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Eudokia Ingerina, Byzantine Empress MP (c.840 - c.883)

"императрица Евдокия Ингерина", "Eudokia Dekapolitissa", "Εὐδοκία ἡ Δεκαπολίτισσα", "Eudokia Ingerina", "Eudocia Ingerina", "Ευδοκία Ιγγερίνα", "Eudocia", "Eudokia"

IngerinaFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, searchEudokia IngerinaEmpress consort of the Byzantine EmpireEudokia and her son Constantine, and Basil.Byzantine Empress consortReign ...

3/15/2007 11/10/2019

Kourkouaina Kourkouas MP (987 - 1069)

•ID: I55415 * •Name: ? KOURKOUAINA * •Sex: F* Father: Theodoros KOURKOUAS * Mother: ? PHOKAINA* Marriage 1 Romanos ABALLANTES b: ABT 970* Children* 1. ? ABALLANTA

7/4/2008 11/10/2019

I Tzimisces Kourkouas, basileus Rhomaiôn=*b. 925, d. 10 January 976 John I Tzimisces Kourkouas , basileus Rhomaiôn was a descendant of an aristocratic Armenian family, related through his mother to the...

9/13/2007 11/10/2019

Adrastus of Troy (b. - c.-1200)

All dates given are B:C: (Before Christ)Adrastus, father of Eurydice, the wife of King Ilus of Troy. He is otherwise unknown, but the Hellespont town or city of Adrastea may be named after him. Adrastu...

6/3/2007 11/10/2019

Berik, King of the Goths MP (bef.65 - 112)

1/23/2009 8/11/2019

Osiris MP (bef.-3205 - d.)

6/19/2009 8/11/2019

Josephes, Bishop of Sarras (Fictional) MP (c.44 - d.)

"Josephe", "Josephes", "Josephus"

Josephes , Bishop of Sarras (Sarrazl Sahr-Azzah; Saraz), son of Joseph of Arimathea and first Grail Keeper. He said said to have been a son of St. Joseph of Arimathea, but his existence is entirely leg...

9/20/2007 8/11/2019

Ferine (Fictional) MP (30 - d.)


According to the imaginative reconstruction of David Hughes, Ferine or Fferyn was wife of Jasna "Piliste", a son of Jesus' brother Jose(ph) . She is said to have been a British princess. See David Hugh...

5/21/2008 8/11/2019

Sarclotus (Fictional) MP (c.60 - d.)

"Siarclus", "Siarklotus"

According to the imaginative reconstruction of David Hughes, Sarclotus (Siarklotus) was the son of Jasna "Piliste" and a grandson of Jesus' brother Jose(ph) . He is said to have married Eurgain, a Brit...

5/21/2008 8/11/2019

Ganymede (Mortal) MP (-1250 - d.)


Ganymede was a son of Tros, first king of the classical land known as Troy. He lived on the island of Crete, and tended sheep there on the slopes of Mount Ida. One day Jupiter caught a glimpse of the y...

6/17/2007 8/11/2019

Horus (Egyptian Mythology) MP (bef.-3205 - d.)

Scorpion I was the first of two kings so-named of Upper Egypt during the Protodynastic Period. His name may refer to the scorpion goddess Serket.He is believed to have lived in Thinis one or two centur...

6/19/2009 8/11/2019

Sybil / Sif (Fictional) MP (c.-1180 - d.)

"Sibil", "Siv"

ID: I176283# Name: Prophetess Sif [ v] de Asgaard# Sex: F# Birth: in c 1200 BCMarriage 1 King Thor [@ v] de Asgaard b: in c 1200 BCChildren 1. Has Children Vingener [@ v] de Asgaard b: in c 1170 BCsour...

6/3/2007 8/11/2019

Cassandra of Troy MP (c.-1255 - d.)

11/3/2008 8/11/2019

Saint Paul the Apostle MP (c.5 - c.57)

"De Apostel Paulus", "Sint-Paulus", "Saulus", "Saulus van Tarsus", "Paulus van Tarsus"

Saint Paul the Apostle (c5 - c57) was an early Christian missionary. Family and Ancestry Paul's parents and ancestors are not named in any contemporary source. By his own account, Paul was born a Jew o...

