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The first known ruler of Assam was Mahiranga Danava of Danava dynasty, who was succeeded in turn, in the direct line by Hatakasur, Sambarsur and Ratnasur. After them there was a chief named Ghatakasur,...

9/25/2012 8/28/2013

NANDAGOPA Shurasena (b. - -3030)

SRIKRISHNA'S ADOPTED (FOSTER) FATHER Nanda (mythology) Nanda and Yashoda pushing baby Krishna on a swing. Nanda (Sanskrit: नंद) or Nandagopa, according to the Harivamsh...

9/18/2009 6/18/2013

Sudama Krishna welcomes Sudama, Bhagavata Purana, 17th century manuscript. Sudama (सुदामा) (also known asKuchela, mostly in South India) was a childhood frie...

6/16/2013 6/16/2013

TRINAVARTA (deceased)

After Trinâvarta had assumed the form of the whirlwind and thus had swept away Krishna, he, reaching the top of the atmosphere, could not get higher with Him getting heavier and mightier and so ...

6/12/2013 6/12/2013

PUTANA (BAKI) (deceased)

6/9/2013 6/9/2013

KAMSA Ugrasena (b. - -3097)

Kamsa's birth history By: Compiled by Mahavishnu Dasa The Birth of Kalanemi: In days of old there was a king in Mathurapuri named Ugrasena, who married Padmavati the daughter of king Satyaketu of V...

10/20/2008 6/8/2013

Kalayavana episode in HARIVAMSHAM (CRITICAL EDITION) ________________________________________ HARIVAMSA PARVA (25) 8. The daughter of the king of Trigarta was the wife of ShishirAyana. Even though his ...

6/2/2013 6/2/2013

KING OF KALINGA (deceased)

5/17/2013 5/17/2013