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Berenger, duke of Septimania MP (aft.790 - bef.837)

Berengar, called the Wise, was the count (or duke) of Toulouse (814–835) and duke (or margrave) of Septimania (832–835). He held the County of Barcelona concomitantly with Septimania. Berengar was a ...

2/23/2011 2/23/2011

Bernard I, duc de Septimanie MP (c.795 - 844)

"Bernard Naso"

----------------------------------------------------------- Bernard of Septimania From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bernard (or Bernat) of Septimania (795–844), son of William of Gell...

7/24/2007 2/23/2011

Raymond VII, comte de Toulouse MP (1187 - 1249)

"Raymond VII of Saint Gilles"

Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Raymond VII of Toulouse) Raymond VII of Saint-Gilles (July 1197 – 27 September 1249) was Count of Toulouse,...

3/5/2008 1/30/2011

Philippa de Toulouse, comtesse de Poitiers MP (b. - 1117)

"Philippie de Toulouse; Felipa Matilde de Toulouse", "Philippa de Rouergue", "Philippa de Toulouse", "Countess of Toulouse", "Philippe de Toulouse", "of Toulouse", "Philippa - Maud /Toulouse/", "Maud /Toulouse/", "Philippa Mathilde /d'Aquitaine/", "/(Mahaut)/", "/Philippa/..."

Philippa Maude of Toulouse (c. 1073–28 November 1118), also known as Philippa de Toulouse or Philippa de Rouergue, was the Duchess Consort of Aquitaine, and Countess of Toulouse. She is also consid...

6/9/2007 1/24/2011

Berthe de Reims MP (c.825 - 887)

Dame de Roucy

6/24/2007 12/31/2010

N.N. MP (deceased)

3/9/2009 12/30/2010

St. William of Gellone, count of Toulouse MP (c.755 - c.812)

"Guillaume de Gellone", "Guillaume", "d'Orange", "William of Gellone", "William of Orange", "Saint", "Guillaume Count of Toulouse", "Comte de Toulouse", "Count of Toulouse"

[from Medlands] GUILLAUME, son of THEODERIC [I] Comte d'Autun & his wife Aldana --- ([750/55]-Gellone [28 May [812/13]/21 May 815]). The Vita S. Willelmi records that “beatus Willelmus” was born du...

4/11/2007 12/20/2010

Thierry I, count of Autun MP (c.720 - 793)

"Teiric", "Theodoric", "Theoderich", "Thierry", "Theuderic", "Makir Theodoric Aymeri", "Makir Theodoric Aymeri De ToulouseTheodoric I of Toulouse", "Theodoric I De Toulouse", "Theodore", "Count of Autun"

Do not confuse him with Makhir , the Jewish Prince, or with Théodéric IV of Austrasia,King of the Franks (?-737) or Aymeri de Narbonne, the fictional father of the fictional counterpart of Thierry's so...

6/11/2007 12/20/2010

Pons Raymond de Toulouse, V MP (966 - c.1011)

12/22/2008 10/10/2010

Fredelon, Freddon, or Fredol (died 852) was the first Count of Toulouse (844 – 852) of the dynasty of Rouergue. Son of Fulcoald of Rouergue and Senegund, daughter of Alda, sister of William of Gellon...

12/11/2007 10/10/2010

Hugues de Toulouse MP (b. - 972)

12/22/2008 10/10/2010

Raymond IV or V? (Uncertain numerical designation, see below) Count of Toulouse Note: The William IV in Wikipedia was NOT the William married to Adelaide-Blanche! Raymond III is the designati...

2/8/2007 10/8/2010

Guillaume IX le Troubadour, duc d'Aquitaine MP (1071 - 1126)

"le Troubadour", "o Trovador", "The Troubador", "William IX of Aquitaine", "of Poitiers", "de Peitieus", "the Troubador", "VII", "den Unge", "WILHELMSON", "Vilhelm", "William VII of Aquitaine V of /Poitiers/", "Guillaume or Guilhem /d'Aquitaine/", "The /Troubador/", "the Troubadou..."

NOTE: Please keep his name as Guillaume "le Troubadour" IX Duke of Aquitaine, VII Comte de Poitou From Foundation for Medieval Genealogy: GUILLAUME d’Aquitaine, son of GUILLAUME VIII Duke of Aquita...

6/9/2007 10/8/2010

Raymond Pons, comte de Toulouse MP (c.900 - c.944)

"Count De Toulouse", "Raimond /Pons/ III", "Raymond III", "Count of Toulouse"

from Foundation for Medieval Genealogy: RAYMOND de Toulouse, son of RAYMOND II Comte de Toulouse & his wife [Guinidilda] [de Barcelona] ([900/10]-[944/69], bur Saint-Pons-de-Thomières). His paren...