3/23/2013 8/11/2019

ID: I62248 Name: Nitokkris of Babylon Given Name: Nitokkris Surname: of Babylon Sex: F _UID: 8B8B692B51825349BAD1743F8B07E6AD7C27 Change Date: 26 Nov 2005 Death: YFather: Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon M...

7/3/2008 8/11/2019

Ignoge, (Fictitious Person) MP (-1140 - c.-1072)

B: -1140 -1145Ignone married Brutus against her will as a way of saving Pandrasus kingdom and life. The PEDIGREE of Silvius (Hisicion) d' ITALIA aka Silvius Aeneas the DARDANIAN; aka Selys (Silius) Hen...

2/4/2008 8/11/2019

Scēafa (Fictional) MP (-130 - 58)

"Seskef", "Sceaf", "Sceafa", "Sechif", "Scaef", "Strephius"

His ancestry is different in each source:* 9th century Anglo-Saxon Chronicle says he was a son of Noah (Noe) , born in the ark.* 8th to 11th centuries Beowulf says he was son of Heremod * 11th century,...

7/10/2007 8/11/2019

Saint Sarah of Egypt MP (c.34 - d.)

"The Black Virgin"

7/20/2012 8/11/2019

Marcomir III, King of the West Franks (Fictitious) MP (c.-17 - c.50)

"Marcomir III"

King of the West Birth ~ Before 10 BCDeath ~ 50 AD HM George I s 45-oldefar. HRE Ferdinand I s 44-oldefar. Poss. Agnes Harris '44-oldefar. Osawatomie 'Browns 51-oldefar.--- Kone / partner: (missing) Ch...

3/18/2007 8/11/2019

Francio, King of the West Franks (Fictitious) MP (c.-49 - c.-7)

"Francio", "Francus"

Francus was the eponymous ancestor and legendary hero of the Franks. According to legend, he changed the name of his tribe from Sicambrii to Franks by edit. He formed a league with the German princes, ...

3/18/2007 8/11/2019

Chlodomir III, king of the West Franks (Fictitious) MP (c.-18 - 63)

"Chlodomir", "Clodemir", "Clodomir", "Clodomir III"

born c.10BC King of the West Franks Clodemir III 19 Born: Bef 0050, Born before 50 A.D. 19 Marriage: Unknown Died: 0063, Died 63 A.D. 19 HM George I s 44-oldefar. HRE Ferdinand I s 43-oldefar. Poss. Ag...

3/18/2007 8/11/2019

Ratherius, King of the Franks (Fictitious Person) MP (c.45 - 90)

"Paterio", "Rathberius", "Rathbaerius", "Ratherius", "de Colonge", "von Köln"

Event(s)Birth:ABT 49-69 AC, GALIA, FRANCE, ROMAN EMPIREDeath: bef 0100, GALIA, FRANCE, ROMAN EMPIREAlternate Surnames: de COLOGNE, von KÖLN Born: 30 or 45 or 50 or 69died: 89 or 90 Ratherius King of th...

3/18/2007 8/11/2019

Richemer I, King of the Sicambrian Franks (Fictitious Person) MP (65 - 114)

"Richemir", "King Richemer I of the Sicambrian Franks"

different years for birth: 52 or 65 or 90Cheiftan Rathberius I (Richimere) ???King 90-114. Founded Brandenburg, fought against the Romans and Goths Richemer King of the Franks Died : 114Father Ratheriu...

6/20/2007 8/11/2019

Odomir IV, King of the Sicambrian Franks (Fictitious Person) MP (c.85 - 128)

"Odemar", "Odomar", "Odomir", "Odomar IV", "Odomar of the Franks", "Odomir of the Franks"

Established peace treaty with Romans and Goths, born 70 or 75 or 85 or 90 or 92 or 114 or 120died 126 or 128 Odomir King of the Franks Died : 128Father Richemer King of the FranksMarriage ?Mother Ascyl...

3/18/2007 8/11/2019

Chlodio II, King of the West Franks (Fictitious) MP (c.-37 - c.20)

"Clodie", "Chlodius", "Clogion", "Chlodio", "Chlodion", "Clodius II"

Event(s)Birth: 30 BC, GALIA, FRANCE, FRANK KINGDOMDeath: bef 0100, GALIA, FRANCE, FRANK KINGDOM Resisted the attacks of the Romans Clodius II King of the FranksFather Francus King of the Franks MotherM...

