MP (1837 - 1865)

Robert served with the CSA CoF 60th VA Inf. He died in hospital, Richmond VA as a result of illness stemming from wounds received in battle. His brother, James, served in the same Company.

10/1/2010 2/12/2017

Occupation: Shoemaker U.S., Civil War Soldier, enlisted in Company I, North Carolina 11th Infantry Regiment from March 31, 1862 to Oct 23, 1862 Headstone photo by: D. G. Keener, added: Nov 27, 2011...

6/22/2013 2/10/2017

Va.Inf.Regt. d. Bright's disease.* Updated from Find A Grave Memorial via brother Capt Erskine Mayo Ross by SmartCopy : Jun 11 2015, 11:39:10 UTC

11/23/2014 2/9/2017

graduating from the Virginia Military Institute in 1859, he attended the University of Virginia, earning his Doctor of Medicine in 1861. In April of 1861, he became First Lieutenant of the Southern Gua...

11/23/2014 2/9/2017

Killed in battle of Bethesda Church,Hanover County.* Updated from Find A Grave Memorial via brother Capt Erskine Mayo Ross by SmartCopy : Jun 11 2015, 11:39:10 UTC

6/11/2015 2/9/2017

Col. Edmund Goode, (CSA) MP (1825 - 1862)

EDMOND GOODE, OF BEDFORD COUNTY, VIRGINIA; COLONEL, 58TH VIRGINIA INFANTRY. Colonel Edmond Goode, the eldest son of John and Ann M. Goode, was born in Bedford County, Virginia, on the 4th of May, 1...

2/8/2017 2/9/2017

Pvt. (CSA), Marquis de Lafayette Henry MP (c.1825 - 1863)


Marcus Lafayette Henry, died from injuries in the civil war. Birth: Nov. 27, 1825 Death: Feb. 14, 1863 Company C 56th Enr Mo Militia Civil War Family links: Spouse: Sara Jane Cunnyngham He...

8/12/2007 2/4/2017

"He first married Mary Rider. His second wife was Sarah Dillard (1862 - 1922. Mr. Dillard enlisted in company G (1) 50th Virginia Regt June 15, 1861 for a period of 3 years by Capt. Dunn at Abingto...

2/3/2017 2/3/2017

Civil War POW- Corporal Elijah Meadows Siers On November 2, 1862 he joined the Confederate army and under the leadership of Capt. Absalom Knotts, a powerful leader in that day and age, served with ho...

5/22/2015 1/26/2017

Inscription: Killed while leading his men in the charge at Chancellorville VA. Note: Confederate Civil War Veteran

3/13/2009 1/20/2017

Inscription: Of the Eighth VA Cal. Army of Northern VA. Lost his life in a galent charge at Winchester, VA Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Jan 11 2017, 1:58:20 UTC

11/21/2008 1/16/2017

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederacy Enlisted: June 18, 1861 Rank: Private Co.: B Regt. 33rd Va. Branch: Infantry Promotion: Oct. 10, 1861 Rank: Cpl. Death: Battle of Kernstown ...

1/15/2017 1/16/2017

Pvt. (CSA) Samuel D. Hawkins MP (1839 - 1905)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederacy Enlisted: May 18, 1861 Rank: Pvt. Co.: G Regt.: 33rd Virginia "Mount Jackson's Rifles" Branch: Infantry Captured: June 2, 1862 Exchanged: Augu...

1/14/2017 1/15/2017

Sgt. CSA Samuel J. Lutholtz MP (1837 - 1918)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederacy Mustered in: Sept. 9, 1862 Rank: Pvt. &Sgt. Co.: B Regt.: 33rd Virginia Branch: Infantry Additional Service: Co. D, 18th Va. Calvary Additiona...

1/15/2017 1/15/2017

Pvt. (CSA) Joseph W. Hawkins MP (1843 - 1888)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confedercy Enlisted: May 18, 1861 Co.: G Regt.: 33rd Virginia "Mount Jackson's Rifle's" Wounded: First Manassas July 21,1861, never returned Discharged due to...

