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James Welborn MP (1736 - 1811)

"Wilborn", "Wellborn"

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA.[ ]Some Facts entered here by Marvin Loyd Welborn: dated 980513, Ruckersville, VA. Marvin Welborn. The following is extracted from the opus of Mr...

8/20/2008 5/29/2022

Aaron W Welborn, Sr. (1760 - 1843)

Notes added 21 Dev 2017 by (descendant) Marvin Loyd Welborn. Aaron Welborn Sr. 1760 Gender: Male Birth: October 13, 1760 Rowan County, Province of North Carolina Death: October 6, 1843 (82) Anderson Di...

8/20/2008 4/13/2022

Margareta Hansdotter MP (1594 - 1657)

"Stormor i Dalom"

Margareta Hansdotter känd som 'Stormor i Dalom'. Släkt och Hävd 2018:3 sid 67-79 ------------------------------------------------------ Stormor i Dalom bar på mitokondrie-DNA (mtDNA) tillhörande hapl...

4/1/2007 2/20/2022

Johann Michael Howery MP (bef.1762 - bef.1818)

He was named at Paradise Township on 1 September 1781 as a Private in the 6th Company, Capt. Andrew Bolly commanding, 5th Battalion, York County Militia (6 Penn Archives 2:527). As Michel Howry he was ...

5/10/2009 2/18/2022

Per Eriksson (c.1585 - d.)

Per Eriksson was born about 1585 at Näset 2, Ragunda, Jämtland. Näset was part of the Ragunda lake which was emptied on water in 1796. He belongs to the Y-DNA haplogroup I1a2a1a1d1a1a -> I-Y37103, ba...

12/30/2011 1/18/2022

Jon Olofsson (1628 - 1704)

Tillhörde Hovdsjösläkten (förr kallad Hovdsjögrenen av Blix). Se

9/11/2007 11/9/2021

"Soga om Jølst" bind 1 kaller gården Østenstad for "Einsteinstad", og forteller om den på side 514-519.Side 516: "1742 - fraa 24. okt. 1741 etter Gjyðe (Jøe) Halldorsdotter Ho og mannen Anders El...

3/27/2011 10/11/2021

Britta Jakobsdotter (1659 - 1736)

4/10/2008 10/11/2021

Malin Eriksdotter MP (c.1535 - aft.1580)

"Magdalena", "Malin"

Magdalena (Malin) Eriksdotter, born around 1520–1535 (had children born between at least the years 1558 and 1571) was wife of Östen Eriksson Sursill. They lived in Teg, Umeå, Västerbotten (Västerbotten...

3/17/2007 7/31/2021

Cao Cao 曹操, Emperor Wu of Wei MP (155 - 220)

"阿瞞", "魏武王", "魏武帝"

Cao Cao, who was posthumously titled Emperor Wu of the state of Cao Wei, belonged to Y-DNA Haplotype O2-M268 according to DNA tests of some documented present-day descendants with lineage records. Anci...

5/11/2011 6/19/2021

Lt. Charles Brooks (1732 - 1798)

9/24/2010 6/16/2021

Sara Bastiansdotter, born 1630 in Julita parish, Södermanland, Södermanlands län, of parents from Vallonia.She inherited MtDNA J2a1a1a from her mother. This information was made public in the Facebook ...

3/2/2008 6/8/2021

Kristina Samuelsdotter (1545 - 1615)

Kristina Samuelsdotter (ca 1530-ca 1615). hustru till Andreas Petri Grubb i Bureätten. Verifierad via två döttrar (vilka?) som tillhörande MtDNA-haplogrupp J1c2b.Referenser* Den första tidiga kvinna på...

10/24/2013 6/8/2021

Johannes Johansson (1775 - 1855)

"Johan Johansson", "Jon Jonsa"

Johannes (Johan) Johansson, kallades Jon Jonsa. Han var storbonde på Skravelsjö 1 utanför Umeå, uppsyningsman samt förgångsman.Johan Johansson var gift tre gånger:# Magdalena Andersdotter från Grubbe i...

1/6/2011 6/7/2021

Olof Nilsson (Stierna) (bef.1420 - d.)

