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Capt. Alexander H. Stanton was born in Bellefontaine, Logan, Ohio to the Honorable Benjamin Stanton and Nancy Davis. He graduated from Yale College in 1859 and commenced the study of law in his fat...

1/14/2018 1/14/2018

Never wounded with Company D. Was wounded 4 times near Corinth, MS with cavalry. One round took out his right eye. His daughter donated everything he wrote to the Tennessee State Archives. He was the 3...

2/9/2013 1/1/2018

Major Abram G. Wileman (USA) MP (1821 - 1863)

Enlisted in the Police Guard Kentucky Central Railroad, at Falmouth, Pendleton Co., Kentucky from October 14, 1861 to February 8, 1862. Commissioned as a Captain on November 15, 1861. He was must...

12/6/2017 12/6/2017

Major James Lide Coker (CSA) MP (1837 - 1918)

James Lide Coker was a leading businessman, agriculturalist, and philanthropist during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Coker was born on a plantation near Society Hill, South Carol...

11/28/2014 11/27/2017

Moses W. Simmons served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War as a member of Company H, 1st Regiment, Florida Cavalry. He enlisted on November 23, 1861 at Houston, Florida and mustered ...

10/1/2017 10/1/2017

Daniel F. Jenkins served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War as a Private in Company A, 1st Regiment, Florida Cavalry. He enlisted on October 3, 1861 at Lake City, Florida. He was lef...

4/5/2010 10/1/2017

Pvt. Abner B. Hinton MP (c.1840 - 1864)

Abner Hinton served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War in 3rd Company "E" 19th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry. He enlisted on December 11, 1861 at Camp Moore, Louisiana for three years...

8/31/2017 8/31/2017

Pvt. Henry Alonzo Francisco MP (1839 - 1926)

Henry Alonzo Francisco served in the Union Army during the American Civil War in Company F, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry Regiment. He enlisted on 30 October 1861 and mustered out on 31 October 1864.

8/25/2017 8/25/2017

James R Dearmin MP (b. - 1863)

1/23/2007 8/17/2017

Charles Franklin Rognon MP (1838 - 1909)

Enlisted in Co. I, 38TH IND INF on Oct. 4, 1861 as a bugler; captured at Chickamauga; veteran; transferred to 154th Co., 9th Reg't., 2nd BTLN, Veteran Reserve Corps

3/3/2012 8/13/2017

s/o John Quesenberry and Nancy Hylton John Quesenberry born March 10, 1835 married Elizabeth Wade in February 27,1856 being about 28 when the war broke out. He joined Company D, 54th Virginia along...

11/27/2007 7/27/2017

Captain John W. Morton (CSA) MP (1842 - 1914)

) John W. Morton (September 19, 1842 – November 21, 1914) was an American Confederate veteran, farmer and politician. He served as captain of artillery under General Nathan Bedford Forrest in the Con...

7/24/2017 7/24/2017

John Gazzam Butler (USA) MP (1842 - 1914)

Brigadier General, United States Army. Graduate of West Point, Class of 1863. Joined the Union Army as a second lieutenant in Battery M, Fourth Field Artillery. Promoted after the Battle of Chick...

7/20/2017 7/20/2017

Pvt. Riley Nelson Condron MP (1839 - 1922)

Riley N. Condron served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War in Company K, 8th Texas Cavalry Regiment (aka. Terry's Texas Rangers). He enlisted on September 4, 1861 at Houston, TX. ...

7/20/2017 7/20/2017

William Emery Merrill (11 October 1837 – 14 December 1891) was an American soldier and military engineer. He was born at Fort Howard, Wisconsin to Captain Moses Merrill, who was killed in the Battle ...

7/16/2017 7/16/2017

PVT. (USA), William H. Brown MP (c.1837 - 1911)

William H. Brown served in the Union Army during the American Civil War in Company "E" 22nd Indiana Infantry Regiment. He enlisted on 15 Aug 1861 and was discharged on 22 Aug 1864.

6/28/2017 6/28/2017

Civil War Service Affiliation: Union Enlisted: Oct. 14, 1863 Mustered in: Nov. 11, 1863 Rank: Capt. Co. C Regt.: 88th Illinois Vol. Ranks: Major- Lt. Colonel Promoted: Commander of Regt...

