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Sir Thomas Holford, Knight MP (c.1428 - 1473)

Thomas Holford the younger, Esq. son and heir of Thomas the elder, married Maud, a daughter of William Buckley, Deputy Judge of Chester, 1444, and has issue, George Holford, son and heir; Randle Holfor...

10/31/2008 6/17/2014

Richard de Vernon MP (c.1425 - d.)

8/4/2008 5/26/2014

James de Vernon MP (c.1450 - d.)

8/4/2008 5/26/2014

Thomas Vernon MP (c.1370 - aft.1400)

In 1400, during the reign of the new King Henry IV, several more hundred men (Chesire Bowmen) accompanied Richard and Thomas Vernon, William Brereton and Adam Bostock, John and Thomas Massey went with ...

8/4/2008 5/26/2014

Margaret Legh MP (deceased)

11/5/2013 5/18/2014

Joan Holford MP (c.1397 - 1440)

6/30/2011 5/17/2014

Sir Randal Brereton, IV of Malpas MP (c.1480 - 1530)

"Randle Brereton", "Randolph Brereton", "Randall Brereton", "Randall of", "Malpas", "Cheshire", "England"

See Peter Bartrum, (May 27, 2017; Anne Brannen, curator) Sir Randle Brereton, Chamberlain of Chester1,2,3,4,5,6 M, #20015, d. 1531 Father Randle Brereton, Esq.2,7,6 d. 16 Jun 1536 Mother Emma...

1/3/2008 5/16/2014

Sir George Holford MP (c.1456 - 1524)

. Sir George Holford of Holford, knight, son and heir of Thomas, married Isabel, widow to Lawrence Warren of Pointon in Cheshire, and daughter of Robert Legh of Adlington, Esq. 1475, and had issue Jo...

5/6/2007 5/16/2014

John Holford, Sir MP (c.1482 - 1546)

4/29/2008 5/16/2014

Isabel Holford / Warren MP (c.1440 - 1475)

"Isabel Leigh", "Leigh; de Legh; de Leigh", "Warren", "Holford"

6. Sir Laurence Warren, knight, known to be living in 1459 but died before his father (1474). + Isabel daughter of Sir Robert Legh of Adlington, knight, married before 1459. She later married Sir Georg...

5/6/2007 5/16/2014

Agnes Brereton (Legh) MP (1456 - 1478)

"Agnes Legh", "Agnes Leigh", "Carrington"

Agnes Legh F, #44398, b. circa 1445 Father Robert Legh, Esq. b. 3 May 1410, d. 29 Jan 1479 Mother Isabella Stanley Agnes Legh was born circa 1445 at of Adlington, Cheshire, England. She married...

9/22/2007 5/16/2014

Sir William Venables, of Bradwall MP (c.1257 - bef.1313)

"Sir WiIlliam of Bradwall", "de Venables"

Sir William de Venables, 2nd son, to whom his father gave all his lands in Bradwall between 1284 and 1287. He married first Agnes de Legh, dau and sole heiress of Richard de Legh of West Hall, High Leg...

2/16/2007 5/8/2014

Sir William Hadden de Vernon MP (c.1225 - 1330)

Sir William Vernon, was appointed High Sheriff of Lancashire and Chief Justice of Cheshire 1229–1236, the families fortunes increased through a series of advantageous dynastic marriages, Sir William's ...

4/28/2008 5/7/2014

Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March MP (1287 - 1330)

"Roger Earl of March de Mortimer", "8th Baron of Wigmore", "3rd Baron Mortimer", "1st Earl of March", "" 1st Earl of March""

Roger de Mortimer , 8th Baron of Wigmore, 3rd Baron Mortimer and 1st Earl of March (born 1287? - died 29 November 1330, Tyburn, near London, England) lover of Isabella, the wife of Edward II of England...

5/2/2007 5/2/2014

Sir William Bardolf, 4th Lord Bardolph of Wormgay MP (1349 - 1386)

"William lV lord Bardolf", "William Bardolph"

William Bardolf, 4th Baron Bardolf From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia William Bardolf, 4th Baron Bardolf, of Wormegay, Norfolk and 3rd Baron Damory (21 October 1349 – 29 January 1386) was an ext...

4/15/2008 5/1/2014

Thomas Vernon MP (1290 - 1336)

10/4/2008 5/1/2014

Drogo de Vernon MP (deceased)

From Medlands: DROGO . The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified.

