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Anna Nilsdotter, till Edeby och Stensholm. Född 161(7) Edeby , död 1663-03-15 i Stockholm, " av sorg över sonens illbragder ", och begraven s. å. 17/5 i Riddarholmskyrkan . Gift där 1635 -08-23 med...

6/19/2008 1/16/2020

Alonzo Jonah Howe MP (1831 - 1890)

Alonzo Jonah Howe was a professor of mathematics at the Old University of Chicago . Alonzo grew up on a farm in Perinton, NY , near the eastern shores of Lake Erie. He wanted to go to college, but his ...

12/1/2011 10/14/2015

Matriarch Sarah / שרה אמנו MP (c.-2040 - c.-1913)

"Saraia", "Sarai", "Sara", "Sarah", "Siti Sarah: יִסְכָּה/Yisku/Iscah she was called", "because she Saw/could-see", "with her Holly Ghost; what others couldn't other-wise."

Genesis 11:29-30 Wikipedia: Sarah and שרה Bible-Gateway: Sarah Sarah. Sarah is a half sister to her husband Abraham. They had the same father, but different mothers. There are t...

2/26/2007 10/3/2015

Archibald "Bell the Cat" Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus MP (1449 - 1513)

"Bell the Cat", "Bell The Cat Angus", "Great Earl Of Angus"

Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus, was a Scottish nobleman, peer, politician, and magnate. He became known as "Bell the Cat". He became the most powerful nobleman in the realm through a successful r...

6/15/2007 10/2/2015

From Deal, J. G., & the Dictionary of Virginia Biography. William Carver (d. 1676). (2013, August 19). In Encyclopedia Virginia. Retrieved from : In 1667 Carver placed management of all his property ...

10/1/2015 10/1/2015