Olof Nilsson (stjärna), born approximately around 1420 or earlier, lived in Kniva, Vika parish, Dalarna county, Sweden. His three sons are mentioned in 1473. At least two of them are verified to belong...

12/21/2016 6/4/2021

Anders Olofsson (aft.1510 - c.1571)

Anders Olofsson, born about 1510-20 at Åbyn nr 5, owner Åbyn nr 5 1539-1567, Övre Burträsk, Skellefteå parish, Västerbotten).. Olof Andersson Skägge and another son (which?) belonged to haplogroup N-M1...

7/28/2011 6/3/2021

Sockenprästen Carsten Skancke föddes 1744 i Trondheim. Han tillhörde Skanckeättens Finnvegårdslinje, vilken har ansetts ha rötter i Sanne, Hackås socken, Jämtland. Carsten Skancke och därmed delar av F...

10/2/2008 6/3/2021

Jon Olofsson (1635 - 1709)


DNA-verifierad Bureättling på faderslinjen. Se . Ättlingar till tre av Jon Olofssons söner, Olof, Erik och Jon Jonsson, delar Y-DNA. DNA indikerar att Anders Olofsson i Bureätten är deras anfader, men ...

8/15/2009 6/3/2021

Moses Jakobsson (c.1670 - 1715)

Två av Moses Jakobssons söner, Matthias och Moses från Storkåge, delade Y-DNA-haplogrupp med Bureätten, dock med okänd koppling i skriftliga källor. Se: . "Har tillsammans med bl a Peter Sjölu...

8/5/2012 6/3/2021

Anders Johansson MP (1664 - 1752)

Anders Johansson, farmer, born 1665, dead 1752-02-18 at Kopparnäs, Piteå parish, Västerbotten, Sweden. DNA tests on descendants of his two sons Johan Andersson Nyman and Anders Andersson, show that the...

8/23/2007 6/3/2021

Lasse ( Lars ) Matskal (c.1490 - aft.1512)

Lasse Matskol, born approximately around 1490, known from written records 1509 and probably also 1512, lived in Tengene parish, Västergötland, ancestor of the Maskåll family. DNA tests on patrilinear d...

4/21/2014 6/3/2021

Herman Jonsson (c.1480 - c.1550)

"Herman i Skråmträsk"

Herman, born approximately around 1480, lived in Skråmträsk, Skellefteå parish, Västerbotten county, Sweden, died c. 1550. Patrilinear descendants of two of his sons, Jöns and Sven, share Y-DNA. They b...

12/28/2008 6/2/2021

Brita Jonsdotter (1630 - 1708)

Brita Jonsdotter, born c. 1630, died 1708 in Biskopsgården, Fors parish, Jämtland (Jämtland county), Sweden. She is DNA verified via at least two daughters, belonging to MtDNA haplogroup H23.Sources:* ...

12/27/2010 6/2/2021

Jacob Howry, of Howrytown MP (1734 - 1809)

"Jacob H. Howery", "Jacob Hauri"

Three of his sons have matching Y-DNA, Johann, Samuel and rev. Daniel, all belonging to haplogroup G, likely sub-group G-Y11074.He was a farmer. He first appears in records on 25 August 1755 when he an...

5/10/2009 6/2/2021

Rachel Hunter MP (aft.1737 - c.1790)

"Mary Rachel (SAR 81264 81271) McFarland -Hunter- DNA Verified.."

MacFarland (daughter of John McFarland and Mary Montgomery)35 was born March 03, 1736/37 in vVa, and died 1784 in Appomattox Co., VA. She married John Hunter II on 1758 in Bedford, VA35, son of John Hu...

6/27/2008 6/1/2021

Two sons of Thomas Harris appears to have matching Y-DNA, John Harris and George Harris, both belonging to haplogroup I1. Full Y-DNA tests are required to identify a sub-haplogroup. Edward Harris, of I...

7/3/2007 6/1/2021

Jeanne de la Batte SM/PROG MP (aft.1662 - 1738)

"(Jannetis la Bat - as per daughter Hester's Baptism Record)", "Nel"

Three of her daughters have matching Mt-DNA, Cornelia, Jeanne and Jùdith, all belonging to haplogroup J2a1a1.Haplogroup J is relatively evenly distributed across all Europe. The only population in whic...

