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Elizabeth Daugherty MP (1722 - 1807)

"Elizabeth was Cherokee. ... [she] was a heroine in the terrible raid by Cornstalk; the Shawnees were seen from Fort Young on Jackson River and an express was sent to William Dougherty's, but he was aw...

2/3/2011 12/4/2017

Sarah O. C. Crawford MP (1794 - 1858)

"Neoma", "Oma"

This is the ancestor of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren that she claims is Native American and lends her her Cherokee history. This is extremely unlikely, as this woman's husband Jonathan Crawford was a ...

9/26/2012 11/29/2017

John Manchester Taylor MP (1858 - 1934)


Other Sources List John Manchester Taylor's birth as August 14, 1858 Born August 14, 1860 at Murphy, NC, John M. Taylor is the second son of James Taylor and Addie Manchester. The elder Taylor, James...

5/5/2009 11/14/2017

Alexander Forbes MP (1801 - 1869)


*His last name was often refereed to the English surname, Forbes or Forbus, (sometimes people would say Forbush) but actually its firebush, since it was not a english surname or close to it they had to...

6/24/2013 7/25/2017

John Conseene Tucker MP (1801 - 1883)

Seal of The Cherokee Nation GW Yader Sept 6, 1839 Indain name S0bh (Conseene) Liquist in Trail of Tears Husband of Ruby Holloway their children Lieulallen, Nancy Talitha.(Talitha married a Robert Sea...

2/27/2016 6/24/2017

Ezekiel Starr, Sr. MP (1801 - 1846)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Mar 3 2017, 16:37:33 UTC Ezekiel Starr Find A Grave

2/15/2009 5/20/2017

Nancy "Nannie" Starr MP (c.1777 - 1841)

She was born in Cherokee Nation East (what is now TN). She was 1/2 Cherokee Indian. From Find A Grave Memorial# 48346548 Born in Cherokee Nation; died in Indian Territory, Goingsnake Dist. Dau. o...

2/4/2007 5/20/2017

Pheobe Caroline Wilson Burnett MP (c.1820 - 1868)

** She was said to be Full Blood Cherokee Indian*** as per family lore Phoebe Caroline Wilson Burnett . Birth: 1820 North Carolina, USA Death: 1868 Little River County Arkansas, USA Phoebe Caro...

9/17/2016 4/10/2017

Lewis B Tyner MP (c.1797 - c.1880)

1/26/2012 4/9/2017

Dempsey Tyner MP (1755 - 1842)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for SOUTH CAROLINA with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor # A117748    Dempsey Tyner was at least half Cherokee. His son Lewis Tyner is noted as being on the Trai...

5/20/2009 4/9/2017

Ann Esther Adair MP (c.1710 - 1785)

"Adair;", "Esther"

full blooded Cherokee Birth: Adopted by Capt Thomas Webb Hobson and Sarah Clark Hobson 1710 Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States Marriage: June 11 1734 North Carolina, United States Alt...

7/3/2007 4/7/2017

Aley "Susan" (Watts) Evans MP (1777 - 1860)

"Alcy", "Allie", "Alcey", "Susan", "Alley", "Ollie"

Aley was a full-blooded Cherokee indian.

1/31/2015 3/13/2017

Norma Des Cygne Bruce MP (1909 - 1966)

Norma Des Cygne Smallwood (May 12, 1909 – May 8, 1966) was the winner of the Miss America 1926 pageant. Smallwood was the first Native American (Cherokee) to win the title.

2/10/2017 2/10/2017

Go-sa-du-isga, Kituwah Ani'-ga'tage'wi, Wild Potato Clan MP (1686 - 1741)

"Go-sa-du-isga", "Anigategewi Motoy"

Woman of Ant-Gatage'Wi was born 1686 in Cherokee Nation East, Cherokee Tribe, Native American, and died date unknown. She was known as Go-sa-du-isga She married (1) Tom Tunbridge (2) Amatoya ...

