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Chief Red Bird Brock MP (1721 - 1820)

"Totsuwha", "Do-tsu-wa", "Ꮩ Ꮷ Ꮹ", "to-chu-wo-r", "ᏙᏧᏬR", "c-u-tsa-wah CᎤᏣᏩ", "Red Bird", "Chief Red Bird Tisquaya", "Aaron Brock", "Tsisquaya", "Dotsuwa", "Tochuwor", "Toochalar" aka Carpenter", "Tsalagi' Ugvwiyuhi Totsu'hwa -Chief Red Bird"

Some researchers believe him to be Chief Red Bird for which the Red Bird River in Clay and Leslie Counties are named. Aaron Cutsawah would be his American Indian name if this is the case as there are s...

9/9/2007 8/31/2015

Col. John Lowrey MP (c.1768 - 1817)

John was the Indian chief of his tribe, recorded in Emmet Starr's book, Old Cherokee Families. Tsani Lowery was the son of GEORGE LOWREY and NANNIE [cherokee ᎾᏅᏰᎯ Nanyehi] WATTS. Tsani aka John Lower...

3/17/2007 2/3/2012

Chief Broom Tauchee "Dutch" MP (c.1720 - 1783)

"Tauchee", "Dutch"

The Cherokee Chief I know of who was called, "The Broom", lived somewhat later than the "Broom" described here. The "Broom" I know of was a signatory of the Tellico Treaty of about 1797, having been su...

2/16/2009 3/23/2011

Redbird Smith, Chief MP (1850 - 1918)

"Chief Red Bird Smith of the Keetoowah Cherokee in Oklahoma"

Redbird Smith Story: "Chief of the Nighthawk Keetowah" Provided by the Cherokee Nation Cultural Resource Center E-mail: from [**Note: Cultural information may vary from clan to ...

7/12/2009 3/23/2011

Samuel Smith, Chief MP (1876 - d.)

Smith became chief of the Nighthawk Keetowahs (ᎩᏚᏩ ᎤᎾᏙᏢᎯ) on April 7, 1919 .

3/4/2011 3/23/2011

Standing Turkey MP (1738 - 1838)

"Gvnagodoga", "Kunagadoga"

Old Frontiers , by John P Brown, pg. 46; "Old Hop had a nephew, also named Standing Turkey, an active warrier who at his uncle's death served a short time as his successor. It was the younger Standing ...

10/14/2008 3/23/2011

James (Ti-ka-lo-hi) Vann, Chief MP (1765 - 1809)

"James Wahli Vann etc. Chief Crazy James Vann James Clement Vann"

James Vann's father? "Who is the father of James Vann" is a controversial question. According to Gary E. Moulton of the University of Nebraska, Clement Vann was the father. William H. Vann in the b...

8/28/2008 3/23/2011

Nunna'hi-dihi, Chief Pathkiller MP (c.1764 - 1839)

"Chief Pathkiller", "Colonel Pathkiller", "Samuel Pathkiller", "Chief Nunna Hi-Diha Pathkiller Jr.", "Chief of the Cherokee and Chicamauga's", "split from father", "whom later joined him"

Birth: 1742 Death: Jan., 1827 Cherokee Chief. Born it present day Alabama, he rose to the chieftainship of Gun'-di'ga-duhun'yi or Turkey Town, the largest of the Cherokee settlements and a princi...

12/19/2008 3/22/2011

Brig. Gen. Stand Watie, (CSA), Principal Chief MP (1806 - 1871)

"Brig. General", "CSA", "Principal Chief", "Degataga"

Stand Watie - (1806-1871) Born at Oothcaloga in the Cherokee Nation, Georgia (near present day Rome, Georgia) on December 12, 1806, Stand Watie's Cherokee name was De-ga-ta-ga, or "he stands." He als...

11/6/2008 3/14/2011

Old Tassel MP (1738 - 1788)

"Chief Dutch Tauchee", "Thistle Head", "Corntassel"

Seen as son of Wurteh Fox 1. info from Old Tassel Born after 1730 in Toqua of the Overhills. It has been suggested that he may have been born much earlie...

3/17/2007 3/6/2011

Joseph Vann, Principal Chief MP (1798 - 1844)

"Rich Joe Vann"

Joseph H. Vann, (11 February 1798 – 23 October 1844). He was a Cherokee leader who owned Diamond Hill (now known as the Chief Vann House), many slaves, taverns, and steamboats that he operated on the A...