10/13/2007 6/1/2021

Gamle Olof MP (c.1390 - bef.1480)

"Gamle Olof"

Eftersom Anders Olofssons farfader enligt en muntlig källa hette Herse, så måste Olof Hersesson ha existerat, men finns ej i källorna. Han benämndes 'Gamle Olof' av ättlingarna. (Since the paternal gra...

2/10/2007 5/30/2021

Östen Eriksson (1677 - 1764)

DNA studies show that Östen Eriksson was part of the Bure Geneaology through two of his sons. The link to Gamle Olof is however not found in written sources. See . Östen Eriksson Född 1677 Åbyn 13, Näs...

8/5/2008 5/30/2021

Olof Jonsson, Falmark 12 (1590 - 1661)

Hade Falmark 12, 1610, 1613-1640 och 1646-1661.Han har betalat Ävsborgslösen 1613-1618 DNA studies show that he belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup G-Y16788 which was branched from the "Bure family" Y-DNA G-...

6/8/2009 5/30/2021

Anders Ersson (c.1660 - d.)

Anders Eriksson, born about 1655-60 in Boviken nr 3, owner 1687-1709, Skellefteå parish, Västerbotten, Sweden. DNA verified via at least two sons belonging to haplogroup I1-M253>DF29>Z60>Z140>F2642>Y36...

9/15/2011 5/28/2021

Lisbetha Olofsdotter (1658 - 1750)

Lisbeta Olofsdotter, born 1658, died 1750 Överklinten 4, Bygdeå Parish, Västerbotten. DNA tests on descendants of at least two of her daughters show that she belonged to haplo group H2a1n. Source:* Olo...

11/15/2010 5/28/2021

Per Persson (1624 - 1672)

Per Persson, born about 1624 and died 1672 at Andersvattnet nr 1, Burträsk parish, Västerbotten, Sweden. DNA verified via at least two sons belonging to haplogroup .I1-M253>DF29>Z60>Z73>L1302, Predicte...

2/3/2009 5/28/2021

Anna Andersdotter (1674 - 1758)

Anna Andersdotter, born 1674 in Önnesmark nr 2, died 1758 in Tjälen nr 3, both places in Lövånger parish, Västerbotten (Västerbottens län). Her MtDNA haplogroup is confirmed to be H2a1n, via the follow...

10/7/2009 5/28/2021

Jon Andersson Lund (1664 - 1754)

Jon Andersson Lund, born about 1664 in Lund nr 2, died 1754 Medle 6, both in Skellefteå parish,Västerbotten, Sweden. He belonged to YDNA haplogroup R1a-M512>Z284>L448>CTS4179>YP706>YP5312>BY27196>Y6481...

4/10/2008 5/28/2021

Karin Larsdotter (c.1658 - 1728)

Karin Larsdotter, born 1658 Storkåge nr 19, Skellefteå parish, Västerbotten, died there 1728. Belonged to MtDNA haplogroup H10e based on DNA results from at least two daughters.Sources:* Larsdotter Ref...

3/15/2008 5/28/2021

Olof Ersson (1691 - 1741)

Olof Eriksson Ruut, born 1691-09-06 and died 1741-07-12 Ljusvattnet 9, Burträsk parish, Västerbotten. YDNA haplogroup confirmed via at least two sons: R1b-M269>U106>L48>L47>CTS6353>Y32882/BY17088>BY848...

8/17/2012 5/28/2021

Moses Olofsson (1709 - 1796)

Moses Olofsson, born 1709 and died 1796, Storkåge nr 4, Skellefteå parish, Västerbotten, Sweden. Belonged to YDNA haplogroup R1b-M269>U106>L48>L47>CTS6353>Y32882/BY17088>BY84817 according to DNA tests ...

10/28/2008 5/28/2021

Olof Andersson (1711 - 1791)

Olof Andersson, born 1711-10-05, Kräkånger nr 7, Västanå, died 1791 in Vallen, both places in Lövånger parish, Västerbotten, Sweden. He belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup I1-M253>DF29>CTS6364>S4795>L1275>BY3...

