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DNA verified people via multiple children, born before 1800

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  • James Welborn (1736 - 1811)
    A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA.[ ]Some Facts entered here by Marvin Loyd Welborn: dated 980513, Ruckersville, VA. Marvin Welborn. The following is extracted from the opus of Mr...
  • Aaron W Welborn, Sr. (1760 - 1843)
    Notes added 21 Dev 2017 by (descendant) Marvin Loyd Welborn. Aaron Welborn Sr. 1760 Gender: Male Birth: October 13, 1760 Rowan County, Province of North Carolina Death: October 6, 1843 (82) Anderson Di...
  • Margareta Hansdotter (1594 - 1657)
    Margareta Hansdotter känd som 'Stormor i Dalom'. Släkt och Hävd 2018:3 sid 67-79 ------------------------------------------------------ Stormor i Dalom bar på mitokondrie-DNA (mtDNA) tillhörande hapl...
  • Johann Michael Howery (bef.1762 - bef.1818)
    He was named at Paradise Township on 1 September 1781 as a Private in the 6th Company, Capt. Andrew Bolly commanding, 5th Battalion, York County Militia (6 Penn Archives 2:527). As Michel Howry he was ...
  • Per Eriksson (c.1585 - d.)
    Per Eriksson was born about 1585 at Näset 2, Ragunda, Jämtland. Näset was part of the Ragunda lake which was emptied on water in 1796. He belongs to the Y-DNA haplogroup I1a2a1a1d1a1a -> I-Y37103, ba...

This is a Geni project for profiles whose haplogroup is confirmed via multiple DNA tests. This may either be:

  • matching Y-DNA haplogroup from. descendants of at least two sons, or
  • matching MtDNA haplogroup from descendants of at least two daughters, or
  • archeological DNA results from their remains, matching the DNA of some relative known in the sources.

Only profiles that constitute the branch of several matching lines should be added to the project. Not their ancestors that only are verified via one child each. This resembles the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) for a haplogroup, but in this project, a connection should also be known from paper based genealogical sources. The profiles should have been born before the year of 1800.

NB! Please state haplogroup in the "About" section of the profile and, if possible, state which (at least two) children that have a verified haplogroup. Provide citations (sources) supporting the haplogroup (if Geni does not indicate it) and family relations. Small Y-DNA and MtDNA tests may not be considered sufficient as confirmation, since small tests only results in a haplogroup that a large number of people in your geographical region belong to.

The Geni DNA test indicator is useful. It may indicate haplogroups for a non-hidden profile. However, a haplogroup can currently only propagate ten generations back in the Geni tree from the test person. If you click on "details" besides the haplogroup, Geni may indicate that DNA is propagated "from 2 relatives" and that "Multiple DNA tests confirm this result". In that case, you may click on "View detail" to see a small tree graph, showing where the DNA verified lines are branching.

Note that in some other sites, "DNA verified" refers to people that likely are close relatives based on matching autosomal DNA, rather than distant relatives that share a haplogroup.



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