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Richard John Minshew (1650 - 1700)

Richard Minshew, possibly a son of Henry Minshew [who arrived in VA ca 1635/7] was born ca 1650 in VA and died ca 1700 in Nansemond County, VA. His wife’s name was Mercy. Another possible son of He...

6/25/2009 1/9/2020

John 'The First' Fowler MP (1638 - bef.1683)

"John I Fowler", "John William Fowler"

John Fowler was born 1638 in Malsborough, Wiltshire, England, and died 1683 in Henrico Co., VA. According to the House of Fowler, Our John Fowler, believed to be the son of Christopher, arrived in Virg...

6/9/2007 1/8/2020

Alexander Cleveland, Sr. MP (bef.1687 - 1770)

Roger Cleveland’s children (John, Elizabeth, and Alexander--who married Milly Presley and advanced the Southern line) were all born in Gloucester County. Abingdon Parish records show that Alexander was...

7/5/2008 10/28/2018

Capt. John Wright MP (c.1637 - 1688)

6/25/2009 7/17/2018

Peter Hole (1715 - 1776)

If Peter was born in 1715 in England then his mother Catherina was Jacob Hole Jr.s wife before Jacob Jr. came with next wife Barbara and four sons to America. Since Peter died in Virginia in his sixtie...

6/5/2008 5/1/2018

Sir John Thomas Richard Ussery, Kt. (1640 - 1686)


Need proof of his parental connection. Per this link, it is highly unlikey he had Eure parentage: Sources: up-dated 01/01/09 JRTM * John Thomas Richard Ussery b 1640 Belton I...

8/7/2008 2/25/2018

Capt. David Peebles MP (1593 - 1659)

"Edward", "Peoples", "Peibils"

Was a Royalist officer in Scotland. Had to leave in 1649 when Cromwell defeated Charles I. Sailed for the Colonies and never returned to Scotland. Notes for David Peibils Abstracts of VA Land Patents...

1/7/2008 1/26/2018

Tombstone is inscribed: C. HERSCHMAN A Revolutionary Soldier / In the 96 year He went by "Christopher". Born in Gemmingen, a town in the district of Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germa...

3/9/2013 11/22/2017

Dorothy Wyatt MP (c.1730 - 1767)

"Peyton", "Dorothy"

GEDCOM Source ===@R-1287043023@ Ancestry Family Trees Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. Ancestry Family Tree GEDCOM Sour...

7/22/2011 10/10/2016

Joseph Wyatt MP (1728 - 1767)

=== GEDCOM Source ===@R-1287043023@ U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 Yates Publishing Operations Inc 1,7836::0 Source number: 23866.002; Source type: Pedigree chart; Nu...

12/26/2008 10/10/2016

Anne Maria Barber (1680 - 1732)


3/5/2013 10/9/2016

Major William Barber (c.1675 - 1733)

William BARBER Major died in , York, VA. Justice 1705, Burgess 1710, Church Warden York-Hampton Parish 1703.Also in rec ords of Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg, Va. Parents: Thomas BARBER Capt. and ...

3/5/2013 10/9/2016

William White, Rev. MP (1580 - 1657)


1/24/2007 10/8/2016

He appears not to have been the son of Alexander White of Stourton-le-Steeple, Nottinghmashire, England. He may have been the son of some other Alexander White. Henry White, ll, in Bruton Parish, Yor...

11/6/2012 10/7/2016

Ann Cornett MP (c.1697 - 1767)

"Ann Canute"

7/9/2008 10/3/2016

John Drayton (c.1612 - 1682)

1/7/2008 10/2/2016

Children of William Peebles and Judeth (---) were as follows: + 21 i William4 Peebles (II), born c1670 in Wynoke Parish, Charles City, Virginia. He married (1) Elizabeth Hamlin. He married (2) Martha G...

1/7/2008 10/1/2016

Ens. Thomas Keeling MP (1607 - 1664)

THOMAS2 KEELING (JOHN1) was born Bet. 1608 - 1613 in England, and died May 24, 1664 in VA, Lower Norfolk Co. He married ANNE THOROWGOOD Bef. 1637, daughter of ADAM THOROWGOOD and SARAH OFFLEY. Note...

2/20/2008 9/30/2016

Capt. Adam Keeling MP (c.1639 - 1683)

Adam Keeling was born to Lt. Col Thomas Keeling aka: Ensign Keeling and his wife Anne (Thorowgood) Keeling c. 1637 in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia (Age based upon being named for and being an heir of...