4/10/2010 5/28/2021

A Patriot of the American Revolution for Virginia and Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson (April 13 [O.S. April 2] 1743 – July 4, 1826) was an American Founding Father who was t...

2/24/2007 5/27/2021

Israel Håkansson Lustig (1667 - 1740)

660,968 Israel Håkansson LustigResultat family tree DNA Skellefteå parishes: Israel Håkansson Lustig, born 1667 died 1740-02-22 Vallen, Lövånger parish, Västerbotten. R1a L664>S2894>YP285>YP282>YP441>Y...

4/10/2007 5/26/2021

Olof Jönsson (c.1623 - 1723)

Olof Jönsson (cirka 1623 till 1723 i Digranäs i Sunne, Jämtland), är DNA-verifierad via hans två söner, som tillhör Y-DNA-haplogrupp I1-FGC13223:* Pehr Olofsson* Olof OlofssonIdentisk haplogrupp har ve...

5/26/2021 5/26/2021

Erik Eriksson Blix (c.1576 - c.1637)

Erik Erikssøn Blix (1576-1645 of the Oviken line of the Blix family) is DNA verified via several descendants of two of his sons, belonging to YDNA haplogroup I1-FGC13223:* Hans Eriksson* Peder Eriksson...

1/21/2007 5/26/2021

Sara Andersdatter (född cirka 1659 i Røros, med kopplingar till Skanckeättens Røros-gren), har DNA-verifierats via ättlingar till följande två döttrar, som tillhör MtDNA-haplogroupp I4a1: Anne Ols...

8/25/2008 5/26/2021

Ingeborg har DNA-verifierats via följande två döttrar, tillhörande MtDNA-haplogrupp I4a1: * Kerstin Gulliksdotter* Katarina GulliksdotterDessutom har de identisk MtDNA-haplogrupp som Sara Andersdotter ...

1/26/2009 5/26/2021

Per Eriksson (1713 - 1787)

Pehr Eriksson, född 1713, död 1787-06-28, är DNA-verifierad. Han tillhör haplogrupp R1a1a1b1a3a1a3a, subclade R1a-FT235842 = R1a-Y190055, baserat på DNA-tester på ättlingar till följande två söner:* Pe...

8/16/2016 5/26/2021

Olof Svensson Blix (c.1600 - 1669)

Olof Svensson (born about 1600, died 1669 in Hovsjö, Revsund, Jämtland, Sweden) is the earliest DNA verified ancestor of "Hovdsjösläkten". Traditionally they were considered part of the Blix family, bu...

4/8/2007 5/26/2021

Johan Christiersson Buse (1628 - c.1695)

Johan Christiersson, born 1630, Frostkåge nr 13, Skellefteå parish, Västerbotten (Västerbottens län). DNA verified via at least two sons, belonging to haplogroup R1a1a1a (L664) > S2894 > YP285 > YP282 ...

7/22/2009 5/26/2021

Malin i Morön 2 (c.1630 - d.)

Malin, born about 1630, married Josef Persson owner of Morön nr 2 between 1659-1687, Skellefteå parish, Västerbotten. She is DNA verified via at least two daughters, belonging to MtDNA haplogroup H10e....

5/13/2008 5/26/2021

Anna Rusk (1625 - 1684)

Anna Rusk from Selet 4, Lövånger parish, died 1684 in Bureå nr 8, Skellefteå parish, both i Västerbotten, Sweden. She belonged to haplogroup H5, based on DNA tests on descendants of at least two daught...

10/7/2009 5/26/2021

Nils Svensson (c.1600 - d.)

Nils Svensson är Y-DNA-verifierad till att tillhöra I-L1302 (I1a2a1a1d1a1a) -> subclade BY82727. Det är ättlingar till sönerna Olof Nilsson och Per Nilsson som har gjort ett Big-Y test och Nils Svensso...

9/15/2007 5/26/2021

Karin Persdotter (aft.1600 - bef.1650)

Karin (Persdotter?), born about 1600-1610, died about 1640-1650. She was married to Jacobus Mathiæ Backius, komminister, Umeå 1656-1665, from Gråträsk, Piteå parish, Norrbotten. She is DNA verifiled vi...

