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Gegevens van Hendrik Mondriaan uit 's hage Datum indiensttreding: 28-09-1783 Datum uit dienst: 00-00-1783 Functie bij indiensttreding:Soldaat Reden uit dienst: Absent bij afvaart Uitgevaren met het...

6/2/2014 6/2/2014

Lady Anne Barnard MP (1750 - 1825)

F, #20567, b. 8 December 1750, d. 6 May 1825 Last Edited=19 Feb 2011 Consanguinity Index=0.0% Lady Anne Lindsay was born on 8 December 1750.1 She was the daughter of James Lindsay, 5th Earl of Ba...

4/5/2013 4/5/2013

Helena Wilhelmina ten Damme, b7 MP (c.1706 - 1746)


Helena Wilhelmina ten Damme married Hendrik Swelengrebel, Governor of Cape Colony 1739-1751. Swellendam is named for her husband and her. According to Estate doc - MOOC8/2.117 - connected to the fath...

9/28/2009 3/28/2013

Ryk Tulbagh, SV/PROG MP (1699 - 1771)

"Rijk Tulbach"

See Wikipedia... Marriage NGK Cape Town 1725 Augusti 26 s:r Rijk Tulbagh j: m: en juff:r Elizabeth Zwellingrebel j: d: on

2/4/2012 3/27/2013

Hendrik Swellengrebel, b1 MP (1700 - 1760)

Hendrik Swellengrebel (Kaapstad, 29 September 1700 - Utrecht, 1763) was de eerste VOC-goewerneur van die Kaapkolonie wat plaaslik gebore is. Swellengrebel was die oudste seun van Johanna Cruse (5 Feb...

2/4/2012 3/27/2013

(pp 53-57) Captain Benjamin Moodie, 10th Laird of Melsetter. ------------------------------------------------- From 'A concise history of Port Beaufort & White Sands (also known as Witsand) inclu...

7/8/2009 1/31/2013

Francois du Toit, SV/PROG MP (c.1664 - 1734)

The brothers Guillaume and Francois Dutoit of Lille, who reached the Cape in 1686, both probably on the Vrijheijt which anchored on June 23, were, however, clearly French speakers. Dutoits are known to...

6/2/2008 7/27/2011

Olive Schreiner (24 March 1855 - 11 December 1920) was a South African author, anti-war campaigner and intellectual. She is best remembered today for her novel The Story of an African Farm which has be...

2/18/2009 7/26/2011

Deneys Reitz MP (1882 - 1944)

Deneys Reitz (1882—1944), son of Francis William Reitz, was a Boer soldier, South African soldier in the First World War, and politician. While in exile in Madagascar he wrote about his experience of...

2/18/2009 7/26/2011

Francis William Reitz, Jr. (Swellendam, 5 October 1844 – Cape Town, 27 March 1934) was a South African lawyer, politician, statesman, publicist and poet, member of parliament of the Cape Colony, Chief ...

2/18/2009 7/26/2011

Jan Christian Smuts, PC, OM, CH, DTD, ED, KC, FRS MP (1870 - 1950)

"Jan Christiaan Smuts"

Born at Bovenplaats, near Riebeek West on 24th May 1870 and died at Doornkloof, near Irene on 11th September 1950), statesman, soldier and philosopher, was the second child in a family of four sons a...

6/6/2009 6/20/2011

Samuel John Mollett, SV/PROG MP (1768 - 1840)

1820 Settler - Member of Crause's Party on the Nautilus ------------------------------------------- Source : Last Name : Mollett First Name : Samuel John Date of Birth : chr. 21 Feb 1768 Pl...

2/13/2011 5/29/2011

Ruth First Slovo MP (1925 - 1982)


Ruth First Jeppe High School for Girls Memorial Trust 25 August 2010 A small group of staff and learners from Jeppe High School for Girls recently attended the Ruth First Memorial Lecture at Wits U...

8/1/2010 5/28/2011

Meent Jacobus Borcherds MP (1792 - 1844)

Name: Meent Borcherds Event Type: Baptism Event Date: 25 Mar 1792 Event Place: Stellenbosch, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa Residence Place: Gender: Age: Marital Status: Birth Date: Bir...

9/8/2009 5/24/2011

Heinrich Meise, SV/PROG MP (1826 - 1910)

A soldier in the 1st Jagers Infantry Regiment of the British German Legion, sailed in November 1856 from Portsmouth to South Africa onboard the Culloden and obtained a grant of land in Panmure, Cambrid...

7/18/2010 5/7/2011

David Wegelen Baird MP (1833 - 1912)

"David Wegelein"

Married Anna Margaretha Paulina DE KLERK (dau/o J.A.) on 7.5.1855 in Victoria-West. After she died he married again. Third great ganddaughter of Abraham de Klerk SV/PR Bron Doopregister: second wife ...

