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Chronicle of William of Puylaurens: the Albigensian Crusade The family of Guy de MONTFORT and Helvise d'YBELIN

5/21/2008 1/20/2016

Philip of Courtenay Philip I of Courtenay (1243, Constantinople – 1283, Viterbo) was titular Emperor of Constantinople 1273–1283. He was the son of Baldwin II of Constantinople and Marie of Brienne...

7/3/2007 7/24/2015

BAUDOUIN de Courtenay, son of PIERRE Emperor of Constantinople, Seigneur de Courtenay & his second wife Yolande de Flandre Marquise de Namur (Constantinople [late 1217/early 1218]-Naples 1273 after 1...

4/20/2008 7/6/2013

Geoffroi de Villehardouin MP (1150 - 1213)

Geoffroi de Villehardouin est un chroniqueur et chevalier croisé du Moyen Âge. Il est né au château de Villehardouin (dans l'Aube), situé à 30 kilomètres environ à l'Est de Troyes, entre Arcis-sur-Aube...

11/5/2007 3/3/2013

Jean "Boutefeux" de Joinville, Sénéchal de Champagne MP (c.1225 - 1317)

"Jeane de Genevil", "Geneville", "John of Joinville"

Jean de Joinville (v. 1224 - 24 décembre 1317) est un noble champenois et biographe de saint Louis. Joinville (Jean, sire de), chroniqueur français, né vers 1224, peut-être le 25 décembre 1222), mort...

6/23/2008 3/2/2013

Philippe de Milly, 7th Templar Grand Master MP (c.1120 - 1171)

"Philippus de Neapoli", "Philippe de Nablus"

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Grand Master Order of Knights Templar 1169-1171 Philip of Milly (c. 1120 – April 3, 1171), also known as Philip of Nablus, was a baron in the Kingdom of Jerusa...

11/26/2008 2/5/2013

Robert de Sablé, 11th Templar Grand Master MP (c.1150 - 1193)

"Robertus de Sabloloi"

Robert de Sablé was the Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1191 to 1193 and Lord of Cyprus from 1191 to 1192. Contents [hide] 1 Personal life 2 Military record 2.1 Angevin Civil War 2.2...

5/21/2008 10/27/2012

Thoros II, Prince of Armenia MP (b. - 1169)

"Thoros II Lord of the Mountains"

Toros II the Great (Armenian: Թորոս Բ), also Thoros II, (unknown – February 6, 1169) was the sixth lord of Armenian Cilicia or “Lord of the Mountains” (1144/1145-1169). Thoros (together with his ...

5/10/2009 6/23/2012

Raymond of Poitiers, Prince of Antioch MP (c.1115 - 1149)

"Raymond I Prince of Antioch Poitiers"

Described as 'a lord of noble descent, of tall & elegant figure, the handsomest of the princes of the earth, a man of charming affability & conversation, open-handed & magnificent beyond measure.' 'A...

12/28/2007 6/23/2012

Jacques I, King of Cyprus MP (1334 - 1398)

"Jacobo", "Jacques", "James"

James I of Cyprus (or Jacques I de Lusignan ) (1334 – September 9, 1398) was Regent of Cyprus for his infant nephew Peter from 1369. When Peter died in 1382, James became King of Cyprus that year. Ja...

9/12/2008 5/12/2012

Janus of Cyprus From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations t...

6/21/2008 5/12/2012

Leonor d'Aragón-Foix MP (1333 - 1416)

Eleanor of Aragon (1333 – 26 December 1417) was Queen consort of Cyprus as the wife of King Peter I of Cyprus. She was a member of the House of Barcelona as the daughter of Peter of Aragon and his wi...

10/25/2008 5/12/2012

Manasses of Hierges MP (deceased)

Manasses of Hierges was an important crusader lord, and constable of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. He was the son of Hodierna of Rethel and Héribrand II of Hierges; Hodierna was a sister of King Baldwin ...

10/6/2009 3/19/2012

Balian I, Lord of Ibelin MP (c.1100 - c.1150)

"Barisan d'Ibelin", "Barisanus d'Ibelin", "Balian of Ibelin", "Balian d'Ibelin. His name was later written as "Balian" and he is sometimes known as Balian the Elder or Balian I."

