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Lucretia Mott MP (1793 - 1880)

Lucretia Mott (née Coffin; January 3, 1793 – November 11, 1880) was a U.S. Quaker, abolitionist, women's rights activist, and social reformer. She had formed the idea of reforming the position of women...

11/16/2008 10/9/2019

Mary Fay MP (1678 - d.)


From Daughter of Dr. John Brigham and Sarah nee Davis. Mary was distinguished for heroism in the Indian wars. On 18 Aug 1707 Mrs Mary Fay, two of her children, and Miss Mary Goodnow (daughter of Sa...

9/5/2011 4/6/2018

Mary Jane Rewalt (1835 - 1896)

Mary Jane was born the daughter of James F & Rosanna Hinkle Magee in Wrightsville, PA. James was from Chester County & Rosanna was from York County, PA. Mary Jane & L.L. Rewalt were married in Middle...

10/3/2011 7/19/2017

Elizabeth Gilmore, along with her sister Ann, were nurses at the winter camp of General George Washington at Valley Forge, west of Philadelphia (December 19 1777 to June 19 1778). She is also recorded ...

9/20/2008 3/16/2017

Rosanna Thompson (1808 - 1894)

Rosanna was the daughter of John and Rosanna (Cormack) Gordon. She first shows up in the church records of the Union Methodist Episcopal Church in 1824 when she was accepted as a member. She's listed t...

1/17/2009 8/11/2016

Jane Morrow MP (1737 - 1830)

"Jennie Peden", "widow of John Morton"

Jane was the daughter of John Peden, a Revolutionary War soldier and Peggy McDill. Jane was first married to John Morton. After his death, she married Robert Morrow, who was a Revolutionary War soldi...

7/26/2008 5/3/2015

Laodicea "Dicey" Springfield MP (1766 - 1837)


A Patriot of the American Revolution for SOUTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A069020    The patriots were frequently indebted for important information to one young girl, fifteen or sixteen years old at t...

9/3/2007 4/14/2015

Lydia Shepherd (1766 - 1867)

"Lydia Cruger"

Birth: Feb. 26, 1766 Frederick County Virginia, USA Death: Sep. 29, 1867 Wheeling Ohio County West Virginia, USA The life of Mrs. Cruger is an oft told tale and yet the history of Monument Place ca...

1/8/2012 8/25/2014

Sally Ridley, Defender of the Fort (1773 - 1831)

"defender of the fort"

Notes for Sarah Ridley: The Heroine of Buchanan Station, Davidson County, TN. A great journal of this battle has been preserved. "... was born in eastern Tennessee ... and had thirteen children, ...

10/2/2012 5/6/2014

Mary Williamson MP (c.1714 - 1804)


Mary Williamson (Davison) b.c.1714, d.1805 Parents: George and Mary Davison Husband John W. Williamson Children: 4 girls, 6 boys including Hugh, John, and Mary Immigrating to the colonies from ...

11/13/2011 3/17/2014

Catherine Ridley (1751 - 1813)


There is very little information on Catherine Ridley and I could find no images of her. Most of what I relate was found during research about her father, sister and daughter who were both more well kno...

5/11/2007 12/16/2013

Lydia Darragh (1729 - 1789)


I wrote this based upon my research. -Elizabeth R. Laumas Although the Darragh family were Quakers, and thus, pacifists, their son Charles fought in the Revolutionary War. During the year 1777, whe...

8/28/2013 8/28/2013

From: Biography: Deborah Champion was born 3 May 1753 in Gilead, Tolland County, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Colonel Henry Champion (1723-1797) and the sister of General Epaphroditus Champio...

8/7/2013 8/7/2013

Maria Ann Livingston (1759 - 1797)

According to: Mary Leroy Livingston and John Livingston had ten children before her death at which time John eventually married Catherine Livingston (his first cousin).

7/12/2008 8/2/2013

Sarah Johnson (1751 - 1825)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for SOUTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A063662 Info added per DAR's "Lineage Book of the Charter Members" by Mary S Lockwood and published 1895 stating "war ordered o...

12/31/2008 7/16/2013

Grace Martin MP (1758 - 1800)

"Disguised as men, Grace and Rachel Martin, ambushed British officers carrying important documents one night. Returning home, they found the officers enjoying a meal their mother had prepared. The wo...