1/25/2012 4/30/2014

William de Vernon arrived in England at the time of the Norman conquest and was granted lands in the County Palatine of Chester under the patronage of Hugh d'Avranches, 1st Earl of Chester. His son Ric...

11/13/2008 4/29/2014

Sir John Leigh III of Booth's Hall MP (c.1317 - aft.1399)

"de Legh"

The eldest son,John Legh, of Booths, wedded Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Sir Richard de Sanbach. by whom he had an only daughter, Maud Legh, who m. Richard Radcljffe, of Ordeshall, and conveyed t...

8/20/2007 4/29/2014

Sir Robert Legh, Knt., of Adlington MP (1363 - bef.1408)

"Robert lll de Legh of Adlington", "Robert Leigh"

Robert de Legh III of Adlington , was knighted during the reign of Richard II (1377-1399). He was twice (High) Sheriff of Cheshire. 1393 & 1398. Above are the specific arms of Robert. Sir Robert de L...

11/18/2007 4/29/2014

Robert de Legh, of Adlington MP (c.1334 - 1382)

"Robert "Derkins" de Leigh"

Robert de Legh II of Adlington, married Maude, daughter of John de Arderne, Knight of Adlington, by whom he had one son and two daughters. Through his marriage he gained lands in Hyde, Cliff, Hattersle...

11/18/2007 4/29/2014

Adam Bostock MP (1363 - 1415)

In 1400, during the reign of the new King Henry IV, several more hundred men accompanied Richard and Thomas Vernon, William Brereton and Adam Bostock, John and Thomas Massey to Scotland. ______________...

6/12/2007 4/29/2014

Sir William de Brereton MP (c.1347 - 1426)

"William De Brereton", "William Brereton"

In 1400, during the reign of the new King Henry IV, several more hundred men accompanied Richard and Thomas Vernon, William Brereton and Adam Bostock, John and Thomas Massey to Scotland. ______________...

10/15/2007 4/29/2014

Sir William de Brereton MP (1390 - 1425)

William Brereton was born in Of Brereton, Cheshire, England about 1390. William died before 1425. He married Alice Corbet in Of Leighton, Montgomery, England, about 1404. Alice was born in Of Leighto...

10/23/2007 4/29/2014

Sir William Brereton1,2 M, #33237, b. circa 1410, d. 1484 Father Sir William Brereton b. c 1389, d. 1415 Mother Alice Corbet d. c 1459 Sir William Brereton was born circa 1410 at of Brereton, C...

10/23/2007 4/29/2014

Sir Andrew Brereton, Kt. MP (c.1448 - c.1527)

Sir Andrew Brereton M, #61186, b. circa 1440 Father Sir William Brereton b. c 1410, d. 1484 Mother Philippa Hulse Sir Andrew Brereton was born circa 1440 at of Brereton, Cheshire, England. He m...

9/22/2007 4/29/2014

Sir William Brereton1,2 M, #44399, b. 1473 Father Sir Andrew Brereton b. c 1440 Mother Agnes Legh b. c 1445 Sir William Brereton was born in 1473 at of Brereton, Cheshire, England. He married A...

12/15/2008 4/29/2014

From Medlands: RICHARD de Vernon (-[3 Jul] after 1195). Henry II King of England confirmed the property of the abbey of Blanchelande, including donations by "…Ricardus de Haya et Matildis uxor eius, ...

11/13/2008 4/29/2014

Ralph de Vernon of Shipbrook MP (1241 - 1325)

"Baron of Sheploc", "Baron Vernon of Shipbrook"

Warine Vernon, elder son of the 4th Baron, had no male heir and his extensive estate was divided between his daughters and his brother Ralph, Rector of Hanwell. Ralph's son, also Ralph b 1241, was repu...

5/29/2008 4/29/2014

Richard Vernon MP (c.1480 - 1540)

4/8/2007 4/29/2014

Thomas Vernon MP (1504 - 1580)

4/8/2007 4/29/2014

Sir John de Arderne, Knight MP (c.1300 - 1349)

"John Arderne", "John Ardern", "John Arden", "Sir John de Arderne of Aldford"

John d'Arderne was married 3 times, 1st to Alice Venables, of whom they had issue, John, Peter, Margaret, 2nd Joan de Stokeport, they had no issue, 3rd Ellena Wastneys, of whom they had children, Tho...

