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Lucas Peterson MP (b. - 1686)

Lucas Petersson (#132) from Öland, Sweden, came to New Sweden in 1641. Around 1653 he fled the colony and moved to Dutch-controlled Fort Casimir. On 4 June 1658, Jacob Alrichs, Governor of New Amstel. ...

4/10/2012 4/10/2012

Knut Mårtensson MP (b. - c.1677)

1644: cultivating tobacco for the Company on the plantation at Christina ‧ 1648: a Freeman

3/26/2009 12/29/2011

Axel Stille MP (c.1612 - d.)

After the 1653 “mutiny” against Governor Printz, Axel Stille and John Wheeler fled New Sweden and may have first taken refuge near Fort Casimir (later New Amstel and finally New Castle, Delaware), th...

12/22/2008 12/2/2011

Måns Swennson Lom MP (1580 - 1653)

"Måns Svensson Lom"

Although the surname of Lom died out by 1685, it is probable that Måns Svensson Lorn had more descendants than any other settler of New Sweden. He had nine children, fifty or more grandchildren and a...

4/21/2007 12/2/2011

Peter Larsson was given his nickname, "Cock", meaning "cook," in Swedish because he served in this capacity in 1641 when he was sent to New Sweden (in America) on the ship "Charitas", which took him ...

4/21/2007 11/25/2011

Olof Persson Stille MP (c.1610 - c.1684)

"Olaf Petersson Stille"

Wikipedia biography Olof Persson Stille & Hans Månsson To engange in agriculture, paid at the start 50 daler, copper money, drawing no additional wages, but to be paid for whatever work he does...

5/8/2008 11/25/2011

Johan Andersson // Stålkofta (Steelcoat) // Stalcop MP (1627 - 1685)

"Stålkofta (Steel jacket)", "Jan Stalcop", "John Anderson"

Progenitor of the Stalcup line in America. A qualifying New Sweden Forefather.3 Also called Johan Andersson von Strengnis. Gunner Johan Andersson Stalcop was born in 1627 at Strängnäs, Södermanland, ...

8/25/2007 11/25/2011