12/17/2008 9/29/2016

George Washington, 1st President of the United States MP (1732 - 1799)

"The Father of Our Country", "First President of the United States", "President"

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Washington served as a general and commander-in-chief of the colonial armies during the American Revolution, and later...

4/3/2007 9/28/2016

Lt. Francis Mason, Ancient Planter MP (1584 - bef.1648)

"Ancient Planter"

Lt. Francis Mason (1st), Cavalier & Adventurer, and Ancient Planter of Jamestown, Virginia Company. Lt. Francis Mason (1), is the American Patriarch of this genealogy (Torrence & Allied Families) arriv...

7/23/2007 9/25/2016

James Samford (1624 - 1704)

"James Samford", "James Sanford"

8/24/2008 9/25/2016

Capt. John Clay, Ancient Planter MP (c.1588 - c.1635)

"John Claye", ""The English Grenadier""

Captain John Clay came to Jamestown, Virginia aboard the "Treasurer," in 1613. A soldier in the British army, John gained the rank of Captain by the age of 21 and was sent to Virginia to control proble...

2/18/2007 9/25/2016

George Sandys, who served as Jamestown's inaugural resident treasurer from 1621-25, sold his 400 northside acres in James City to Edward Grendon in the 1620s. When Grendon passed away in 1628, he left ...

7/25/2008 9/25/2016

John Clay, Il MP (c.1624 - c.1647)

JOHN5 CLAY (JOHN4, SIR JOHN3, JOHN "OF GLOUCHESTER"2, JOHN "OF DERBY"1) was born Abt 1624 in Charles City County, Va, and died Abt 1647 in Charles City County, Va. He married ELIZABETH Abt 1644 in Char...

5/7/2011 9/25/2016

Mary Pulliam MP (c.1645 - 1675)

Sources "Ancestral File v4.19," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 11 August 2012), entry for Mary CLARKE.

9/9/2007 9/24/2016

Sir James Watkins (c.1555 - c.1624)

Early Watkins Settlers to America in 1600’s
Captain John Smith founded the Jamestown colony in 1607. Watkins Point takes its name from James Watkins, a soldier in the expedition of Captain John Smith i...

9/29/2007 9/12/2016

Elinor Rogers (1696 - 1750)

"Ellen", "Ellin", "Elinor", "Ellinor Hugh"


3/3/2007 9/9/2016

Earl Cornett, the Immigrant MP (1696 - c.1788)

"Earl Canutte", "Earl Cornett", "Earl Canute"

Additional Curator's Notes: "Earl" was not commonly used as a given name in the 1600's. The use here is based on family websites. No documents have turned up to prove or disprove the name. I have see...

7/13/2007 9/5/2016

5/9/2008 9/3/2016

George Bledsoe MP (1635 - 1705)

George Bledsoe came to America in 1652 as headright for Col. Hugh McGwin. Alternate Birth Year: 1635 Family From George Bledsoe, b. ca. 1630 England d. between 23 Jan 1704/5 and 15 Aug 1705 ......

7/19/2007 9/1/2016

Two ships John & Francis and Phoenix, collectively known as "the First Supply," left London for the newly established settlement in Virginia.—"Edward Gurgana" was one of those on board the Phoenix. The...

8/24/2008 8/22/2016

Captain John Rolfe, Ancient Planter MP (bef.1585 - bef.1622)

"John Rolfe", "John Thomas Rolfe"

John Rolfe , son of John Rolfe and Dorothea Mason, was born in 1585 in England and died in 1622 in Jamestown Settlement, Virginia. Married (1) Sarah Hacker, died in Bermuda; (2) Pocahontas, died in Eng...

2/23/2007 8/16/2016

John Chandler, l MP (bef.1599 - 1657)

David White provides an alternate birthdate of February 23, 1595 From The Chandler Family Association: John Chandler of Virginia 1600 - 1658 NOTE: This is a biographical sketch. Many more det...

3/11/2007 8/14/2016

Capt. John Smith MP (1698 - 1776)

"Title of Captain also sometimes used"

Ref: History of Tazewell County and Southwest Virginia by William C. Pendleton Capt. John Smith, born 1698 in England, migrated to Ulster County, Ireland, married Margaret Schoenhafter, came to Ameri...

