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Henry I "Beauclerc", King of England MP (1068 - 1135)

"Hendrik I van Engeland", "Henry Beauclerc"

Called "Beauclerc because of his study habits (Beauclerc meaning well-learnt, scholarly, erudite) Il est aussi connu sous le nom de Henri Ier de Normandie, roi d'Angleterre et Henri Ier, roi d'...

2/26/2007 7/2/2016

Adeltrude MP (774 - 852)

"Alpais?", "Aupais?"

Adeltrude, daughter of Charlemagne & Gersuinda Please see Charlemagne Project for Source Details Sharon's Temporary Note: Jan 2011 - cf confusion about which Aupais married Count Begue. Discussion ...

7/5/2007 6/9/2011

Lothair MP (778 - 779)


Lothair (778–6 February 779/780), son of Charlemagne & Hildegard, twin of Louis, he died in infancy Please see Charlemagne Project for Source Details [ HLOTHAR [Lothar] (Chasseneuil-du-Poitou {Vi...

7/5/2007 6/9/2011

"Pépin" Carloman, King of Italy MP (777 - 810)

"Pipino di Italia", "Pepijn van Italië", "born Carloman", "Pippin", "Carloman "Pepin"", "King of Italy and of the Lombards", "King of Italy", "King of the Lombards born Carloman", "Pepin I", "son of Charlemagne & Hildegard", "Pipin", ""King of Italia""

Pepin Carloman, son of Charlemagne & Hildegard born as Carloman but renamed Pepin had no legitimate children. By mistresses (one of whom was likely Bertha of Toulouse), he fathered a son, Bernard...

5/14/2007 6/9/2011

Charles 'the Younger', King of the Franks MP (c.772 - 811)

"Karolus", "Karlus", "Carolus des Francs", "Charles II", "Duke of Ingelheim"

Charles the Younger Carolingian, Duke of Maine, King of the Franks Please see Charlemagne Project for Source Details I have found a place where his death is listed as April, 810. [From Familypedi...

7/5/2007 6/9/2011

Charles II "the Bald", Western Emperor MP (823 - 877)

"Charles II "the Bald"", ""le Chauve"", ""el Calvo"", "Karel "de Kale"", ""il Calvo"", "Charles II", "Holy Roman Emperor", "King of West Francia", "Charles the Bald", "The Bald", "Emperor of HolyRoman empire", "Karel de Kale", "Charles the Bald.he was not in fact bald", "but rat..."

Ben M. Angel notes: Again, if the year is before 962, it is not the Holy Roman Empire, and the ruler is not the Holy Roman Emperor. The first Emperor of the entity that later becomes known as the Hol...

2/8/2007 6/9/2011

Louis I, The Pious MP (778 - 840)

"Ludwig der Fromme", "Louis le Pieux", "Keiser Ludvig I le Pieux av Franken", "Keiser Ludvig den fromme", "Keizer Ludvig der Fromme", "Louis the Fair", "Louis the Debonaire and King of Aquitaine", ""the Pious"", "The Pious", "der Fromme", "le pieux", "emporer", "King of Aquita..."

Louis the Pious, son of Charlemagne & Hildegard Please see Charlemagne Project for Source Details Wikipedia * English Louis the Pious

1/25/2007 6/9/2011