11/6/2008 4/26/2011

Isabeau le Bleu MP (c.1621 - 1678)

"Elizabeth Le Bleu"

Elizabeth Bleu , geboren rond 1621, overleden te Fort de Lincq op 23 maart 1678 (56 of 57 jr). Vermeld als moeder 1676 van Daniel le Févre. | O: Elizabeth le Bleu, agée de 56 ou 57 ans, femme de Henr...

10/27/2007 4/25/2011

Dr Chris Barnard MP (1922 - 2001)

"b2c4d7e2f4g6h3", "Chris"

g6 Adam Hendrikus * 20.3.1875 ≈ Knysna 27.4.1875, sendeling x Robertson c. 1910 Maria Elizabeth DE SWARDT * 27.12.1884 d.v. Abraham Jacobus de Swardt en Magdalena Sophia Lamprecht h3 Christia...

2/26/2010 4/19/2011

First Prime Minister of the Cape Colony, tenure from 1872-1878 Sir John Charles Molteno was an early citizen of Beaufort Wes - a wool trader, creator of the extensive Nelspoort Estate , and such a cham...

8/14/2008 4/19/2011

BEAUFORT WEST The Fifth Duke of Beaufort, father of the Cape Governor, Lord Charles Somerset , gave his name to the first municipality in SA in 1837. The Karoo’s largest town, it is also known as ‘...

10/6/2008 4/19/2011

General Lord Charles Henry Somerset (2 December 1767 – 18 February 1831) was a British soldier, politician and colonial administrator. He was governor of the Cape Colony, South Africa, from 1814 to 182...

6/4/2009 4/19/2011

Sir Francis Drake MP (c.1540 - 1596)

Alternate date: He his said to have died in January 1596, but his will is dated April 10, 1661. -=-=-=-=-=- Sir Francis Drake, Vice Admiral (1540 – 27 January 1596) was an English sea captain, pr...

5/16/2007 4/19/2011

Lorenz Campher, SV/PROG MP (1660 - bef.1730)

"Lourens", "Kamfer"

See also the Apr 2016 research review of facts surrounding Lourens Campher's wife Ansela van die Kaap at Ansela van de Caap, SM/PROG Stamvader Lorenz/Lourens Campher Campher is believed to have bee...

8/24/2007 4/18/2011

Ansela van de Caap, SM/PROG MP (c.1665 - 1735)

"Ansela van de Kaap", "Ansiela van de Caep", "Angela", "Ansila", "Ansela Campher"

Campher Stammoeder Ansela van die Kaap Research Review Apr 2016 Ansela’s origin Recent mitochondrial DNA analysis of two matrilineal descendants of Ansela van die Kaap has indicated that the Camp...

8/24/2007 4/18/2011

(No Name) MP (1868 - d.)

11/8/2010 4/18/2011

Martin Melck, SV/PROG MP (1723 - 1781)

Martin Melck's history is certainly one of the greatest success stories which the early Cape produced. Like many of his predecessors at De Driesprong, he was a German who had come to the Cape as a sold...

3/29/2009 4/18/2011

Koopmans-De Wet, Maria Margaretha, vroueleidster. 1834: Gebore op 18 Maart in die huis tans bekend as die Koopmans-De Wet-museum in Kaapstad. 1864: Getroud op 15 April met Johan Christoffel Koopmans,...

3/14/2011 4/18/2011

Captain James Cook MP (1728 - 1779)

Captain James Cook FRS RN (7 November [O.S. 27 October] 1728 – 14 February 1779) was an English explorer, navigator and cartographer, ultimately rising to the rank of Captain in the Royal Navy. Cook wa...

11/7/2008 4/18/2011

Jan van Riebeeck MP (1619 - 1677)

"Jan van Riebeeck"

Johan Anthoniszoon "Jan" van Riebeeck (April 21, 1619, Culemborg, Gelderland – January 18, 1677) was a Dutch colonial administrator and founder of Cape Town. Van Riebeeck was born in Culemborg in the...

1/13/2011 4/18/2011

President Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela, Nobel Laureate MP (1918 - 2013)

"Madiba; Tata"

Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela (fondly known by his amaXhosa clan name, ‘Madiba’), served 27 years in an Apartheid Prison on Robben Island, emerging to become South Africa’s first democratically elected...

5/3/2010 4/18/2011

Charles Bowyer Adderley MP (1814 - 1905)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Charles Bowyer ADDERLEY (1814 - 1905) Politician. Later created Baron Norton, A...

1/17/2009 4/18/2011

Ignatius Maré, SV/PROG MP (c.1670 - 1758)

"Ignace Maré", "Ignatius Maree", "Ignatiùs Marree", "Ignatius Marrè", "Marré", "Maree", "Marre", "De Mare De Salgas", "Ignace Mare"

MARE / JANSE VAN VUUREN PROGENITOR LINE Please See Maré Project and Summary of Discussions resulting in this configuration: A) Paul Mare marries NN

8/18/2007 4/18/2011

Pierre Jacobs, SV/PROG MP (1647 - 1698)

"Pierre Jacob"

Hugenote Gedenkalbum: 1688 -1988 Pierre Jacobs from Vieille-Eglise en/of Calais ( Picardie) arrives in1688 on the ship, De Schelde, with his wife Suzanne de Vos and three children, Susanne(a), Daniel a...