8/28/2008 3/6/2011

--- from A history of the state of Oklahoma Vol II by Luther B Hill A.B. 1910 Richard B. Choate. A native of the Cherokee nation and a resident of Bunch, Adair county, since his boyhood days, Richa...

3/27/2008 3/6/2011

Chief for 1 day: June 23, 1923

3/5/2011 3/6/2011

Chief for 17 days. Listed on the 1880 CN Census: ;DE, 639; 1890 CN Census: Tahlequah, 1982; Dawes Roll: card# 5858, roll# 14029; Miller Roll: Tahlequah, OK, ap# 27674, roll# 9028; Blood: 1/8 Cherokee; ...

7/12/2009 3/6/2011

Samuel McDaniel Taylor, CSA MP (1818 - 1883)

"Chief Samuel McDaniel Taylor"

Samuel was never a Principal Chief. He was a circuit judge, an Associate Judge of the Supreme Court of the Cherokee Nation, and was Assistant Chief to Stand Watie's Confederate Cherokee briefly during ...

7/12/2009 3/6/2011

Confederate Chief

3/5/2011 3/6/2011

About Christie, Smith Nickname Watt, b. 1817 Union Chief 1863 Cherokee Name: Wa-de Wa-ki-gu. Cherokee Evaluations of 1836 lists Watt Christie as 24 yrs. old and living on a farm at the mouth of the...

3/5/2011 3/6/2011

Pegg, Thomas (Ah-yes-takie) A Major of the 2nd Reg Cherokee Mounted Rifles, CSA (also known as Drew s Regiment & First Reg); after the Battle of Pea Ridge in AR, switched to the Union Side as Capt., ...

3/5/2011 3/6/2011

Charles J Hunt Cherokee Chief for 1 day Charles John Hunt Birth: 1876 Parents: Joseph Henry Hunt, Ruth Jane Harlan Siblings: Frances Catherine Harnage (born Hunt), Jane Lulu Hunt, Natha...

3/5/2011 3/6/2011

Oliver Hazard Perry Brewer, Jr. Born March 15, 1871, O.H.P. Brewer, Jr. was the son of O.H.P. Brewer, Sr. and Delia "Vann" Brewer. He was born near Webbers Falls, Indian Territory. His father had b...

3/5/2011 3/6/2011

William Wirt Hastings (December 31, 1866 - April 8, 1938) was a U.S. Representative from Oklahoma. Born on a farm in Benton County, Arkansas, near the Indian Territory boundary, Hastings moved with h...

10/24/2008 3/6/2011

E-no-li Black Fox, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation MP (c.1746 - 1811)

"Enoli", "Inali"

Black Fox (c. 1746 to 1811) (also known as Enoli, Inali) was a Cherokee leader during the Cherokee American wars. He was a signatory of the Holston Treaty, and named principal chief of the Cherokee Nat...

10/18/2007 3/6/2011

Chief William Abraham Hicks MP (1769 - 1837)

William Abraham Hicks (1769 - 1837?, age 68) became Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation in 1827 after being elected to succeed his older brother, Charles R. Hicks, the longtime Second Principal Chie...

11/6/2008 3/6/2011

Big Tiger, Principal Chief MP (c.1770 - d.)

Big Tiger (1824-1828); principal chief of the faction of those in the Nation following Whitepath's teachings inspired by the Seneca prophet Handsome Lake. Big Tiger (1824-1828); principal chief of the ...

12/25/2008 3/6/2011

Chief Charles Renatus Hicks MP (1767 - 1827)

"Principal Chief"

Note: I have been in touch with a few more Nathan HICKS researchers and also a few in Cherokee Genealogy and History research and they agree that Nancy Broom was married to Nathan's son - Charles. Na'Y...

9/4/2008 3/6/2011

Adopted by Chief Yonaguska Drowning Bear. Drowning Bear called him Wil-Usdi or "Little Will." -------------------- Birth parents of William Holland Thomas were Richard Thomas and Temperance Calvert...

4/27/2010 3/6/2011

Nimrod Jarrett Smith (1837–1893), or Tsaladihi, was the fourth Principal Chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. His father was the Valley River landowner Henry Smith, one of the wealthiest men ...