1/15/2017 1/15/2017

Francis P. Fleming, Governor MP (1841 - 1908)

Francis Philip Fleming (September 28, 1841 – December 20, 1908) was an American politician and the 15th Governor of Florida from 1889 to 1893. Fleming was a Democrat, strong supporter of segregation ...

10/9/2013 1/14/2017

(CSA), William Maury Byrd MP (1847 - 1934)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederacy Co.: B, Capt. Stower's Militia State: Va. Link : William Maury was a member of Captain Stowers company of militia. No record of his rank or enlistme...

3/21/2016 1/13/2017

Pvt. (CSA), Isaac Hite Byrd MP (1845 - 1892)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederacy Rank: Pvt. Co.: C Regt.: 7th Virginia Branch: Calvary Captured: Jan. 11, 1865 at Woodstock, Va. Note: Orders to not release due to guerrilla act...

1/11/2017 1/13/2017

Pvt. (CSA), William Wirt Byrd MP (c.1822 - 1873)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederate Enlisted: June 3, 1861 Rank: Pvt. Co.: B Regt.: 135th Virginia Militia William Wirt Bird enlisted June 3, 1861, as a private in Company B, 135th R...

1/11/2017 1/13/2017

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederate Enlisted April 5, 1862 Rank: Pvt. Co. K Regt.: 7th Branch: Calvary Written as recorded in A Short History of the 7th Virginia Calvary with I...

1/11/2017 1/13/2017

Pvt. (CSA) Henry Clay Byrd MP (c.1820 - 1863)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederate Rank: Pvt. Co.: Capt. Branders Branch: Artillery Captured: Injured and left in Maryland/ Captured Sept. 12, 1862, Frederick City/ Held Fort Delaware...

1/11/2017 1/12/2017

Dr. (CSA) Harvey Black MP (1827 - 1888)

Dr. Harvey Black was the son of Alexander Black and Elizabeth McDonald. His grandfather, John Black, was one of the founders of Blacksburg, Virginia. He married Mary Irby Kent, daughter of Germanicus K...

1/10/2017 1/10/2017

Pvt. Harrison Holton Smith MP (1837 - 1913)

Harrison Holton Smith (born Harrison Holton) served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War in Company B, 34th Virginia Cavalry Battalion.

12/22/2016 1/8/2017

Rev. (CSA), Elam Cummings Robinson MP (1841 - 1865)

"Civil War POW"

Find A Grave Memorial# 108512863 Elam Cummings Robinson was a member of the 20th VA Cavalry and held as a POW at Rock Island Prison in Rock Island, IL Elam was a chaplain in the Confederate Army ...

1/8/2017 1/8/2017

Capt. (CSA) Henry Bowen MP (1841 - 1915)

During the war, Henry Bowen was a Captain in the 8th Virginia Cavalry, was captured in December 1864, and a Prisoner of War at Fort Delaware until June 1865. US Congressman. Elected to represent Virg...

12/28/2016 1/2/2017

(CSA), James Madison Cheatwood, Jr. MP (1846 - 1931)

"James Matt Cheatwood"

Leanna Cheatwood filled out pension records in 1902. Stated husband died of old age in Roanoke County, Virginia. Served in 56 Virginia Infantry. "Sec Pension Roll" Company In his handwriting, he wrot...

7/18/2015 1/1/2017

Ballard Adkins served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War in Company B-D, 34th Battalion, Virginia Cavalry (Witcher's Battalion, Virginia Mounted Rifles).

12/22/2016 12/30/2016

Pvt. (CSA), Gordon Repass MP (1819 - 1865)

Served in the Civil War as a Private, Company K, 1st Virginia Infantry Regiment, Confederate States Army. Captured and became a prisoner of war. Imprisoned at Point Lookout in Scotland, Saint Mary's Co...

9/13/2007 12/28/2016

(CSA), John Alexander Tyler MP (1848 - 1883)

John Alexander TYLER was born on 7 Apr 1848 in Charles City County, Virginia. He died on 1 Sep 1883. Parents: John TYLER (10th President of the USA) and Julia GARDINER. Spouse: Sarah Griswold GARDINE...

