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Chaim Paris (deceased)

1/30/2014 1/4/2015

Esther Rivka Paris (c.1856 - d.)

"Rifka", "Estera"

Mendel Paris in the Poland, Jewish Records Indexing-Poland, Marriages, 1798-1939 Menachem Mendel Paris B: D: Children (2) Chaim Mordechai Paris B: Abraham Paris B: 1889 Wife: Esther Rivka Fuks B: Par...

1/30/2014 1/4/2015

Chawa Laja Goldberg (c.1836 - d.)


JRI-Poland: "Found A - danziger B - goldberg C - szrek" YEAR OF VOLUME YR OF EVENT ACT# TYPE SURNAME First names Age / Yr. of Birth SEX Place of origin Living Father's Given Name Father's SURNAME Moth...

3/20/2014 3/27/2014

Chaim Wolf Goldberg (c.1833 - d.)


3/20/2014 3/27/2014

Ella Wajcman (1883 - 1972)

"Weitzman", "Wiseman", "Wajcman", "Dancigier", "ВАЙЦМАН"

Ethel's Memoir: "Grandpa always admired Mom’s dexterity and ability to run their household, for she was not only a caregiver nurse all her life, but she was a superb cook. Both talents continued...

7/17/2007 10/20/2013

She is named for her grandmother, Abe's mother, Rojza Necha Goldberg. Susan Paris says Reizel means 'Rose' in Yiddish.

6/9/2007 5/4/2012

Helen Hammerschlag (1913 - 2000)


The SS Rhein manifest shows her as 5 months old named "Chudes" U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 VIEW RECORD Name Helen May Danziger SSN 050104415 Gender Female Race White ...

7/17/2007 5/4/2012

Moe Danziger (1908 - 1968)

"Moey", "Moe", "Morrie", "Morry", "Chaim", "Chaimo"

Renae related to David in 2008: In Cleveland all the girls slept in one room and all the boys in another. Moe had a hard time waking up, so Mom would sprinkle ice water on him. When that didn't work, s...

7/17/2007 5/4/2012

Howard Danziger (1910 - 1979)


JRI-Poland Radom PSA: DANCIGIER Wulf Morcchaj Abram Icek Chawa Eta WAJCMAN 4/17-Mar-1910 Warszawa przy rodzicach 9844 AmR 127 The SS Rhein manifest shows the third child of Elka as "Chardke" in th...

7/17/2007 5/4/2012

Ethel Zuckerman (1905 - 2002)

"Chawa", "Eta"

Name: Ethel D. Zuckerman Birth Date: Dec 12, 1905 Death Date: Mar 10, 2002 Location: Beachwood, Cuyahoga, OH Collection: Ohio Death Records March or December? Ethel Zuckerman SSDI Birth: Mar 12 190...

7/17/2007 5/4/2012

Razel Necha Danziger (1856 - 1913)

"Rose", "Rojza Necha", "Dancigier", "Goldman"

If she died in 1925, as according to the Radom records indexed by JRI-Poland, then Maer left her behind when he brought Elka/Ella and her 5 youngest children from Bremen to Baltimore at the end of 1913...

12/8/2008 5/4/2012

Maer Danziger (1857 - 1928)

"Gramps", "Meyer", "Mayer", "Maere", "Maer", "Meier", "Dancigier"

1884/1886 Radom Synagogue District Voters List, image 5 {d205} Данцигеръ Маеръ Dry goods peddler (han...

12/8/2008 5/4/2012

Abraham Isaac (Avraham Yitzchak) Danziger (1881 - 1962)

"Dad", "Pops", "Abra", "Icek", "Dancigier", "Avraham Yitzchak"

Abe came to the US first and then sent for Ella, who came with 5 children, Frances (Faiga), Ethel (Eta), Moe (Chaimo), Howard (Cardke) and Helen (Chudes), all born in Poland. They went from Warsaw/Rado...

7/17/2007 5/4/2012