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Theophilos I, Eastern Roman Emperor MP (813 - 842)

"император Теофил", "Theophilos", "Theophilus", "Θεόφιλος", "Emperor Theophile I of the /East/"

Theophilos was the son of the later Emperor Michael II and his wife of Armenian descent Thekla, and the godson of Emperor Leo V the Armenian. Michael II crowned Theophilos co-emperor in 822, shortly af...

3/15/2007 6/14/2016

Isaac II Angelos, Byzantine Emperor MP (1156 - 1204)

"Ισαάκιος Β' Άγγελος", "Emperor of Byzantium", "Angelus", "saakios II Angelos", "Issac Angelo Doukas", "Isaac Of Byzantium"

Исаак II Ангел (греч. Ισαάκιος Β’ Άγγελος; ок. 1156 — январь 1204) — византийский император в 1185—1195 и 1203—1204 годах. Стал первым представителем династии Ангелов, правившей страной 11 лет. T...

6/9/2007 4/16/2015

Michael VIII Palaiologos MP (1224 - 1282)

"император Михаил VIII Палеолог", "Μιχαῆλ Η΄ Παλαιολόγος", "Michael VIII Palaiologos", "Palaeologus", "MICHAÉL VIII Dukas Komnenos Palaiologos"

Michael VIII Palaiologos or Palaeologus (Greek: Μιχαήλ Η΄ Παλαιολόγος, Mikhaēl VIII Palaiologos) (1223 – 11 December 1282) reigned as Byzantine emperor 1259–1282. Michael VIII was the founder of ...

8/13/2007 4/16/2015

Constantine IX Monomachos, Byzantine Emperor MP (c.980 - 1055)

"император Константин IX Мономах"

Constantine IX Monomachos From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Constantine IX Emperor of the Byzantine Empire A mosaic in Hagia Sophia showing Constantine IX Monomachos. Byzantine Emperor ...

3/3/2007 4/16/2015

Leo V "the Armenian", Byzantine Emperor MP (775 - 820)

"the Armenian"

From 0813 to 0820 Emperor of Byzantium From Encyclopedia Britannica online, article titled Leo V: "byname Leo The Armenian ( b. Armenia?d. Dec. 25, 820, Constantinople), Byzantine emperor respo...

9/14/2007 1/11/2011

Irene Sarantapechaina MP (c.752 - 803)


9/14/2007 1/11/2011

Bysants (ca. 500 e.Kr - ca. 1300) Etter folkevandringene levde det romerske keiserriket videre i Øst-Romerriket med Konstantinopel som hovedstad. Keiser Justinian (525 e.Kr-565 e.Kr) satte seg et mål...

9/14/2007 1/11/2011

9/14/2007 1/11/2011

Constantine V, Eastern Roman Emperor MP (c.718 - 775)

"Kopronymos", "Κωνσταντίνος Ε΄"

9/14/2007 1/11/2011

9/14/2007 1/11/2011

Michael III, Byzantine Emperor MP (840 - 867)

""Mythistés" The Drunkard", "император Михаил III Пияницата", "Michael III", "Μιχαήλ Γ΄", "Mikhaēl III", "Emperor Michel III of the /East/"

Mördad 24 sept 867 av Basileios I Michael III From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Life Michael was the youngest child of Emperor Theophilos and Theodora. Already crowned co-ruler by his fat...

3/15/2007 1/11/2011

Michael II, Eastern Roman Emperor MP (770 - 829)

"император Михаил II Пелтека", "Michael II the Amorian", "Μιχαήλ Β'", "Mikhaēl II", "Traulos", "Psellos", "Τραυλός", "Ψηλλος", "Psellus"

Michael belonged to a family of peasant soldiers Constantinople - Never Turkey! Alternate name: Amorion, ʿAmmūriye, Amūrīn, Hergen Kale Location: Hisarköy, Afyonkarahisar Province, Turkey location...

9/14/2007 1/11/2011