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Cheraw - Saura - Xualla

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  • Epaphrodius Bainton, Famous Woodsman (c.1707 - 1780)
    --The shorter account of the encounter with EPAPHRODITUS BAINTON from the 'History of the Dividing Line', pages 156 & 158, is as follows: "We did not follow the Surveyors till towards Noon, being detai...
  • Margaret Elizabeth Holland (1655 - 1714)
    Biography== Margaret Elizabeth Holland was born circa 1655 in New Kent County, Virginia Colony. Her parents were Elijah Carr and Mary (Spivey) Carr / Old Cheraw . Margaret married Capt. Henry Holland ....
  • Sarah (Williams) Kearsey, Old Cheraw (deceased)
    Avatar is map from 200 years earlier, for perspective: Before the English Colony, the old neighbors were the BWAAN (The People) actual name of Siouan (French for Snakes and derisive), progenitor of the...
  • Thomas Kearsey, Old Cheraw (1730 - d.)
    Thomas Kearsey of South of the Meherrin River to Bladen Co, NC was born in 1735 in Northampton Co, Va . His parents were John Kearsey and Sarah (Williams) Kearsey . He was a Indenture to Indian Trader ...
  • Samuel Perkins Poun of Currituck (deceased)
    Need the 1783 Samuel Perkins of Anson Co ydna test participant's line to merge in to this line. The spelling of POUNS is the way that Isom Pounds used on a land sell in Halifax, NC prior to going to Ki...

Cheraw means "Ashe of the First Level Of Heaven". It is pronounced |She Raw}/

*  Update from N.C. Government & Heritage Library staff: 

Although Mooney as a historian and believed that the historical Saura tribe became extinct, with some members absorbed into the Catawba and Cheraw tribes and migrating from their original homelands, today there are many individuals and communities who trace their heritage to the historical Saura tribe and who identify themselves as descendants of the Saura -- Kelly Agan, NC Government & Heritage Library (, mostly the Old Cheraw's District "Churrah" denoted group who ended up in Indian Territory and some enrolled with Mt Tabor.)===== Etymology by Adair: Cheraw = Ashe of First Level of Heaven; Cherokee = Fire of Heaven + Eater. [Same as Ts la gi as recorded by the Portuguese from the Mobilian Choctaw word Chiluk (meaning, Out of the Hole) and noted by De Soto's Chronicler's in their charts as Xualla and later noted by others to resemble the Qualla Boundary word for themselves; but, very different and unique peoples.

The Valley Of The Xualla - - now called DeSoto National Forest. See Photo section for the excerpts on the travels of the Spanish trying to find the French colony of LaSalle, etc..Eastern Siouan Commonalities are shown in the Media section with the oldest map available to us, showing the BWAAN / Algonquian version is Bwananay (the real word for what the people called themselves instead of the word, Siouan, which is French meaning, Snakes.
Pre British Trade: Kateras /Hateras (Iroquois) and self terming Manteo (To Snatch) Tribe == Cheraw = written down by DeSoto's Chronicler's in the 1540's as Xualla; and OLD CHERAW was not the larger group; but, specific to what was written down as "Natoway" (sic) by Laderer as part of his 13 towns of Eastern Siouans notations in the 1668 record. OLD CHERAW by 1708 by Lawson Map as Saranean/Somerton Creek,,Va, Oropeake/Coropeake, Va and Saranna/Piedmont NC. Laderer was a German travel diarist who denoted the various groups in his travels through the area of the Virginia natives' lands. Here is a link to a transcribed chart of his findings: Saura were related prehistory era and the word morphed from the word Joara which sounds more like Wara with a Sh on the beginning. Eastern Siouan heritage in nearby area Tutelo Neighboring Groups including Shikory Tribe associated with the Eno and Adshusheer in North Carolina - Most are state recognized. Some profiles for these groups starts with: Jane The Elder's line of Evans family. It is not the Coosah River of the Creek that were Shikory, there's a reference to them being their own group / Shikory. They fought for Gov Johnston at Johnston's Creek. Chief Pushmataha of the Choctaw's mother was a Coosah (not Creek_...but Shikory). Richard Austin, II