He was Seigneur de Yebna (Ibelin) (1141), and Constable of Jaffa and Askalon. His origin is unknown. His name was originally Barsian. He might have come from northern Italy, perhaps Pisa, Genoa, or per...

5/27/2008 3/19/2012

Baudouin I, Lord of Ramla MP (c.1080 - 1138)

"Baldwin of Ramla"

Baldwin I (died 1138) was the castellan and lord of Ramla in the Kingdom of Jerusalem from 1106 to his death. In 1120 he participated in the Council of Nablus. In 1126, the castellany, which controll...

7/11/2008 3/19/2012

Joscelin II, Count of Edessa MP (c.1102 - c.1159)

Joscelin II of Edessa (died 1159) was the fourth and last ruling count of Edessa. The young Joscelin was taken prisoner at the Battle of Azaz in 1125, but was ransomed by Baldwin II, king of Jerusa...

8/24/2008 12/19/2011

Joscelin of Courtenay (or Joscelin I) (died 1131), Prince of Galilee and Lord of Turbessel (1115–1131) and Count of Edessa (1119–1131), ruled over the County of Edessa during its zenith, from 1118 to...

7/4/2008 12/19/2011

Constantine I or Kostandin I (1035–1040 / 1050–1055 – c. 1100 / February 24, 1102 – February 23, 1103) was the second lord of Armenian Cilicia or “Lord of the Mountains” (1095 – c. 1100 / 1102 / 1103...

7/15/2008 12/19/2011

Hugh II of Cyprus (or Hugues II de Lusignan) (June–August, 1252 or 1253 – November or December 5, 1267) was king of Cyprus and, from the age of 5 years, also Regent of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. On ...

9/28/2009 12/17/2011

Henry I of Cyprus, nicknamed the Fat, aka Henry of Lusignan or Henri I le Gros de Lusignan (May 3, 1217 – January 18, 1253 at Nicosia) was King of Cyprus from 1218 to 1253. He was the son of Hugh I o...

10/25/2008 12/17/2011

Pierre de Lusignan, King of Cyprus MP (c.1354 - 1382)

"the Fat"

Peter II of Cyprus or Pierre II le Gros de Lusignan (ca 1357 or 1354/1357 – 13 October 1382), called The Fat, was king of Cyprus from 17 January 1369 until his death. Biography He was the son of ...

3/9/2009 12/17/2011

Pierre I Lusignan de Chypre MP (1328 - 1369)

Peter I of Cyprus or Pierre I de Lusignan (Nicosia, 9 October 1328 – Palace of La Cava, Nicosia, 17 January 1369) was King of Cyprus, and Titular King of Jerusalem from his father's abdication on 24 ...

10/25/2008 12/17/2011

Hugues IV, King of Cyprus MP (c.1299 - 1359)

"Hugh", "King Hugues IV of Cyprus"

Hugh IV of Cyprus (or Hugh IV of Lusignan) (c. 1295 or 1293-1296 – 10 October 1359) was King of Cyprus from 31 March 1324 to his abdication, on 24 November 1358 and, nominally, King of Jerusalem, as ...

9/15/2008 12/17/2011

Amalric de Lusignan or Amaury II de Lusignan, Prince of Tyre (c. 1272 – June 5, 1310, Nicosia), of the Lusignan family, was a son of Hugh III of Cyprus and Isabella of Ibelin. Biography Amalric w...

10/25/2008 12/17/2011

Photo of coin of Henry II, King of Jerusalem and Cyprus. 1285-1324 obverse & reverse - Billon denier. .73 gm. 15.5 mm. Cross pattée, dots in angles / Lion rampant left. Ref. Henry II of Jerusalem a...

10/25/2008 12/17/2011

John II of Jerusalem (1259 or ca 1267 – Nicosia, 20 May 1285) was the eldest son of Hugh III of Cyprus and Isabella of Ibelin. He succeeded his father as King of Cyprus (as John I) on March 24 and wa...