7/7/2007 11/1/2016

unknown Cherokee woman MP (deceased)

2nd wife of Doublehead; mother of Two Heads Doublehead and Doublehead Doublehead. It is probable that Doublehead killed her for being unfaithful and for telling James Vann (her sister's husband) abou...

9/16/2016 9/19/2016

Tsula (Chula) Fox, Smallpox Conjuror of Settico MP (1670 - 1757)

""Smallpox Conjuror""

Smallpox Conjurer Born 1670 or 1680 Full-blooded Cherokee Married (Settico, Tennessee) Quatsis Hop (eldest daughter of Old Hop, her 2d) In 1741 married Quatsis's younger sisted, named Elder S...

5/19/2011 9/18/2016

John Edgar McElrath (January 2, 1844–May 6, 1907) was a prominent Oakland, California attorney born in Citico, Monroe, Tennessee, who married into an even more prominent Oakland family. He served as ...

11/24/2008 5/23/2016

Gunter Payne Kinsey Anderson MP (1920 - 2011)

Cherokee artist and basket weaver.

5/23/2016 5/23/2016

Gideon Hazen Morgan MP (1851 - 1936)

(Note: most of this bio discusses Gideon Hazen Morgan's grandfather; also named Gideon Morgan) Gideon Hazen Morgan was of Cherokee descent and served on the Cherokee Tribal Council. He also was one o...

11/24/2008 5/23/2016

Sallie Mayo Morgan Kinsey MP (1888 - 1977)

About the Artist, a Cherokee Dawes Commission Original Enrollee #6765 Sallie Mayo Morgan Kinsey was born April 15, 1888, Tahlequah, Indian Territory to Gideon Hazen Morgan and Mary Llewellyn Payne....

11/24/2008 5/23/2016

Bob "the Bench" Benge MP (1762 - 1794)

"Chief Benge", "Captain Benge", "The Bench"

Bob Benge (c. 1762–1794), also known as "Captain Benge" (or "The Bench" to frontiersmen), was one of the most feared Cherokee leaders on the frontier during the Cherokee–American wars (1783-1794) in th...

3/17/2007 5/11/2016

Sarah "Sallie" Pix MP (1814 - 1891)


The following biography was written by Sallie Ridge Pascal Pix's 3rd great granddaughter, Dorothy "Dottie" Ridenour and can be found at : Sarah Ridge Sarah Ridge was born in 1814 in the Ch...

3/28/2011 1/29/2016

John Ridge MP (c.1802 - 1839)


John Ridge (1792 - June 22, 1839, translated Cherokee Name: Yellow Bird) was a son of Major Ridge and a member of the Cherokee Tribe. He was born in what is now Rome, Georgia and was named Skah-tle-l...

11/6/2008 1/29/2016

Chalakatha Woman Poss MP (1615 - 1679)

5/19/2011 8/31/2015

Aganusitsi Quatie "Quatsy", sister of Old Hop MP (1680 - 1730)

"Susan Rainmaker", "Aganunitsi of the Wolf clan"

Quatsey (Susan) Rainmaker Born 1682 Also seen as Quatsis and Aganunitsi Full-blooded Cherokee, Wolf Clan Chief Amatoya Moytoy The Elder was born in 1635/1645 in Chota, at Little Tennessee R...

4/26/2011 8/31/2015

Chief Red Bird Brock MP (1721 - 1820)

"Totsuwha", "Do-tsu-wa", "Ꮩ Ꮷ Ꮹ", "to-chu-wo-r", "ᏙᏧᏬR", "c-u-tsa-wah CᎤᏣᏩ", "Red Bird", "Chief Red Bird Tisquaya", "Aaron Brock", "Tsisquaya", "Dotsuwa", "Tochuwor", "Toochalar" aka Carpenter", "Tsalagi' Ugvwiyuhi Totsu'hwa -Chief Red Bird"

Some researchers believe him to be Chief Red Bird for which the Red Bird River in Clay and Leslie Counties are named. Aaron Cutsawah would be his American Indian name if this is the case as there are s...