8/9/2012 5/26/2021

Anna Röbäck (1674 - c.1728)

Anna Eriksdotter, born 1672 in Brände 13 alt Gunsmark nr 4, died 1728 in Grimsmark, both in Nysätra parish, Västerbotten, Sweden. Her MtDNA haplogroup is confirmed to be U5a1b1h, based on DNA tests on ...

4/28/2009 5/26/2021

Jöns Östensson Smed (c.1665 - c.1740)

Jöns Östensson Smed, born about 1665 in Drängsmark nr 1, died about 1740 Drängsmark, Skellefteå parish, Västerbotten. He belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup R1a-M512>L664>S2894>YP441>YP4123, confirmed by DNA ...

5/7/2007 5/26/2021

Sigrid Hermansdotter (c.1630 - 1710)

Sigrid Hermansdotter, born about 1634 and died 1710-04-30 in Svensbyn nr 14, Piteå parish, Norrbotten, Sweden. Her MtDNA haplogroup was verified to X2c1, based on DNA tests on descendants of at least t...

10/16/2009 5/26/2021

Lisbet Andersdotter (1712 - 1795)


Att Lisbet skall vara dotter till Anna och Anders verkar motsättas av att säkrad Haplogrupp U5a1b1h till henne genom döttrarna i 1a äktenskap Kristina Andersdotter dop 1741-08-11 och 2a Brita Jonsdotte...

5/20/2012 5/26/2021

Sune Nilsson (1572 - 1661)

Sune Nilsson, born c. 1572 in Skrickerum, died 1661 in Skårsjö, both places in Tryserum parish, Östergötland. His family is sometimes called ”Guttormsläkten” after his grandfather Guttorm. He is DNA ve...

4/10/2009 5/26/2021

Anders Larsson (1695 - 1776)

Anders Larsson, born 1695 and died 1776-11-01 in Gråträsk nr 1, Piteå parish, Norrbotten, Sweden. He belonged to YDNA haplogroup R1b-M269>U106>Z18>Y31457>BY13813>BY13820, confirmed by DNA tests on desc...

3/31/2008 5/25/2021

Anna Kristoffersdotter (c.1620 - d.)

Anna Kristoffersdotter, born approximately around 1620 in Nyland, Nordingrå parish, Ångermanland (Västernorrlands county), Sweden. She is DNA verified via at least two daughters, belonging to MtrDNA ha...

5/23/2019 5/25/2021

Erik Hansson (c.1600 - 1682)

Erik Hansson, born c. 1600, lived in Långnäs 14, Piteå parish, Norrbotten. DNA verified via at least two sons, belonging to haplogroup R1a1a1b1a3 (S221/Z284) > S4458 > S5301 > S5153 > L448 > CTS4179. S...

10/16/2009 5/25/2021

Nils Olofsson (c.1480 - aft.1549)

Nils Olofsson, born approximately around 1480, known from 1539, farmer, ”birkarl” and merchant, Hamnen, Öjebyn, Piteå parish, Norrbotten, died c. 1557. He belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup I1a1b3a1 (L258) >...

3/5/2020 5/25/2021

Erik Erson Hasselbuske (1690 - 1762)

Erik Eriksson Hasselbuske, born 1690-12-24 and died 1762-04-25. Lillpite nr 13/14, Piteå parish, Norrbotten, Sweden. He belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup R1a-M512>Z284>L448>YP355>YP609, veriied via DNA test...

4/11/2009 5/25/2021

John Hamilton, born at the latest in the beginning of the 1610’s (a son of his was born 1635), captain in English service. Two sons came to Sweden and they each have a descendant who has done a Y-DNA t...

10/11/2007 5/25/2021

Thomas Eriksson Rapp (Lillrank) (c.1620 - 1697)

"Lillrank", "Storrank"

Tomas Eriksson Lillrank, born c. 1635, lived in Terjärv parish, Österbotten, died 1697. DNA verified via at least two sons, belonging to haplogroup I-Y6339.Sources:* profile is mixture of two different...

7/26/2007 5/25/2021

Anders Olofsson Hjort (1701 - 1748)

Anders Olofsson Hjort, born 1701-12-01 and died 1748-07-24 in Gammelbyn 10, Burträsk parish, Västerbotten, Sweden, belonged to haplogroup R1b-M269>U106>Z18>S19726 Predicted.Refernces:* Anders Olofsson ...