6/24/2017 6/25/2017

Pvt. James Jones MP (1822 - 1864)

James Jones served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War in Company E and K, 2nd Georgia Cavalry Regiment. He enlisted on April 7, 1862 in Griffin, GA and mustered in a month later on...

4/26/2011 6/20/2017

Colonel John J. McCook (USA) MP (1845 - 1911)

) John James McCook (May 25, 1845 – September 17, 1911) was an American corporate attorney, business director, and soldier, serving as a Union Army officer during the American Civil War. He was the y...

6/1/2011 6/17/2017

Corp. George W. Exum MP (1844 - 1916)

"G. W."

George W. (G.W.) Exum served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War in Company G, 20th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. He mustered in on October 25, 1862 in Murfreesboro, TN. with the rank ...

6/3/2017 6/3/2017

Sgt. Alfred Abbott MP (1842 - 1864)

Bio: Captured at the battle of Chickamauga, GA on Sept. 19, 1863. Sent to Andersonville Prison. He died on Scorbutus (Scurvy) in Andersonville Prison. At Chickamauga, Sept. 19, 1863, under Gene...

5/12/2017 5/12/2017

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Union Co.: F Regt.: 2nd Tennessee Branch: Calvary Died: Nov. 6, 1863 Stevenson, Alabama Fort Harker (Alabama) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fort H...

5/10/2017 5/10/2017

Civil War Veteren Affiliation: Confederacy 1861: Commissioned as 1st Lt. to Towns Co., Georgia, militia Enllsted: 1862, Co.: A (Smith's Legion) Regt.:6th Georgia July, 1862: Left service du...

5/10/2017 5/10/2017

Lieut. Samuel Hilles MP (1836 - 1900)

Obituary: The Hon. Samuel Hilles was born in Chester County Pennsylvania in 1836. He was brought to Ohio at the age of one year, and was educated in the public schools of Belmont County. Learning denti...

5/9/2017 5/9/2017

Pvt. Redmond T. Maples MP (1844 - 1921)

"Redman", "Redmon"

Redmond Maples served in the Union Army during the American Civil War with the rank of Private in Company I, 2nd Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry. He enlisted on September 22, 1862 in Sevierville, ...

3/22/2017 5/6/2017

Andrew Jefferson Blackard served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He enlisted in Company B, 17th Mississippi Infantry Regiment on August 19, 1861 in Leesburg VA with the rank of P...

5/2/2017 5/2/2017

Civil War Union Army Officer. He served during the Civil War as Colonel and commander of the 10th Indiana Volunteer Infantry. He was the first line officer killed at the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgi...

4/13/2017 4/13/2017

Colonel C.C. Crews (CSA) MP (1829 - 1887)

Charles Constantine Crews (September 3, 1829 – November 14, 1887) was an attorney, physician, railroad executive and Confederate Colonel in the American Civil War. Between 1862-1865, he participated ...

4/13/2017 4/13/2017

Pvt. Sidney Brewster (USA) MP (1844 - 1863)

Pvt Sidney Brewster was killed in the Battle of Chickamauga.

4/12/2017 4/12/2017

Col. Lyman J. Jackson MP (1834 - 1887)

From the Logan Ohio Democrat January 29, 1887 p.5 Perry County news-Col. Lyman J. Jackson died at his home ar New Lexington on the 25th of consumption. Colonel Jackson represented the Muskingum-Per...

3/23/2015 3/25/2017

Pvt. (USA), Josiah Hogle, Jr MP (1837 - 1909)

Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Mar 22 2017, 7:08:12 UTC Enlisted Aug 9, 1862Discharged Jan 19, 1865* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Mar 22 2017, 18:18:40 UTC

3/22/2017 3/23/2017

(USA), Joel A. Tuttle MP (1837 - 1920)

Joel Tuttle served in Company F of the 65th Ohio Volunteer Infantry regiment during the Civil War. He enlisted on October 17, 1861 and was mustered out on November 30, 1865. He was present and active w...

5/2/2016 3/18/2017

Capt. Thomas B. Hampton (CSA) MP (1830 - 1865)


Residence : 1850 -  Grayson county, Grayson, Virginia, USA* Updated from 1850 United States Federal Census via Phillis Hampton by SmartCopy : Nov 10 2014, 20:03:47 UTC

11/10/2014 3/18/2017

Arthur Morris (9 November 1843 - 26 September 1892) was an officer in the United States Army who served as the ninth commander of the Department of Alaska, from March 5, 1877 to June 14, 1877. Morr...