9/9/2007 8/31/2015

Christian Brock (Fox) MP (c.1705 - 1764)

"Christian Place"

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Dec 25 2016, 20:30:26 UTC

9/9/2007 8/31/2015

Reuben Brock MP (1680 - 1721)

"Chief Willenawah Great Eagle", "Tifftoya of Tanassee"

Rumored to be the progenitor of our Brock family and the father of Aaron Brock, Sr. (aka Chief Red Bird Brock ), but no evidence of him has been found, was a Reuben Brock, b. abt 1680, said to be a Bri...

9/9/2007 8/31/2015

2/7/2013 7/16/2015

James H. Johnson MP (1793 - 1868)

"Skillet Head", "Chief"

James H. Johnson was a Cherokee Indian chief, Skillet Head.

6/17/2015 6/17/2015

Mary Meredith MP (1752 - 1823)

Mary Crews Birth 1752 Death 1823, Stokes Co NC Age: 71 Father Hardy Crews Mother Phoebe Dooche (Gooche) Spouses 1James Meredith , b ca 1747 From James MEREDITH, Jr. born about 1747, L...

2/15/2009 6/1/2015

Anna Hubbard MP (1747 - 1812)

"Ann (Crews) Hubbard", "(1/2 Cherokee)"

Anna Crews Birth 1747 Father Hardy Crews Mother Phoebe Dooche (Gooche) Spouses 1Joseph Hubbard Birth1751 Marriage1770 Notes for Joseph (Spouse 1) Joseph Hubbard (b.1751) appeared in an ...

2/15/2009 6/1/2015

Ka-ti Harlan MP (c.1752 - 1828)

"Catherine", "Ka_ti"

Ka-ti Catherine Kingfisher Harlan Find A Grave Memorial# 48346335 Kati was born about 1752 and died sometime after 1793. She was married three times. Her first marriage was to Samuel Candy. They ha...

2/4/2007 6/1/2015

6/1/2015 6/1/2015

Phoebe Crews MP (1730 - bef.1801)

"Goochee", "Gooche", "Dutch"

Phoebe Dooche (Goochee) was reported to be full-blooded Cherokee family from Descendants of Hardeman "Hardy" Crews Generation No. 1 1. HARDEMAN "HARDY"3 CREWS (EDWARD2, ARTHUR1 CREWS/CRUES) was...

3/19/2009 6/1/2015

Sister of Nancy Ward MP (c.1740 - d.)

2/13/2009 6/1/2015

Tame Doe, Wolf Clan MP (c.1716 - c.1760)

"Catherine", "Tame Doe Fivekiller", "Catherine Tame Doe Carpenter Fivekiller Ward"

Tame Doe was the daughter of Nancy Moytoy and White Owl Raven,an Algonquin adopted as an infant. Her maternal grandparents were Amatoya Moytoy I, of Chota and Quatsy of the Wolf Clan. Her uncle was Ama...

2/4/2007 6/1/2015

Skayagustuegwo Fivekiller, the Raven of Chota MP (1712 - 1755)

"Anakwanki Skayagustuegwo Fivekiller / FRANCIS WARD", "captured Delaware Chief", "mbr of delaware tribe?"

Per Spartanburg Co Court deed 150 acres on the North Tyger River from Patrick Marsh to Francis Ward Anakwanki Skayagustuegwo Fivekiller / Francis Ward, who was the Raven of Chota Non Cherokee "In...

2/4/2007 6/1/2015

Savannah Tom "Moytoy III" Carpenter MP (c.1680 - 1711)

"Savannah Uswalo'aeskue", "Moytoy III", "Savannah", "Tom", "Carpenter"

: HISTORIC SHAWNEE NAMES OF THE 1700s Savannah Tom aka Tom Carpenter-Cornplanter - 1/2 Shawnee Metis born about1680-died after 1755 - from Running Water (Shawnee) village, associated with Old Hop...

