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Tobias Hanson, I (1640 - 1693)

"American Genealogical-Biographical Index shows birth in RI"

(II.1) Tobias2 Hanson, eldest son of Thomas1 Hanson, born in Cocheco (Dover), New Hampshire Colony, in ca. 1640, married Elizabeth Boyce, daughter of Joseph and Eleanor Boyce, of Salem, Massachusetts B...

4/11/2007 3/15/2016

William Pitman, of Oyster River MP (1632 - 1682)

"William Pitman"

Biography ==William Pitman was a blacksmith.[1] He was born about 1632 and died in 1682 in Dover, New Hampshire. He married first to Barbara Evans in Boston on 29 Nov 1653[2] He married second to Ann (...

6/12/2007 2/28/2016

Mary Louise Otis MP (1657 - 1689)

Most likely dies in the same Indian attack as husband. Killed during the Cochecho massacre with her husband Stephen Otis. Remains most likely are still at the site of her father-in-law's garrison, whic...

6/13/2007 2/28/2016

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kancamagus pronounced Kank-ah-MAW-gus, The Fearless One , third and final Sagamore of the Penacook Confederacy of Native American tribes. Nephew of Wonalancet and ...

2/27/2016 2/27/2016

Sarah Gerrish MP (c.1681 - 1697)

She was taken prisoner by Indians during the Cocheco Massacre in 1689. She was taken to Quebec and held captive there for 16 months, until released through a prisoner exchange.Source: 3 Gerrish was bor...

10/16/2009 8/8/2014

Dictionnaire biographique du Canada, Vol II : 1701-1740: family of Jean Vincent d'ABBADIE de SAINT-CASTIN and Marie Pidiwammiskwa ..[85718] ABBADIE de SAINT-CASTIN (d'), Jean Vincent (Jean Jacques d'AB...

9/10/2007 8/8/2014

Maj. Richard Waldron MP (bef.1615 - 1689)

"Walderne", "Walden", "William /Walderne/"

Major Richard Waldron (or Richard Walderne) (1615 - 1689) dominated the society and economy of early colonial Dover, New Hampshire and had a substantial presence in greater New Hampshire and in neighbo...

5/18/2007 8/8/2014

Elizabeth Heard MP (c.1628 - 1706)

At the time of the Indian massacre on 28 June 1689, she was coming up the river at night with one daughter and three sons. Her escape from the massacre was narrated by Cotton Mather in one of his works...

3/2/2007 4/28/2014

Capt. John Heard MP (1612 - 1688)

"Great Pilgrim Migration- Progenitor 7- Heard Line- from England to coastal Maine late 1630's- then to Dover", "NH"

John & Elizabeth (Hull) Heard were my 8th Great-Grandparents ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ He was a yeoman, and ship's captain. ...

3/2/2007 4/28/2014

Martha Pinkham MP (c.1656 - 1729)


On June 28, 1689, when she was about 19, Indians attacked her father's garrison, killed her father, brother, and half-sister. They took her captive, along with her step-mother, three sisters, the child...

6/26/2008 12/24/2013

Mary Varney MP (1674 - 1735)

Taken captive by Indians as far as Conway, NH, but was returned safely. Father and grandfather killed by Indians. Varney and Mary Otis were married about 1692 in Dover, NH.Their children born in Dover:...

2/22/2008 11/26/2013

Nathaniel alias Paul Hotesse (c.1684 - 1730)

"Paul (Nathaniel) Otis", "Paul Nathaniel Hotesse", "Nathaniel Paul Hotesse (Otis)"

Biography== Nathaniel alias Paul (Otis) Hotesse was born circa 1684 in Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire. His parents were Stephen Otis and Mary (Pitman) Otis . Nathaniel alias Paul married Elizabeth Oti...

6/26/2008 11/26/2013

Françoise Rose Potvin MP (1677 - 1729)

Nee Rose Otis a DOVER, New Hamshire.Les americains livraient courament des combats aux amerindiens de la nouvelle-angleterre. Les americains massacrairent plusieurs amerindiens lors de combat a Cochoca...

10/25/2007 11/26/2013

Stephen Otis MP (c.1652 - 1689)

Biography== Stephen Otis was born circa 1652 in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire. His parents were Richard Otis and Rose (Stoughton) Otis . Stephen married Mary (Pitman) Otis on April 16, 1674 in...

10/25/2007 11/26/2013

Grizel Robitaille MP (1662 - 1750)


Grizel Warren (1662-1750) was captured on 28 June 28 when Indians attacked the Otis garrison and killed her husband. She and her 3-month-old daughter Margaret were sold to the French in Canada. She was...

6/26/2008 11/26/2013

Hannah Otis MP (1687 - 1689)

She was two years old when Indians attacked her father's garrison and killed her by bashing her head on the stairs. Killed during the Cochecho massacre. Most of her remains most likely still at the sit...

6/26/2008 11/26/2013

Margaret Baker MP (1689 - 1773)

"Christine Hotesse", "Christine LeBeau"

Margaret Otis was 3 months old when Indians attacked her father's garrison. Her father was killed, and she and her mother were taken captive. They were sold to the French in Canada, and baptized as Rom...

4/12/2008 11/26/2013

John Otis dit L'Anglais MP (1680 - 1760)

"Jean Baptiste"

John "Jean Baptiste Otis dit L'Anglais" Otis was born in 1680 in Dover, New Hampshire, and died September 16, 1760 at Baie St. Paul, Quebec.Parents: Richard Otis and Anne-Shuah Otis (Conley).Married: C...

3/4/2008 11/26/2013

Richard Otis MP (1616 - 1689)

This profile is in the 1924 genealogical study A Genealogical and Historical Memoir of the Otis Family in America by William A. the probable son of Stephen. However, this book has been found to...

5/29/2007 11/26/2013