9/10/2016 3/7/2017

2nd Lieut. Sylvanus C. Runyon MP (c.1827 - 1895)

Sylvanus Runyon served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. He enlisted in Company F, Kentucky 2nd Cavalry Regiment on 09 Sep 1861 with the rank of Company Quartermaster Sergeant. Promoted ...

3/4/2017 3/4/2017

Pvt. (CSA), Hansel Dickens MP (c.1824 - 1863)

Hansel Dickens served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War in Company H, 33rd Alabama Infantry Regiment. He was severely wounded at the Battle of Chickamauga on September 20, 1863. He ...

2/25/2017 2/25/2017

"He first married Mary Rider. His second wife was Sarah Dillard (1862 - 1922. Mr. Dillard enlisted in company G (1) 50th Virginia Regt June 15, 1861 for a period of 3 years by Capt. Dunn at Abingto...

2/3/2017 2/3/2017

William Lankford served in the Union Army during the American Civil War in Company G, 36th Ohio Infantry Regiment. He enlisted on 26 Aug 1861 and mustered out on 3 Sep 1864.

3/20/2016 1/29/2017

Pvt. Franklin C. Kiel MP (1842 - 1910)

Franklin Kiel served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. He enlisted in Company E, Ohio 64th Infantry Regiment on 19 Oct 1861. Mustered out on 18 Mar 1865 at Columbus, OH. Captured Sept 20...

1/18/2017 1/18/2017

Pvt. (CSA), James M. Runyan MP (1826 - 1862)

Civil War Service Affiliation: Confederate Rank: Pvt. Co.: I Regt.: 24th Arkansas ( Portlock's Regt.) Branch: Infantry 24th Infantry Regiment was organized during the spring of 1862 and aft...

1/10/2017 1/10/2017

(USA), Perry Wyckoff MP (1845 - 1917)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Union Enlisted: July 19, 1862 Rank: Pvt. Co.: G Regt.: 84th Illinois Discharged due to injuries: January 9, 1864 Re-Enlisted: July, 1864 Co.: C Regt.: 4...

1/5/2017 1/5/2017

Anson Mills (August 31, 1834 – November 5, 1924) was a United States Army officer, surveyor, inventor, and entrepreneur. Engaged in south Texas as a land surveyor and civil engineer, he both named an...

12/23/2016 12/23/2016

Isaac Jeffers enlisted into the confederate army Sept. 20, 1862. After the war he was elected as Justice of peace in what is now the first civil district of Scott Co. Tennessee. And was in that positio...

7/4/2011 12/16/2016

Was a Lieut, in Capt. Erby's Co. 9th Tenn. regiment C.S.A. and fell at the battle of Chickamauga.

12/5/2016 12/5/2016

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederacy Enlisted: Jan. 25,1862 Branch: Texas Calvary Transfer: Jan. 11,1863 to 18th Regiment Prisoner of War: Capture at Fort Hindman Ark. until April 10, 1...

11/21/2016 11/21/2016

Joseph Darsey served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He enlisted on April 14, 1662 on Company F, Alabama Hilliard's 2nd Infantry Battalion. He was wounded on September 20, 1863 a...

2/8/2011 11/20/2016

Corp. WIlliam R. Pittenger MP (1842 - 1923)

William Pittenger enlisted in Company D, Indiana 84th Infantry Regiment on 10 Aug 1862 .Promoted to Full Corporal. Mustered out on 14 Jun 1865 at Nashville, TN. Death of Civil War Veteran Haste...

8/27/2008 10/22/2016

Pvt. Reuben Pittenger, (USA) MP (c.1838 - 1864)

Reuben Pittenger enlisted in Company D, Indiana 84th Infantry Regiment on 10 Aug 1862. He was killed in battle on 23 Jun 1864 at Kennesaw Mountain, GA. He died in the skirmishes leading up to the Battl...

8/27/2008 10/22/2016

Andrew Pickens Butler, (CSA) MP (1839 - 1899)

Find a Grave Birth: May 7, 1839 Death: Oct. 18, 1899 Bossier Banner Newspaper Andrew Pickens Butler died at Benton, Louisiana Oct. 18, of Pneumonia. Captain A. P. Butler aged 60 years. Capt. ...