9/9/2007 5/25/2015

Oshaqua Moytoy MP (1686 - 1754)


His parents were killed in 1698 by Creek Indians. He was adopted by "Trader" Tom Carpenter, the 2nd Moytoy, & his wife Nancy. He was taught to read, speak and cipher English by his stepfather. He mar...

5/20/2014 5/25/2015

Ani'-Ga'tage'wi Kituah "Nancy" Carpenter, Cornstalk MP (1664 - c.1732)

"Nancy Moytoy", "Ani'-Ga'tage'wi", "Nancy of the Shawnee"

Nancy Blood: Chalakatha Member of the Wolf Clan Born 1664 in Running Water (Tennesseee) Married 1678 to Moytoy ll (Trader Tom Carpenter ll) Mother of: White Owl Carpenter-Raven (Moyto...

1/25/2011 5/25/2015

Ounaconoa Muskrat MP (1716 - aft.1757)

"Ounaconoa Moytoy"

(2) Ounaconoa Muskrat AKA Moytoy (1716 aft 1757). She was 1/2 Shawnee-Cherokee, the daughter of Swan-Wahehti Hop (Shawnee) & Oshaqua MUSKRAT (Cherokee). They had both been adopted by "Trader" Tom Car...

7/1/2013 5/25/2015

Zachariah Downs MP (c.1795 - d.)

"Zach Downing (Cousin of Lewis Downing)"

According to an "affidavit" signed by "Chief John Ross" he was well acquainted with Zach Down - or Zach Downing and was acquainted with his father who was a Cherokee Indian by Blood. Zack Downing was a...

9/14/2011 4/21/2015

Ollie Nionee Oconostota, Ani'-Wa'Ya (Wolf) Clan MP (c.1720 - c.1800)

"Nionee Ollie Raven", "Nonnie", "Ollie", "8th great-grandmother"

Nionee Ollie "Ani" wa 'ya" Paint Clan Oconostota was a Natchez living in a town of refugees from that tribe who had settled among the Overhill Towns on the Little Tennessee River. She appears only rare...

10/18/2007 3/7/2015

Hannah "Nikitie" Rebecca Arthur MP (c.1731 - c.1834)

"Nikiti", "Nikitie"


7/14/2008 3/7/2015

Dr. Emmet Starr MP (1870 - 1930)

Death of Dr. Emmet Starr From the Claremore Progress, of February 6, 1930: A man familiar with the early days in Claremore, a student, is dead. Reference is made to Dr. Emmet Starr who was found de...

8/1/2009 2/10/2015

Isaac Bushyhead MP (c.1808 - 1843)

7/12/2009 2/9/2015

Capt. Richard Fields MP (c.1744 - 1849)

Richard Fields : adventurer in the Indian trade Who is Richard Fields? He was born c.1744 and came to South Carolina (from England or Virginia) with his father Richard Fields by 1754. Richard F...

2/9/2009 2/9/2015

Ruth Fields MP (1815 - 1869)


Ruth was the daughter of Captain George Fields and Sarah (Coody) Fields. She was born in Cherokee Nation East. She married John W. West and they had eight children: William Mosley, George Rider, Mart...

4/26/2009 2/9/2015

Susanah Downing MP (1720 - 1752)

"Hannah Fawling Leaf", "Susanah Falling Leaf"

(Ben M. Angel notes: The first permanent photographic print was developed in 1826, about three quarters a century after this person died. The photograph is not associated with this profile.) Full Blo...

9/6/2008 2/9/2015

Nancy Crittenden MP (1744 - 1815)

"Nannie", "Pettit", "McSwain"

Per Emmet Starr's History of the Cherokee Indians, 1921, Nannie was the fourth child of Major Downing but the order is unconfirmed. In, memorial #26803328 (Maj John B Downing), Darlene J...

