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Jordan Cutchentubby Smith MP (1881 - 1951)


Jordan Cutchentubby Smith born: September 3, 1881, Oklahoma, Indian Territory, United States death: 1951 place of death: Los Angeles, California, USA burial: Green Hills Memorial Park, ...

7/28/2007 1/4/2019

Jessie Elizabeth Moore (1871 - 1956)

===================================== After Forced Removal: The Oklahoma Family Homesteads Some of the members of the Chickasaw Nation settled in Coffee Bend after arriving over the Trail of Tear...

12/27/2018 12/27/2018

Robert Maxwell Harris became a most successful business man and was regarded as one of the wealthiest men in the Chickasaw Nation. Robert Became Governor of the Chickasaw Nation in 1896

4/29/2011 7/13/2018

Floyd Ernest Maytubby (1893 - 1963)

Born in Caddo, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), to Samuel and Lula (Maben) Maytubby on November 27, 1893, Floyd Ernest Maytubby attended the Harley Institute in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. After graduation, ...

7/16/2007 6/9/2018

Fred Waite (occasionally Fred Wayte) (September 28, 1853 – September 24, 1895) was a Native American who was hired as a cowboy and joined Billy the Kid's gang. A member of the Chickasaw tribe, Waite ...

9/17/2011 3/14/2018

Bob H. Love (1818 - 1887)


Birth: Feb. 19, 1818 Holly Springs Marshall County Mississippi, USA Death: Jan. 30, 1887 Thackerville Love County Oklahoma, USA Robert was the son of Thomas Love, the Loyalist, and his second wife,...

10/5/2017 10/5/2017

Jourdan Anderson Smith MP (1830 - 1911)

"J. A."

Via the Oklahoma Historical Society:1475. Cliff Love Collection. - Photographs. - Box 1. PERSONS - J. A. SMITH OF BRYAN COUNTY, OKLAHOMA, MARRIED NANCY LOVE OF THE CHICKASAW. SERVED AS CHICKASAW AGENT ...

6/8/2008 8/26/2017

Cyrus Harris' ancestors immigrated to America after the collapse of the Jacobite Uprising in Scotland brought about by the followers of James the Prentender in 1715 and the subsequent reprisals of the ...

6/27/2009 4/17/2017

Maj James Holmes Colbert MP (c.1768 - 1842)

Marriage to Susannah ended in divorce. From Kerry Armstrong's site: Major James Colbert was born circa 1768. James died May 1842 in Doaksville, Towson Co., Choctaw Nation, IT, at 73 years of age. ...

9/28/2008 9/22/2016

Helen TeAta Cole (1922 - 2004)

Helen TeAta Gale Cole was born half Chickasaw and half Choctaw in Tishomingo, Oklahoma in 1922. Helen served for more than nine years in the Oklahoma Senate and six years in the Oklahoma House of Rep...

11/18/2014 7/18/2016

Maj. Pittman Samuel B. Colbert MP (1787 - 1853)

"Pittman", "Pitman"

This is taken directly from "WHO was WHO AMOUNG The SOUTHERN INDIANS - a genealogical notebook 1698 - 1907 by Don Martini of Falkner, MS and published in 1998. Page 146 Colbert, Major Pittman - Chi...

8/7/2008 6/20/2016

Thomas Benjamin Thompson, Sr MP (1865 - 1939)

Chickasaw Hall of Fame Inductee

5/19/2015 3/7/2016

A businessman in the mercantile industry after the Civil War, Byrd settled in Stonewall, Okla. He became active in the interests of the Chickasaw Nation and was soon representing the tribe as a delegat...

12/26/2013 2/21/2016

William Malcolm Guy, a son of William R. Guy and Jane Aldridge, his wife, was born at Boggy Depot, Chickasaw Nation, on February 4, 1845. After the death of his father, he lived at the home of his uncl...

12/18/2014 2/21/2016

2/21/2016 2/21/2016

Served in the Civil War as Sergeant, Co. A, Shecoe's Chickasaw Mounted Volunteers, C.S.A Birth: Jan. 19, 1844 Shreveport Caddo Parish Louisiana, USA Death: Nov. 28, 1892 Marshall County Oklahoma, U...

3/11/2013 2/21/2016

Bill Hamm, op. cit., notes that "Benjamin came west at the age of three. By 1847 when the census was taken that winter, Benjamin is listed as 1/2 white, under 18 years, with two slaves. Benjamin became...

2/21/2016 2/21/2016

Chief Edmund "Ok-chan-tubby" Pickens, (CSA) (c.1789 - c.1868)


Chief of the Chickasaw Nation In 1789, Edmund Pickens was born at Natchez in what is now Adams County, Mississippi. His father was a white man named John Pickens who settled in Natchez and began a ...