10/25/2008 12/17/2011

Descrição: Conde de Champagne (1181-1197) Rei de Jerusalém(1192 a 1197).Participou da Terceira Cruzada. Seus tios eram: Philippe Auguste e Richard Heart of Lion. Participou da Batalha de Arsouf em 07/0...

7/1/2007 12/17/2011

Hugh I, King of Cyprus MP (c.1194 - 1218)

"Hugues I de Lusignan", "King Hugh I of Cyprus"

Hugh I of Cyprus (or Hugues I de Lusignan) (1194/1195 – January 10, 1218) succeeded to the throne of Cyprus on April 1, 1205 underage upon the death of his elderly father Amalric of Lusignan, King of...

5/27/2008 12/17/2011

Lucia, Countess of Tripoli MP (b. - c.1299)

Lucia (died aft. 1292 or ca 1299) was the last countess of Tripoli. She was the daughter of Bohemund VI, Prince of Antioch and Sibylla of Armenia. Her brother was Bohemund VII of Tripoli. When Bohe...

12/17/2011 12/17/2011

Bohemond VII de Poitiers, Count of Tripoli MP (1261 - 1287)

"Bohémond d'Antioche"

Bohemond VII of Tripoli (1261 – October 19, 1287) was the count of Tripoli and nominal prince of Antioch from 1275 to his death. The only part left of the once great Principality of Antioch was the p...

12/17/2011 12/17/2011

Raymond-Roupen of Antioch or Raimond Rupen de Poitiers (1199 – 1219 or 1221/1222) was Prince of Antioch between 1205 and 1208 and between 1216 and 1219/1221 and "Rex Iunior" of Armenia between 1199 a...

6/24/2008 12/17/2011

Hugues III de Lusignan, roi de Jérusalem et de Chypre MP (1235 - 1284)

"Hugues III of Cyprus", "Hugues I of Jerusalem"

Hugh III of Cyprus (1235 – 24 March 1284), born Hughues de Poitiers[1], later Hughues de Lusignan (he adopted his mother's surname de Lusignan in 1267), called the Great, was the King of Cyprus from ...

9/15/2008 12/17/2011

Bohemond VI, Prince of Antioch and Count of Tripoli MP (1237 - 1275)

"de Hauteville"

Bohemond VI of Antioch (ca 1237 – 1275), called the Fair (le Beau), was the Prince of Antioch and Count of Tripoli from 1251 until his death. He ruled while Antioch was caught between the warring emp...

11/25/2010 12/17/2011

Boémond V, prince d'Antioche MP (c.1197 - 1252)

"de Hauteville"

Bohemond V of Antioch (1199−1252) was ruler of the Principality of Antioch, a crusader state, from 1233 to his death. He was simultaneously Count of Tripoli. Bohemond V was the son of Bohemund IV...

10/25/2008 12/17/2011

Bohémond IV "le Borgne" d'Antioche, Prince d'Antioche MP (c.1172 - 1233)

"de Hauteville"

Bohemond IV of Antioch (or de Poitiers) (c. 1172 – March 1233), also known as the One-Eyed (in French le Cyclops), was ruler of the Principality of Antioch (a crusader state) between 1201 and 1205,...

6/24/2008 12/17/2011

Raymond IV of Tripoli (died 1199) was the count of Tripoli (1187–1189) and prince regent of Antioch (1193–1194). He was the son of Bohemond III of Antioch and Orgueilleuse d'Harenc. When Raymond II...

6/24/2008 12/17/2011

Bohemond III "the Stammerer", Prince of Antioch MP (1141 - 1201)

"de Hauteville"

Bohemond III of Antioch (1144–1201), also known as the Stammerer or the Stutterer, was Prince of Antioch from 1163 to his death. He was a son of Constance of Antioch by her first husband Raymond of...

6/24/2008 12/17/2011

Wikipedia: Constance of Antioch From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search Constance of Antioch Princess of Antioch Tenure 1131-1160 Spouse Raymond of Poitiers...