3/18/2007 8/11/2019

Assaracus, King of Dardania MP (c.-1340 - c.-1170)

"Assaracus", "Assarachus", "Ascaoracus"

King of Dardania Assaracus of Greek Myth1King of Dardania Assaracus of Greek Myth||p112.htm#i13410|King of Dardania Tros of Greek Myth|d. 1328 B.C.|p274.htm#i13409|the Naiad Callirrhoe of Greek Myth||p...

6/4/2007 8/11/2019


12/18/2008 8/10/2019


12/18/2008 8/10/2019


12/18/2008 8/10/2019

Nacien (the Younger) MP (deceased)

10/15/2010 8/10/2019

Geb MP (bef.-3205 - d.)

6/19/2009 8/10/2019

Imaam 'Adnaan bin Imaam 'Udd MP (c.-122 - d.)

"Adnan [62]"

According to Muslim tradition, was the direct descendant of Kedar, ibn Ishamel. and one of the more important ancestors of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Was an Arab leader at the time of Nebuchadnezzar.* An...

6/28/2008 6/18/2018

Imaam Ilyaas (Habib) bin Imaam Mudhir MP (c.2 - d.)

"Ilyas [66]"

Titles: Kabir al-Qawm (Chief of the Folk) & Sayyid al-'Ashirah (Master of the Clan) * Along with his Brother, 'Ailaan bin Imaam Mudhir , was referred to as as-Sarihan , the Candid Ones , of the Line of...

6/13/2008 6/18/2018

Takhuat, Princess of Athribis MP (c.-625 - c.-589)

9/10/2007 6/18/2018

Nut MP (deceased)

6/19/2009 6/18/2018

Mayasura KASHYAP MP (deceased)

From (English) :=In Hindu mythology, Maya (मय), or Mayāsura (मयासुर) was a great ancient king of the Asura, Daitya andRakshasa races upon earth. He was also the chief architect of the peo...

9/25/2012 3/27/2017

Tabikh MP (deceased)

"Tabikh [48]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

From Wikipedia =Abar was a Nubian queen dated to the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt.==Life==Abar was the mother of King Taharqa and wife of the King Piye. She was a niece of King Alara of Nubia (the dau...

1/23/2009 3/27/2017

Shapenuapit, Divine Adoratrice of Amun MP (deceased)

"Henutneferumut Irietre", "Shepenwepet II"

From Wikipedia =Shepenupet II (alt. Shepenwepet II, prenomen: Henutneferumut Irietre) was an Ancient Egyptian princess of the Twenty-fifth dynasty and the Divine Adoratrice of Amun from around 700 BC t...

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Masistes MP (deceased)

3/27/2007 3/27/2017

Peksatre MP (deceased)

3/20/2010 3/27/2017

Mizza / Mazzi MP (deceased)

"Mazzi [25]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Alogyne MP (deceased)

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Neithiyi MP (c.-570 - -529)


9/10/2007 3/27/2017

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Rhea Silvia (Nennius) MP (deceased)

2/25/2013 3/27/2017

8/9/2016 3/27/2017

Isma'il (Hamdan) MP (deceased)

"حمدان / Dhu al-A'waj"

ID: Hamdan [40]

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Imaam Mudhir bin Imaam Nazaar MP (-31 - d.)

"Mudhor [65]"

Source 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: مضر

6/13/2008 3/27/2017

Naahith (al-Nizal) MP (deceased)

"Nahith [29]"

This is Nabit son of Mash son of Aram, from whom all Nabataeans descend.Arabs today believe that they are descendants of Ismael and are not Nabataeans, but this is due to a belief that Nabit is Nebaiot...

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

'Ubayd MP (deceased)

"Ubaid [42]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Nahish MP (deceased)

"Nahish [46]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

'Awwam MP (deceased)

"Awwam [53]"

2/16/2009 3/27/2017

From Wikipedia =Narayana (Sanskrit: Nārāyaṇa) is the Vedic Supreme God according to Vedas, Itihasas, Bhagavata Purana and Other Puranas [1][2] (including his different avatars) in Hinduism, venerated a...

