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James "of Dilwyn" Carpenter MP (c.1460 - 1537)

Homme in Dilwyn Parish & The Carpenter Family This description is found at the Dilwyn Parish History page, The Homme, Dilwyn 16TH CENTURY / MANOR HOUSEPOST MEDIEVAL / FARM _________________________...

7/3/2007 11/10/2010

John "of Wrington" Carpenter MP (1495 - 1540)

John Carpenter: Birth: Sep. 3, 1495 in Wrington, Somerset, , England. Death: May 10, 1540 in Austerfield, Yorkshire, England. John Carpenter Per Samuel Carpenter book. See page 1252 & 1318. S...

7/2/2007 11/10/2010

William "of Wrington" Carpenter MP (c.1500 - c.1550)

William Carpenter Birth: 1500 - Dilwyn, Herefordshire, England Death: 1550 - Wrington, Somerset, England Burial: 1550 - Wrington, Somerset, England Married Abigail Bluther (1522 - 1590...

7/20/2008 11/10/2010

William Carpenter Birth: 1576 - England Parents: UNKNOWN Wife: Alice Unknown Child: William Carpenter ONLY KNOWN CHILD Best known as "William Carpenter, of the Bevis." Also known as Willi...

7/10/2007 11/10/2010

(No Name) MP (deceased)

Ephraim Carpenter , b. say 1642 township of Providence, Pawtuxet, Rhode Island. Parents: William Carpenter, of Pawtuxet (1610-1685) and Elizabeth Arnold (1611-) Married: Susannah Harris Susan...

7/7/2009 11/10/2010

Abraham Carpenter MP (1643 - c.1650)


7/7/2009 11/10/2010

Ann Carpenter MP (c.1643 - 1658)

12/2/2008 11/10/2010

Mary Carpenter MP (1646 - c.1667)

2/2/2008 11/10/2010

Abiah Carpenter MP (1643 - c.1689)

Died before 1702. Occupation: Though said to have been a mariner, the extent of his land holdings and the nature and frequency of his public service point to his having been a yeoman. (Zubrinsky- New...

2/2/2008 11/10/2010

Abigail Palmer MP (1629 - 1710)

"Abigail (Carpenter) Titus", "then Palmer", "Rachel Woodward"

ABIGAIL3 CARPENTER (WILLIAM2–1) OF REHOBOTH, MASSACHUSETTS Eugene Cole Zubrinsky, FASG Ojai, California, 2008 Last revised 16 October 2010 Prepared for Carpenters’ Encyclopedia of Carpenters ...

4/18/2007 11/10/2010

Joseph Carpenter, of Musketa Cove MP (1640 - 1683)

"Joseph", "Arnold", "Carpenter"

The Town Records show that Joseph Carpenter was an inhabitant of the town of Warwick where he had a "corn Mill." "and where stood his dwelling house in the South side of the Pawtuxet River at the wadin...

7/20/2007 11/10/2010

Hannah (Carpenter) Carpenter MP (1640 - c.1673)

"Anna Carpenter"

Hannah was a Carpenter before she married. She was, it is believed, a second cousin. Mentioned in father's will Children: Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, Tamsen, William, Nathaniel, Hannah Links ...

7/7/2009 11/10/2010

Margaret Carpenter (Sutton) MP (1637 - c.1676)

Margaret Sutton Carpenter Birth: 1635 Death: 1676 She died after Mar 21,1675/6 (when she,as executrix, presented the inventory of her husband's estate) and before Oct 4,1676 (date of inventory ...

6/29/2007 11/10/2010

Joseph Carpenter MP (c.1633 - 1675)

Joseph Carpenter was born in England probably about 1633, married Margaret Sutton, daughter of John Sutton, May 25, 1655. He was buried May 6, 1675, two days after the birth of the youngest child. Ther...

3/19/2007 11/10/2010

Samuel Carpenter MP (c.1638 - 1682)

Samuel, the son of William and Abigail Carpenter lived in Rehoboth MA all his life. It was recorded that he advanced money to carry on "Phillips War". This may refer to the Wamponpag Indian leader whic...

1/17/2007 11/10/2010

Sarah Brooks MP (1642 - 1717)

"Sarah Redway", "Redaway", "Carpenter"

Children: 1 M Samuel Carpenter Born: Sep 15, 1661 - Rehoboth, Bristol, MA Died: Jan 17, 1737 Spouse: Patience Ide Marr: Jan 8, 1683 - Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA 2 F Sarah Carpenter Born: ...

1/17/2007 11/10/2010

Deac. William Carpenter MP (1631 - 1703)

"Deacon William Carpenter"

William Carpenter was a notable town clerk of Rehoboth, Massachusetts. He is from the Carpenter family that became large and influential in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts by the 1700s. E...

4/14/2007 11/10/2010

JOHN3 CARPENTER (WILLIAM2–1) OF REHOBOTH, MASSACHUSETTS, AND LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK Eugene Cole Zubrinsky, FASG Ojai, California, 2008 Last revised 16 October 2010 Prepared for Carpenters’ Encyclope...

6/3/2011 11/10/2010

Elizabeth Carpenter MP (deceased)

5/7/2009 11/10/2010

Susanna Carpenter MP (1592 - 1625)

We see that Susanna's birthdate is given as 24 April 1592. Yet her mother Urith's death is given as 1591. No problem! In 1591, the legal, civil and church year began in March. Thus the year 1591 fo...

3/19/2007 11/10/2010

Rev Richard Carpenter MP (1575 - 1627)


) Richard Carpenter matriculated at Exeter College, Oxford, on 28 May 1592, and took his degrees of B.A. on 19 February 1596, B.D. 25 June 1611, and D.D. 10 February 1616-17. He was elected to a Corn...

3/19/2007 11/10/2010

William Carpenter, of Rehoboth MP (c.1605 - 1659)

"William Carpenter II", "Captain William Carpenter", "William Carpenter (II) of Rehoboth"

William Carpenter of Rehoboth was born in England about 1605 and died at Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, on 7 February 1658[/9]. He is buried along with his wife in Old Rehoboth (Newman) Cemetery, in pres...

3/19/2007 11/10/2010