11/18/2007 4/29/2014

Matilda “Maud” de Arderne MP (1335 - 1392)

"maud", "Matilda Arderne", "Matilda De Arnerne"

'Matilda de Arderne1 F Father Sir John de Arderne d. 1349 Mother Elena de Wasteneys d. bt 13 Jul 1349 - 23 Dec 1349 ' Matilda de Arderne married Robert de Legh, son of Robert de Legh and Sybil ...

11/18/2007 4/29/2014

Hugh de Corona, Lord of Adlington and Little Neston MP (c.1212 - c.1275)

"Hugo de Coroun; Hugh de Formby"

'When Henry III annexed the earldom of Chester to the Crown in 1237 he also gave the earls hunting lodge in Macclesfield Forest, known as Addlington, to his natural son. His son took the name of Corona...

9/28/2008 4/27/2014

Agnes "the daughter" de Legh MP (1278 - d.)

"Agnes /Daniers/"

Agnes de Legh, the daughter of Agnes de Legh Daughter of Agnes de Legh and Richard de Limme (first husband). Agnes de Legh, the daughter, married William Danyers (de Anyers). Agnes de Legh had, by ...

3/16/2009 4/22/2014

Thomas Daniers, Sheriff of Cheshire MP (1295 - 1354)

"Thomas Danyer"

Thomas DANIERS Sheriff of Cheshire [Parents] 1 was born 1295 in High Legh, Cheshire, England. He died 1354 in Bradley, Cheshire, England. Thomas married Margaret de TABLEY on 1312 in Bradley, Cheshire,...

3/19/2007 4/22/2014

Hamon VI de Massey, Baron of Dunham Massey MP (c.1242 - aft.1308)

"Poynington", "de Pontington de Massey", "de Mascy"

Sir Hamon Massy, the 6th and last baron of Dunham-Massey, son and heir to the 5th, married Isabel, daughter of Humphrey de Beauchamp, and on the marriage-day at night she died before carnal copulation....

8/24/2008 4/18/2014

Baron Hamon de Massey, V MP (c.1210 - aft.1278)

"de Masci"

Baron Hamon V de Massey Birth: 1212 in Dunham Massey, Bucklow, Cheshire, England Death: after 1278 see below land documents Father: Hamon [IV] de Massey b: 1163 in Dunham, Massey, England Mar...

3/3/2008 4/18/2014

Hamon de Massey, IV MP (c.1190 - 1278)

"Hamon de Mascy", "Hamon de Maysey"

Source: Altrincham & Bowdon : with historical reminiscences of Ashton-on-Mersey, Sale, and surrounding townships Children of Hamon De Mascy IV and Mainwaring are: i. Thomas Massey. ii. Margery Ma...

11/17/2007 4/18/2014

Hugh Thomas Davenport of Henbury (b.1348) MP (c.1348 - 1414)

"Huchon Davenport"

'A history and genealogy of the Davenport family, in England and America, from A. D. 1086 to 1850 .. (1851) Sir John (alias Sir Jenkin) Davenport, third son of Thomas of Wheltrough, and grandson ...

9/22/2007 4/17/2014

Sir Piers Legh II, of Lyme Hall MP (1389 - 1422)

"Peter Leigh", "Piers Legh", "Perkin-a-Legh"

Wounded at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 and died in 1422 as a result of the wounds. _____________________ 'The house of Lyme from its foundation to the end of the eighteenth century (1917) ...

8/2/2008 4/5/2014

Edmund Standish MP (c.1259 - d.)

3/6/2009 4/5/2014

Ralph De Standish MP (c.1274 - d.)

3/6/2009 4/5/2014

John De Standish MP (c.1278 - d.)

3/6/2009 4/5/2014

Margery de Massey MP (c.1216 - d.)

12/18/2008 4/5/2014

William de Massey, of Tatton MP (c.1165 - bef.1192)

"Mascy", "de Masci"

Ormerod's history of the Massey family in The Bucklow Hundred: Massey of Tatton begins with a William Massey who is the younger brother of Hamon Massy, baron of Dunham-Massy (which generation not given...

3/22/2008 4/5/2014

NN Massey MP (c.1200 - 1228)


Margery married William Massey about 1210 in England.

1/15/2009 4/5/2014

Hugh de Aldersey MP (1233 - d.)