5/19/2009 9/13/2016

Biographical Sketch from Samuel Oscar Chamberlain was born March 19, 1844, to Scudder and Martha Wing Chamberlain, of Melmore, Ohio, in Seneca County. His father was a noted architect, responsible fo...

2/19/2010 8/21/2016

Martin Wastine Addy (CSA) MP (1841 - 1924)

"Martin Wastine Addy", "Was Addy"

Martin W. Addy was originally named Martin Vastine Addy, but changed his name to Martin Wastine Addy. He was born 22 Nov 1841 in Lexington County, South Carolina, and died 29 Feb 1924 in Hattiesburg,...

8/15/2016 8/20/2016

William M. Taylor, (USA) MP (1842 - 1926)

William Taylor of Muskego, Wisconsin enlisted and was mustered into service as a Private in Company D of the 1st Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment on October 12th, 1861, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, fo...

8/5/2016 8/10/2016

Richard McClain enlisted in the Third Ohio Infantry, and with other comrades from this place served in the war with Mexico, in 1846-1848. At the breaking out of the rebellion in 1861, the firing on For...

4/28/2009 7/18/2016

Marcus Peck enlisted in the Union Army during the American Civil War in Company B, Ohio 3rd Cavalry Regiment on 31 Aug 1862. Mustered out on 23 Jan 1863. Reenlisted in Company B, Ohio 3rd Cavalry Regim...

7/16/2016 7/16/2016

Portrait of Barnabus Turner Bailey and his wife Mary Margaret Mitchell Bailey from Doris at Find A Grave: Barnabus Bailey served in Company F, 44th Alabama Infantry Regiment in the Confederate Army...

10/13/2008 7/12/2016

Aaron T. Currier, (USA) MP (1835 - 1912)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Union Rank: Pvt. Co.: B Regt.: 19th illinois Branch: Army Infantry Link : History of the nineteenth On May 2, 1861 the Illinois State Legislature authoriz...

4/5/2015 7/11/2016

Military Service: U.S. Civil War (1861-1865), Confederate States Army (CSA): J.B. Pegues enlisted as a private on March 11, 1862 at Spring Hill, Marengo County, Alabama, in Company A, Moody's Brigade, ...

7/9/2016 7/9/2016

John Downing enlisted in Company G, Ohio 59th Infantry Regiment on 14 Oct 1862. He was killed on 19 Sep 1863 during the Battle of Chickamauga.

3/18/2009 6/29/2016

CHARLES CLAYTON ABERNATHY, M.D. - A successful practitioner, was born near Pulaski, October 9, 1827. His early youth was passed on the farm and in attending the county schools. Later he attended the Wu...

2/29/2016 6/24/2016

Abraham Skidgel enlisted in Company D, Indiana 74th Infantry Regiment on 21 Jul 1862. Mustered out on 09 Jun 1865 at Washington, DC.

6/20/2016 6/20/2016

Abraham Skidgel enlisted in Company D, Indiana 74th Infantry Regiment on 23 Jul 1862. Mustered out on 09 Jun 1865 at Washington, DC. Abraham was born in NY. During his life, he also lived in Gu...

8/11/2009 6/20/2016

Rev Edwin Ruthwin Coburn MP (1835 - 1909)

Edwin served with Co. F, 44th Indiana Inf. as a private in the Civil War and was wounded in the battle of Chickamauga. He was a minister in Mt. Pleasant. Note: block Q, southern 1/2 , from NW corner wo...

6/12/2016 6/12/2016

James P Darbyshire (USA) MP (c.1837 - 1922)

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Union Rank:Cpl. Co.: B Regt.: 40th Ohio Branch: Infantry Engagements: Battle of Chickamauga; September 18, 1863 - September 20, 1863 Battle of Chattanoo...

7/8/2007 5/26/2016

Lane William Brandon graduated from Harvard University. In service to the Confederate States Army, Lane achieved the rank of captain. He fought in several major battles including Chickamauga and Malver...

5/24/2016 5/24/2016

William Lindsay Brandon (born c. 1801–1802 in Adams County, Mississippi; died October 8, 1890 in Wilkinson County, Mississippi) was a physician, state legislator, planter and military officer best kn...

5/24/2016 5/24/2016

Pvt. James Marion Meek (CSA) MP (1831 - 1863)

Birth: Apr. 30, 1831 York County South Carolina, USA Death: Sep. 27, 1863 Georgia, USA Meek, originally from York County, S. C., had moved to Bradley County, Arkanasas in the late 1850's; he was the ...

