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Ellinor Bsse. Girard de Soucanton (1887 - 1935)


2/23/2011 3/14/2013

Korporatsioon "Estonia" liige Johann Wilhelm Eugéne Baron Girard de Soucanton (27. august 1853 Kunda – 5. oktoober 1922 Kunda) oli Kunda mõisnik, Kunda tsemenditehase omanik, AS Po...

6/23/2012 3/3/2013

11/30/2010 9/26/2012

Korporatsioon "Estonia" liige Alexis* Hentschel Olliver Baron Girard de Soucanton (12.02.1857-19.07.1915, haagikohtunik Harjumaal, alates 1886. a. Valtu, Hertu ja Ohekatku mõisnik ja Valtu telli...

11/30/2010 9/26/2012

Baron Etienne Johann Karl Girard de Soucanton MP (1843 - 1910)

"Jean Charles Etienne"

Johann Karl Étienne Girard de Soucanton (1843–1910), Tallinna kaupmees ja Briti Tallinna auasekonsul, Thomas Clayhills and Son juhataja Verzeichniss der bey der Stadt Reval angeze...

2/25/2012 9/25/2012

Baltisaksa üliõpilaskorporatsiooni Estonia liige parun Gustav John Edmund* Girard de Soucanton (14.11.1863-02.10.1910, Selja mõisa omanik, aurahukohtunik).

11/15/2011 9/25/2012

3/1/2011 9/25/2012

1850 Tallinn (Reval) linn; revisjonilehed; pärilikud aukodanikud nr.1-20; Saaga EAA.1864.2.IX-1:16 Verzeichniss der bey der Stadt Reval angezeigten ...; 1853-1853 Saaga TLA.168.1.518a:30

2/9/2011 9/25/2012

1/27/2012 9/25/2012

Katherine Aleksandrovna de Scalon (b. - c.1960)

"Ulenka Yahontov"

She lived in North London and ran a healthcare clinic for refugees from the Baltic and Russia. She was a very good cook, loved her grand piano and my mother remembers her in 1959; shortly before she di...

3/13/2010 9/25/2012

СКАЛОН Александр Александро...

3/13/2010 9/25/2012

Olga Aleksandrovna de Scalon (1874 - c.1940)


3/13/2010 9/25/2012

Anna de Skalon (1876 - c.1947)

"Nina/Madame Lahey"

Anna de Skalon (my great grandmother) lived in Nottingham, UK. She was married to an American, James Duncan Lahey and they had a daughter, Margaret (my grandmother) and a son, Alec. They all lived in P...

3/13/2010 9/25/2012

Aleksander Antonovich Skalon (1836 - 1892)


MARGARET TROUNCER SAID OF HER GRANDFATHER: "My grandfather, a General in the Russian army, who was from all accounts, very tall and a dear. He used to read from his great Lutheran Bible standing by the...

3/13/2010 9/25/2012

Anton Antonovich Scalon (1806 - 1872)

Антон Антонович Скалон 23.08.1806-25.09.1872

1/20/2010 9/25/2012

Anton Antonovich Scalon (1767 - 1812)

of Anton Skalon's careers:* (see bottom of page)* . 1767 Антон Scalon d.1812 (А. А. Scalon)TRANSLATED FROM RUSSIAN:Anton Skalon 1767-1812HIS OIL PAINTIN...

1/20/2010 9/25/2012

11/18/2010 9/24/2012

* 19.3.1918 Tallinn, 1841, Tallinna Niguliste Kogudus Saaga TLA.31.1.63:10 / Verzeichniss der Verlobten, Aufgebotenen und Getrauten; TLA.31.2.7; 1834-1856

11/22/2010 8/29/2012

1850 Tallinn (Reval) linn; revisjonilehed; pärilikud aukodanikud nr.1-20; Saaga EAA.1864.2.IX-1:16

11/9/2011 8/29/2012

11/10/2011 8/29/2012

Olga and he had one daughter called Olga.

3/13/2010 8/29/2012