7/17/2010 5/25/2021

Tomas Eriksson Norman, born 1694 in Norsjö nr 1, Sörbyn, Skellefteå parish, Västerbotten, Sweden died 1771 in Malåträsk, Arvidsjaur parish, Norrbotten, Sweden. Belonged to haplogroup R1a-M512.Reference...

6/24/2007 5/25/2021

Sara Östensdotter (1630 - 1698)

Sara Östensdotter, born about 1630 Bodan nr 1, died 1698 Rönnbäcken nr 2, both in Skellefteå parish, Västerbotten, belonged to MtDNA haplogroup V. References:* Lundström sid 580 Rönnbäcken 2 Ulf Lundst...

3/1/2008 5/25/2021

Margareta Eriksdotter (1645 - 1734)

Margareta Eriksdotter born 1645 Storkåge nr 10, and died 1734 Norsjö nr 9, both in Skellefteå parish, Västerbotten, Sweden. Belonged to MtDNA haplogroup H10e. References:* EriksdotterBlev högst 89 år. ...

2/1/2008 5/25/2021

Per Andersson Kraft (c.1654 - 1740)

Per Andersson Kraft, born 1654 Rickleånr 10, died 1740 Rickleå, Bygdeå parish, Västerbotten, DNA verified via at least two sons, belonging to haplogroup I1-M253>DF29>Z60>Z73>L1302>BY126>BY546>BY2580>BY...

2/11/2010 5/25/2021

Anna Persdotter Flark (1664 - 1741)

Anna Persdotter Flark, born February 1664, married 1687-12-08 Anders Olofsson 1656-1740, owner of Mjödvattnet 3 between 1687-1723. died 1741-08-30 Renbergsvattnet, both places in Burträsk parish, Väste...

3/6/2010 5/25/2021

Karin Andersdotter (1672 - 1753)

Karin Andersdotter, born 1672(?), died 1753 in Bygdeträsk nr 17, Burträsk parish, Västerbotten (Västerbotten county), Sweden. She belonged to haplogroup J1c7a. References:* Andersdotter Blev högst 81 å...

5/20/2011 5/25/2021

Malin (1681 - 1745)

Malin, born 1681, died 1745 in Kalvträsk 1, Burträsk parish, Västerbotten (Västerbotten county), Sweden. Haplogroupp U1a1.References:* MagdalenaBlev högst 64 år. Född:1681-03Död:1745-03-09 Kalvträsk 9 ...

8/24/2007 5/25/2021

Anna Hindricsdotter (1683 - 1750)

639,991 Anna Blev 66 år. Född: 1683-11-03 Död: 1750-08-05 Kvarnbyn 7:13 Burträsk --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Familj med 638,990 Erik Östensson Waken ...

7/14/2009 5/25/2021

Magdalena Nilsdotter (c.1688 - c.1714)


Född i Finnfors 1, Skellefteå. Död 1714 i Långträsk 1, Skellefteå lfs. Dotter till Nils Johansson och Karin Persdotter.

2/16/2007 5/25/2021

Lucia Christensdotter (1628 - c.1674)

Lucia Kristersdotter, born about 1628 in Andersvattnet, died about 1674 Edfastmark nr 5, both Bygdeåparish, Västerbotten, Sweden. She is DNA verified via at least two daughters belonging to MtDNA haplo...

5/13/2007 5/25/2021

Lars Eriksson (c.1636 - c.1679)

Lars Eriksson, born about 1636,owner 1666-1678 Bursiljum 8/9, Svarttjärn, Burträsk parish, Västerbotten, Sweden. DNA verified via at least two sons, belonging to YDNA haplogroup I1-M253>DF29>Z60>Z73>L1...

9/16/2009 5/25/2021

Johan Johansson (c.1630 - 1682)

Johan Johansson, born about 1635 anddied 1682 at Ragvaldsträsk 8, Skellefteå parish, Västerbotten. DNA verified, belonging to YDNA haplogroup R1b-M269>P312>DF27>FGC11414>Y23589/BY21590 Predicted.Source...

