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Owen Coffin MP (1802 - c.1821)

The true story that the book (Moby Dick) was partly based on was about two seperate events involving a Nantucket whale ship named the "Essex" and a white whale named Mocha Dick. The Essex was hunting w...

6/28/2012 2/3/2016

Charles Ramsdell MP (1804 - 1866)

Charles Ramsdell served as a Captain aboard the ship "General Jackson" sometime in the 1840's. Charles is very likely the young seaman recently immortalized by the book "The Heart of the Sea" which chr...

11/17/2014 2/3/2016

Peter Stumpf MP (c.1552 - 1589)

"Peter Stube", "Pe(e)ter Stubbe", "Peter Stübbe", "The Werewolf of Bedburg of Danvill", "Abal Griswold", "Abil Griswold", "Ubel Griswold"

Peter Stumpp (died 1589) (whose name is also spelled as Peter Stube, Pe(e)ter Stubbe, Peter Stübbe or Peter Stumpf) was a Rhenish farmer, accused of being a serial killer and a cannibal, also known a...

12/14/2015 12/14/2015

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer MP (1960 - 1994)

"Jeffrey L. Dahmer", "Jeffrey Dahmer", "Jeff Dahmer"

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer (May 21, 1960 – November 28, 1994) was an American serial killer and sex offender. Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys – many of whom were of African or Asian descent – between 1978...

3/11/2011 5/30/2014

Boone Helm MP (1827 - 1864)

"The Kentucky Cannibal"

Levi Boone Helm from Find-a-Grave Boone Helm (1828 – January 14, 1864) was a mountain man and gunfighter of the American West known as the Kentucky Cannibal. Helm was also a serial killer who gained ...

7/24/2013 7/24/2013

Eleanor Eddy, Donner Party MP (c.1822 - c.1847)


Perished. Age 25, Almost nothing is known about Mrs. Eddy, although a photograph of her survives. When her husband left with the First Relief, Eleanor stayed behind with the children in the Murphy ...

2/11/2009 2/10/2013

Naomi Pike, Donner Party MP (1843 - 1934)

"Schenck", "Nye"

Her sister Catherine died the day after the relief arrived, but Naomi was still alive. Rhoads carried her slung on his back in a blanket to her mother. b. 13 Nov 1843 in St. Louis, MO m1. 8 Sep 186...

11/24/2012 11/25/2012

Mary Donner, Donner Party MP (1839 - 1860)

Survived. Mary’s feet were badly injured from frostbite and fire during her rescue. She lost four toes from her left foot; William G. Murphy remembered his sister Mary sitting at Johnson’s Ranch holdin...

11/24/2012 11/24/2012

Isaac, Donner Party MP (1842 - 1847)

At Starved Camp Isaac Donner "perished during one of the stormy nights. He was lying on the bed of pine boughs between his sister Mary and Patty Reed, and died so quietly that neither of the sleeping g...

11/24/2012 11/24/2012

The Donner Party was the worst disaster in wagon train history. Forty-two emigrants and two Indian guides had died. However, the remaining forty-seven travellers survived. George and Jacob were repai...

5/22/2010 11/24/2012

Elitha Donner, Donner Party MP (1831 - 1923)


Survived. Just a few months after her ordeal in the mountains, fourteen-year-old Elitha Donner married Perry McCoon, who had assisted the Donner relief by ferrying men and supplies across the swollen S...

11/24/2012 11/24/2012

Elizabeth Donner, Donner Party MP (c.1807 - 1847)


Little is known of Elizabeth Donner, but she was remembered affectionately Elizabeth Blue Hook was a sister of Mary Blue Tennant, George Donner’s second wife. Jacob Donner’s children were therefore...

2/18/2011 11/24/2012

Jacob Donner, Donner Party MP (1781 - 1846)

Jacob Donner went west with his wife, six children, and two stepchildren. Of those nine people, only three survived the winter. Jacob Donner's body was found with his heart and liver removed and his li...

2/18/2011 11/24/2012

Frankie Donner, Donner Party MP (1840 - 1921)

"Frankie", "Eustice"

After the disaster Frances, sometimes called Frankie, was taken in and raised by James F. Reed’s family in San Jose until 1852, when Leanna married John App. Then Frances went to take Leanna's place at...

5/22/2010 11/24/2012

Georgia Donner, Donner Party MP (1841 - 1911)

George and Tamzene Donner's two youngest children, Georgia and Eliza, were very close. Although Hiram O. Miller had been appointed their legal guardian, they were taken in by an elderly Swiss couple,...