2/8/2007 10/8/2010

Raymond II (died 924) was the Count of Toulouse, Nîmes, and Albi. He was the, probably elder, son of Odo of Toulouse and Garsenda. In 886, at the death of Bernard the Calf, he succeeded to the comita...

5/15/2007 10/8/2010

Eudes, comte de Toulouse MP (b. - c.918)

"Odon", "Odo", "Eudes", "Odonus"

Odo or Eudes (also Odon or Odonus) was the Count of Toulouse from 872 to 918 or 919, when he died. He was a son of Raymond I of Toulouse and Bertha or of Bernard II of Toulouse. He married Garsenda...

9/11/2007 10/8/2010

Raymond I, comte de Toulouse MP (c.815 - c.865)

"Raimond I of /Rouergue/"

Raymond I (died 865) was the Count of Limoges (from 841), Rouergue and Quercy (from 849), and Toulouse and Albi (from 852). He was the younger son of Fulcoald of Rouergue and Senegund, niece of William...

6/24/2007 10/8/2010

Bernard I, comte de Toulouse MP (b. - 874)

"Le veau", "El Ternero"

BERNARD (-[Aug/Dec] 874). His parentage is confirmed by the charter dated 3 Nov 862 under which "Raymundus…comes et marchio et uxor mea Berteyz" founded the abbey of Vabres, naming "Bernardum filium no...

9/11/2007 10/8/2010

Alphonse I Jourdain, comte de Toulouse MP (1103 - 1148)

"Alfonso Jordan", "de Rouergue"

Alfonso Jordan (French: Alphonse Jourdain; 1103 – 1148) was the Count of Tripoli from 1105 until 1109 and thereafter Count of Toulouse (as Alfonso I) until his death. He was the son of Raymond IV of To...

7/2/2008 10/8/2010

Raymond VI, comte de Toulouse MP (1156 - 1222)

"Count of Toulouse", "lo Vielh"

Raymond VI of Toulouse (October 27, 1156 – August 2, 1222) was count of Toulouse and marquis of Provence from 1194 to 1222. He was also (as Raymond IV) count of Melgueil from 1173 to 1190. Born at Sa...

6/25/2007 10/8/2010

Raymond V, comte de Toulouse MP (1134 - 1194)

"Raimond", "Raymond"

Raymond V (1134–1194) was count of Toulouse from 1148 until his death in 1194. He was the son of Alphonse-Jordan. When Alphonse died in the Holy Land in 1148, the county of Toulouse passed to his son...

5/14/2007 10/8/2010

Guillaume III Taillefer, comte de Toulouse MP (c.970 - 1037)

"Guillaume", "William", "Taillefer"

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Toulouse Kings, Dukes, and Counts: GUILLAUME de Toulouse, son of RAYMOND Comte de Toulouse & his wife Adelais d'Anjou ([970/75]-Sep 1037, bur Toulou...

6/26/2007 10/8/2010

Bertrand, comte de Toulouse MP (c.1065 - 1112)

Bertrand of Toulouse or Bertrand of Tripoli (died 1112) was count of Toulouse, and was the first count of Tripoli to rule in Tripoli itself. He was the eldest son of Raymond IV of Toulouse, and had r...

9/14/2007 10/8/2010

Guillaume IV, comte de Toulouse MP (b. - 1094)

"Guillaume", "William", "William IV Count of Toulouse"

William IV of Toulouse (c. 1040-1094) was Count of Toulouse, Margrave of Provence, and Duke of Narbonne from 1061-1094. He succeeded his father Pons of Toulouse upon his death in 1061. His mother w...

6/26/2007 10/8/2010

Pons II Guillaume, comte de Toulouse MP (aft.995 - 1060)

"Pons William", "Count of Toulouse", "Pons II of Toulouse", "Pons III TOULOUSE & ALBI", "Pons Count of Toulouse"

Pons II William is the son of William III Taillefer, 975-1037 (not William II the Liberator), and Emma of Provence, c.995-1062. He's the father of William IV and Raymond IV, with Almodis de la Marche...

6/26/2007 10/8/2010

Raymond IV, comte de Toulouse MP (b. - 1105)

"Raymond de St Gilles; Raimond", "Ramon; Guillaume IV", "William IV; Guilhèm IV;Count of Toulouse;", "Raymond de Saint-Gilles", "Count De Toulouse"

Raymond IV was the son of Pons II William of Toulouse, c.1020-1060, and Almodis de la Marche, c.1020-1071. He was married to Unknown, Matilda of Sicily and Elvira of Castile. His older brother was Will...

6/10/2007 10/8/2010