7/4/2008 12/28/2016

Joseph Nicholas "Jess" Burroughs (1825-1899) enlisted April 24, 1861 with Company B, 14th Virginia Infantry, Fancy Grove, Bedford County, VA. His residence in Virginia in 1860 and 1865 was listed as Be...

11/4/2015 12/25/2016

Edwin Newton "Newt" Burroughs (1844-1922) enlisted August 1, 1862 with the Franklin Rangers (Company D, 2nd Virginia Calvary) commanded by Giles William Bruce Hale. Newt served with the Halesford slave...

9/1/2014 12/25/2016

Christopher "C.F." Frank Burroughs (1838-1865) joined with Billy at the first muster of Franklin Rangers on May 20, 1861. After discharge in October 1861, Frank reenlisted in the Franklin Rangers. He w...

12/25/2016 12/25/2016

John William "Billie" Burroughs served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He enlisted in Company D, Virginia 2nd Cavalry Regiment on 20 May 1861. He died on 17 Mar 1863 at the Battl...

12/25/2016 12/25/2016

John Wesley Adkins served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He enlisted in Company B, Virginia 36th Infantry Regiment on 01 Jun 1861.

12/22/2016 12/22/2016

Calvery Adkins served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He served in Company B, 34th Battalion, Virginia Cavalry (Witcher's Battalion, Virginia Mounted Rifles), Company A, Virginia...

12/22/2016 12/22/2016

Thomas Adkins served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War in Company B, 42nd Regiment, Virginia Infantry.

12/22/2016 12/22/2016

Joseph Robert Wyant (CSA) MP (1837 - d.)

Service record to the "Confederate States of America" * Enlisted - 4/18/1861 McGaheysville, VA as Pvt.,Co. E, 10th Virginia Infantry * Detailed nurse - 4/1862 Charlottesville, Virginia

7/1/2014 12/2/2016

Rufus W. Cobb, Governor MP (1829 - 1913)

Rufus Willis Cobb (February 25, 1829 – November 26, 1913) was an American Democratic politician who was the 25th Governor of Alabama from 1878 to 1882. Biography Rufus Wills Cobb was born in Ashv...

11/30/2007 11/29/2016

John A. Winston, Governor MP (1812 - 1871)

John Anthony Winston (September 4, 1812 – December 21, 1871) was the 15th Governor of the U.S. state of Alabama from 1853 to 1857. He was born in 1812 in Madison County, Alabama and became the first ...

2/10/2009 11/29/2016

Thomas Judson Crouch, (CSA) MP (1830 - 1889)

VA. 34th Infantry Regiment.

1/27/2007 11/27/2016

Enlisted in Company H, Virginia 23rd Cavalry Regiment on 20 Jan 1864. Birth: Sep. 22, 1842 Rockingham County Virginia, USA Death: Jun. 22, 1917 Rockingham County Virginia, USA Family links: ...

8/6/2010 11/22/2016

William G Adams, (CSA) MP (c.1831 - 1863)

"William G Adams"

Adams, William G. 42nd Mississippi Infantry, Co. H d. 1/19/63 (Died somewhere near Goldsboro) Mary Pickard in the Mississippi Marriages, 1826-1900 Name: William G. Adams Spouse: Mary ...

11/19/2016 11/19/2016

Pvt. Daniel Franklin Spivey MP (1844 - 1916)

Daniel Franklin "Franklin" Spivey served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War with the rank of Private. He enlisted in Company D, North Carolina 20th Infantry Regiment on 26 Apr 1861. ...

11/15/2016 11/15/2016

Pvt. Benjamin Stagg, (CSA) MP (1839 - 1862)

Stagg, Benjamin, Born Louisiana, occupation clerk, Res. St. Landry, La., single. Pvt.; Sergt.; Co. C, 6th La. Inf., Confederate States of America; Enrolled June 4, 1861, Camp Moore, La. Present on Roll...