5/13/2008 5/25/2021

Johan Hansson (c.1630 - 1690)

Johan Hansson, born about 1630Mjödvattnet nr 11 died 1690, owner 1654-1690, Burträsk parish, Västerbotten, Sweden. DNA verified via at least two sons, belonging to haplogroup N-M178>CTS2929>CTS9976>L10...

5/11/2009 5/25/2021

Sven Nilsson (c.1610 - aft.1640)

Sven Nilsson, born about 1610, owner1635-1660 Villvattnet nr 6, Risåträsk, Burträsk parish, Västerbotten, Sweden. DNA verified via at least two sons, belonging to haplogroup N-M178>CTS2929>CTS9976>L102...

3/28/2009 5/25/2021

Mårten Christiersson (c.1565 - c.1627)

Mårten Christiersson, born about 1560. owner 1596-1627 Åbyn nr 16, Övre Burträsk, Skellefteå parish, Västerbotten. DNA verified via at least two of his sons, belonging to haplogroup I1-M253>DF29>L22>PH...

1/25/2009 5/25/2021

Sven Andersson Flåsk (c.1570 - 1652)

Sven Andersson Flåsk, born about 1565-70, owner 1619-1651 Långnäs nr 12, Piteå parish, Norrbotten. DNA verified via at least two sons, belonging to haplo group R1b-M269>P312>DF27>FGC11414>Y23589/BY2159...

10/9/2009 5/25/2021

Pekka Pekanpoika Pasanen (c.1484 - c.1549)

Petter/Pekka Pasanen, born c. 1484, lived in S:t Michel/Mikkeli, Södra Savolax (Etelä-Savo), Finland, died 1549. DNA verified via several sons, with haplogroup N1c1a1a2a1 (CTS1737/Z1927) > Z1933 > CTS4...

11/10/2011 5/25/2021

Erik Harvardsson, i Stugubyn (c.1465 - c.1504)

Erik Harvardsson, born approximately around 1465, lived in Stugun parish, Jämtland. His YDNA haplogroup has been verified to be I-Y24468 (=I1a2a1a1d1a1a2c10a2a) ackording to the "Stugusläkten" FTDNA pr...

4/21/2007 5/25/2021

Hertig Erik Birgersson, Folkunga MP (c.1250 - c.1275)

Erik Birgersson (Folkungaätten) Från Wikipedia Hertig Erik Birgersson, född omkring 1250, död 17 december 1275, begravd i Varnhems kloster i Västergötland, hertig av Småland 1275. Son till riks...

4/23/2007 5/25/2021

Dronning Mechtild af Danmark MP (c.1220 - 1288)

"Mechilde", "Mechtilde", "Matilde", "Mechthild", "Mechtild"

Mechtild von Schauenburg-Holstein, Dronning af Danmark=* Daughter of Adolph IV, Herr von Schauenburg, Graf zu Holstein und Stormarn and Heilwig Gräfin von der Lippe* Mechtild von Holstein , (även Mecht...

4/23/2007 5/25/2021

Lorentz Christian Eriksen Schancke (1699 - 1774)

"Lorentz Christian Eriksen Schancke"

Døde på Tøndel gods, Ørland, Sør TrøndelagDNA-verifierad person via flera av sina söner. Lorentz Christian har traditionellt ansetts tillhöra Skancke-släktens så kallade Ope-ätt från Brunflo, men han o...

6/2/2008 5/25/2021

Peder Fastesen (c.1661 - 1733)

Peder Fastesson (född omkring 1660 i Röros) är ansedd som anfader till Skanckeättens Röroslinje. Peder Fastessons Y-DNA-haplogrupp har verifierats till R1b1a1a2a1a1c2b, undergrupp R-Y85376 genom DNA-te...

8/23/2007 5/25/2021

Peder (Per) Jensson [Skanke] (c.1577 - 1647)

"Per Jönsson [Skanke]"

Peder Jensson, född cirka 1577 på Hov i Hackås, är den idag (2021) tidigast DNA-verifierade anfadern till Skanckeätten och dess så kallade Hackåslinje, äldre Hovgrenen. Ett flertal manslinjer som utgår...

5/30/2007 5/25/2021