8/31/2014 2/21/2016

William McGilvery, Chief of the Chickasaws MP (deceased)

"McGillivrey", "McGilvery", "McGillivray"

2/21/2016 2/21/2016

Samuel Sealy, Chief to the Chickasaws MP (b. - 1835)

"Seely", "Sealy", "Seeley"

2/21/2016 2/21/2016

Ishtakiyukatubbee Iuka MP (deceased)


2/21/2016 2/21/2016

Chickasaw War Chief. Probably born in what is now Lee County, Mississippi. As a young man he served with General Anthony Wayne against the Shawnee in the Old Northwest and received a silver medallion f...

2/21/2016 2/21/2016

Taski Etoka Taskabucka, Chief to the Chickasaws MP (c.1750 - 1795)

"Hair Lipped King", "Hair Lip King"

2/21/2016 2/21/2016

Notes: The case of Chinnubbee vs Nicks, et al. (3 Porter, 362,) has been cited, and relied on by the plaintiffs in error. With the decision made in that case, we remain satisfied, -- believing the la...

2/21/2016 2/21/2016

2/21/2016 2/21/2016

Ishtehotopa, Chief to the Chickasaws MP (1800 - 1847)


Was involved in the Doaksville Agreement of 1837

2/21/2016 2/21/2016

Mary "Ataloa" McClendon MP (1896 - 1967)

"Ataloa", "Little Song"

Copied from book" Indians of Today Edited and Compiled by Marion E. Gridley Sponsored by the Indian Council Fire Chicago 1947 page 7 Ataloa, (Mary Stone) Chickasaw -Born---Duncan, Oklahoma, ...

3/19/2015 12/11/2015

Te-Ata MP (1895 - 1995)

"Te-Ata Thompson"

A traditional Native Storyteller, TeAta, also known as Mary Frances Thompson Fisher, was born in Emet (Post Oak), Chickasaw Nation, near Tishomingo, on December 3, 1895. Her parents were members of the...

5/19/2015 12/8/2015

Parentage uncertain: Daugherty (Winchester) Colbert although listed as a son in the large family of Levi Colbert which consisted of twelve sons and eight daughters and although he was reared as a m...

7/31/2008 12/1/2015

James Isaac Colbert MP (1802 - c.1860)

Died in Indian Territory (OK?) Chief of the Chocktaw Nation. Caroline Moore Her father calls her his eldest daughter in his will the wife of James Colbert. This was in Holly Springs, Miss. James Colb...

9/28/2008 12/1/2015

John McLish MP (1780 - 1838)

"Old McLish", "Old Man McLish"

Belonged to the "Imatoklachellasha" house. I can find NO documentation that he was married to anyone name Celia Colbert or Sukey Colbert. In fact, several witnesses to a tribal application state that, ...

9/28/2008 12/1/2015

James Holmes Colbert MP (1828 - 1872)

Birth: 1829 Mississippi, USA Death: Jan. 24, 1872 District Of Columbia, USA (First) interment Find A Grave #99895617 The Evening Star Monday, March 25, 1872 Death Of An Indian. Colonel Holmes Col...

3/12/2013 12/1/2015

Col. Robert McDonald Jones MP (1808 - 1873)

Robert McDonald Jones (October 1, 1808 - February 22, 1872) was a member of the Choctaw Nation, Pro-Tempore of the Choctaw Senate, and prominent Confederate politician. He was born in Mississippi a...

3/13/2013 12/1/2015

George Frazier McLish MP (1824 - 1871)

3/11/2013 12/1/2015

Col George Colbert Find A Grave Memorial# 35805117 Old Fort Towson Cemetery, Choctaw County, Oklahoma, USA The second of six mixed-race sons of James Logan Colbert, a North Carolinian settler of ...

8/7/2008 11/7/2015

Maj. William Colbert, Cooshemataha Pyaheggo MP (1742 - 1836)

"Chooshemataha", "Pyaheggo"

====================== Major William Colbert, a son of Logan Colbert , became a famous war chief among the Chickasaws and early in life took an active part in the political affairs of the tribe. ...

7/30/2007 11/7/2015

Early life and education One of six sons of James Logan Colbert (1721 - 1784), a North Carolinian settler of Scots descent, and his second wife Sopha Minta Hoye, a Chickasaw, Levi Colbert was bor...

7/31/2008 11/7/2015

Capt. James Logan Colbert MP (c.1721 - c.1784)

Some sources report he was born in Scotland but this is untrue. By his own report, he was born in North Carolina. James Logan Colbert (#1014) was born in Carolinas circa 1721. In a declaration ...

2/4/2007 11/7/2015

Colonel Thomas William Love MP (1745 - 1832)

Tall, ruddy, spoke with a brogue There is lots of disagreement about Thomas Love's history. From According to a statement made by Robert Howard Love in 1882, Thomas Love, his fath...

2/4/2007 11/7/2015

Slone Love MP (1807 - 1848)

Slone was active in tribal affairs and accompanied the first large group that moved to the Western District under A M Upshaw, Superintendent of the Chickasaw removal. They arrived at Fort Coffee, near ...

2/4/2007 11/7/2015