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The aim of this project is creating a unified family tree for the Drecun family, and interconnecting as many family members as possible.

Drecuns' oldest known ancestor's name was Vučeta Dreca, who, according to a legend came to the town of Obod, near Rijeka Crnojevića, Montenegro around 1480. A.D. to ask Master Ivan-Beg Crnojević's permission to settle in his land.

Ivan sent him to Ljubotinj, ordering Božina Sarap, who had settled there a few years earlier, to share his communes with Dreca.

Dreca built a house there in Ljubotinj, and, together with Božina, erected a church at the foothills of Viranj (mountain), near Viranjac spring. The house is now a ruin. The legend says it was burnt three times: twice by the Turks, and once because of the negligence of its inhabitants.

That is the house where all of Dreca's descendants, the Drecun family, came from.

However, it is not sure where Dreca himself came from. One of the family tales, written down by Jovan (Bogdov) Drecun, says he most probably came from teh town of Miridit (Albania), in which there still lives Dreci family, bearing the title of "nobility", and venerating St. Nicholas as their family patron.

Besides this legend, there are other hypotheses.

There are claims that the first Drecun came from Paštrovići in nowadays coastal Montenegro, but it is unlikely that anyone would leave rich coastal area in order to settle in the poor, rocky countryside of Ljubotinj.

Dr Pavle Radusinović wrote that the first Drecun came around 1480. A.D. from the surroundings of Prizren (in Serbian Autonomous Province of Kosovo).

The part of the family that moved to Ulcinj, Montenegro in the beginning of the 20th century was convinced thet their ancestors originate from Greece, influenced by the seamen who knew the morphologically similar names of Greek mythological cretures Dracaena and Dracon.

According to Jovan (Mihailov) Drecun, the first Drecun came from Velika Drenova in Old Serbia.