9/1/2008 3/27/2017

Vamana MP (deceased)

"12th Āditya"

Vamana From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia See Kāśikāvṛttī for the medieval grammarians. VamanaFour-armed Vamana Devanagari वामन Sanskrit Transliteration Vāmana Affiliation Avatar of Vishnu Weapon Wo...

8/23/2010 3/27/2017

KALĀ Marīchi MP (deceased)

10/22/2007 3/27/2017

Holika (Sinhika) MP (deceased)

Origin of Holika Dahan For many traditions in Hinduism, Holi celebrates the death of Holika in order to save Prahlad and we see where Holi gets its name. The night before Holi, pyres are burnt in North...

5/19/2010 3/27/2017

Imaam 'Udd bin 'Udadh MP (-151 - 6)

"'Addi [61]"

Source: ON 14 SEPTEMBER 2010/EM: PLEASE DO NOT MERGE THIS PROFILE AT THIS TIME.=============================================Notes on 2 Nov 2010/em:There are 2 alternative paths between Hamyasa and Adna...

6/28/2008 3/27/2017

Neitaqert (Nitokris) MP (deceased)

ID: I62267Name: Nitokkris of EgyptGiven Name: NitokkrisSurname: of EgyptSex: F_UID: F242686367BA8444B85DD12B1CE038C4F15FChange Date: 26 Nov 2005Death: YFather: Necho II of Egypt Mother: Chedebnitjerbon...

6/23/2008 3/27/2017

Shamma / Shuma MP (deceased)

"Sami [26]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Prajāpati DAKSHA (deceased)

Daksha Prajapati and his Descendants Daksha Prajapati was born out of the right thumb of Brahma and all the people were his descendants. He had one thousand sons and fifty daughters. He married thirtee...

10/22/2007 3/27/2017

Imaam Ma'ad bin Imaam 'Adnaan MP (c.-89 - d.)

"Ma'ad [63]"

Source 1: 2: 3: Wikipedia (English) :=Ma'ad son of Adnan is in Classical Arabic literature an ancient ancestor of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

6/28/2008 3/27/2017

Prophet Jonah / Nabi Yunus MP (aft.-900 - bef.-700)

"יונה בן אמיתי"

Book of Jonah. * II King 9:1-13. According to the Midrash, Seder Olam Rabbah 18 Jonah was the prophet that anointed Jehu king.* 1 Kings 14:25 - Was prophet during reign of King Jeroboam son of Joash .

2/16/2009 3/27/2017

2/16/2009 3/27/2017

From Wikipedia =Usermaatre Setepenre Pami was an Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled Egypt for 7 years. He was a member of the Twenty-second dynasty of Egypt of Meshwesh Libyans who had been living in the count...

12/15/2007 3/27/2017

Simios of Acadia MP (c.-1400 - d.)


[Collapse] Wikipedia: Making Life Easier. $2,629,310 Our Goal: $6 million Donate Now » [Expand] Support Wikipedia: a non-profit project — Donate Now SimoeisFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to:...

6/17/2007 3/27/2017

Imaam Nazaar ibn Ma'ad MP (c.-56 - d.)

"Nizar [64]"

Source 1: 2: نزار

6/13/2008 3/27/2017

Pharaoh Raykon MP (deceased)

The Legends of the Jews, Volume 1 "Rakyon, Have-naught, a man wise, handsome, and poor, who lived in the land of Shinar. Finding himself unable to suppport himself in Shinar, he resolved to depart for ...

10/30/2007 3/27/2017

''' poss. aka Placia, også boring Hesione (qv)'''Poss. Jullus i Roms Great-oldemor.--- poss. Ægtemænd / Partnere: Laomedan (King) i TROY , Priamos (qv: Laomedan søn) Mulige Børn: Tithonius af TROY , Pr...

7/5/2008 3/27/2017

Coribus MP (c.-1475 - c.-1421)

Option Father for coribus is Dardanusthis build up parental loopHenn

6/3/2007 3/27/2017

Idaea Queen Nymph MP (c.-1365 - d.)