1/6/2014 4/5/2014

Richard de Massey MP (1341 - d.)

4/29/2010 4/5/2014

Lord Richard de Standish MP (c.1310 - 1356)

Richard De Standish (son of Hugh Standish and Alice De Molyneux) was born 1310 in Duxbury, Lancashire, England, and died 1356 in Duxbury, Lancashire, England. He married Clemency De Standish on 1335 in...

9/22/2007 4/5/2014

Hugh de Standish MP (1339 - 1421)

9/22/2007 4/5/2014

Clemence Radcliffe MP (c.1365 - 1399)

9/22/2007 4/5/2014

John Radcliffe MP (c.1377 - 1442)


RADCLIFFE of Ordsall (Sir)4 John RADCLIFFE of Ordsall (Sir) Born: ABT 1365 / 1377, probably Ordsall, Lancashire, England Died: 26 Jul 1442 Notes: eldest son and heir, was born at Ordsall in 137...

2/16/2007 4/5/2014

Sir Alexander Radcliffe of Ordsall MP (c.1416 - 1475)


Find A Grave Memorial# 135885119 RADCLIFFE of Ordsall (Sir Knight)1 Alexander RADCLIFFE of Ordsall (Sir Knight) Born: ABT 1416, probably Ordsall, Lancashire, England Died: 20 Jul 1475 Notes: ...

2/16/2007 4/5/2014

Sir William Radcliffe, Kt. MP (c.1436 - 1498)

Find A Grave Memorial# 135884173 NOTE: There are two distinct towns called Ordsall; One in Lancashire (, the other in Nottinghamshire (

2/16/2007 4/5/2014

Joanne Radcliffe MP (c.1430 - c.1490)

"Jane Trafford"

Jane Trafford1 F, #46659 Father Sir Edmund Trafford1 d. 24 Jan 1458 Mother Alice Venables1 b. 1398 Jane Trafford was born at of Trafford, Lancashire, England.1 She married William Radcliffe, so...

8/2/2008 4/5/2014

Sir Thomas Assheton MP (1440 - c.1517)


Sir Thomas Ashton1,2 M, b. circa 1440, d. circa 1517 Father Sir John Ashton3 b. c 1423, d. 1508 Mother Dulcia Trafford3 b. c 1417 Sir Thomas Ashton was born circa 1440 at of Ripon, Lancashire, ...

12/16/2008 4/5/2014

Alianore de Standish MP (1244 - 1283)


6/22/2007 4/5/2014

William Standish MP (c.1256 - 1322)

Living in 1273 Millennium File Name: William De Standish Gender: Male Birth Date: 1264 Birth Place: Standish, Lancs, England Father: Jordan De Standish Mother: Eleanor Spouse: Margare...

6/22/2007 4/5/2014

John de Standish MP (c.1286 - 1350)

6/7/2007 4/5/2014

Robert Standish Birth: 1325 - Wigan, Lancashire, England Death: 1380 - Chorley, Lancashire, England Parents: John De Standish, Margaret Margery Wife: UNKNOWN Iseude Child: Elizabeth Standis...

6/7/2007 4/5/2014

Anne (Assheton) Ashton MP (c.1350 - c.1405)

2/28/2008 4/5/2014

Nicholas De de Assheton MP (c.1370 - d.)

2/7/2009 4/5/2014

John Assheton, I, M.P. for Lancashire MP (c.1354 - c.1398)

"John de Ashton", "John Ashton", "John Aston"

From History of Parliament: British Political, Social, and Local History: ASSHETON, Sir John I (c.1354-c.1398), of Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancs. ConstituencyDates LANCASHIRE Oct. 1382 LANCASHIR...

2/28/2008 4/5/2014

Sir John Assheton, M.P. for Lancashire MP (c.1368 - 1428)

"John de Ashton", "John Ashton"

A history and genealogy of the families of Bayard, Houstoun of Georgia: and ... By Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch Pg.46 ASSHETON This ancient and prominent family had as its ancestor, Or...

1/8/2008 4/5/2014

Note Thomas de Ashton (alchemist) is not, Sir Thomas de Ashton Lord of Croston d. 17 Oct 1407 and, is not the medieval Thomas de Aston, a 13th-century monk d. 7 June 1401: these two men are in Lincol...