3/5/2011 3/6/2011

Stillwell Saunooke Principal Chief (1891-1895)

3/5/2011 3/6/2011

Chief Drowning Bear Yonaguska MP (c.1760 - 1839)

"Drowning Bear"

1817-19 Reservations 1: August 03, 1819, #213, at the Governor's island, 16 in family 1817-19 Reservations 2: Reservation released to North Carolina 1835 Census roll: Haywood Co, NC, 2m18-, 1m18+, ...

2/16/2009 3/6/2011

Flying Squirrel, Chief Chief Bet. 1870-75: Principal Chief of CN East. Listed on the 1848 Mullay Roll: # 173 as Flying Squirrel (Cheif of Paint Town); 1851 Siler Roll: Paint Town, Haywood Co., NC, fa...

3/5/2011 3/6/2011

Principal Chief of NC: 1875-1880. Cherokee Name: Dah-si-ki-yah-gih. Nickname: Shoeboot Find A Grave Memorial# 14012015

3/5/2011 3/6/2011

Jesse Reed ( Reid) (1844-aft 1906) Aka: Scotch Jesse , Chief of Eastern Bank of Cherokees. Cherokee Name: Tse si-ska tsi . 1851 Siler roll: Paint Town, Haywood Co, NC, fam# 74, roll# 310 as Jesse...

3/5/2011 3/6/2011

John Goins Welch Principal Chief (1907-1911)

3/5/2011 3/6/2011

Andy Standing Deer Principal Chief (1895-1899)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Joseph A. Saunooke Principal Chief (1911-1915)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Bird Saloloneeta, or Young Squirrel, Principal Chief (1903-1907)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

John A. Tahquette Principal Chief (1927-1931)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

JARRETT BLYTHE Chief of the Tribal Council of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee. 1931-1937 Promoted route through the Qualla Boundary Chief Blythe descended from a line of Cherokee leaders, most promi...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

David Blythe Principal Chief (1915-1919) David Blythe was the son of Jackson Blythe and Ollie Reed. He was the husband of Nannie (Nancy) Jackson Blythe ( married 17.July 1898 JW Birds) He was the h...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Sampson Owl Principal Chief (1923-1927) Principal Chief, 1923-1927; HOH 1870 Jackson Co, NC census w/father; HOH 1880 census Catawba, York County, SC age 27 with wife Susanna 33, stepson George...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Henry Bradley Principal Chief (1947-1951

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Osley Bird Saunooke Principal Chief (1951-1955)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Walter Jackson Principal Chief (1967-1971)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Noah Powell Principal Chief (1971-1973)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

John A. Crowe Principal Chief (1973-1983

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Former Chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Cherokee Nation, a teacher and former superintendent of schools, Joyce Dugan has been a mover and a shaper. Elected to office in 1995, Dugan advoca...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Leon Jones Principal Chief (1999-2003)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

(Chief) Robert S. Youngdeer MP

Cherokee, NC, United States

Principal Chief (1983-1987) and military hero, Robert S. Youngdeer was born April 13, 1922 at Ravensford.The son of Jesse Youngdeer and Martha Jane Owl Youngdeer, he attended Cherokee Boarding School. ...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Principal Chief 1987 - 1995

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Gerard Parker Principal Chief (1995)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

John Hitcher Principal Chief (1939-1946)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Jeff Tindle Principal Chief (1954 – 1960)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

William Glory Principal Chief (1967 - 1979)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Michell Hicks, Principal Chief Eastern Band of Cherokee One of Southwestern Community College’s graduates joined the ranks of film maker George Lucas, actor James Belushi, Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Ha...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Jim Pickup Principal Chief (1946-1954)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

James L. Gordon Principal Chief (1979 – 1983)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

John Hair Principal Chief (1983 – 1991)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Jim Henson Principal Chief (1996 – 2000)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Dallas Proctor Principal Chief 2000 – 2004

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Maj. George Lowrey, Principal Chief MP (c.1770 - 1852)

"Agin'agi'li", "Maj. George Lowery", "Jr.", "Rising Fawn", "Chief George", "lowery"

Native Cherokee Chief. Born Agin'-agi'li and known as Rising Fawn, his father came from Scotland and his mother was the daughter and granddaughter of Echota Cherokee chiefs. He was respected in the tri...

3/17/2007 3/5/2011

Black Coat was the second western Cherokee chief, serving with first chief John Jolly and third chief Walter Webber. Black Coat participated in the Cherokee was against the Osages and was with the gr...