"A Nymph /Idaea/"

Dates given are Before Christ (BC)B: -1365 or -1500Need to be merged with: Greek mythology, Idaea (Idaia) was a nymph, wife of Scamander and mother of King Teucer. It was also sometimes an epithet of C...

6/3/2007 3/27/2017

ID: I62262Name: Nekauba of Sais and MemphisPrefix: PrinceGiven Name: NekaubaSurname: of Sais and MemphisSex: M_UID: 2ADFADAD01144B42AC461EFC95B9563CF169Change Date: 26 Nov 2005Death: YFather: Bakenrane...

9/10/2007 3/27/2017

Basia, Queen of Dardania MP (c.-1480 - c.-1368)

"of Teucria", "(van bijbelse mythe)", "Batea", "Basia", "Princess of the Trojans"

ID: I62085Name: Baeta of TeucriGiven Name: BaetaSurname: of TeucriSex: F_UID: 333869A7A03DAC4AA40DC0FDB6D426228ED0Change Date: 26 Nov 2005Death: YMarriage 1 Dardanus of DaraniaMarried:Children Erichtho...

6/3/2007 3/27/2017

Hiranyaksha Kashyapa MP (deceased)

In Hinduism, Hiranyaksha was a demon killed by Vishnu after taking the Earth to the bottom of the ocean.Vishnu assumed the form of a white boar (Sri Varaha) and dived into the water to lift the Earth. ...

1/28/2010 3/27/2017

Neferneferure MP (c.-1341 - d.)

8/2/2009 3/27/2017

Meketaten MP (c.-1349 - d.)

9/1/2008 3/27/2017

'Abqar MP (deceased)

"Aqbar [43]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Salaman MP (-180 - d.)

"al-Hamaysa' (Muqawwin)"

ID: Salman [58] Son of Eleazar ibn Nahur (Ha-David)?

6/28/2008 3/27/2017

Senseneb MP (b. - -1493)

5/9/2008 3/27/2017

'Aws MP (deceased)

"Bintah [57]"

2/16/2009 3/27/2017

Maqsar (Hisn) MP (deceased)

"Muksar [29]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Afnaad MP (deceased)

"Afnad [31]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Sanbir MP (deceased)

"Sanbir [39]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Yathribi (al-Tamh) MP (deceased)

"Yathrabi [38]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Dayshan (al-Za'id) MP (deceased)

"Deshan [33]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Aihaam MP (deceased)

"Aiham [30]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Yahzan (al-Qasur) MP (deceased)

"Yahzin [37]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Yalhan (al-'Anud) MP (deceased)

"Yalhan [36]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

Mahmud ('Ayfa 'Aydh) MP (deceased)

"Aid [34]"

12/22/2008 3/27/2017

ad-Da'a MP (deceased)


ID: Ad-Da'a [41]

2/16/2009 3/27/2017

Tmolus King of Lydia MP (deceased)

Tmolus ( Τμῶλος ) was a King of Lydia and husband to Omphale. He is the eponymous namesake of Mount Tmolus (modern Bozdağ), which lies in Lydia with the Lydian capital (later also called Sardis) at its...

8/10/2012 3/27/2017

Tmolus, King of Lydia MP (deceased)

6/5/2016 3/27/2017

Mehdū (Mahdad) binte al-Lahm ul-Jarhami MP (deceased)

"Mehdū (Mahdad) binte al-Lahm who was from the tribe of Banū-Jarham"

From Tribe of Banu Jarham Source 1: 2:

12/22/2008 8/28/2016

Mana'a (Mu'anah) binte Jawsham ul-Jarhami MP (deceased)

"بن عوف بن عدي بن دب بن جرهم"

From Tribe of Banu Jarham Source 1: 2:

12/22/2008 8/28/2016

Buz MP (c.-240 - d.)

"Sahail [56]"

6/28/2008 8/28/2016

Zarih (al-Qumayr) MP (deceased)

"Zarih/ Rizah"

ID: Zarih [27]

12/22/2008 8/28/2016

Yadlaf MP (deceased)

"Yadlaf [49]"

12/22/2008 8/28/2016

'Aydh MP (deceased)

"Aid [44]"

12/22/2008 8/28/2016