7/18/2009 8/14/2016

John Dods, of the Jamestown Colony MP (1571 - 1652)

"John Dodson", "John Jesse"

Note: Pay no attention to the drivel dispensed of no known this or that. I have the birth, death, census records connecting these individuals together, I spent thousands of my own money and months of m...

4/11/2008 8/14/2016

Anne Clay, Ancient Planter MP (c.1589 - bef.1638)

"Claye", "Anne Nichols", "Not Anne Gaskell"

JOHN CLAY (Called "The English Grenadier"), b. ca 1592, probably Monmouthshire, Wales; d. ca 1638, Charles City Co., Va; md. ca 1623, probably at Jamestown to ANNE _____. Who arrived in 1623 on the "AN...

2/18/2007 8/14/2016

Edward Clark, Ancient Planter of Virginia MP (aft.1592 - c.1666)


Parents of John Clark, pilot of “the Mayflower” & Joan Clark are not proven. Edward Clarke was listed as an ancient planter of Virginia, 1614-16, and again in Feb 1623. In 1624, he was awarded 200 ac...

11/8/2008 8/14/2016

LANE, Ralph (c.1532-1603), of London. Family and Education b. c.1528, 2nd s. of Sir Ralph Lane (d.1541) of Orlingbury, Northants. by Maud, da. and coh. of William Parr†, 1st Baron Parr of Horton; b...

4/1/2008 8/14/2016

Richard Pace, Jr., Ancient Planter MP (c.1580 - bef.1625)


Richard Pace, "Ancient Planter" Parents: Richard Pace, Alice Reade Married: Isabella Smyth "England Marriages, 1538–1973 ," database, FamilySearch ( : 10 February 2018), Richard Pace and Isab...

5/11/2007 8/14/2016

Col. John Smith, of "Purton" MP (c.1663 - 1698)

"John Jr (Col) Smith", "Major John Smith", "John (Col) Smith Jr"

Lt. Col. John Smith of Purton, Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses, b. 1662; d. 14 Apr 1698; m. 17 Feb 1680 Wife: Mary Warner Married =(17 Feb 1680) Mary Warner; d. 12 Nov 1700; dau of Col. Augu...

6/3/2007 8/14/2016

Col. John George MP (1604 - 1679)

"Colonel John George"

1.     Colonel John George, son of unknown parents, was born in 1602/1603 in England. He died in Jan 1678/1679 in Isle of Wight Co, VA. married Jane before 7 Nov 1635 in England. Jane was born ab...

2/16/2007 8/10/2016

Jacob Jackson (c.1735 - 1787)

7/24/2007 8/9/2016

Capt. Richard Burton MP (1580 - 1660)

Family From Richard Burton (1580 - 1660) Son of Francis Burton Husband of Katherine (Christian) Burton Their children were ... 1. Judith Burton(m. 1st., William Hunt, Sr. and 2nd., Ri...

2/17/2007 8/5/2016

Thomas Chappell, Sr. MP (1611 - 1658)

Thomas Chappell, born in 1612, Mansfield, England and he died in1658, in Charles City County, Virginia. He married Hulday. Thomas Chappell, age 23 ( one source states 33, see note* below), arrived in V...

3/6/2007 8/1/2016

Capt. Edward Parrish, Sr. (Immigrant) MP (c.1600 - 1679)

"IMMIGRANT", "1635 SURVEYOR-GENERAL OF THE PROVINCE UNDER LORD BALTIMORE Edward immigrated to Elizabeth City", "Virginia on the ship "Hopewell" in 1635. He purchased 200 acres in Elizabeth City Co.", "VA on 31 May 1648. WARNING: The parent shown here is specu"

IMMIGRANT, 1635 SURVEYOR-GENERAL OF THE PROVINCE UNDER LORD BALTIMORE Edward immigrated to Elizabeth City, Virginia on the ship "Hopewell" in 1635. He purchased 200 acres in Elizabeth City Co., VA ...

6/25/2007 7/28/2016

Joseph Turner MP (c.1685 - 1737)

10/8/2008 7/27/2016

James Turner, of Charles City MP (c.1610 - aft.1641)

Was he the son of James Turner ? JAMES TURNER and THOMAS HARRIS owned the rights to 200 acres of land in Charles City County, Virginia before 1640. They transferred these rights to PATRICK KANNADY.