7/14/2008 3/5/2011

Chief Tai-Ya-Gansi-Ni "Dragging Canoe", Principal Chief MP (aft.1734 - 1792)

"Andrew Brown", "Tsíyu-gûnsíní", "Tsiyu Gansini", "Cheucunsene", "Kunnese", "White Raven", "Chief Dragging Canoe Chief of Chickamunga Cherokee", "Dragon Canoe"

Nellie 'Leaf' Ugalogv Pathkiller was not a known wife Dragging Canoe (ᏥᏳ ᎦᏅᏏᏂ, pronounced Tsiyu Gansini, "he is dragging his canoe") (c.1738–February 29, 1792) was a Cherokee war chief who led a ba...

11/2/2008 3/5/2011

Chief John "Young Tassel" Watts MP (aft.1750 - c.1808)

"Kettiegeska or Kunokeski", "Young Tassel", "Captain John", "Kunokeski"

Elected Chief of the Chickamauga Cherokee after the death of Dragging Canoe on March 1, 1792. As with most other early Cherokee men, his wife or wives are unknown. He may have been married to a woman n...

11/24/2007 3/5/2011

Chuqualatague Incalatanga Taltsuska "Doublehead" MP (c.1744 - c.1807)

"Double Head", "Two heads", "Incalatanga", "Taltsuska", "Chuqualatague", "Tal-tsu'tsa", "Talkauska", "Chief Doublehead", "Chuqualatague Incalatanga Talsu"

Seen as son of Chief Great Doublehead and Wurteh Fox Note that "Chuqualataque" is a title, not a name! Doublehead (1744–1807) or Incalatanga (Tal-tsu'tsa in Cherokee), was one of the most feared ...

4/13/2008 3/5/2011

The Glass, or Ta'gwadihi Principal Chief (1807-1809) Event: Fact 27 OCT 1805 Signed treaty of Tellico next to Chief Black Fox, as The Glass, or Tunnquetihee, his x mark (L.S.) Event: Fact 8 JUL 1...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Degadoga Principal Chief (1813-1817) Degadoga, or Tatoka, was an early Cherokee emigrant who succeeded as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation West upon the departure for Spanish Texas in 1813 of t...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Tah-lon-tee-skee of Cayuga, 3rd Principal Chief of Cherokee Nation West MP (b. - 1819)

"Tahlonteeskee", "Tahnonteeskee", "Tahlonteskee", "Tahlontuskee", "Tolluntuskee", "Talotisky"

Chief Tahlonteeskee, who presided over the Cherokee Nation from 1809 to 1818. He was part of the Old Settler band of Cherokees who moved from the ancestral lands in the Southeast United States. They se...

1/18/2009 3/5/2011

John Jolly, Cherokee name Ahuludegi, also known as Oolooteka, was elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation West upon the death of his brother Tahlonteeskee in 1819. He had served as headman of Ca...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

John Looney (c1782 to 1846) was a Cherokee chief. As a young man he served in the army under Andrew Jackson. He later became chief of the Western Cherokee, in which capacity he negotiated with the US g...

11/6/2008 3/5/2011

Chief John Brown Jr MP (1796 - 1822)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John Brown, formerly judge of the Chickamauga District of the Cherokee Nation East, was elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation West 22 April 1839, after ...

11/14/2008 3/5/2011

John (Colonel) Duwa'li Bowles, Principal Chief MP (c.1756 - 1839)

"Chief Duwali", "Chief Bold Hunter", "Diwali Bowls", "Bowl"

Dianna Everett, "BOWL," Handbook of Texas Online ( ), accessed August 02, 2015. Uploaded on June 12, 2010. Published by the Texas State Historical Association. BOWL (ca. 1756–1839). Chief Bowl (als...

11/6/2008 3/5/2011

Takatoka, Principal Chief MP (c.1755 - 1824)

"Ticketoke", "Ta-Ka-To-Kuh", "De'gata'ga", "Degadoga"

Takatoka (1755?–1824)aka: Ticketoke aka: Ta-Ka-To-Kuh aka: De'gata'ga aka: Degadoga Takatoka (whose name is spelled various ways in records of the time and in later histories) was one of the leaders ...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

John Jolly, Cherokee name Ahuludegi, also known as Oolooteka, was elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation West upon the death of his brother Tahlonteeskee in 1819. He had served as headman of Ca...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Capt. John Rogers, Jr., Principal Chief MP (1779 - 1846)


John Rogers was the last elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation West, elected 11 October 1839 by the faction of Old Settlers who rejected the unity constitution of September 1839. The rejection...

