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Bothas & Appels who are DNA descendants of Ferdinandus Appel

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  • Maria Kickers, SM/PROG (1662 - 1723)
    Note: Maria Kickers had nothing to do with Jan Coenraadsz Visser ( she is probably confused with Maria Kikkert, an unsourced partner of Jan Coenraad Visser in SAG). During her divorce proceedings, and ...
  • Theunis Botha (bef.1711 - 1781)
    Theunis Botha=child of Theunis Botha , b bef 15 April 1686. Called Botha after his mother, Maria Kickers ' , 1700 divorce from Jan Cornelisz (who is shown as his father on the birth certificate). At wh...
  • Christoffel Botha (1713 - 1764)
    Baptism Notice of Christoffel Botha===[ ] Christoffel Bota Baptism 11 Feb 1713 Stellenbosch, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa Teunis Bota Maria Snymans Note - Christoffel was...
  • Margaretha Botha (1714 - 1760)
    Margaretha Botha=child of Theunis Botha , b bef 15 April 1686. Called Botha after his mother, Maria Kickers ' , 1700 divorce from Jan Cornelisz (who is shown as his father on the birth certificate). At...
  • Philippus Botha (c.1721 - 1764)
    Philippus Botha=child of Theunis Botha , b bef 15 April 1686. Called Botha after his mother, Maria Kickers ' , 1700 divorce from Jan Cornelisz (who is shown as his father on the birth certificate). At ...

Ferdinandus Appel's first child is Theunis Botha, b bef 15 April 1686: Called Botha after his mother, Maria Kickers' , 1700 divorce from Jan Cornelisz (who is shown as his father on the birth certificate). At which time she said her 7 children were Frederich Botha's. However, a recent DNA study by the University of Pretoria reveals him to have been the biological son of Ferdinandus Appel. (See Discussions on Theunis Botha's profile, & below)

Ferdinandus Appel then marries in 1691 Lavina Cloete (1677), with whom he has Sophia Appel (1692), Juriaan Appel (1694), Johanna Appel (1701), Catharina Appel (1704), Maria Appel (1708) & Abigail Appel (1710)


a. Jurriaan Jansz Appel x Jannetje Gerritsz Ferdinandus

b1. Johannes Appel (1160)

b2. Ferdinandus Appel (1665)
(x) c1685 Maria Kickers (1655)

b2c1 Theunis Botha (1686)

b2c1d1 Theunis Botha - no descendants on GENi

b2c1d2 Christoffel Botha

b2c1d2e1 Maria Magdalena Botha

b2c1d2e2 Theunis Botha

b2c1d2e3 Johanna Christina Botha

b2c1d2e4 Pieter Barend Botha

b2c1d2e5 Christoffel Botha

b2c1d2e6 Jacobus Botha

b2c1d2e7 Philip Rudolph Botha

b2c1d2e8 Maria Catharina Botha

b2c1d2e9 Theunis Christoffel Botha

b2c1d2e10 Margaretha Louisa Botha

b2c1d2e11 Susanna Elizabeth Botha

b2c1d2e12 Agatha Geertruy Botha

b2c1d2e13 Johanna Christina Botha

b2c1d3 Margaretha Botha - descendants are Meyer

b2c1d4 Jacobus Theunisz Botha

b2c1d4e1 Maria Catharina Botha

b2c1d4e2 Margaretha Isabella Botha

b2c1d4e3 Jacobus Johannes Botha

b2c1d4e4 Theunis Botha

b2c1d4e5 Hester Magdalena Botha

b2c1d4e6 Theunis Botha

b2c1d4e7 Amerentia Botha

b2c1d4e8 Theunis Jacobus Botha

b2c1d4e9 Frederik Botha

b2c1d4e10 Christoffel Botha

b2c1d4e11 Johanna Elisabeth Botha

b2c1d4e12 Philippus Rudolphus Botha

b2c1d4e13 Johannes Botha

b2c1d4e14 Maria Magdalena Botha

b2c1d5 Maria Botha - descendants are Holtzhausen

b2c1d6 Philippus Botha - no descendants on GENi

b2c1d7 Philippus Rudolphus Botha

b2c1d7e1 Theunis Botha

b2c1d7e2 Philip Rudolph Botha

b2c1d7e3 Maria Magdalena Botha

b2c1d7e4 Christoffel Johannes Francois Botha

b2c1d7e5 Margaretha Aletta Botha

b2c1d7e6 Jacobus Lodewyk Botha

b2c1d7e7 David Hercules Botha

b2c1d7e8 Frederik Johannes Botha

b2c1d7e9 David Hercules Botha

b2c1d7e10 Rudolph Philippus Botha

x 1691 Lavina Cloete (1677)