6/10/2007 12/17/2011

Renaud de Châtillon, Prince d'Antioche, Lord of Oultrejordain MP (1125 - 1187)

"Reynaud", "Renaud", "Reynald", "Reynold", "Renald or Reginald de Chastillon", "Renald or Reginald of Chastillon", "-Renaud de Châtillon- né vers 1120- exécuté en 1187 à Hattin- prince consort d'Antioche (1153-1163)- puis seigneur d'Outre-Jourdain et d..."

interesting source: Reynold de Châtillon (1) M, #114112 Last Edited=8 Jun 2003 Child of Reynold de Châtillon Agnes de Châtillon+ (1) d. 1184 Forrás / Source: Wikipedia: âtillon âtil...

6/10/2007 12/17/2011

GODEFROI de Boulogne ([1060]-in Palestine 18 Jul 1100, bur Jerusalem, Church of the Holy Sepulchre). "Godefridi et Balduini" are named sons of "Ida comitisse Boloniensis" in the latter's charter for th...

2/3/2008 12/17/2011

Baldwin I, King of Jerusalem MP (c.1063 - 1118)

"Baldwin I"

BAUDOUIN de Boulogne (-Al-Arish 2 Apr 1118, bur Jerusalem, Church of the Holy Sepulchre). "Godefridi et Balduini" are named as sons of "Ida comitisse Boloniensis" in the latter's charter for the soul o...

3/16/2008 12/17/2011

Wikipedia - Tancred Prince of Galilee Tancred, Prince of Galilee From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search An imaginary portrait of Tancred as regent of Antioch. Tanc...

9/15/2008 12/17/2011

Boemondo I, principe d'Antiochia MP (1052 - 1111)

"Marc d' Hauteville", "Bohemond I of Antioch", "Bohemund", "Boamund", "Marc d'Altavilla"

Wikipedia: Bohemond I of Antioch From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search Bohemond and his Frankish troops scale the walls at the Siege of Antioch. Bohemond I, also ...

6/10/2007 12/17/2011

Bohemond II d'Antiochia, Taranto ve Türkiye Prens MP (1108 - 1131)

"/Bohemond/II", "Of Antioch", "de Hauteville", "Boemondo"

Bohemond II (1108 – 1131) was the Prince of Taranto and Prince of Antioch from 1111. He was the son of the founder of the principalities, Bohemond I, and Constance, daughter of Philip I of France. Ta...

6/10/2007 12/17/2011

Raymond III of Tripoli From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Raymond III of Tripoli (1140 – 1187) was Count of Tripoli from 1152 to 1187 and Prince of Galilee and Tiberias in right of his wife Esch...

3/9/2009 12/17/2011

Pons of Tripoli (c. 1098 – 1137) was the son of Bertrand of Tripoli, and was count of Tripoli from 1112 to 1137. Pons married Cecile of France, the widow of his mentor Tancred, Prince of Galilee and ...

5/26/2008 12/17/2011

Raymond II of Tripoli From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Raymond II of Tripoli (c. 1115 – 1152) was count of Tripoli from 1137 to 1152. He was the son of Pons (de TOULOUSE) of Tripoli and Ceci...

6/20/2007 12/17/2011

Hodierna of Tripoli From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hodierna of Tripoli (c. 1110 – c. 1164) was the daughter of Baldwin II of Jerusalem and the Armenian noblewoman Morphia. She was countess o...

6/20/2007 12/17/2011

Alix de Rethel, Regent of Antioch MP (c.1110 - 1131)

"Adelaide", "Adelicia", "Alice"

Wikipedia: Alice of Antioch From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search Alice of Jerusalem (also Haalis, Halis, or Adelicia) was Princess of Antioch through her marriage to Bohem...

6/10/2007 12/17/2011

Geoffroy de Lusignan Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aller à : Navigation , rechercher Jump to: navigation , search Geoffroy de Lusignan ( 11...

7/4/2008 12/17/2011

Isabelle II, Queen of Jerusalem MP (c.1212 - 1228)

"Yolanda or Isabella II of Jerusalem", "Isabelle II of Jerusalem"

Yolande of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Yolande of Brienne (b. 1212 - d. Andria, Italy, 25 April 1228), also known as Yolanda or Isabella II of Jerusalem, was a princess of Frenc...