9/7/2008 2/9/2015

Bluford West MP (1808 - 1845)

Nationality: Clan: Ani'-Wa'ya= Wolf Clan(Nanye'hi) --- Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees by SmartCopy : Feb 9 2015, 20:13:10 UTC

2/16/2009 2/9/2015

Elizabeth Harlan Hildebrand Find A Grave Memorial# 66076770

2/4/2007 2/9/2015

Nellie Starr MP (1796 - 1847)

Nellie Starr is listed on the Trail of Tears List: Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Mar 9 2016, 2:10:54 UTC

2/13/2009 2/8/2015

Betty Kitegista MP (c.1738 - 1793)

i. BETTY4 KITEGISTA, b. Abt. 1738; d. June 12, 1793. Notes for BETTY KITEGISTA: (Source: John P Brown, Old Frontiers, (Reprint edition, 1971, by Arno Press, Inc), 386.), b. c 1738; d. June 12, 1793...

11/2/2008 2/8/2015

James Starr, Sr. MP (1796 - 1845)

Biographical Sketch of the Family of Thomas Starr (1813-1890) By Phil Norfleet A white man named Caleb Starr (1758-1843) was the patriarch of the Starr family. He was of Quaker parentage and had ...

2/13/2009 2/8/2015

Sarah "Sallie" West MP (c.1788 - 1837)

From Find A Grave Memorial# 40408275 Sarah (sic: Sallie) was the daughter of Ellis Harlan & Kati Kingfisher, and the granddaughter of Nancy Ward, Nanyehi, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee. She married...

2/4/2007 2/8/2015

John William West MP (1811 - 1867)

From Find A Grave Memorial# 5638285 : John W. West was the son of Jacob and Sarah (Harlan) West. John and his wife, Ruth (Fields) West traveled from Tellico Plains, TN to Indian Territory in the ea...

2/16/2009 2/2/2015

Rebecca "Narcises" Brewer (Moytoy) MP (1740 - 1834)

"Ostenaca Mankiller", "Narcissus"

4/25/2009 1/16/2015

Go-la-nv Hop-Moytoy, Raven of Hiwassee MP (c.1712 - bef.1761)

"King of the Valley", "Raven of the Valley", "Colinna", "Corane"

RAVEN OF HIWASSEE Child of Moytoy. Born: probably about 1710. He was also called King of the Valley and Raven of the Valley. He was the principal leader of the Valley Towns, and was one of the most inf...

10/14/2008 5/21/2014

Cabin Smith MP (1747 - 1836)

Cabin Smith was a full-blood Cherokee, of the Paint clan.   Under the treaty of 27 February 1819, he was granted a reservation (other than where he lived) of 640 acres, to be laid off in equal part...

12/25/2008 11/25/2013

Bud Adams MP (1923 - 2013)

Kenneth Stanley "Bud" Adams, Jr. (January 3, 1923 – October 21, 2013) was the owner of the Tennessee Titans, a National Football League franchise. He was instrumental in the founding and establishmen...

10/26/2013 10/26/2013

Mary Susannah Emory MP (1729 - 1765)

For more information be sure to read the "The Abraham Hembree Data Project" by Larry Petrisky. You can find it online at the link below. -------------------- Mary was a tribal member and aristocr...

1/20/2007 10/26/2013

Name: Susannah Catherine - of the Deer Clan Sex: F Event: Misc 6 JUN 2006 Change Date: 25 JUN 2006 Marriage 1 Dutsi Tachee -Paint Clan Children 1. Has Children "Scar The Law -Sky Buck" RI...

2/13/2009 5/31/2013

Tah Chee "Dutch","the Long Warrior", of Tellico MP (aft.1738 - bef.1828)

"Tarchee Ogonostota", "son of Attakullakulla", "Fullblood of the Bird Clan", "Oganstota", "Dutsi Tah Chee (Tarchee Ogonostota)", "Long Warrior", "Long warrior of Tellico"

More About DA-TSI: Blood: 3/4 Cherokee Clan: Ani'-Wa'ya = Wolf Clan (Peggy Scott?) Emigration: 1828, to Texas from Arkansas ttp://

11/24/2007 5/31/2013

She was a Creek Woman, also known as Aniwaya Woman of the Paint Clan. She was 1/2 Shawnee. The Muscogee, also known as the Creek and the Creek Confederacy, are a group of related Indigenous peoples o...