First in Trade With the British: Cheraw of WV - History starts a the Lower Chippokes is a creek at the bottom of the Nansemond land area and in what had been Wahunseneca's favorite of his many residences. is the name place for the appropriation of the name Cheapoke whose mother was a Machapunga Berry whose former island area in the outer banks was taken over and the Machapunga were moved to Hogg Island in Jamestown, which was owned by Trader Floyd of Ft Henry and the only British trader of that time and place allowed to have a license to the Appamatux "Countrie". Cheapoke's parents were John Harris, of Northhampton Co, Va and Little (Berry) Harris /Machapunga. who were on the Northumberland Census as FPOC and whose descendants are the proto Lumbar River natives and the self terming Old Cheraw, as well, a Bryant line of Chicasaw. The WV 25th Gov of the state is a Floyd of the Appamatux (Eastern Siouan said Laderer) line back to Ft Henry's Floyds and he hold the distinction of being the first of native heritage to serve in the US Congress.

In 1713, the confederated eastern Siouan Nations signed a Treaty of Peace with the Virginia Colonial government at Williamsburg. Among the different Nations represented were the Occaneechi, the Stuckanok (Shikori Cheraw), the Tottero (Tutelo), and the Saponi. At the invitation of Governor Spottswood of Virginia, these Indians settled a four-square-mile reservation encompassing the north and south side of the Meherrin River. On the north banks were the Nansemond and related Algonquin-speaking bands, on the south were the Siouan-speaking Tutelo, Saponi, Cheroenhaka, Eno, a small band of Catawba, and also an Iroquoian-speaking band of Tuscarora who had avoided the war with the Carolina settlers just 2 years earlier. Spottswood endorsed the construction of Fort Christanna where the Indian children had mandatory training in academics and Christianity. After the closing of the Fort Christanna School a few of the students followed headmaster Charles Griffin and enrolled at the Brafferton Indian School at William and Mary.[] Attending at this school was a forced event with the headmen of the Cheraw of the Battle Beach group visiting Williamsburg to complain about trade infringement with the Cherokee and instead found themselves in the stocks and relented after 3 days agreeing to send 10 of their youth to Ft Christanna schools. We know whom they were, the Scotts taking on the name of the ydna male line of Scotts of the Qm3.

  • Contemporary Continuous Leader Legacy Communities with common Cheraw descent on primary sourced records are from the Hodges Ferry Colonial War Indian Censused Community on the West side of the Elizabeth River named the military term, Westroners. The Scottland Co, NC had the Drowning Creek headwater group referred to by Gov Dodd as lawless; but, what that meant is they did not agree with paying tithes on their skin color. Some from this group went to the Lumbar River area and joined with others always there and self referred as Lumbee due to the name of the River (See Lumbee Project). Also see Catawba project.

Time line of self referencing "Old Cheraws" started with the Parker Family who were / are Hap Group Bryant/Briones of R U 106 and it stayed with the leadership legacy of the Parker to the Lowry/Glover of 1763 Treaty of Fountainbleu Continuous Leadership Legacy of Ulathauzye' is via d'Laury Hateras This line married to Hateras/Kateras Lowry and the title of Ulathaupzye' went with the Glover of New Spain, source, Indians of Carolina, p. 54. Kin via Williams and Floyds who returned after helping in War of 1812 with Choctaw Bill to aboriginal area of southern WV, the Old Cheraw of West Virginia - -Citizens of Texas Cherokee THOMPSON CEM. in Kiln, MS is the progenitor Thompson group which some went to the MT Tabor first enrollment community and enrolled as Cheraw. Over to Indian Territory were many of the Shikori Contengient who had served on the Johnston Creek with Gov. Gabriel Johnston in the Regulator Era and Cheokee Wars. Mount Tabor Indian Community whose 14 original enrollees of Cheraw of record have this history: John Lowry, Treaty signer of the Houston-Forbes Treaty, passed on the lead to Williams' Settlement headmen who descend from Pre BIA Indian Agent, Choctaw Bill, munitions supplier to Jackson and Brig Gen Pushmataha in War of 1812.