5/30/2007 12/17/2011

John of Brienne, King of Jerusalem MP (c.1170 - 1237)

"Emperor of Constantinople", "King of Jerusalem", "John of /Brienne/", "né: Jean de Candia-Nevers", "John I.King of Jerusalem", "Jean de Brienne", "Imperador de Constantinople", "rei de Jérusalem"

John of Brienne Jean de Brienne Image: The coronation of John of Brienne as King of Jerusalem, with Maria of Montferrat, from a late 13th century MS of the Histoire d'Outremer, painted in Acre. (...

12/16/2007 12/17/2011

Marie de Montferrat, Queen of Jerusalem MP (c.1192 - 1212)

"Mary la Marquise", "Marie"

Maria of Montferrat, Queen of Jerusalem (1192 – 1212) was the daughter of Conrad of Montferrat and Isabella, Queen of Jerusalem. Her father was murdered on 28 April 1192 in Tyre by the Hashshashin. Her...

5/6/2008 12/17/2011

Balian II, Lord of Ibelin MP (c.1143 - 1193)

"he is sometimes known as Balian the Younger or Balian II when his father is also referred to as Balian. He is also called Balian of Ramla or Balian of Nablus. In Latin his name appears variously as Balian", "Barisan", "Barisanus", "Balianus", "Balisan", "and Bal..."

The family of Balian II d'IBELIN and Marie COMNÈNE [132085] IBELIN (d'), Balian II (..), seigneur de Naplouse married about 1180 COMNÈNE, Marie (Jean & Marie TARONITÈS [132086]) 1) Helvise,...

5/21/2008 12/17/2011

Maria Komnene, Queen of Jerusalem MP (c.1154 - 1217)

"Porphyrogenita", "Marie", "Komnene", "Komnenos"

Maria Komnene or Comnena (Greek: Μαρία Κομνηνή, Maria Komnēnē), (c. 1154 – 1208/1217), was the second wife of King Amalric I of Jerusalem and mother of Queen Isabella of Jerusalem. She was the daughter...

8/23/2007 12/17/2011

Jean d'Ibelin, seigneur de Beyrouth MP (c.1179 - 1236)

"The Old Lord of Beirut", "Jean "Le Vieux"d'Ibelin"

John of Ibelin (c. 1179 – 1236), called the Old Lord of Beirut, was a powerful crusader noble in the 13th century, one of the best known representatives of the influential Ibelin family. The son of B...

10/25/2008 12/17/2011

Baldwin IV the Leper, king of Jerusalem MP (1161 - 1185)

"called the Leper or the Leprous"

Baldwin IV of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Baldwin IV of Jerusalem (1161 – 1185), called the Leper or the Leprous, the son of Amalric I of Jerusalem and his first wife, Agnes of ...

5/26/2008 12/17/2011

Baldwin V de Montferrat, King of Jerusalem MP (1177 - 1186)

"Baldwin of Montferrat", "also known as Baudouinet"

Baldwin V of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Baldwin V of Jerusalem (Baldwin of Montferrat, also known as Baudouinet) (1177 – 1186) was the son of Sibylla of Jerusalem and her first h...

5/24/2008 12/17/2011

William Longsword, Count of Jaffa and Ascalon MP (c.1142 - 1177)

"modern Italian Guglielmo Lungaspada", "originally Occitan Guilhem Longa-Espia"

William of Montferrat, Count of Jaffa and Ascalon From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia William of Montferrat (early 1140s-1177), also called William Longsword (modern Italian Guglielmo Lungaspada, o...

5/24/2008 12/17/2011

His 2nd and/or 3rd (and uncertain 4th) wives and 3 or 5 children are uncertain: MedLands 3 wives and 5 children by 1st ELENA di Bosco: 1 CORRADO 2 GUGLIELMO (-Thessaly 17 Sep 1225). 3. A...

12/29/2007 12/17/2011

Conrad I de Montferrat, King of Jerusalem MP (1146 - 1192)

"(Piedmontese: Conrà ëd Monfrà; Italian: Corrado del Monferrato", "Conrad I of Jerusalem"

Conrad of Montferrat, or Conrad I of Jerusalem (Piedmontese: Conrà ëd Monfrà; Italian: Corrado del Monferrato; mid-1140s – 28 April 1192) was one of the major participants in the Third Crusade. He was ...

