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Jacob Gordin MP (1853 - 1909)

"Ivan Koliuchy", "Jacob Gordin", "Jakov Mikhailovich", "Jakov Mikhailovitch"

YANKEV (JACOB) GORDIN YANKEV (JACOB) GORDIN (May 1, 1853-June 10, 1909) He was born in Myrhorod, Poltava region, Ukraine. His father, Yeḥiel-Mikhl Halevi, was a well-to-do and eminent Hassid o...

8/13/2008 5/22/2012

He was a key figure in the evolution of Messianic Judaism. He traveled to the US in 1893, and was invited by Dwight L. Moody , a well-known evangelist, to preach to a Jewish audience at the World Expos...

5/22/2012 5/22/2012