11/24/2007 5/24/2013

Rev. Jesse Bushyhead MP (1804 - 1844)

: Perhaps no character in all Cherokee history was more revered and respected by his people than was Jesse Bushyhead , who was born in southeastern Tennessee in September 1804. The family home was si...

9/18/2011 5/22/2013

Ostenaco Outacite "Mankiller" of Settico, Cherokee Emissary to England MP (c.1703 - 1780)

"Outassity", "Otacite", "Outacity", "Otassata", "Ottassite", "Outassatah", "Wootassite", "Wrosetasatow", "Utsidihi", "Mankiller", "Lame Arm", "Bad Water", "Emperor of Tellico", "Tacite of Euphassee", "Mankiller of Hiwassee", "the Young Emperor", "Outacite or Mankiller"

Ostenaco Born c. 1703, Died c. 1780 Nationality: Cherokee Ostenaco (Ustanakwa, or "Big Head") , who preferred to go by the warrior's title he earned at any early age, "Mankiller" (Utsidihi), al...

2/23/2008 5/22/2013

Meli Ward, (Full Blood Cherokee) Adopted MP (1774 - 1825)

"Meli Ward", "Mary Ward"

Meli Ward (Full Blood Cherokee) was the 3rd great grandmother of Charles Hardin Holley, known in the entertainment world as Buddy Holly . Nancy Ward took Meli (a full blood Cherokee) in when both of ...

8/1/2010 5/22/2013

Colonel Pathkiller Oconostota, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation (from 1811–1827) MP (aft.1742 - 1827)

"Samuel Pathfinder", "Pathkiller", "Chief Pathkiller", "Nunna'hi-dihi Pathkiller", "possibly Col Samuel Pathkiller "Nunna hi dihi Pathkiller""

Pathkiller From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pathkiller, (c 1749 to 8 January 1827), was a Cherokee warrior, town chief, and Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. He also served as a colonel ...

9/17/2009 5/21/2013

Ludovic Grant MP (1696 - 1758)

Ludovic Grant is listed by some sources as a clan chief of the Grant clan in Scotland in 1710. He joined the Jacobite rebellion in 1715, which sought to restore James II as King of England. He was capt...

1/20/2007 4/3/2013

Standing Deer Bailey MP (c.1755 - 1775)

died in childbirth Links to James Red Wolf, she was Cherokee and died giving birth to her 4th child, leaving him to raise them. Married Ellinipsico Cornstalk, b. 1748, Shawnee Nation, OH ...

2/24/2009 3/9/2013

1st Lt. Redbird Sixkiller (USA) MP (c.1823 - 1898)

"Tah-tso-quah", "Tah-chu-wha Su-dul-de-he"

Redbird Sixkiller was born in the Cherokee Nation East in Georgia. In 1837, he and his wife, Pamelia Whaley, were informed that they were to be forcibly removed from Georgia and relocated to the Indi...

6/29/2007 8/12/2012

Wah-Li (Polly) Vann MP (1746 - c.1835)

"Polly Otterlifter", "Mary Christianna Olly Wah-wli", "Waw-wle", "Wah-li", "Cauluuna", "Wah-Li", "Wai Li", "Sister of Raven"

Daughter of John "Young Trader" Vann and Elizabeth Raven-Hop Vann (Moytoy), Raven's Sister Wife of Clement Vann; John Joseph Vann; Bernard Hughes and David Rowe Mother of Alcey Mary Ann Rogers (Van...