1/20/2007 3/5/2011

The following are notes from Charitey Hagey, Uku of Tugaloo The headman of Tugaloo, known as Charitey Hagey "the conjuror," assured the South Carolinians that his people no longer held anti-English s...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Ostenaco Outacite "Mankiller" of Settico, Cherokee Emissary to England MP (c.1703 - 1780)

"Outassity", "Otacite", "Outacity", "Otassata", "Ottassite", "Outassatah", "Wootassite", "Wrosetasatow", "Utsidihi", "Mankiller", "Lame Arm", "Bad Water", "Emperor of Tellico", "Tacite of Euphassee", "Mankiller of Hiwassee", "the Young Emperor", "Outacite or Mankiller"

Ostenaco Born c. 1703, Died c. 1780 Nationality: Cherokee Ostenaco (Ustanakwa, or "Big Head") , who preferred to go by the warrior's title he earned at any early age, "Mankiller" (Utsidihi), al...

2/23/2008 3/5/2011

Uku (1729-1730)

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Moytoy, of Tellico MP (c.1687 - 1741)

"Amatoya", "Trader Carpenter", "Rain or Water Conjuror", "Amoadawehi", "Amahetai", "Head warrior of Tellico of the Overhills", "Trader", "Water Conjurer", ""Trader" Carpenter the 1st Moytoy Chief of Chota", "Rain Maker", "Amo-adawehi", "CHIEF OF TELLICO", "SUPREME CHIEF OF TH..."

---------------------------------------------- CURATOR's NOTE: Please read the following update by Kathryn Forbes, a Cherokee genealogical expert: The ‘Am-a-do-ya Moytoy’ tree [often] starts with a...

3/17/2007 3/5/2011

Amouskositte Moytoy, Uku of Great Tellico MP (1728 - d.)

"Amo-sgiasite ("Dreadful Water")", "Amoscossite"

Amouskositte, or Amo-sgiasite ("Dreadful Water"), of Great Tellico was the son of Moytoy of Tellico and attempted to succeed him as "Emperor of the Cherokee", a title given his father by Alexander Cumi...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Kanagatoga "Old Hop", Uku of Chota, First Beloved Man of the Cherokee MP (1690 - 1761)

"CUNNE SHOTE", "Ka Na Fire"

from Kathryn Forbes: Known as: Old Hop, Connecorte, Standing Turkey Kanagatoga/Connecorte, the Cherokee chief called ‘Old Hop’ by whites due to a limp from an early injury, was born in the Chota/Ov...

8/21/2007 3/5/2011

Chief Attakullakulla "Little Carpenter" of Tanasi, Cherokee Emissary to England MP (c.1699 - c.1782)

"Attacullaculla", "Ounaconoa", "Oukanaekah", "Leaning Wood", "Alexander Cameron", "Little Carpenter", "Atta-kulla-kulla", "Ata-Kullakilla", "Ata-culculla", "Atagulkalu", "Attakullakulla", "White Owl "Raven of Chota" "Savannah Tom Carpenter" Moytoy I"

Atakullakulla (A-da-gul-ka-lu) Atakullakulla, or Little Carpenter, was a Civil Chief of the Cherokee and friend of the English who arranged for the release of Oconostota, the War Chief who had been c...

7/7/2007 3/5/2011

Nothing is known of Oconostota’s early life. His parents are unknown. He was born about 1710 in the Overhill area of the Cherokee Nation (estimated from age of about 73 at his death in 1783*). [Kelly, ...

3/17/2007 3/5/2011

Kahlonah of Tassetchee, the Raven of Chota, Cherokee Emissary to London MP (c.1690 - bef.1755)

"Kalanu", "Colonah", "Kalanah", "Caulunna", "Colunna", "Collannah", "Kolunna"

Kahlonah, Raven of Chota. Born c. 1690. “Raven (Kah lo nah when transliterated from Cherokee) was a title, not a man, so there were multiple men known as “Raven of Chota.” This man was one of the seven...

11/6/2008 3/5/2011

Little Turkey, Uku MP (1758 - 1801)

Little Turkey was elected First Beloved Man by the general council of the Cherokee upon the move of the council's seat to Ustanali on the Conasauga River following the murder of Corntassel in 1788. The...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Uskwa'li-gu'ta (Hanging Maw), Uku MP (c.1710 - c.1792)

"Willioki Uskwatiguta", "Hanging-Maw", "Uskwá′lĭ­gû′tǎ", "'his stomach hangs down'"

Hanging Maw, or Uskwa'li-gu'ta in Cherokee, was the leading chief of the Overhill Cherokee from 1788 to 1794. He became chief following the death of Old Tassel, during the troubled period following the...