7/18/2008 7/27/2016

Major William Armistead MP (bef.1610 - 1671)

William Armistead Sex: M Birth: 1610 in Kirkdeighton, Yorkshire, England Death: 13 JUN 1671 in Gloucester, Virginia Emigration: 1635 (Research): William built the fist manor house at Hess...

7/19/2007 7/27/2016

Hannah Hammond Haddon MP (1617 - 1676)

6/25/2009 7/27/2016

John Armistead Carter MP (aft.1695 - 1742)

This picture is on the Shirley Plantation website as a painting of John Carter. Picture Hangs in Shirley Plantation. John Carter was secretary of the colony and a member of the governor's Council. ...

11/14/2007 7/26/2016

Matthew Tomlin, of Isle of Wight MP (1618 - bef.1686)

Evelyn Duke Brandenberger has stated that Matthew Tomlin was a son of Martha Tomlin. Circumstantial evidence makes it probable, but the relationship is is still unproven. See Evelyn Duke Brandenber...

10/8/2008 7/26/2016

6/25/2009 7/26/2016

'The Family of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert John Chenoweth I was born between 1682 - 1683 in Cornwall and died about May 1746 in Frederick County, Virginia. His will is included below. John pa...

4/1/2007 7/26/2016

Col. Sir Thomas Gerard MP (bef.1608 - 1673)

"Gerrard", "Thomas Sir Lord of St. Clements Manor Gerard", "Dr. Thomas Gerard", "Dr Thomas Gerrard"

IMMIGRANT From the book, "The Baronetage of England, printed for John Stockdale, published 1806: Sir Thomas Gerard married Frances, daughter of Sir Richard Molineaux, Baronet. they had six sons and o...

6/3/2007 7/23/2016

Paul Harrelson MP (c.1610 - c.1669)

2/13/2013 7/20/2016

Ann Rose MP (1628 - 1671)

"Anne", "Sutherland", "Wright"

Ann Wright FamilySearch Family Tree Birth: 1628 - Humberstone, Leicestershire, England Death: 1671 - Alliance, Surry, Virginia, United States Spouses: Edward Jones, William Rose Children: A...

3/13/2008 7/13/2016

Anna Juliana Brombach (1708 - aft.1760)

"Anna Juliana (Kemper) Brumbaugh"

6/1/2007 6/20/2016

Reverend Johann Heinrich Brumbach, I (1739 - 1799)

"Henry", "Brumback", "John"

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A016154

9/7/2007 6/20/2016

James Anderson Glenn, I MP (1635 - 1696)

The following is excerpted from "Glenn" [Information compiled by Karen Bray Keeley, adapted for the internet by Sandra Shuler Bray, published on by "olddiggns" on 27 Feb 2012 [9640409d-582...

7/29/2007 6/20/2016

Dennis McCarty MP (1652 - 1694)

Justin MacCarthy, Earl of Mountcashel, third son of Donough, Earl of ClanCarthy, was one of the principal commanders of King James' Irish army in the war with "William of Orange. On the defeat of his t...

7/8/2008 6/20/2016

Col. Humphrey Pope, I MP (1645 - 1684)

Col. Humphrey Pope was not a son of Col. Nathaniel Pope although he was almost certainly a younger relative (nephew or cousin) of Col. Nathaniel Pope. He was brought over from England by Thomas Pope an...

4/20/2012 6/20/2016

William R. Robinson (1595 - 1690)

10/17/2009 6/20/2016

John Payne MP (c.1616 - 1690)

Burial record: Payne DNA ---------------------------------------------------------- _________________________________ John is most likely not the son of Moses Payne. He isn't mentioned in...

5/22/2007 6/20/2016

John A. Trussell, Col. MP (c.1605 - 1659)

Marriage WFT Est. 1618-1648 Arrived in Virginia in 1622 on the ship "Southhampton", as the servant of Thomas Paulett. Capt. Paulett appeared in the first assembly at Jamestown, Va. in 1619. John was ...

1/7/2009 6/20/2016

Christina Negley MP (1735 - 1759)

DAR Ancestor A205099 === GEDCOM Note ===Canton, Switzerland is near the German-Swiss border. "This district possibly at one time in the state of Wurttemberg, Germany." (Henckel Genealogy, pg. 210)

2/15/2009 6/19/2016

Balthaser Negley MP (1726 - 1772)

"Paulser", "Bas", "Negli", "Nebeli", "Palsor Nagly or Poltis Negler (some records say Ne"

2/15/2009 6/19/2016

Henry Isham, I MP (bef.1627 - 1675)

Henry Isham BIRTH 1628 South Northamptonshire Borough, Northamptonshire, England DEATH 1 Feb 1670 Henrico County, Virginia, USA BURIAL Randolph Family Cemetery Presque Isle Henrico County, Virginia, US...