8/28/2008 8/11/2012

Notes for JOHN CHEROKEE VANN III, son of JOHN TRADER VANN II (JOHN1) Abt. 1715- Aft. 1770 and SISTER OF RAVEN Abt. 1746, daughter of A-NU-WA-GI MOYTOY : Don Greene, Shawnee Heritage XI #133: In 1770 ...

8/28/2008 8/11/2012

Clement Vann Rogers (1839–1911) was a Cherokee senator and judge in Indian Territory. Rogers was a Confederate veteran and served as a delegate to the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention. Rogers was the...

8/20/2008 5/20/2012

Tsu-nu-lv-hv-s-gi MP (1779 - d.)

Tsu-nu-lv-hv-s-gi was an adopted child of Drowning Bear and Ni-gu-da-yi. Other than the year of his birth, no other information is known of his life before being adopted.

3/8/2011 2/24/2012

Jennie (Che-gail-a-teh) Yo-nu-gv-ya-s-gi MP (1829 - aft.1882)

"Che-ul-lut-tuh", "Che-an-i-tah"

111. WILSONEH O-GU-MA (JOHN WELCH5, THE4BADGER, A-TA-GU-LA-GU-LA3, NANCY2MOYTOY, A-MA-DO-YA1) was born 1825 in CNE [Alarka, NC], and died Bef. 1882.He married JENNIE YO-NU-GV-YA-S-GI , daughter of DR...

2/16/2009 2/24/2012

Wilsoneh Oguma MP (1825 - bef.1882)

"O-gu-ma", "Oocumma", "Oo-kum-muh"

111. WILSONEH O-GU-MA (JOHN WELCH5, THE4BADGER, A-TA-GU-LA-GU-LA3, NANCY2MOYTOY, A-MA-DO-YA1) was born 1825 in CNE [Alarka, NC], and died Bef. 1882.He married JENNIE YO-NU-GV-YA-S-GI, daughter of DRO...

11/6/2008 2/24/2012

John Welch O-gu-ma (Oocumma) MP (1782 - 1837)

"Oo-kum-muh", "O-gu-ma", "Oocumma", "Oguma"

From James Hicks: Miller application# 16252 for John's granddaughter, Maggie Reed nee Oo-kum-mah, gives the name of her grandfather as John Welch aka Oo-kum-mah. Was this a full blood namesake of the...

11/6/2008 2/24/2012

Oocumma "The Badger" Attakullakulla MP (c.1739 - c.1792)

"The Badger", "Ocuma", "Occuma", "O-gu-ma", "Oocumma", "Oo-kum-muh", "Oguma", "Ookoonaka Nahoola Ookoovsdi"

More About THE BADGER: Attended 1: November 1788, Eustinali council Attended 2: June 1792, Estinawa council Blood: 3/4 Cherokee Clan: Ani'-Wa'ya = Wolf Clan (Peggy Scott?) Translation: O-gu...

11/6/2008 2/24/2012

Sam (Sam-mih) Owl MP (c.1802 - d.)

Chapman Roll 1851 Birdtown, Haywood County, NC [another transcriber wrote Wolftown] 862. Sam-mih (or Sam Owl) 53 [6206? 15841] 863. Wo-te-yoh-ih 40 w [15841] 864. Ar-chih 16 s [15841] [another ...

5/25/2009 2/23/2012

5/25/2009 2/23/2012

John (Tsi-na-qui) Owl MP (c.1796 - 1877)

Family went on Trail of Tears to Oklahoma but returned to NC 1851 Chapman Roll in River Valley, Cherokee County NC 1870 Census Cherokee Co, NC (Murphy) age 90 1848 (listing from papers Lloyd Owle...

5/25/2009 2/23/2012

Caulunna, the Raven of Chota MP (aft.1676 - 1741)

"Kalanu", "Colonah", "Kalanah", "Sour Hominy"

CAULUNNA Born: before 1676. The English word for Caulunna was Raven. He was the leader of the Seven Clans, and went to England in 1730. Ile was killed in battle in 1741. His sister, Quatsis or Quatie, ...

