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Gunni Óláfsson MP (c.1219 - d.)

Gunni Óláfsson is said to have been the first chief of Clan Gunn. Traditionally, he was said to have been a younger son of Oláfr the Black , the Norse King of Man and the Isles, who died in 1237. Howev...

6/8/2018 6/8/2018

5/10/2009 6/7/2018

N.N. Henderson Gunn MP (c.1480 - d.)

5/10/2009 6/7/2018

Robert Henderson Gunn MP (c.1455 - 1506)

"Henderson", "Gunn"

1/26/2009 6/7/2018

Bessie Gunn MP (c.1438 - d.)

"Elizabeth", "Bessie", "Mary"

A daughter of George Gunn the Crowner married Hugh MacDonald of Sleat. Her name is unknown but she is variously called Mary, Elizabeth, and Bessie. "It was in the time of this crowner Gun that Hugh...

11/23/2008 6/7/2018

Torquil Gunn MP (c.1434 - d.)

The name of Torquil's mother is unknown.

1/26/2009 6/7/2018

George Gunn (c.1430 - d.)

He was grandfather of Torquil Gunn, from whom descends the MacCorkills and MacCorkles.

6/7/2018 6/7/2018

William Gunn MP (c.1428 - d.)

He was one of the Crowners' younger sons. He followed his brother Eanruig to Sutherland and later settled in the area of Dale and Halkirk. He was ancestor of the MacUilliams, MacWilliams, Williamsons, ...

1/26/2009 6/7/2018

Alastair Gunn MP (c.1426 - d.)


He was engaged to marry his cousin, the beautiful Helen Gunn, when she was abducted by Dugald Keith, touching off a feud between the families.

9/21/2009 6/7/2018

John "Iain" Gunn MP (c.1424 - 1464)

"Iain Gunn"

John, Son of George the Crowner, was the third born of eight siblings. from John comes: Johnson. He was the third son, and was killed with his father at the Battle of Saint Tair. His son Iain II move...

1/26/2009 6/7/2018

Donald of Braemore (deceased)

Donald of Braemore was the son of Robert, (Robert was the 2nd son of George Gunn the Crowner (Coroner)). Mark Rugg Gunn, History of the Clan Gunn

6/7/2018 6/7/2018

William Cattach Gunn MP (b. - 1540)

6/7/2018 6/7/2018

Mary Gunn MP (deceased)

She was the Crowner's second daughter, perhaps by a second marriage.

6/7/2018 6/7/2018

Robert Gunn MP (c.1422 - 1464)


Robert, (Robin) was the second born of eight siblings. He was the second son and was killed with his father. His son Donald Robson established the line of Gunn of Braemore in the southern heights of ...

6/19/2008 6/7/2018

James "Seamus" Gunn MP (c.1420 - aft.1464)


James of Kildonan and Kinbrace is believed to be the oldest son of George Gunn the Crowner, (Coroner). There were eight siblings. James is said to have survived the battle of Tears with some of his bro...

1/26/2009 6/7/2018

Olaf Sweynsson MP (c.1135 - d.)

As a young child, he was kidnapped by Jon Wing, a second cousin to his father, in retaliation for his father's abduction of Jon Wing's two brothers, Peter and Blann. When Jarl Rögnvaldr spotted Oláfr o...

4/16/2014 12/15/2016

Olaf II "the Black", King of Isle of Man MP (c.1173 - 1237)

"Olaf", "Olof", "Gudrodsson"

Óláfr Guðrøðarson , commonly known in English as Olaf the Black , was a mid 13th century sea king who ruled the Isle of Man (Mann) and parts of the Hebrides. Wikipedia Olaf II "The Black" Gudrödsso...

2/2/2007 12/13/2016

Wife of Óttarr Snaekollson MP (c.1235 - c.1295)

Óttarr Snaekollsson might have married a daughter of Óláfr Guðrøðsson of Man. Such a marriage would explain why Óláfr might have had a grandson named Gunni , born about 1250. It would also be one expla...

2/2/2007 12/13/2016

Gunni Óláfsson MP (c.1112 - d.)


Gunni Óláfsson , perhaps the eponymous ancestor of Clan Gunn. He spent much of his life at Duncansby Head on the Scottish mainland in his father's home. About 1150, Jarl Harald outlawed Gunni for havin...

