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Cherokee DNA Match Up

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July 2019 We're leaving the Sizemores up to a different project. Let us know if there is something you want to focus on that we can address with our participants.

We figured out the Vann / Hayes / Childres connection.

April 2019 The Goyens Project is in a 2 months intertribal liason project and will report back about the Goyens who fought with Bowls in TX about their monument goal.

Feb 2019 Beaver Toter Project - Looking for More Participants: Find us at

Jan 2019 - MS Anishnaabe/Seneca From Quebec in 1802 Mapped Area Belonging to Then Choctaw and Cherokee Shared Update. Descendants of Hayes/Suttons Report of Diary Found: Diary found in St Helena Records Office by DNA Detectives Contracting Cousin from Cheraw, MS Cousins,continuous transfer communals from what Lederer termed in 1666 as Nottaway -Eastern Siouan via Parkers who treked through Fishing Creek, NC to Horry Co, SC, to Cheraw, MS area, found a travel diary explaning the NPE line of John Hays and his connections all the way over to the then boundary of what was Choctaw and Cherokee Territory in 1802. He kept houses from St. Helena all the way over to the end of the Chatahootchie, which was the Choctaw and Cherokee world of that time frame. It explains the MS Thompsons Cherokee sources and the disconnected line from him to the Jennie Aniswaki is explained due to said diary. There are many other 24cM cousins from that time frame besides, in clusters, besides the Vann Thompson Family; whose SNPs were well defined after a year's worth of study; but, the line for the South MS family of documented proof is still needing a reconnection to the Hays partnership of Parker Hays to Jennie Thompson, which is making large numbers decendants kin in the same way at half cousin levels in the chomosome 7 with a very,very, very long SNP that goes from point zero 7 on through 8m and it is very evident that the half cousin amounts come from their Ga same locations in the same time frame as the large family kits testing parties on both sides have ferreted out in what other ways that they are matching, which is not hard since the two families have very few matches overall. The SNP info was entered into the Overview sections of the parties involved. End of that project.

Feb- Dec 2019 BOWLES STUDY GROUP REPORT. Call for descendants of Chief Bowles to match kits to each other, especially those of Sophia Bear Hunter and and others of the Toater Hunter family. There are actually participants lining up, very slowly. The source of the name Beaver was found in Gwinnet Co as to the Van Bibber family progenitors for whom a river is named. Study of said river provided more information.

Jan 2019 - BOWLES STUDY GROUP. Triangulation with vetted Bowles to those wondering were worked out for John the Elder and put onto the profile made for him.

Jan 2019 - Vann Cherokee v. Vaugn of Barbabos Arawak - disconnections based on primary evidence of Vann Lines in Geni.

9/15/18 {{}} SNP 20 14m -- unknown as yet; but, kits matching there with Mrs Smith of Chief Nimrod Jarrott Smith direct line of kit A58040 - results See claiimants at 20 14m.

8-29-18 Cluster at 4 105 large area. Van/Sid/Riana/Teresa/ - - It is a Van up the line of Translator Van. Sid 4Vascoe A232705 at 100 with 3.o abutting Van matching mom of Renee Hallman Marsh. PAINTINGS App has picked up the native at the level shared by Teresa and Riana, 9 generations back and the likely MRCA is 9 gens.

Update 7-21-18 @Jared Moss has some contact attempts to a matching testor on Q1a3a1 FTDNA group with whom he shares matches that are common to some here in this group.

Update 7-18-18 Working on Fraziers with @Todd McCormick. Frazier circle known now and where and what is the SNP and that will help.

The "GaHoGa" folks have really helped for the Adair cousins too, thank you.

Rogers triangulating with King back at Bertie Co. level. (Ancestry Dna - just in....)

Now, we can take a look at Benge and Powell and Byrd. and Jason says about his Belcher and Osborne: "near 22 mile, called by locals, the Osborn Cherokee included Lester and Belcher families.

We now have a SNP and a Painting on the Hayes (Who Turned Out To Be Missasauga Anishnaabe' from Quebec, to link up the Hayes that match. Will add their Geni profiles to this project. It is a SIZEMORE and POUNDS Circle of Hayes. Will put in the SNP results, it is 2 at (put here). Elizabeth Hayes (1752 - 1829) 6th great-grandmother Martha (Molly) Jackson (1765 - 1840) daughter of Elizabeth Hayes Zachariah Thomas Elkins (1803 - 1848) son of Martha (Molly) Jackson Nancy Luvina Elkins (1838 - 1929) daughter of Zachariah Thomas Elkins Nancy Lucinda Clem (1880 - 1960) daughter of Nancy Luvina Elkins Delbert Fuller Clem (1903 - 1987) son of Nancy Lucinda Clem Patricia A. Clem (1941 - 2008) daughter of Delbert Fuller Clem Deborah L Davis(Hensley) (1960 - 2018) daughter of Patricia A. Clem Todd michael McCormick (Alford) You are the son of Deborah L Davis(Hensley)

Update 7-21-18 @Jared Moss has some contact attempts to a matching testor on Q1a3a1 FTDNA group with whom he shares matches that are common to some here in this group.