11/14/2016 11/14/2016

Co.K,6th Va.Cav.Regt.-CSA * Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Nov 12 2016, 14:07:56 UTC

7/14/2007 11/12/2016

Franklin Trippett, (CSA) MP (1809 - 1886)

Civil War soldier- Franklin Trippett served as a Confederate, Private, Company "A", 19 VA Cavalry. Enlisted 1/15/1861; discharged 4/15/1865. Address: Big Bend Disability Incurred: Back affected. Find...

6/10/2015 11/10/2016

"Philip and Milton are prominent citizens and prosperous farmers of Sheridan District in this county." -from his mother's biography Photo by: p richards, added 1/15/2013 to Find A Grave Memorial# 132...

6/10/2015 11/10/2016

James H Sullivan, (CSA) MP (c.1818 - 1883)

11/4/2011 10/30/2016

Peter Lucas Sullivan, (CSA) MP (c.1840 - 1917)

7/26/2011 10/30/2016

Jonas Sullivan MP (c.1822 - 1896)

7/26/2011 10/30/2016

James Backus, (CSA) MP (1822 - 1877)

DAVIS, THE SETTLERS OF SALEM, WEST VIRGINIA, by Susie Davis Nicholson, Salem, West Virginia, 1992. p. 33, 73 James worked on the railroad two years before it was completed in 1853, and was four months ...

11/3/2009 10/30/2016

William Edmondson Jones, known as Grumble Jones, (May 3, 1824 – June 5, 1864) was a planter, a career United States Army officer, and a Confederate cavalry general, killed in the Battle of Piedmont i...

5/10/2011 10/13/2016

Harvey Kiser, (CSA) MP (1843 - 1864)

of John Kiser & Mary Propstmember 2nd Co. K 62nd VA Infantry (mounted); wounded Battle of New Market (May 1864), died of wounds received.Harvey courted Timna Dorothy Davis (#39851250), of Isaac L. Davi...

10/9/2016 10/9/2016

John Dyer Trumbo, (CSA) MP (1840 - 1923)

Served in the 25th Virginia Infantry Company E during the Civil War. Reference: Find A Grave Memorial

10/6/2016 10/8/2016

Alonzo F. Grandstaff MP (1843 - 1916)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederate Enlisted: May1, 1862 Rank: Corp. Co.: K Regt.: 12th Virginia Branch: Calvary Engagements Jackson's Valley Campaign Bristoe Campaign Over...

9/26/2016 9/27/2016

Pvt. Erasmus M. Pitman MP (1829 - 1906)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederate Enlisted: June 18,1861 Rank: Pvt. Co.: F Regt.:10th Virginia Transferred: April, 1862 to Co. K Detailed to attend wounded: August 9, 1862 Deta...

9/25/2016 9/25/2016

Captain John Lawrence Pitman MP (1829 - 1896)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederate Rank: Lt. ; Captain (Commanding Officer); Pvt. Cos: G&C Regts.: 33rd Va., (Stonewall Brigade); 12th Va. Calvary Wounded and captured at the battle o...

9/23/2016 9/25/2016

Pvt. Philip Pittman, (CSA) MP (1797 - 1876)

Veteran of war of 1812 Branch:: Army 1 Pension Number: 19026 1 Age: 16 Veteran of Civil War Affiliation: Confederate Enlisted: April 8, 1861 Rank: Pvt. Co.: C & F Regt.: 10th Va.Infan...

2/7/2014 9/25/2016

Nathan J. Pitman MP (1844 - 1883)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederate Enlisted: April 18, 1861 Rank: Pvt. Co.: C&F Regt: 10th Virginia Branch: Infantry Captured:July 3, 1863 at Battle of Gettysburg. Held prisoner a...

9/24/2016 9/25/2016

Walker Sivill, (CSA) MP (1845 - 1906)

Walker Sivill (1845-1906) Well Known Milford Township Farmer, a Veteran of the Last War, His Memory Honored. Walker Sivill, a Confederate veteran of the Civil war, having served in the southern cav...