11/6/2008 2/5/2012

Melba? MP (1740 - 1782)

Said to be the daughter of Attakalluka and Nione, but her mother could have been a Choctaw woman. Links

10/7/2011 10/7/2011

Sa-li-gu-gi Wo-he-le-nv "Turtle at Home", Wolf Clan Cherokee MP (c.1758 - aft.1814)

"Sa-li-gu-gi", "Shoe Boots", "Selukuki Wohelengh"

Turtle-at-Home, or Selukuki Wohelengh, was a Cherokee warrior and leader, brother of Dragging Canoe and one of his chief lieutenants during the Chickamauga wars. In the beginning and the later years, h...

11/6/2008 10/5/2011

Kan-Ne-Qua-Tes-Ke Crittenden MP (1768 - 1850)

"James Crittenden"

1/8 Cherokee James "Kan-Ne-Qua-Tes-Ke" Crittenden (son of Charles Crittenden and Nancy Downing) was born 1770 in Georgia, and died 1850 in Ahmacolola River,Lumpkin,Georgia,USA. He married KO-TO-KA-YA...

3/8/2009 8/14/2011

Mary Shine "Yun" MP (1772 - 1835)

"Yun", "Mary Shine Yun", "Mary Shine", "Mary Shine "Yun""

Ani Yun Wiya = The people in Cherokee (NC) Anigatogewi or Wild Potato Clan

4/10/2009 8/8/2011

Dr. James Adair MP (c.1709 - 1783)

James Adair was born ca 1709 in County Antrim, Ireland and died, probably in Cherokee Nation East, around 1783. Will 21 Oct. 1766, proved 4 Nov. 1782 Parents: said to have been a member of the Fitzge...

4/10/2007 5/22/2011

PFC Charles George, Medal of Honor MP (1932 - 1952)


Charles George (August 23, 1932–November 30, 1952) was a U.S. Army soldier who received the Medal of Honor for his actions in combat on November 30, 1952, during the Korean War. He was fatally wounded ...

5/14/2011 5/16/2011

Ernest Edwin Evans, CMDR MP (1908 - 1944)

Ernest Edwin Evans (August 13, 1908 – October 25, 1944) was an officer of the United States Navy who posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in World Wa...

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Jack C Montgomery, 1lt MP (1917 - 2002)

Jack C. Montgomery (July 23, 1917 – June 11, 2002) was a United States Army officer and a recipient of the United States military's highest decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his actions in World War II...

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Alexander McGillivray (December 15, 1750 – February 17, 1793) was a leader of the Creek (Muscogee) Indians during and after the American Revolution who worked to establish a Creek national identity and...

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April "Tikami" Barnes MP (1690 - 1744)

"Younger Sister"

April "Tikami" Hop (meaning: April Water ) was born 1690 in Chota, Cherokee Territory (present day Tennessee) and died in 1744 in Upper Hiwassee, Cherokee Territory (present day Tennessee) Parents: M...

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Whiteman-Killer MP (deceased)

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Stillwell Sa-wa-nu-gi MP (deceased)

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Brig. Gen. Stand Watie, (CSA), Principal Chief MP (1806 - 1871)

"Brig. General", "CSA", "Principal Chief", "Degataga"

Stand Watie - (1806-1871) Born at Oothcaloga in the Cherokee Nation, Georgia (near present day Rome, Georgia) on December 12, 1806, Stand Watie's Cherokee name was De-ga-ta-ga, or "he stands." He als...

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Joseph Vann, Principal Chief MP (1798 - 1844)

"Rich Joe Vann"

Joseph H. Vann, (11 February 1798 – 23 October 1844). He was a Cherokee leader who owned Diamond Hill (now known as the Chief Vann House), many slaves, taverns, and steamboats that he operated on the A...

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--- from A history of the state of Oklahoma Vol II by Luther B Hill A.B. 1910 Richard B. Choate. A native of the Cherokee nation and a resident of Bunch, Adair county, since his boyhood days, Richa...

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