7/19/2014 5/18/2016

"Abner N. Henderson, Missouri Township, Brockton post-office, Pike County. This prominent planter was born in Morgan County, Ala., May 4, 1838, a son of Abner and Levica (Alford) Henderson, natives of ...

5/5/2016 5/5/2016

First Lieutenant, Company M, commanding the Pack Train during the 1876 Battle of the Little Big Horn. Part of Benteen's Battalion. Survived the battle. Born in Besancon, France, the son of Jules an...

1/30/2015 5/4/2016

Evander McNair (April 15, 1820 – November 13, 1902) was a brigadier general in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Dec 3 ...

5/2/2016 5/2/2016

Bibliography: Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Eastern Arkansas. Chicago: Goodspeed Publishers, 1890. Samuel Spencer Semmes, eldest son of Admiral Raphael and Ann E. (Spencer) Semmes, was born ...

4/26/2016 4/26/2016

Grandson of General and later President, William Henry Harrison and cousin of President Benjamin Harrison. Graduate of West Point in 1845 and served in the Mexican War in the First Ohio infantry and ...

4/23/2016 4/23/2016

The President of the United States of America, in the name of Congress, takes pleasure in presenting the Medal of Honor to Sergeant William G. Whitney, United States Army, for extraordinary heroism on ...

2/3/2012 4/14/2016

James Marion Reynolds served in Company B, 19th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Biffle's) in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War.

3/27/2016 4/8/2016

Pvt. Mortimer F. Watts (USA) MP (1836 - 1863)

Mortimer Watts enlisted in Company G, Ohio 41st Infantry Regiment on 29 Oct 1861. He was killed on 19 Sep 1863 at the Battle of Chickamauga.

3/14/2016 3/14/2016

Pvt. Felix E. Mills (CSA) MP (1845 - 1901)

Private in Company G, 38th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Tuskloosa Plow Boys. A farmer and Baptist Preacher.

2/16/2016 2/19/2016

Pvt. Jacob Harnish (USA) MP (1838 - 1900)

Jacob Harnish enlisted in the Union Army in Company G, Ohio 94th Infantry Regiment on 23 Aug 1862. Mustered out on 28 Jun 1865 at Camp Chase, OH. He was held as a prisoner of war. He was a member of th...

2/16/2016 2/16/2016

William Riley enlisted April 1862 in Tuscaloosa as a Private and was later promoted to the rank of Sergeant in Company A, 41st Alabama Infantry Regiment.

2/16/2016 2/16/2016

Inscription on his tombstone: "GAR, Pvt Co C. 101 Ohio Vol Inf., Captured 9-20-1863 At Chicamauga Ga., POW at Andersonville, Ga" Brother of Jeramiah Joseph McBride. Obituary: (published in The Li...

3/23/2011 2/9/2016

Pvt. Isaac Logan (USA) MP (1842 - 1925)

Isaac Logan enlisted in Company F, Illinois 98th Infantry Regiment on 03 Sep 1862. Mustered out on 27 Jun 1865 at Edgefield, TN.

7/22/2009 2/7/2016

Henry Nausley enrolled August 11, 1862 in Murphysboro, IL for a three-year term as a private in Co. K, 73rd Reg. Illinois Vol. Infantry under the command of Captain James A. Rice. Engaged in conflict...

2/3/2016 2/3/2016

Roland enlisted as a musician in Company B, 4th Infantry Regiment Ohio on 20 Apr 1861. He was mustered out on 21 Aug 1861. The regiment included two companies from Mount Vernon, plus 6 from other parts...

1/24/2016 1/24/2016

Richard Rowland Kirkland, known as "The Angel of Marye's Heights", (August 1843 – September 20, 1863) was a Confederate Army soldier during the American Civil War, noted for his bravery and humanitar...

4/23/2011 1/13/2016

N.B. - John Cabell Breckinridge and his wife are NOT the parents of John Breckinridge HALL. John Cabell Breckinridge (January 16, 1821 – May 17, 1875) was an American lawyer and politician. He ...

12/17/2008 1/8/2016

Cpl. Joseph L. Sargent (USA) MP (1839 - 1916)

Joseph Sargent enlisted in the Minnesota 2nd Light Artillery Battery on 14 Feb 1862. Promoted to Full Corporal on 15 Jun 1865. Mustered out on 16 Aug 1865 at Fort Snelling, MN. 2nd Independent Batter...