8/19/2007 4/18/2011

Hercules des Prez, SV/PROG MP (c.1645 - bef.1696)

""du Preez" Hercules"; des Prez", "Hercules Des Pres of Courtrai"

First Fifty Years - Hercules des Prez "Between 2012 and 2014 journalist and author Max du Preez revealed in an online article and on social media that he is a direct descendant of 'Hercule du Pre/H...

8/18/2007 4/18/2011

Louis Fourie, SV/PROG MP (1669 - 1750)

"Louis Fourij d’ oude"

Louis Fourie Stamvader/Progenitor Variations of the name – Fourié; Florit One of the French Huguenots who went to South Africa in 1689 Origin of the name – from Fourier, meaning a forager, a deal...

7/1/2007 4/18/2011

Louis Fourie, b6 MP (bef.1703 - 1767)

Genealogiese/Genealogical #: b6 A history of the Fourie Farm, Doornboom in Heidelberg Cape Louis Fourie was baptised around 1703. He lived in Drakenstein. He was married on 1728.05.16 to Susanna le...

10/31/2007 4/18/2011

Mahatma Gandhi, महात्मा MP (1869 - 1948)

"Bapu", "Mahatma Gandhi", "Gandhi Bapu", "Gandhiji", "Great Soul", "બાપુ", "bāpu", "Father Father of the Nation", "महात्मा"

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi , born 2 October 1869[1] – 30 January 1948), commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi, was the preeminent leader of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India. Employing non-violent c...

5/20/2009 4/18/2011

Voortrekker leader to Natal before OCT 1838, murdered by Zulu King Dingane [on 6 February 1838]. Bron: Pretorius in Natal by B. J. LIEBENBERG [ ] Added by Y. DROST -----------------------------...

2/10/2008 4/18/2011

William Walter Harding, Captain MP (c.1782 - 1831)

Irish Records Extraction Database about William Harding Name: William Harding Sex: Male Marriage: 1809 Marriage Place: Diocese of Cork & Ross, County Cork, Ireland Spouse: Eliza Herrick Source: A...

10/5/2008 4/18/2011

Pierre Theron, b4 MP (1709 - 1778)


Birth Cape of Good Hope Anno 1709 den 10 Augustus is geboren Pieter Theron - Geslacht Lyst, Pieter Francois Theron, Manuscript, 1823-1826, South African Library, Cape Town, Manuscript, 1823-1826 ...

6/2/2008 4/18/2011

Jacques Therond, SV/PROG MP (1668 - 1739)

"Jacques Theron"

Jacques Therond ( now spelled Theron) came to SA on board the "Oosterland" as a soldier in 1688. He became a free "burgher" on 31 May 1688. He was the owner of the farm "Languerdoc, Heemraad. Bro...

5/22/2008 4/18/2011

Francois du Toit, a2b6 MP (1699 - 1751)

Genealogiese/Genealogical #: b6 Hy boer op Winterhoek, Land van Waveren (die huidige Tulbagh). Member of the "Heemraad" of Drakenstein and luitenant of the "Krygsraad". With his father-in-law they ...

6/4/2007 4/18/2011

Louis Cordier, Jnr, SV/PROG MP (bef.1656 - c.1702)

"Louis Cordie"

Louis Cordier, French Huguenot Possible Parents, Birth Place & Baptism Date Possible Parents: Louis Cordier and his wife Jeanne Blessebois Possible Birth Place – Orléans, France (see Discussion...

8/19/2007 4/18/2011

Jacques De la Porte, SV/PROG MP (c.1678 - 1739)

"Jacob Delport", "Jacque Deporte", "Jacob de le Porte", "Jaques del Porte"

Jacques Delporte reached the Cape in 1699 with his wife, Sara Vitu, whom he married, presumably at Veere, in October 1698 shortly before embarking on the Cattendijk. Their eldest child Marie must be ...

6/9/2008 4/18/2011

Jacques Mallan, SV/PROG MP (c.1665 - c.1742)

Bronne: Kriel register en ander Hugo A.M. met medewerking van Van der Bijl J. 1963. Die Kerk van Stellenbosch 1686-1963 : ‘n geskiedenis van die kerkgeboue van die Nederduits Gereformeerde Gemeente te ...

9/15/2007 4/18/2011

Jacques (Jacob) de Villiers MP (1661 - 1735)

"Jacob", "Jacques"

A letter from the Chamber of Delft, dated 16 December 1688, stated: With this ship we have again permitted the following French Refugees to sail to the Cape and earn their living as freemen, Pierre de ...

7/28/2007 4/18/2011

1820 British Settler Thomas Hartley 18, Blacksmith, together with his parents and 9 Siblings, were members of Thomas Calton's 's Party of 167 Settlers on the Settler Ship Albury . Party originate...

1/16/2010 4/18/2011