9/6/2007 4/5/2014

Sir John Assheton MP (c.1413 - c.1508)

"John de Asshton"

'A genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great ..., Volume 4 Pg. 248 EDMOND TRAFFORD, who was knighted by HENRY VI. at Whitsuntide, in 1426. He m. Alice, eldest daughter and co-he...

12/16/2008 4/5/2014

Dulcia Assheton MP (c.1417 - 1484)

10/31/2008 4/5/2014

Elizabeth Legh MP (c.1420 - 1474)

Elizabeth de Trafford 1 2 Birth: ABT 1420 in Trafford, Lancashire, England Death: 4 APR 1474 in Lyme Handley, Macclesfield, Cheshire, England 1 daughter of Sir Edmund de Trafford. [Burke's Peer...

4/26/2008 4/5/2014

Alice Trafford MP (1398 - 1463)


ID: I234222 Name: Alice [@] de Venables Sex: F Birth: 1398 in Bollin Fee, Wilmslow (Le Bolyn), Cheshire, England Death: ABT 1450 Father: William [@] de Venables b: 1376 in Bollen, Chester, ...

1/8/2008 4/5/2014

Sir Edmund Trafford, Kt. MP (c.1390 - c.1457)

'A genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great ..., Volume 4 Pg. 248 ' EDMOND TRAFFORD, who was knighted by HENRY VI. at Whitsuntide, in 1426. He m. Alice, eldest daughter and co-...

1/8/2008 4/5/2014

Elizabeth Staveley MP (c.1380 - 1432)


Elizabeth was the only daughter p. of Sir Ralph Radcliffe (d 1406) by his 1st wife. Marriage 1 Henry de Trafford d 1395 in Trafford, Lancashire, England Ralph Steveley (d bef 1420), no children o...

1/8/2008 4/5/2014

Sir Ralph 'the Younger' Radcliffe, Knt., of Blackburn and Smithills, MP MP (c.1355 - 1432)

"Radclyf", "Second husband"

RADCLIFFE, Ralph (d.1432), of Blackburn and Smithills, Lancs. Family and Education s. and h. of Sir Ralph Radcliffe*. m. (1) bef. 1400, 1s.; (2) by Dec. 1416, Cecily (fl. 1435), wid. of Hugh Venabl...

1/23/2009 4/5/2014

Ellen Radcliffe MP (b. - bef.1416)

Ellen MASSEY (dau. of Hugh Massey and Alice Wrenbury) Tatton, Bucklow, Cheshire, England married Ralph RADCLIFFE of Smithills (d 1432), son of Ralph Radcliffe and Margery Ince; his 1st wife: he married...

1/23/2009 4/5/2014

8/11/2008 4/5/2014

John de Wrenbury MP (c.1272 - c.1344)

8/11/2008 4/5/2014

John de Wrenbury MP (c.1292 - c.1349)

ID: I234214 Name: John [<] Wrenbury Sex: M Birth: ABT 1286 in Oulton Lowe, Northwich, Cheshire, England Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown Children 1. Has Children Alice [<] Wrenbury b: 1320 in Ou...

3/4/2008 4/5/2014

Alice de Massey (de Wrenbury) MP (c.1320 - 1370)


ID: I234213 Name: Alice [<] Wrenbury Sex: F Birth: 1320 in Oulton Lowe, Northwich, Cheshire, England Father: John [<] Wrenbury b: ABT 1286 in Oulton Lowe, Northwich, Cheshire, England Marri...

3/4/2008 4/5/2014

Sir William de Massey MP (c.1290 - 1338)

"William de Maysey"

ID: I234211 Name: William [@ <] de Massey Sex: M Birth: ABT 1290 in Tatton, Bucklow, Cheshire, England Father: Robert [@ <] de Massey b: ABT 1260 in Rostherne, Bucklow, Cheshire, England Ma...

3/4/2008 4/5/2014

Margery de Massey, of West Hall MP (1292 - 1338)

"Margery de Leigh"

'The history of the county palatine and city of Chester: compiled from original evidences in public offices, the Harleian and Cottonian mss., parochial registers, private muniments, unpublished ms. col...

3/4/2008 4/5/2014

Hugh Massey of Tatton MP (1320 - c.1371)

"Hugh /Massey/"

1. Hugh MASSEY , of Tatton was born 1320 in Tatton, Bucklow, Cheshire, England, and died 1371. He was the son of 2. William MASSEY , of Tatton and 3. Margery de LEGH , of West Hall. He married Alice ...

