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Roesia de Baguley MP (c.1235 - d.)

"Joesia Maysey"

Joesia Massey (daughter of Hamon IV Massey and Margaret) died date unknown. She married Ralph de Baguley, son of Richard de Baguley and Alice de Vernon. Children of Joesia Massey and Ralph de Baguley...

3/2/2009 4/29/2014

William de Massey MP (c.1272 - d.)

1/31/2009 4/18/2014

Hamon de Massey, VII MP (c.1282 - 1307)

The heir, Hamon, was declared a bastard, and died with no heirs, but the sisters and their heirs eventually inherited the ancient barony of Dunham Massey. [Paul C Reed (Reedpcgen), soc.genealogy.mediev...

12/16/2008 4/18/2014

Humphrey de Rosthorne MP (bef.1124 - bef.1189)

"Henry the Hunter"

Please do not remove notes! Enfoeffed of Rostherne, Chestershire, England. In the time of Henry II, the daughters of Humphrey de Rosthorne, Margery (Margaret) and Sybil, grant their land to Robert de...

4/17/2014 4/17/2014

Margery de Rosthorne MP (bef.1150 - aft.1189)

"Margaret de Grosvenor"

She is called "Margeriam" in her father's will. View Tree for Robert De Rostherne Massey Robert De Rostherne Massey (b. 1225, d. 1328) Robert De Rostherne Massey (son of William Massey and Marger...

4/17/2014 4/17/2014

Sir William Massey de Tatton, KT MP (bef.1190 - c.1270)

Research Notes: From A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, Part II, p. 986: SIR WILLIAM MASSEY, Knt., 16 HENRY III, son of WILLIAM MASSEY, of Tatto...

4/17/2014 4/17/2014

Isabel Massey MP (b. - aft.1305)

No issue from this marriage to Richard Massey. THIS LINE ENDS HERE.

4/17/2014 4/17/2014

Please do not remove notes! Received from the Priory and Convent of Norton, the lands of "Henry the Hunter" Humphrey de Rosthorne, 1286. Witnessed by Hamo de Massey and Robert Grosvenor, Viscomtes of C...

4/17/2014 4/17/2014

Ellen Massey MP (1405 - d.)

10/29/2008 4/17/2014

Matilda Margaret Davenport MP (1453 - 1499)

8/2/2008 4/17/2014

'Thomas Davenport 'M, b. circa 1440, d. circa 1517 Father Hugh Davenport b. c 1420, d. c 16 Feb 1483 Mother Joan Wooton b. c 1420 ' Thomas Davenport was born circa 1440 at of Henbury, Cheshire,...

9/22/2007 4/17/2014

Hugh de Davenport, of Henbury (b1429) MP (c.1429 - 1483)

"Hugh Davenport of Henbury"

(KBS) Omitted from Dav. Gen. (Ormerod) Esq., fl. 1487. Had his livery in 1 Richard III (1483); married in 2 Richard III (1484); Inq. p.m. 2 Henry VIII (1511).

9/22/2007 4/17/2014

Thomas Davenport, of Henbury MP (1451 - 1517)

9/22/2007 4/17/2014

Ralph Davenport MP (c.1478 - 1544)

2/7/2009 4/17/2014

John de Massey de Moreton MP (c.1127 - aft.1189)

"John de Masci"

From this John are descended the Masseys of Bidstone. 10. John Massey (Hamon II8, Hamon de, 1st Baron de Dunham2, William (Viscount)1) was born about 1127 in Dunham Massey, Bucklow, Cheshire, England.

3/24/2014 4/17/2014

Alice Baggalegh MP (c.1280 - d.)

7/25/2008 4/17/2014

Ralph (Rafe) de Baguley, Sir MP (c.1270 - d.)

"Ralph Baggiley", "Rafe de Baguely of Allington"

LDS Sources state that Ralph de Baggylegh AKA Robert, was born in 1270, which would make more sense if William was born in 1290. S610] #2142 The Visitation of Cheshire in the Year 1580 ... (1882), ...

3/31/2008 4/17/2014

Alice de Whitney MP (c.1206 - c.1273)

ID: I116083 Name: Baron Hamon [V @ ] de Massey Sex: M Birth: 1212 in Dunham Massey, Bucklow, Cheshire, England Death: 1275 Father: Hamon [IV @ ] de Massey b: 1163 in Dunham, Massey, England...

12/25/2007 4/17/2014

Hamon VI de Massey, Baron of Dunham Massey MP (c.1242 - aft.1308)

"Poynington", "de Pontington de Massey", "de Mascy"

Sir Hamon Massy, the 6th and last baron of Dunham-Massey, son and heir to the 5th, married Isabel, daughter of Humphrey de Beauchamp, and on the marriage-day at night she died before carnal copulation....

8/24/2008 4/17/2014

Robert de Pulford MP (c.1300 - 1349)

Robert de PULFORD , Sir was born ABT 1300 in Pulford, Chester, Cheshire, England. He was the son of 2. Mr. de PULFORD. He married Katherine de DUTTON, daughter of Hugh de DUTTON and Isabella de MASSEY....

11/18/2007 4/17/2014

9th Lord of Dutton Son of Hugh (8th Lord of Dutton) and Joan de St. Pierre NOT Margaret de Risley

3/30/2007 4/17/2014

Isabella de Massey MP (c.1280 - 1313)

"de Maysey"

The Baguley Family of Worsley Hamon Massey VII died with no heirs, but the sisters and their heirs eventually inherited the ancient barony of Dunham Massey. [Paul C Reed (Reedpcgen),

5/3/2008 4/17/2014

Robert Baguley of Ollerton MP (c.1556 - 1582)

"Bigelow of Ollerton", "Bagulay", "Bigelow"

Please site ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS and SOURCES, i.e. photos of gravesites, wills, land deeds, baptismal certificates, marriage records from parishes, etc. as scholarly research is needed on this family! Th...

3/31/2008 4/4/2014

Randall Baguley MP (deceased)

8/21/2013 4/4/2014