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Henry, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon MP (1114 - 1152)

"Hendrick", "Eanric mac Dabíd", "Henry", "Crown Prince of Scotland", "Prince of Scotland", "mac Dabid", "Henry of Scotland"

Henry of Scotland (Eanric mac Dabíd, 1114 – 12 June 1152) was a Prince of Scotland, heir to the Kingdom of Alba. He was also Earl of Northumberland and Earl of the Honour of Huntingdon and Northamp...

5/9/2007 11/22/2013

David I, King of Scots MP (c.1083 - 1153)

"Dabíd mac Maíl Choluim", "King David I of Scotland", "David I the Saint of Scotland", "Daibhidh I of Scotland", "David I "The /Scotland/", "David I /Scotland/", "David I The Saint King Of /Scotland/", "Matilda (edith) Of /Scotland/", "The Saint", "David I the Saint of /..."

One of the most powerful Scottish kings. He admitted into Scotland an Anglo-French (Norman) aristocracy that played a major part in the later history of the kingdom. He also reorganized Scottish ...

5/9/2007 11/22/2013

Richard de Courcy, I MP (c.1040 - 1098)

4/2/2009 11/22/2013

Robert de Stuteville IV, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Lord of Cottingham MP (c.1098 - c.1183)

"Robert II D' ESTOUTEVILLE", "Robert IV De Stuteville", "Robert IV Stuteville"

from the book A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire, By John Bernard Burke, published 1852 Starting with p.908. His son, Robert de Estoteville II,...

7/5/2007 11/22/2013

Sir William "The Younger" Peverel, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire MP (1080 - c.1155)

"The Younger", ""The /Younger"/"

The Peverel Line There are known to have been four generations of William Peverals, referred to here as I, II, III and IV. William Peverel I, was probably born in 1052 and died in 1113. He was marr...

7/28/2007 11/22/2013

Walter de Gaunt, Earl of Lincoln MP (c.1080 - 1138)

"Walter de Gant", "Walter de Gand", "Walter de Lindsay"

Walter de Gaunt , d. 1139, held barony of Folkingham, co.Lincoln, a commander in the battle of the Standard 1138, founder of Bridlington Priory, co. York before 1113-4; m. by 1120 Maud(or Matilda) of B...

7/25/2007 11/22/2013

Roger DE MOWBRAY Note from Curator: Through a circuitous route of inheritances, Roger (born d'Aubigny) became a Mowbray by name though not by blood. His father's first wife (Matilda de l'Aigle) had...

7/21/2007 11/22/2013

There are conflicting versions of his parentage, although most agree that he was a grandson of Walter de Lacy . One account, supported by the Wikipedia article referenced below, states that his father ...

11/7/2007 11/22/2013

Bernard I de Balliol Bernard I de Balliol (died 1154 x 1162), the second known ruling Balliol of his line, was a twelfth-century Anglo-Picard baron based for much of his time in the north of England,...

11/16/2007 11/22/2013

Robert De Bruce, 1st Lord of Skelton and 1st Lord of Annandale MP (c.1071 - 1141)

"de Bruce", "Lord of Skelton", "Seigneur de Brix (unproven)", "Lord d'Annandale 2"

Robert de Brus was not the son of Ragnvald Brusasson Jarl of Orkney, since he likely came to England and Scotland from Normandy and not from the north. Charles Cawley (Medieval Lands Database, Dec 20...

3/18/2007 11/22/2013

Robert de Ferrers, 1st Earl of Derby, Lord Of Tutbury MP (1062 - 1139)

"1st Earl Of /Derby/", "1st Earl Derby", "1st Earl od Derby"

Tutbury, a possession of the Ferrers family, was in Staffordshire, according to the online copy of the 1086 Domesday Survey of England. Robert de Ferrers (1062 - 1139), 1st Earl of Derby Robert I d...

6/10/2007 11/22/2013

Disagreement seems to exist as to whether the three sisters who were his heirs were his daughters or nieces. ------------------------------ From the Dictionary of National Biography, Index and Epit...

11/7/2007 11/22/2013

Guillaume "le Gros" of Albemarle, comte d'Aumâle, Earl of Albemarle MP (c.1108 - 1179)

"William le Gros", "Earl of Albemarle", "Earl of York", "and Lord of Holderness"

William le Gros (died 20 August 1179) was the Count of Aumale (Earl of Albemarle), Earl of York, and Lord of Holderness. He was the eldest son of Stephen, Count of Aumale, and his spouse, Hawise, dau...

12/22/2008 11/22/2013