5/22/2010 11/24/2012

Eliza Donner, Donner Party MP (1843 - 1922)

"Houghton", "poore"

Survived, age 4 Eliza and Georgia, the two youngest children of George and Tamzene Donner, were very close. Although Hiram O. Miller had been appointed their legal guardian, they were taken in by a...

5/22/2010 11/24/2012

Survived, and later returned to Tennessee with his brother. b. 15 Jan 1836 Weakley Co., TN m. 03 Dec 1861 Weakley Co., TN to Damaris Kathleen Cochran Ch: Tullulah "Lulie" T., Kate Nye, William Gr...

11/24/2012 11/24/2012

Sarah Keyes MP (c.1776 - 1846)

"Handley", "Keyes"

Two reasons have been given as to why the ailing70 year old Mrs. Keyes decided to emigrate to California. According to diarists Edwin Bryant and George McKinstry, Mrs. Keyes was hoping to meet her youn...

11/23/2012 11/24/2012

William Pike, Donner Party MP (1814 - 1846)

William M. Pike, the illegitimate son of James Brown Pike and a Mrs. Wolfries, was a grandson of a Revolutionary War officer, Zebulon Pike, and a nephew of the explorer Zebulon Montgomery Pike, after w...

11/24/2012 11/24/2012

Catherine Pike, Donner Party MP (1846 - 1847)

Daughter of William M. Pike and Harriet Frances Murphy Age: [1] Perished. Catherine Pike was evidently named after her father’s sister, who had died in 1843 at the age of 22. Catherine’s exact age is...

11/24/2012 11/24/2012

Sarah Foster, Donner Party MP (1826 - 1906)

Sarah Murphy Foster was one of the five young women who joined the Forlorn Hope snowshoe party, leaving her son behind. She and her husband never saw him again. 04 Nov 1826 Union County, SC m. 29 Dec...

11/24/2012 11/24/2012

Perished Sarah and William Foster left George behind with his grandmother when they departed with the Forlorn Hope in mid-December. Levinah did the best she could for him during the dreary winter, bu...

11/24/2012 11/24/2012

Landrum Murphy, Donner Party MP (1829 - 1847)


Landrum Murphy was a large and somewhat overgrown young man. The hides and burnt bones did not contain sufficient nourishment to keep him alive. For some hours before he died, he lay in a semi-deliriou...

11/24/2012 11/24/2012

Lemuel Murphy, Donner Party MP (c.1833 - 1846)

A boy about thirteen years old, Lemuel was dearly loved by his sisters, and, full of courage, had endeavored to accompany them on the fearful journey. He was feeble when he started from the cabins, and...

11/24/2012 11/24/2012

Levinah Murphy, Donner Party MP (1809 - d.)

"Lavinia", "Levina", "Levinah"

She is often called "old Mrs. Murphy" in the literature of the Donner Party, but Levinah Jackson Murphy was a 36 year old widow when she set out for California. She had been born to a prosperous family...

11/24/2012 11/24/2012

James Frazier Reed MP (c.1800 - 1874)

"Reednowski", "Reednosk"

The most successful of the Donner Party travelers. His entire family survived. They ate no flesh. James F. Reed dominates the story of the Donner Party. He was a man of strong personality, described ...

11/23/2012 11/23/2012

Thomas Nickerson MP (c.1805 - 1883)

Added by Elwin C. Nickerson -"Whaling Ship Essex- Thomas was a member of the ill-fated ship the Essex, at age 15. There were twenty men in the crew aboard the whaleship, George Pollard, Master, when sh...

6/27/2012 11/23/2012

Capt. George Pollard MP (1791 - 1870)

George Pollard, Jr. (1791–1870) was the captain of the whaleships Essex and Two Brothers , both of which sank. Pollard's life, including his encounter with the sperm whale that sank the Essex, served a...

6/28/2012 11/23/2012

Capt. Owen Chase MP (1797 - 1869)

Owen Chase (1798 - 1869) of Nantucket sought a traditional career as a whaling captain. However, at age 22, while serving as first mate of the Essex, his ship was sunk in a horrific, unprecedented atta...

6/26/2012 11/23/2012

Alfred G. "Alferd" Packer MP (1842 - 1907)

Famous American convicted serial killer and cannibal. Alfred G. "Alferd" Packer (January 21, 1842 – April 23, 1907)[1] was an American prospector who was accused of cannibalism. First tried for mur...

4/15/2010 1/8/2011