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Patrick Ruthven MP (1489 - d.)

12/22/2008 2/10/2015

Claus Ritter MP (b. - 1616)

Ratsumestari. Läänityksenä Hauho, Tulittulan neljännes. Teda on peetud šoti päritolu Ruthvenite suguvõsa liikmeks:

3/17/2008 10/28/2010

William Ruthven of Balerno MP (c.1343 - c.1428)

3/17/2008 10/20/2010

Sir William Ruthven MP (c.1272 - c.1345)

3/17/2008 10/20/2010

Sir William Ruthven MP (1321 - 1376)

Ruthven, of That Ilk....

3/17/2008 10/20/2010

Sir William Ruthven of that Ilk MP (c.1246 - 1298)

3/17/2008 10/20/2010

Sir William Ruthven, Knight MP (c.1528 - 1599)

3/17/2008 10/20/2010

Sir Walter Ruthven swore fealty to Edward I of England in 1291 and 1296.[2] However in 1292 he had led thirty men to help William Wallace at the siege of Perth.[2] Ruthven was also with Christopher Sea...

3/17/2008 10/20/2010

. Walter was not biological grandson of Swein, but via Eva's husband's (Alan) 2nd wife Alcestor/Alison. Walter assumed the name Ruthven even if not quite correct.

3/17/2008 10/20/2010

Charles VI de Valois, roi de France MP (1368 - 1422)

"Charles VI "The Beloved" King of France", "The Beloved", "The Mad", "Emperior Charles IV", "The Mad King Of France", "Charles /Valois/", "Charles VI the Beloved // King of France", "Le Bien-Aimbe", "called the Beloved (French: le Bienaimé) and the Mad (French:le Fol or"

Charles VI (3 December 1368 – 21 October 1422), called the Well-loved (French: le Bien-Aimé) and the Mad (French: le Fol or le Fou), was the King of France from 1380 to 1422, as a member of the Hou...

2/11/2007 10/20/2010

Sir Patrick Ruthven of that Ilk MP (c.1431 - 1480)

"Sir Patrick Ruthven of that Ilk"

Patrick Ruthven, 3rd Lord Ruthven From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Not to be confused with Patrick Ruthven, 1st Earl of Brentford. Patrick Ruthven, 3rd Lord Ruthven (c. 1520 – June 13, 1566), play...

3/17/2008 10/20/2010

8/11/2008 10/20/2010

John Ruthven MP (1472 - d.)

8/11/2008 10/20/2010

Sir John Ruthven MP (c.1397 - c.1454)

John Ruthven 1395 - 1451 Birth: 1395 Ruthven Castle, Perthshire, Scotland Occupation: Laird of Ruthven and Sheriff of Perth. Marriage: Marriage to: Margaret Ruthven (born of Scotland) 1430 Ruthven ...

3/17/2008 10/20/2010

Andreas Ruthven MP (deceased)

3/17/2008 10/20/2010

Alexander Ruthven of Freeland MP (c.1535 - 1599)

7/5/2008 10/20/2010

Lady Mary Ruthven was the daughter of William Ruthven, 1st Earl of Gowrie and Dorothea Stewart.[1] She married, firstly, John Stewart, 5th Earl of Atholl, son of John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl and Ma...

12/16/2008 10/20/2010

Lilias Ruthven MP (c.1526 - 1579)


6/24/2008 10/20/2010

WILLIAM, MASTER OF RUTHVEN William, Master of Ruthven, is the eldest son and heir of Sir William Ruthven of that Ilk, afterwards first Lord Ruthven, and his first wife Isabel Levington. The Scots Pee...

3/17/2008 10/20/2010