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Zacharis Naef, Naf von Thalwil MP (1645 - c.1684)

1/13/2009 6/18/2018

Petru Rares MP (c.1487 - 1546)

"Petru IV Rares", "voievod of Moldavia"

From Wikipedia :=Peter IV Rareș (Romanian: Petru Rareș pronounced [%CB%88petru ˈrareʃ] or Petru al IV-lea Rareș; ca. 1487 – 3 September 1546) was twice voievod of Moldavia: 20 January 1527 to 18 Septem...

10/29/2008 6/18/2018

Mihnea I "cel Rău" Dracul, voivode di Valacchia MP (1462 - 1510)

"Rossztévő", "House of Drăculești", "Mihail", "Mihajlo (Minja) Zločesti (Loši)"

- (son of 1st wife from all languages) előneve: Rossz Mihnea, Dracula hercege

3/19/2008 6/18/2018

Ioan Movila MP (c.1520 - c.1580)

"Jan Mohyła"

3/22/2009 6/18/2018

Bogdan Cel chior Musat MP (1479 - 1517)

"Bogdan III of Moldavia", "Bogdan cel Chior"

From Wikipedia : Bogdan III the One-Eyed (Romanian: Bogdan al III-lea cel Chior) or Bogdan III the Blind (Romanian: Bogdan al III-lea cel Orb) (1470/1471 – April 20, 1517) Voivode of Moldavia from Jul...

1/10/2009 6/18/2018

Erzsebet of Galicia, Russian Princess MP (1212 - 1239)

"Galizkaja", "of Halicz"

Grand daughter of Khan Kotian I (circa 1160 - 1240), one notes that Khan Kotian I was still alive at the time of Princess Erzebet's death in 1239.

11/5/2007 6/18/2018


6/28/2010 6/18/2018

Giorgi V of Georgia MP (c.1286 - 1346)

"გიორგი V ბრწყინვალე ბაგრატიონი"

V, the "Brilliant" (Georgian: გიორგი V ბრწყინვალე, Giorgi V Brtskinvale; also translated as the Illustrious, or Magnificent; 1286/1289 – 1346) was King of Georgia from 1299 to 1302 and again from 1314 ...

4/20/2010 6/18/2018

Vakhtang II of Georgia MP (b. - 1292)

"ვახტანგ I ბაგრატიონი"

Vakhtang II (died 1292), of the dynasty of Bagrationi, was king of Georgia from 1289 to 1292. He reigned during the Mongol dominance of Georgia.A son of the western Georgian ruler, king David VI Narin,...

4/4/2010 6/18/2018

Giorgi III, King of Georgia MP (b. - 1184)

"გიორგი III ბაგრატიონი"

III (გიორგი III) (died March 27, 1184), of the Bagrationi dynasty, was king of Georgia from 1156 to 1184. His reign, and that of Tamar, are seen as the 'golden age' of Georgian history, the era of empi...

5/10/2009 6/18/2018

Perhaps son of Gerhard von Wassenberg and a descendant of the Ezzonen dukes of Swabia . Geschichte[Bearbeiten]Ursprung war die frühmittelalterliche Motte Husterknupp nordwestlich von Köln. Über die frü...

8/20/2008 6/18/2018

Friedrich I von Cilli, Graf von Cilli MP (c.1300 - 1359)

"Deželni glavar"

Frederic I, count of Celje, a son of Ulric I of Sannegg and Katharina, countess of Heunburg, continued the Sanneg dynasty and is regarded to be the founding father of the lineage of the Counts of Celje...

5/10/2009 6/18/2018

Gebhard I von Sannegg MP (b. - 1173)

Gebhard is first mentioned as a witness in a deed of gift dated 1173 where Udalric II, the patriarch of Aquileia, is gifting some farmland and several vinyards to Seiz monastery. (Bern. Bez. Cod. Dipl....

5/10/2009 6/18/2018