By 1768, Old Cheraw self terming distinct community went to MS via the Parkers who are hallogenically Bryants of the Aquian Trade Tan Yard of Rice Hooe. Old Cheraw's District was legislated into being for the specific reason of the denoted "Chief of Churrah of Tabb's Creek, Thomas Parker, for bounty lands on the Little Pee Dee and for honoring all Cheraw including those on the Congaree River of SC (Rev Gideon Gibson, et al), etc. Coming in with Choctaw Bill were the self terming, Old Cheraw, District transfer communals in Marion Co, MS who were descendants of Patriot Cannon Cumbo, Capt Daniel Regan and Sgt William Glover of Guillford Community of Robeson; also, Benjamin RIchardson - Marion's Raider, and the Byrd family out in Henleyfield, MS, i.e.: Roby [Byrd, William L., III, Bladen County Tax Lists, 1768-1774, Volume I]. (Robeson was formed from Bladen in 1797). 1770, pp.24-46 and were listed as Mullatos: Isaac, John., Eliza & Hannah HAYES, John Cumbo, John JOHNSTON & wife, Titus OVERTON & wife, John Bullard & Gutridge LOCKLEAR, Benja. Lamb, Simon COX, Gilbert COX & James Percey, CANNON CUMBO, James CARTER Senr. & Junr. & Isaac CARTER, Frederick GOIN & wife, John Waldon, Adam Ivey, John Phillips, Isaac & Needham Lamb, Arthur Lamb, Wm Wilkins, Charles OXENDINE, Elisha Sweeting, Sarah & James SWEAT, Daniel Wharton & wife, David Braveboy, Peter Causey & son David, Joseph Clark, Ishmael CHAVIS, James DIAL & Wife, Thos. Groom, John Hammons, Richd. Jones & wife, Solomon James, Solomon Johnston & wife, Solomon Johnston Junr. & wife, Major Locklear, James LOWRY & Wm Jones, Jacob Locklear, John Locklear & wife & son Wm.

1809 Kingston Co Court Petition For A More Fair Court.

1810 - Old Cheraw - in the 1600s, called themselves Ramushomoq during their time on the land which is now Battle Beach, Newsom Co, Va and on through to their reverse migration from where DeSoto's National Forest is and where, they still are. "Choctaw Bill"'s group were always distinct and not part of the Churrah Town 56 Warriors of the Catawba census enrollees; this is a Diaspora group for whom was named Old Cheraws District, SC who hailed from Saranean Cr/Oropeake Cr to Urasweep to Fishing Creek & Tabb's Creek with "Chief of Churrah" bounty lands at and to Little Pee Dee land reserve flipped by Fed Indian Agent “Choctaw Bill” Williams on record with Jackson Archives

Continuous community in MS and annexed to Tsalagiyi Nvgayi, with chapters alligned to district leads. Earliest written denotation of them was as Laderer wrote it in a misspelled word of Nottoway - "Natoway" [sic] Cheraw or "Old Cheraw" pronounced as "She - Raw, continuous community whose diaspora led them to Cheraw, MS and have At Large Chapters in many states. Two U.S. Presidents granted them their checkerboard reserve lands and when flipped, they bought at what they named Cheraw, MS in Marion Co and have a tribal dynasty trust with land holding in various places with various chapters. Very tied to Appamutuk - John Floyd, of Northampton County John Floyd - first Trader with British. - group continues on with CWV Chapter. Some of the descendants are now part of Mt Tabor Indian Community. Multistate connections continue as sister communities with the Pinetuckians who came to fight with Jackson in War of 1812.

1812 - present

Ongoing Historic Claremont Fishing Village and Old Camps ongoing to present.

1855 Old Cheraw of MS- Land comes from Presidents Jackson and Van Buren. . Pounds indentured native group who petitioned for a more fair court at Kingston Co in 1809 hailed from the Kateras and they are halogenically, Lotts, which the Lott of the Iberian group were from Latoya Island as it was called off the coast of NC during Pre-Brit maps and we know the land holdings of this group, with a reverse migration back from Tatnais Swamp, NC to Tatnell, Ga and over to what became Marion Co, MS for the Pounds / Lott and the Lott Fayard Indian School group.

1880 Lott -Fayard Indian Schools x 8 across southern MS were put into motion. The teacher was an itinerant teacher who would stay a few months at at time at each school. Girls were allowed to attend.