3/21/2010 1/7/2016

Thomas J. Wharton (CSA) MP (1832 - 1908)


1863, Civil War. Thomas J., enlisted 17 January 1863 at Tallageda, Alabama in Co I, 25th Alabama Infantry, CSA. Clothing issue, 3 April 1863, Paid $22 on 5 May 1863. Sick, to hospital 15 September 1863...

6/22/2012 1/6/2016

Profile photo: taken in 1879 during U.S. Army re-burial visit to the Custer battlefield. The expedition was led by Captain George K. Sanderson, seen here in the foreground looking at the recently erect...

1/4/2016 1/4/2016

John Phillip Sanderson (February 13, 1818 – October 14, 1864) was a soldier, influential politician, lawyer, author, newspaper editor, and member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. He is probably ...

1/4/2016 1/4/2016

Pvt. Daniel Richards (USA) MP (1824 - 1892)

21st Regiment, Ohio Infantry (3 months, 1861) Company: A : Private

1/1/2016 1/2/2016

Isaac Brazelton served in Company D, 35th Illinois Infantry Regiment in the Union Army during the Civil War. He enlisted on on 28 Aug 1861 and mustered out on 10 Jan 1863.

12/27/2015 12/27/2015

Capt. Hiram Yoho (USA) MP (1836 - 1924)

Hiram Yoho served in Company E, 35th Illinois Infantry Regiment in the union Army during the Civil War. He enlisted on 1 Sep 1861 and mustered out on 2 Jan 1865. He fought alongside his brother James i...

12/27/2015 12/27/2015

Pvt. Thomas J. Yates (USA) MP (1839 - 1863)

Company F, 21 Regiment. 21st Ohio Infantry. Wounded in the Battle of Chickamauga on Sept. 20, 1863. Died in Hospital at Chattanooga, Tenn. Grand Army of the Republic.

12/17/2015 12/17/2015

William Richardson, a Representative from Alabama; born in Athens, Limestone County, Ala., May 8, 1839; attended the public schools; during the Civil War served in the Confederate Army; paroled in Ap...

12/4/2015 12/4/2015

The first man to volunteer in Joliet was Frederick Bartleson. Bartleson was an attorney who is reported to have said at one of the rallies that took place soon after the firing on fort sumter: "I will ...

12/1/2015 12/1/2015

Elam Lee MP (1833 - 1863)

"E /Lee/"

*Elam Lee DNA Confirmation: DNA relationship to YDNA tester: The above also confirms line to Richard Lee b: 1618 (Lee of Virginia line) YDNA also confirms ancestry of Richard Lee b: 1618 ...

6/13/2007 11/17/2015

US Congressman, Civil War Confederate Army Officer. Elected as a Populist to represent Alabama's 5th District in the Fifty-fourth Congress, he served from April 22, 1896 to March 3, 1897. The grand...

8/2/2010 11/6/2015

John Myers MP (1843 - 1870)

John enlisted in the 79th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers on September 7, 1861 as a private. When mustered out on July 12, 1865, he was a 2nd Lt. Assigned to Company F, he saw action at Jasper,...

1/7/2014 11/2/2015

Silas Rainwater MP (1844 - 1863)

Served in the Union Army in the Civil War, and was killed at the Battle of Chickamauga. See "Trinity County Beginnings," Trinity County Book Committee, 1986, p 631-632. Correspondent: Terrell Rainwater.

10/12/2011 10/26/2015

David Crockett Dunlap MP (1837 - d.)

Enlisted in Company M, First Texas Infantry, at Sumter, Texas, May 5, 1862. He was wounded at Gettysburgh (July 2, 1863), and again at Chickamauga, at which his right leg was amputated. He was discharg...

10/7/2015 10/8/2015

Brig. Gen. Marcus Joseph Wright (CSA) MP (1831 - 1922)


Marcus Joseph Wright (June 5, 1831 – December 27, 1922) was a lawyer, author, and a Confederate general in the American Civil War. He was agent for collection of Confederate records for War of the Re...

7/27/2010 10/6/2015

Austin Conrad Shafer @ find a grave _______________________________________ Austin Conrad Shafer (1844–1944) was a schoolteacher, property owner and real estate agent who served on the Los Angele...

9/27/2015 9/27/2015