7/20/2007 6/18/2016

Col. William Randolph, II, of ‘Turkey Island’ MP (bef.1651 - 1711)

"William Randolph of Turkey Island", "VIriginia"

William Randolph was a colonist and land owner who played an important role in the history and governement of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He moved to Virginia between 1669 and 1673, and married Mary ...

3/17/2007 6/18/2016

Rev. George Thomason (1633 - 1712)

Birth: 1635, England Death: 1712 London City of London Greater London, England George Thomason 111 was the son of George Thomason 11, (1602-1666). The father, George was known for his collection of...

3/5/2011 6/12/2016

Paul Harrelson, Sr. MP (c.1664 - 1734)

Children of PAUL HARRELSON and REBEKKA BURGESS: 1. PAUL2 HARRELSON II (PAUL1) b. 1682 in Hanover Co., Virginia; m. Patience Lewis. See Generation No. 2. 2. PETER2 HARRELSON (PAUL1) b. 1683 was a ca...

6/14/2007 6/12/2016

Sarah Thomas (MackQuinney) (c.1614 - 1692)

5/24/2007 6/11/2016

"The Carr family had been Virginians since Colonel Thomas Carr of "Topping Castle," England, emigrated to King William County, marrying Mary Garland." (1) Thomas Carr of Louisa County, VA. This Tho...

7/4/2008 6/11/2016

Maj. John Ward MP (1708 - 1816)

In 1753 the two brothers, John and Jeremiah Ward, of Albemarle, patented 3200 acres of land on the north side of Dan river in Pittsylvania county, which were located (as designated) "in the mountains."...

10/24/2007 6/10/2016

Maj. Edward Dale, Cavalier MP (1624 - 1695)

"Edward /Dale/", "Major", "Maj. Edward /Dale/"

Among the royalists who fled to Virginia after the death of King Charles I, were Grey/Graye Skipwith (later Sir Grey) and his future brother in law Edward Dale. Grey/Graye was the fourth son and sixth ...

7/29/2007 6/9/2016

Lady Diana Dale MP (1621 - 1695)

Diana Skipwith was the fifth child and second daughter of Sir Henry Skipwith and his first wife Amy Kempe. Although Diana may have been addressed as 'Lady Diana' in America, this was only a courtes...

7/29/2007 6/8/2016

Katherine Ward MP (1605 - 1656)


10/28/2007 5/26/2016

Thomas Jefferson MP (1656 - bef.1697)

Thomas Jefferson (son of Samuel Jeafferson III) was born 1656 in St. Christopher's Island, West Indies, and died Bef. December 01, 1697 in Charles City Co. Virginia. He married Mary Branch on Abt. 1677...

8/11/2007 5/25/2016

John Campbell, of Ireland & Virginia MP (1698 - 1787)

"John", "John Walker Campbell"

See Dr. John Campbell autosomal dna match sources (John of Virginia* is either a son of Duncan directly, a brother, or the same guy) I have autosomal dna matchs linking the Dr. John Campbell/Agnes & Jo...

7/8/2008 5/24/2016

Updated from MyHeritage Match via daughter Esther Mckinney (born Campbell) by SmartCopy : Sep 6 2014, 0:09:37 UTC

2/5/2008 5/24/2016

Thomas Brewer, of London MP (aft.1574 - 1637)

Thomas BREWER was born abt in Chard, Somersetshire, England, and died 1631/ 1637, probably in London. He was the son of 2. Dr. William 'The Phisitian' BREWER and 3. Diomisis BAKER. He married Ann...

11/28/2007 5/19/2016

Colonel Robert Wynne, I MP (1622 - 1675)

Robert Wynne came from Kent, England, where he had several houses in Canterbury and was burgess for Charles City County, Virginia from 1658 to 1675, being during the entire existence of Virginia's Long...

6/12/2007 4/26/2016

Governor Richard Bennett NEVER MARRIED ANN BARHAM . That was Richard "Not the Governor" Bennett. Yes there were two Richard Bennetts, yes they both had fathers named Thomas and sons named Richard Jr. ...