2/8/2016 9/24/2016

Lt. Valentine Ripley, (CSA) MP (1835 - 1869)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederate Rank: Lt. Co.: G Regt.: 33rd Va. Branch: Infantry From Shenandoah Valley Confederate Soldiers: RIPLEY, VALENTINE born: 21 Apr 1835 died: 17 ...

9/22/2016 9/23/2016

Military service : Civil War- Infantry Fifty-Fifth Virginia Infantry Residence : 1880 - Falmouth, Stafford, Virginia, United States Residence : 1900 - Falmouth District (south & east part), Staffor...

4/4/2016 9/22/2016

Military Service: U.S. Civil War (1861-1865) Confederate States Army (CSA). Private, Co. "E", "The Lone Star Guard of McClennan County","Hell Roaring" 4th Texas Infantry, Medich's Battalion, Hood's Tex...

10/3/2010 9/21/2016

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederate Rank: Captain Co.: G Regt.: 33rd Virginia Branch: Infantry "Israel's son, John Jackson Allen purchased the home place in 1846.He willed White Hall...

9/20/2016 9/20/2016

Fredrick Chapman Hunter MP (1837 - 1896)

Frederick Chapman Hunter, M.D. served as a surgeon with Braxton's Battalion, Confederate Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia.

9/14/2016 9/14/2016

Birth: May 28, 1837 Virginia, USA Death: Jun. 26, 1862 Gaines Mill Hanover County Virginia, USA Confederate staff officer. Attended V.M.I. and the University of Virginia. Schoolteacher in Winches...

12/18/2014 9/13/2016

Harry Peake McDonald, (CSA) MP (1848 - 1904)

Excerpted from Flora McDonald's book, The Glengary McDonalds: "Harry Peake McDonald, the oldest son of Angus W. and Cornelia (Peake) McDonald, was born in Romney April 14th, 1848, and named for his...

12/18/2014 9/13/2016

CSA: Co. F, 7th Virginia Cavalry Son of Colonel Angus W. McDonald and Leacy Anne Naylor of Romney, Virginia (now West Virginia). He attended Romney Academy where he was taught by Dr. Foote and Rev....

12/18/2014 9/13/2016

CSA: Major Comany D, 11th Virginia Cavalry Born one late October day in Romney, Hampshire County, Virginia being the forth child and second son of Colonel Angus W. and Leacy Anne (Naylor) McDonal...

12/18/2014 9/13/2016

Thomas E. Badger Sr. was born 1843 in New Bern, Craven Co, NC, the 5th of 7 known surviving children (5 boys/2 girls) born to the prominent Hon. George Edmund Badger and his (3rd) wife, Delia Haywood. ...

5/12/2011 8/31/2016

Civil War Veteran Afffiliation:Confederate Service: Major Peter Mallett was placed in charge of organizing,training, and deploying the men conscripted in North Carolina soon after Jefferson Davis s...

7/25/2016 8/31/2016

Richard Griffith was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Mississippi in about 1840. He fought with the Mississippi Volunteers in the Mexican War. Griffith served as state treasurer and then as a U.S. m...

1/29/2010 8/19/2016

Edward Asbury O'Neal (September 20, 1818 – November 7, 1890) was a Confederate officer during the American Civil War and the 26th Governor of Alabama. Early life and career O'Neal was born in Mad...

10/28/2010 8/18/2016

Julius Alford Ferrill, (CSA) MP (c.1840 - 1861)

2/23/2013 7/31/2016

Enlisted June 1861. Pvt. Company A. 29th North Carolina Infantry. Mustered out in 1863. He was a private, Co. A., 29th NC Infantry He enlisted June 17, 1861, with his brothers in Cherokee Co., N.C. Rec...

9/21/2015 7/28/2016

Major Richard Cogdell Badger MP (1839 - 1882)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederate Rank: Sgt., 3rd Sgt: Promoted to Sgt.Major June 3, 1861; Promoted to Capt. June 2, 1862; Promoted to Major July 15, 1862 Co.: K & C Regiment: 14th Nor...