11/2/2008 3/5/2011

Chadwick Ugista ᎤᎩᏍᏔ "Corntassel" Smith Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation In office 1999 – present Chadwick "Corntassel" Smith (Cherokee name Ugista:ᎤᎩᏍᏔ derived from Cherokee word for "Corn...

3/5/2011 3/5/2011

Wilma Pearl Mankiller (November 18, 1945 – April 6, 2010) was the first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation. She served as principal chief for ten years from 1985 to 1995. Wilma Pearl Mankiller was...

3/4/2011 3/5/2011

Ross O. Swimmer is the Special Trustee for American Indians at the U.S. Department of the Interior. Swimmer attended Oklahoma University, where he received both his Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor de...

3/4/2011 3/5/2011

W. W. Keeler MP (1908 - 1987)

"W. W. Keeler", "Bill"

KEELER, WILLIAM WAYNE (1908-1987) Chief executive officer of Phillips Petroleum Company and chief of the Cherokee Nation, William Wayne Keeler was born April 5, 1908, in Dalhart, Texas, and grew up i...

3/4/2011 3/5/2011

Jesse Bartley Milam, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation MP (1884 - 1949)

"Jesse Milam", "Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation"

MILAM, JESSE BARTLEY (1884-1949) Bartley Milam served as a model Cherokee leader and businessman in twentieth-century America. His character attributes of adaptation and resilience mirrored the charact...

10/8/2009 3/5/2011

MAYES, SAMUEL HOUSTON (1845-1927) Cherokee chief, rancher, and entrepreneur Samuel Houston Mayes was born to Samuel and Nancy Adair Mayes on May 11, 1845, at Muddy Springs, near present Stilwell, i...

12/4/2009 3/5/2011

Col Johnson. Harris was born April 19, 1856. His father was White and his mother was Cherokee. Harris' public life began with his election to the Cherokee senate in 1881. On the death of J.B. Mayes, he...

7/12/2009 3/5/2011

Joel Bryan Mayes (Tsa-wa Gak-ski, Ꮳ Ꮹ ᎦK ᏍᎩ, in Cherokee) (1833 – 1891) was Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Early life and educationHe was born in present-day Bartow County, Georgia on Octo...

12/4/2009 3/5/2011

Chief Thompson.Charles Thompson (Oochalata, ᎤᏤᎳᏔ, in Cherokee) lived near the present-day site of Lake Spavinaw, following the Trail of Tears. He served in Drew's Regiment of the Army of the Confederat...

3/4/2011 3/5/2011

Cherokee Chief William C. Rogers MP (1849 - 1917)

"Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation"

William Charles Rogers was born near Claremore, Oklahoma on the 13th of December 1847. A successful farmer, he entered local politics in 1881. A member of the Downing Party, he was elected Principal ...

7/12/2009 3/5/2011

The only surviving regularly-elected chief of the Cherokee Nation in Indian Territory is Thomas Mitchell Buffington. Born in Goingsnake district on October 15, 1855, Mr. Buffington's public life began ...

7/12/2009 3/5/2011

Dennis Bushyhead (born March 18, 1826, died 1898) was the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. He served from 1879 to 1887. Bushyhead was born in the state of Tennessee, the oldest son of Rev. Jesse...

7/12/2009 3/5/2011

Lewis Downing , Chief of the Cherokee Nation (1823-1872) Born; 1823,Tennessee, USA Died; 1872, Tahlequah, OK Principal Chief of the Cherokees (1867-1872);(Cherokee, Irish, and English); Vice-Ch...

10/11/2009 3/5/2011

William R. Ross was Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation During two separate terms. On October 19, 1866, he was chosen by the National Council to fill the unexpired term of Chief Ross. His job was to...

2/28/2011 3/5/2011

John Guwisguwi Ross, Chief of the Cherokee Nation MP (1790 - 1866)

"Guwisguwi Tsanusdi or", "Chief John Ross"

John Ross (October 3, 1790 - August 1, 1866), also known as Guwisguwi (a mythological or rare migratory bird), was Principal Chief of the Cherokee Native American Nation from 1828-1866. Described as th...

10/26/2007 3/5/2011