6/2/2007 4/26/2016

Andrew McCombe, Jr. (1704 - 1788)

McCombe = McComb 13. AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA HERITAGE BOOK 1732-1998. ........unknown Family Writer. He was born in Ireland, Down County, in a village called St. Field . He had one brother, William ...

10/24/2007 4/25/2016

Ann Martin, of Virginia MP (b. - c.1720)

Ann ? was born Abt. 1637 in VA, and died date unknown.She married John Martin. Children of Ann ? and John Martin are: +John Martin, b. Mar 15, 1673/74, Old Rappahannock,Essex Co., VA, d. Jul 1747. ...

12/4/2012 3/22/2016

John Martin, of Virginia MP (c.1635 - 1694)

John Martin was born Abt. 1635 in VA, and died date unknown.He married Ann ?. Children of John Martin and Ann ? are: +John Martin, b. Mar 15, 1673/74, Old Rappahannock,Essex Co., VA, d. Jul 1747. M...

12/4/2012 3/22/2016

Archibald Alexander, I, emigrated to Penn. in 1736 MP (1708 - 1780)

""Captain of the Sandy Creek Expedition"", ""1st Sheriff of Rockbridge", "Virginia""

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A001134 -------------------- excerpted from Memorials of the Earl of Sterling and the House of Alexander by Charles Rogers, LL.D., ...

9/14/2007 3/22/2016

Robert SELFE was born about 1637 in Melksham, Wiltshire, England. He died 1716 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. "Robert Selfe was known as "Olde Robert Selfe". He was a wealthy man who paid the pass...

10/22/2007 3/22/2016

Lawrence Washington, III MP (1635 - 1677)

The story of the Washington family in America began in the mid-1650s when two young men, John Washington (1632-1677) and his younger brother Lawrence (1635-1677) arrived in Virginia. Their family had b...

8/5/2007 3/22/2016

John Washington MP (1632 - 1677)

Burial record: -------------------------------- John Washington (c. 1631-1677) was an English Virginia planter and politician. He was the immigrant ancestor and great-grandfather of George Washin...

4/3/2007 3/22/2016

Robert Worthington was Born in either 1663 or 1667 From England to Ireland in 1695 then to America in 1714 From Wikipedia: The Robert Worthington House, also known as Piedmont and Quarry Banks, is ...

10/26/2007 3/20/2016

John Powell MP (c.1580 - 1638)

"John Powell"

Occupation: Headright Transporter into Upper Chippokes; Burgess: John Powell Sr. also was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses for the same area in 1632-33.[6]' Yeoman & Ancient Planter; Tied to ...

8/2/2008 2/16/2016

Bertram Obert, Sr. (1600 - 1659)

4/5/2014 1/31/2016

Sarahanne Bergeron Obert (1607 - 1659)

4/5/2014 1/31/2016

Christopher Robinson MP (c.1645 - 1693)

""Baron of the Rappahonack""

Christopher Robinson  b. 1645, Cleasby, Yorkshire, England , d. 13 Feb 1692/93, Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia (Age 48 years). Origins The Virginia Genealogist Volume 4, 1960 [Joh...

3/29/2010 1/31/2016

Abraham Stapp MP (c.1646 - 1714)


tobacco planter with considerable property in Rappahannock County, VA Father Of Joshua Stapp (stepp), Abraham Stapp (stepp), William Stapp (stepp), Jacob Stapp (stepp), Rebecca Stapp (stepp), Marth...

6/22/2007 11/24/2015

James Townsend, of Accomac County MP (1615 - 1708)

"James Townshend"

James Townsend was born 1615 in England died 1708 in Virginia. He emigrated Apr 1635, on The Peter Bonaventure from London to Virginia. Origins He is NOT related to the Townsend family of Oyster Ba...

9/2/2007 11/22/2015

Charles Hole (1728 - 1803)

6/5/2008 11/20/2015

Thomas Farley, Esq. MP (1591 - aft.1650)

"Thomas Farleigh"

An entire book (well, all 84 pages) about this line of Farley's is available for reviewing or downloading, here: Thomas Farley was born in the area where his parents lived, namely, Worcester in Worce...

4/25/2007 11/17/2015

Edward Llewellyn (1675 - 1752)

8/19/2008 11/17/2015