b2c2 Sophia Appel (1692)

b2c3 Juriaan Appel (1694)
(x) Eva Niemann

b2c3d1 Jurgen Appel (c1724)

b2c3d2 Johannes Petrus "Jan" Appel (c 1728)

b2c3d3 Ferdinandus Appel ( c 1734)

b2c3d4 Coenraad Appel (1737)

xx 25.12.1739 Adriana Smit

b2c3d5 Hans Jurgen Christoffel Appel (1741)

b2c3d6 Levina Catharina (1742) SOURCES NEEDED

b2c3d7 Matthijs Appel (1745? 1752?) SOURCES NEEDED

b2c3d8 Johanna Adriana Appel (1749)

b2c3d9 Abigel Elizabeth Appel (1756)

b2c4 Johanna Appel (1701)

b2c5 Catharina Appel (1704)

b2c6 Maria Appel (1708)

b2c7 Abigail Appel (1710)

Famous SA Bothas who are Theunis Appel's Descendants

Further Information on Jan Cornelisz and Maria Kickers

Jan Cornelisz (Bombam) of Outbeijerland was married July 11, 1683 to Maria Kickers. In the Stellenbosch Baptism Register Cornelija’s (baptized January 6, 1697) father is given as John Cornelis (Bombam), but the children were Botha's children.

In 1699 there was an argument between Mary and Bombam a property that had to be worked by Bombam but he has not done much. She scolded him:

“Jeij sult doen wat eck hebben wil, ieij zulkt voor mijn door een vuur gaan, en jeij zult mijn de voeten kussen als ek het heben wil" Bombam’s response was that he would not do it. Mary scolding him further:

“Jeij zult nagt en dach voor mijn loopen als eck het hebben wil, want ick hou jou minder als een knegt, ja minder als een Hottentot, ja minder als een hont". Someone else heard her say:

"that he [Old Beijerland] onbequaam was one man to her creature and haare children ie sijne not and waaren and that it him less agte like a slave, or a Hont" (Biewenga , p. 268)

Mary and Jan Cornelisz divorced January 22, 1700, and she mentioned to the court:

"De gedaagdesse antwoordende, segt en bekendt all hare kinderen staande huwelijck, niet bij den eij[se]r haren man; (vermits desselvs onbequaamheijdt) maar bij een ander, te weeten den voorn[oemde] Frederick Boot, te hebben geprocrëeert" [CJ 3, 22]

17 Nov 1706 Mary Kickers and Fredrich Botha was back in court because they lived together. They were banned to spend 10 years separately in Mauritius. On that occasion, Maria Kickers claimed:

"Sij persisteerde bij haare gedane confessie en sustineerde dat se met beloften en trouw die se malkanderen onder vier oogen geswooren hebben, so wel alsof se met den anderen in huwelijk waren getreeden kunnen volstaan, en dat se dierhalven als man en vrouw eenige jaren met den anderen hebben geleefd, en vleeschelijk geconverseert hebbende tesamen in deese boelasie agt kinderen geprocreeert,"

According to Karel Schoeman (author) in 1706, Botha and Maria Kickers were convicted of "adultery, harbour and concealment of cattle. Added to their conviction was violence to the person of Claas Das and sentenced for ten years separately exiled to Mauritius.

They most probably came back to the Cape when the VOC gave up Mauritius. In 1713, Jan Cornelisz from Outbeijerland died without remarrying and Maria Kickers was allowed to remarry: In the Stellenbosch registers, page 9: 1714, 21 Junij Fredrik Bota Wagenheim jongm Maria Kickers Amsterdam

Please note that the authors Pama and De Villiers records the wedding year 1717 but it is wrong, it should be 1714.

Source: Information provided by Richard Ball- SA Genealogy, A. Biewenga-The Cape of Good Hope, Karel Schoeman-Armosyn van die Kaap.

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