3/4/2008 4/5/2014

Sir John Massey, of Tatton MP (c.1338 - 1403)

"Baron John de Massey", "Sir John de Massey", "Mascy"

In 1400, during the reign of the new King Henry IV, several more hundred men accompanied Richard and Thomas Vernon, William Brereton and Adam Bostock, John and Thomas Massey to Scotland. ______________...

3/4/2008 4/5/2014

William Massey MP (c.1232 - 1275)


ID: I234161 Name: William [@ ] de Massey b: 1212 in Dunham Massey, Bucklow, Cheshire, England Mother: Alice [@ ] de Whitney b: ABT 1206 in Bowdon, Cheshire, England Marriage 1 Margery [<] de Main...

3/4/2008 4/4/2014

Margery? de Massey MP (c.1180 - 1240)

"Ellen", "Margery", "de Masci"

11/17/2007 4/4/2014

Piers de Hellesby MP (c.1198 - d.)


5/10/2009 4/4/2014

John de Hellesby MP (c.1174 - d.)

5/10/2009 4/4/2014

Jocelyn de Hellesby MP (c.1150 - 1232)

Jocelyn De Hellesby Birth: 1150 - Hellesby, Cheshire, England Death: 1232 Father: Josceran de Hellesby Wife: Agatha Hellesby de Dutton (born de Massey) Children: Adam de Hellesby, Ranulph D...

7/4/2008 4/4/2014

Adam de Hellesby MP (c.1160 - 1247)

5/10/2009 4/4/2014

Agatha de Massey MP (c.1143 - d.)

Agatha De Massey Birth: 1143 - Dunham Massey, Cheshire, England Death: (Cheshire), England Marriage: Marriage to: Jocelyn de Hellesby Circa 1176 England

9/10/2007 4/4/2014

Hammon de Massey MP (1129 - 1216)

"Sir Hamon III de Massey", "Hamon De Mascy"

The third Hamon married Agatha de Theray, and had several children, the eldest of whom was a son named after his father. He died about the end of the reign of King John, or the begining of that of Henr...

11/17/2007 4/4/2014

Hamon ll de Massey MP (c.1100 - c.1185)

"Hammon de Maysey", "Hamon De Masey", "Hamo de Masci II"

From British History Online: The priory of St. James the Great at Birkenhead stood on a wooded headland on the north-eastern shore of the Wirral peninsula near a river ferry across the Mersey to Liverp...

11/17/2007 4/4/2014

Hamon de Mascy, 1st Baron of Dunham Massey MP (bef.1056 - c.1101)

"de Massey"

Source: Altrincham & Bowdon : with historical reminiscences of Ashton-on-Mersey, Sale, and surrounding townships Bowdon: from Anglo Saxon BOAVDON,Bodon, Bodeon, Bawdon, Boaden, Bauden, Boden, and Bow...

11/17/2007 4/4/2014

Margaret Legh, of Lyme MP (1480 - bef.1525)


Pedigrees Made at the Visitation of Cheshire, 1613 (1879) CHART ch of S'r Piers Leighe & Margarett Moluneux 1. Piers Leighe died before his father 1468. mar. Mabell da. & heir to S'r James C...

6/24/2007 4/4/2014

Sir Piers de Legh, of Lyme MP (c.1320 - 1399)

Sir Piers de Legh of Lyme 'The house of Lyme from its foundation to the end of the eighteenth century (1917) ' The House of Lyme has its origin in the person of Peter or Piers — afterwards Si...

10/26/2008 4/4/2014

Piers Legh, IV, Esq. MP (c.1433 - 1468)

"Peter Leigh"

' Peter Legh1 'M, d. 1468 Father Sir Peter Legh d. 1478 Mother Margaret Molyneux b. c 1418 ' Peter Legh was born at of Haydock, Lancashire, England.1 He married Mabell Croft, daughter of Sir Ja...

6/25/2007 4/4/2014

Piers Legh, III MP (1415 - 1478)

"Peter de Leigh", "Peter de Legh"

Piers LEGH, III @ find a grave -------------------------------- 'Pedigrees Made at the Visitation of Cheshire, 1613 (1879) CHART S'r Piers Leighe of [Lyme] Ha[n]dley barronett slayn at Ag...

6/25/2007 4/4/2014

Randall Baguley MP (deceased)

8/21/2013 4/4/2014