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Garsende de Sabran, comtesse de Forcalquier MP (c.1181 - c.1257)

"Gersinde de Sabran", "Gaesenda de Sabran", "Gersinde de Forcalquier", "Gersinde /De Sabran/", "Gersinde /Sabran/", "Garsenda II or Garsende de Sabran", "Garsende de Sabran", "comtesse de Forcalquier", "Garsenda II or Garsende de Sabran (Geni Tree Match) Too Many Ance..."

Garsenda or Garsende (II) de Sabran (c. 1180 – c. 1242) was the Countess of Provence as the wife of Alfonso II from 1193 and the Countess of Forcalquier in her own right from 1209. She brought Forcalqu...

6/9/2007 6/12/2011

of Raymond IV Comte de Toulouse--Etiennette(-[Feb 1061/62]). "Geiriberga comitissima et filii mei Vuilelmus et Fulco sive Josfredus" donated property to Saint-Victor de Marseille by charter dated 1018[...

6/10/2007 6/12/2011

Foulques Bertrand I, comte de Provence MP (c.1003 - c.1054)

"Bertrand Ier de Provence"

of Guillaume III de Provence and Gerberge de Macon married Eldiarde Eveza (Aldearde) children Guillaume Bertrand and Geoffrey FOULQUES BERTRAND (-[1050/54]). "Geiriberga comitissima et filii mei Vuilel...

9/14/2007 6/12/2011

- William Bertrand (died 28 July 1094[1]), known as William V or Bertrand I or II, was the count and margrave of Provence from 1051 to his death. He succeeded his father Fulk Bertrand on his death in t...

7/14/2007 6/12/2011

12/22/2008 6/12/2011

in 1193, her William IV and Alfonso II signed the Treaty of Aix whereby Garsenda would inherit William's county and would marry Alfonso, who was in line to become Count of Provence. The marriage took p...

9/18/2007 6/12/2011

4/26/2010 6/12/2011

Bertrand I, comte de Forcalquier MP (c.1110 - c.1150)

9/18/2007 6/12/2011


9/18/2007 6/12/2011