4/16/2014 12/13/2016

Óláfr Hrólfson, of Gairsay MP (c.1075 - 1136)

He ruled Gairsay as Steward (Gøding) of Páll II (about 1123-1136), the Norse Jarl of Orkney. In 1135, Oláfr joined his ship with Jarl Páll's fleet in an attack on Olvir Rosta, a chieftain from Suther...

5/10/2009 12/13/2016

Morrison says she is either Bessie Gunn, or Bessie Rorison, but gives no documentation (Leonard Morrison, History of the Sinclair Family in Europe and America (1896)). Some sources give her name as Bes...

5/10/2009 4/24/2014

He was chief of the Henderson Gunns. His descendants used the name Rorieson or Rorison. The traditional account of the Caithness Hendersons is that they are descended from Henry Gunn, a younger son o...

5/10/2009 4/24/2014

Henry "Eanruig" Gunn MP (c.1432 - aft.1468)

Henry (Eanruig) was one of the Crowners' younger sons, perhaps the youngest. According to the story, the brothers retreated from Caithness to Sutherland after they were defeated by the Keiths at the ...

1/26/2009 4/24/2014

George Gunn, Coroner of Caithness MP (c.1380 - 1464)

"Am Braisdeach Mor (Great Brooch Wearer)", "the Crowner", "Am Braisdeach Mor", "Big Broochy"

George Gunn is said to have been 8th Chief of Clan Gunn, and Coroner of Caithness. He is the earliest proven ancestor of the family. Traditionally, he was said to be son of James Gunn of Ulbster . By...

6/19/2008 4/24/2014

Helen Gunn of Braemore MP (c.1430 - d.)

According to the legend, she was engaged to marry her cousin Alastair, when she was kidnapped by Dugald Keith of Ackergill. She killed herself rather than marry her captor.

4/16/2014 4/24/2014

Lachlan Gunn of Braemore MP (c.1400 - d.)

Tradition says Lachlan Gunn's daughter Helen Gunn was a "cousin" of her fiance Alastair Gunn. If that statement can be read as "first cousins", then Lachlan would have been a brother of George Gunn, th...

4/16/2014 4/24/2014

James "Seamas" Gunn of Ulbster MP (c.1345 - 1398)

"Seumas Gunn"

1/26/2009 4/24/2014

Sir Donald Gunn MP (c.1320 - d.)

He was 6th Chief of Clan Gunn.

11/23/2008 4/24/2014

Ingram Gunn MP (c.1290 - 1340)

He was 5th Chief of Clan Gunn. He witnessed the 1328 Treaty of Northampton with England, under which Scotland finally gained its independence, after the wars of succession that began with the death of ...

1/26/2009 4/24/2014

Jakop / James Gunn MP (c.1260 - d.)

"James Gunn", "Seumas Gunn"

Victorian clan histories call him 4th Chief of Clan Gunn. He was said to be son of Óttarr Snaekollson and father of Ingram Gunn or Donald Gunn . He probably lived in the neighborhood of Clyth on the ea...

1/26/2009 4/24/2014

Óttarr Snaekollson MP (c.1230 - d.)

Victorian clan histories claim him as 3rd Chief of Clan Gunn and say he succeeded to his father's lands in 1231, when his father fled to Norway. The family supposedly lost their lands in Orkney, but st...

5/10/2009 4/24/2014

Snaekollr Eiríksson MP (c.1175 - aft.1239)

"Snaekollr Gunnason", "Snaekol"

Snaekollr (c1175-after 1231). His given name means "White Head". Victorian clan histories claim him as 2nd Chief of Clan Gunn. He was said to have been the son of Gunni , the first chief, by Ragnhildr ...

5/10/2009 4/24/2014

Gunni Andresson MP (c.1170 - 1213)

Gunni Andresson , ( Andreasson , Andersson ). Many modern clan histories say this Gunni was the first chief of Clan Gunn. Traditionally, the first chief was said to be Gunni Óláfsson , who was said to ...

1/26/2009 4/24/2014

Andres Sweynson MP (c.1140 - d.)

He led a fairly peaceful and obscure life on the island of Wyre, though others have suggested that he might have been the Anders who, with six other men and their collected armies, besieged Malcolm IV ...

5/10/2009 4/24/2014

Sveinn Ásleifarson MP (c.1110 - 1171)

""the Ultimate Viking""

Sweyn Asleifsson or Sveinn Ásleifarson (c. 1115 – 1171). He was one of the heroes of the Orkneyinga Saga , which portrays him as a charismatic character. He has come to personify the archetypal Vikin...

5/10/2009 4/24/2014