5/6/2008 12/17/2011

Isabella I of Jerusalem MP (c.1172 - 1205)

Isabella I de Jerusalem, born 1172. She was 11 year old when She married Her first husband, Humphrey de Toron in 1183. Isabella I of Jerusalem (1172 – 1205) was Queen of Jerusalem 1190/1192–1205. She w...

7/1/2007 12/17/2011

Amaury II, King of Jerusalem and Cyprus MP (c.1148 - 1205)

"Amalric I of Cyprus", "born Amalric of Lusignan; of Jerusalem", "KIng Amalric II of Jerusalem"

Amalric II of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Amalric II of Jerusalem or Amalric I of Cyprus, born Amalric of Lusignan (1145 – April 1, 1205), King of Jerusalem 1197–1205, was an ol...

5/27/2008 12/17/2011

Guy I de Lusignan, King of Jerusalem, Lord of Cyprus MP (c.1159 - 1194)

"Guy of Lusignan", "Guy of Jerusalem or Guy of Cyprus"

of Lusignan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Guy of Lusignan, Guy of Jerusalem or Guy of Cyprus (c. 1150 or 1159/1160 – Nicosia, July 18, 1194) was a French Knight who, through marriage, becam...

5/26/2008 12/17/2011

Sibylla Queen of Jerusalem MP (c.1160 - c.1190)

Sibylla of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sibylla of Jerusalem (c. 1160 – 1190) was the Countess of Jaffa and Ascalon from 1176 and Queen of Jerusalem from 1186 to 1190. She was th...

5/24/2008 12/17/2011

Baldwin III of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Baldwin III of Jerusalem (1130 – February 10, 1162) was king of Jerusalem from 1143–1162. He was the eldest son of Melisende and Fulk ...

9/23/2007 12/17/2011

Baldwin II, king of Jerusalem MP (1060 - 1131)

"formerly Baldwin II of Edessa", "also called Baldwin of Bourcq", "born Baldwin of Rethel", "King Baudouin II of /Jerusalem/", "Baldwin /De Rethel/", "King Of Jerusalem"

Wikipedia: Baldwin II of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Baldwin II of Jerusalem (in French; Baudouin), formerly Baldwin II of Edessa, also called Baldwin of Bourcq, born Baldwi...

6/10/2007 12/17/2011

Mélisende d'Édesse, Reine de Jerusalem MP (1105 - 1161)

"Melisende de Rethel", "Queen of Jerusalem /Melesende/"

Alt Death Dates: 9/12/1160, 9/11/1161, 9/11/1161m c. 9/11/1146 Melisende was the daughter of the king of the Frankish kingdom of Jerusalem and his Armenian wife. Christian crusaders had wrested Jerus...

6/2/2007 12/17/2011

Foulques V le Jeune, comte de Anjou et roi de Jérusalem MP (1089 - 1143)

"Le Jeune", "/Fulk/ V", "o Jovem", "Foulcques", "Foulco", "Fulk", "le Jeune", "Fulk the Younger", "Fulk of Anjou", "Foulques", "Fulco", "Foulque", "King of Jerusalem Foulques le Jeune V", "King of Jersualem /Fulk V/", "Count of /Anjou/", "King of Jerusalem", "the Younger", "'the", "King F..."

Foulques V "le Jeune" de Anjou Knight Templar, King of Jerusalem 1131 - 1142/3 9th Count of Anjou 1109 - 1129 b 1089 to 1092 d 13 Nov 1142/3, Plains of Acre, Holy Land (died from riding accid...

1/29/2007 12/17/2011

Amalric I of Jerusalem MP (1136 - 1174)

"Amalric", "Amalrich"

Amalric I of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Amalric I of Jerusalem (also Amaury or Aimery) (1136 – July 11, 1174) was King of Jerusalem 1162–1174, and Count of Jaffa and Ascalon be...

9/23/2007 12/17/2011