2010-2020- Cheraw, MS Cousin atDna Cousin Studies started out with ​60 of the Cheraw, Marion Co, MS group and reported the findings in the Bogue Chitto Cousin Study of 2016 run by Tushanna Corkern and Rachelle Roby Results. Next, it was 100 and by the 10th year, it has become hundreds of cousins, focused mostly in the community of the census where William Glover is listed near Cannon Cumbo on the censes, bottom line findings: Cheraw, MS are kin in a signature SNP on the 16th chromosome in a very large SNP that runs half of the 16th chromosome segment due to cousinship of and to Glovers, Moores, Oxendine, Bloom, Osborne/Lowry Circles of the Lumbee,and Saponi. Cheraw MS cousins who share Moore/Morris, Glover, Oxendine, and Lowry ancestry triangulate with Lumbee and Saponi cousins (in same chromosome and segment matches).done wiith close to distant cousins, starting with about 20 who who were involved in a community atDna study with three groups from NC and Va and found their common ancestry to be Iroquois Mingo Carter/Dawson as this group was distinct from the Nottoway to Fishing Creek over to Old Cheraw's District by the group's designated reserves in 1767 by Capt Keaton et al in the SC State Legislation over to Cheraw, MS for help to Jackson at Battle of Nola, War of 1812 Munitions Supplier, Pre BIA Indian Territory Agent, Choctaw Bill Williams. Cheraw Historian, Rachelle Roby: - " We were not with the censused "Churrah Town of 56 warriors who joined the Katawba. We were helping Col Eaton along with the Saponi at Fishing Creek in the Colonial Wars then as regulators. We already knew our continuous leadership transfer community story and narrative; but, we always are learning. We researched our tithables and why they paid tithes and to whom and for whom all the way back to John Lawrence of Lawne Parish and beyond. We know it was his daughter whose tithable legal status is what made the Smith line tithable, all the way down to Epping Forest in 1762. That is almost 200 years of being tithable as natives. Since William Smith was with the Old Cheraw in Epping Forest helping in the Regulator Era and in the Cherokee Wars, we can tell from location as to whom he served with to make those judgments; plus their transfers in migration patterns back and forth from Spanish West Florida speculations in their land claims with the Acolapissa Choctaw and Bogue Chitto Cooper Roll 1855 recipients of personal reservations from Andrew Jackson and Pres Van Buren, there is written history to help us know. " Thompson Cemetery Cousins of Kiln, MS of the Lott-Fayard Indian School Consortium and Cooper Rolls connecting to the 14 Cheraw of the Mt Tabor Rolls and as of 2021, a recognition within the constitution of the Mt Tabor Indian Community recognizes these lines in state of TX and country of MX recognition. _texas_band_of_choctaw_and_chickasaw_indians_ancestral_roll_original.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3SB2PyNHftzknvxYJ1-8vVi70eMUhXpGGuV5L--WVmrVEolU-MQ_BuL2s and as of 2021, a recognition within the constitution of the Mt Tabor Indian Community recognizes these lines in state of TX and country of MX recognition.


==April 2021 - Governing Council Act No. 13 Nottoway Old Cheraw Citizenship Act Whereas, the Nottaway Old Cheraw (Xualla, Joara, Saura, Cheraw), an Eastern Siouan tribe of Kateras/Hateras people having deep connections to the Powhattan Confederacy, Machapunga, Weapemeoc/Yeopim, Secotan, Tuscarora, Cherokee, Catawba, Chickasaw, and Choctaw tribes through alliances and inter-marriage; and, Whereas, the Old Cheraw were honored Patriots and Raiders serving in the American Revolutionary War under General General Francis Marion “The Swamp Fox” as well as the war of1812; and whereas many Old Cheraw migrated from their ancestral homelands in what is now states of Virginia, West Virginia, and North and South Carolina, through the West Florida Republic, finally settling in Western Mississippi, Louisiana, and East Texas; and, Whereas, the Old Cheraw are one of the mother roots of the Tsalagiyi Nvdagi with many of our Tribal Citizens having Old Cheraw ancestry. Old Cheraw ancestors can be found on several Choctaw, Catawba, Chickasaw and Cherokee rolls, including thirteen lines who originally enrolled with MT Tabor. Now, Therefore be it Resolved that the Tribal Council of the Tsalagiyi Nvdagi honor the Nottoway Old Cheraw and all of their descendants with enrollment and full citizenship rights in the Tsalagiyi Nvdagi Tribe, provided said descendants comply with all citizenship/enrollment requirments. This Act shall take effect and be in force from and after April 17,2021.==