7/25/2016 7/25/2016

James was in Company D of the 12th Alabama Infantry CSA and was killed in the Battle of Chancellorsville in VA during the War Between the States (Civil War). When the Civil War broke out in April 186...

10/13/2008 7/12/2016

Birth: Jun. 10, 1832 Alabama, USA Death: Dec. 5, 1929 Abilene Taylor County Texas, USA Abbott.Lewis J.Rank In: Private Rank Out: Corporal Film Number M374 roll 1 Southern Cross of Honor could ONL...

8/9/2014 7/11/2016

John B. Doyle, (CSA) MP (1827 - 1893)

John joined Civil War late 1861. They were then living in George's Run in Montgomery Co. John contracted a lingering diarrhea while in the CSA which caused his death. John B. Doyle and his brother, J...

7/3/2016 7/4/2016

James A. Doyle, (CSA) MP (deceased)

MILITARY SERVICE: Civil War John B. Doyle and his brother, James A. Doyle, enlisted as privates in Capt. J. R. Francis' Company of Virginia Volunteers (Company D 63 VA Infantry) on 15 April 1862 at C...

7/3/2016 7/4/2016

Bushrod Rust Johnson (October 7, 1817 – September 12, 1880) was a teacher, university chancellor, and Confederate general in the American Civil War. He was one of a handful of Confederate generals wh...

6/25/2012 7/1/2016

Joel Morton Hanna, (CSA) MP (1848 - 1865)

Joel Morton Hannah , b. 13 January 1848, d. 17 April 1865 of typhoid fever contracted while serving as a V.M.I. cadet in Confederate service in the trenches around Richmond; buried Hollywood Cemetery, ...

6/14/2016 6/27/2016

Pvt. Abel Spaur, (CSA) MP (1839 - 1908)

Abel Spaur enlisted in Company I, Virginia 31st Infantry Regiment on 02 Jun 1861. Mustered out on 09 Apr 1865 at Appomattox Court House, VA. Photo added by: Perry Spaur 11/17/2012 to Find A Grave Mem...

6/24/2016 6/27/2016

Pvt. Milton Butcher, (CSA) MP (1845 - 1932)

Photo by: Paula Harper, added 11/22/2015 to Find A Grave Memorial# 44286280 Inscription: MILITARY MARKER: CO B 26TH VA CALVARY CSA Married twice: Virginia Spaur Butcher (1847 - 1917) Julia Agnes Kn...

6/24/2016 6/24/2016

Pvt. Evan Butcher, (CSA) MP (1836 - 1865)

Photo by: Kate Jacques, added 8/09/2012 to Find A Grave Memorial# 6317630 Confederate POW who died while in Yankee captivity during the Civil War of 1861-65 Inscription: Pvt. Evan Butcher Co. B 46t...

6/24/2016 6/24/2016

Arthur Sinclair enlisted in Company K, Virginia 17th Infantry Regiment on 02 May 1861 in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. Mustered out on 07 Aug 1862. He is buried in Arlington Natio...

6/23/2016 6/23/2016

Reference: FamilySearch Family Tree - SmartCopy : Feb 25 2016, 23:50:44 UTC Census : 1870 - Virginia, USA Census : 1910 - Blue Grass, Highland, Virginia, USA Census : 1920 - Highland, Virginia, U...

2/25/2016 6/21/2016

Franklin McInturff, (CSA) MP (1833 - 1863)

Birth: May 12, 1833 Fort Valley Shenandoah County Virginia, USA Death: Jul. 12, 1863 Gettysburg Adams County Pennsylvania, USA Co.B 33 Va. Inf. CSA - Killed in the Battle of Gettysburg --------...

6/26/2007 6/17/2016

Benjamin Cabell enlisted in Company E, Virginia 38th Infantry Regiment. Promoted to Full 2nd Lieutenant on 01 Jan 1862. Mustered out on 17 Mar 1862 at Chimborazo Hospl, Richmond, VA. Benjamin...

8/20/2012 6/17/2016