2/13/2009 7/15/2013

Rachel Martin MP (1763 - 1849)

"Disguised as men, Grace and Rachel Martin, ambushed British officers carrying important documents one night. Returning home, they found the officers enjoying a meal their mother had prepared. The wo...

7/31/2008 7/15/2013

Judith Sargent Murray MP (1751 - 1820)

"Judith (Sargent) Stevens Murray"

Judith Sargent Murray (1751–1820) was an early American advocate for women's rights, an essayist, playwright, poet, and letter writer. She was one of the first American proponents of the idea of the ...

1/5/2011 7/14/2013

Martha Camilla Bratton (1749 - 1816)

DAR# A013870 Poisened 16 men at the "Battle of Huck's Defeat" Martha and her husband were entrusted with a precious commodity back then - gun powder. With her husband away, Martha was left in charg...

3/23/2010 7/13/2013

Margaret Catherine Barry MP (1752 - 1832)

"Kate", "Kate Barry", "Kate Moore", "Peggy"

DAR Ancestor # A006840 Red Flagged: "FUTURE APPLICANTS MUST PROVE CORRECT SERVICE".   Margaret Catherine Barry (Moore) Born: 11/29/1752 in Anson, South Carolina Died: 9/29/1823 in South Carol...

12/21/2008 7/13/2013

Mary Musgrove MP (c.1755 - c.1790)

"patriot in petticoats"

"Patriot in Petticoats" "This monument, erected in the early 20th century, stands as a reminder of the legendary Mary Musgrove. She is remembered as a character in the 19th-century novel 'Horseshoe R...

8/23/2010 4/15/2013

Sarah Noble (1699 - 1772)

The Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh is the story of a young girl who travels with her father into Connecticut during the early 18th century, and her experiences with the native Schaghticoke. ...

10/14/2008 3/1/2013

Virginia Dare MP (1587 - d.)

Virginia Dare (born August 18, 1587, date of death unknown) was the first child born in the Americas to English parents, Eleanor (or Ellinor/Elyonor) and Ananias Dare.[1] She was born into the short-li...

10/6/2010 11/14/2012

Mary Dillard MP (1755 - 1796)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for SOUTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A036097    Service Description:  1) WARNED COL CLARKE OF PLANNED TORY ATTACK AT CEDAR SPRINGS Mary Ramage Dillard 1755 –183...

7/20/2008 10/20/2012

Hannah Webster Dustin, Indian Captive MP (1657 - 1737)

"Duston", "Dustan", "Dunstan", "Durstan"

Hannah Webster (Emerson) Dustin (1657 - 1736) - Hannah Dustin was a 40-year-old colonial Massachusetts Puritan mother of eight during King William's War who was taken captive with her newborn daughter ...

6/22/2007 3/6/2012

Emma Lazarus MP (1849 - 1887)

Emma Lazarus wrote her own poems. Her most famous work is "The New Colossus", is inscribed on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. She is known as an important forerunner of the Zionist movement. She...

3/13/2010 3/6/2012

Margaret Allen (1678 - 1763)

"Mary", "widow of William Hilton"

Margaret Stilson was born in 1679 in Marblehead, Essex County, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of James Stilson.1 Margaret married William Hilton, son of William Hilton and Anne Parsons, in 1700 in...

10/12/2008 11/1/2011

Mary Katherine Goddard (1738 - 1816)

Mary Katherine Goddard (June 16, 1738 – August 12, 1816) was an early American publisher and the first American postmistress. When on January 18, 1777, the Continental Congress moved that the Declara...

10/4/2011 10/4/2011

Mary Talcott MP (1637 - 1711)

"Mary (White) Rowlandson Talcott"

NARRATIVE OF THE CAPTIVITY AND RESTORATION OF MRS. MARY ROWLANDSON ================================= My Husband and Captain Henry Kerley had gone to Boston to request that soldiers come to our aid ...

10/31/2008 7/29/2011

Margaret Brent MP (c.1601 - 1671)

Lawyer. Three hundred fifty years ago, a strong-willed, intelligent woman faced the Assembly of colonial Maryland in St. Mary's City with an outrageous demand. Mistress Margaret Brent asked to be a v...

9/5/2008 6/17/2011

Coosaponakesee (Mary Musgrove) MP (c.1700 - c.1767)

"Mary Bosomworth", "Cousaponokeesa", "Consaponaheeso", "Mary Matthews"

Mary Musgrove Bosomworth (ca. 1700- ca. 1767), sometimes called the Empress of the Creek Nation , [fn1] played a vital role in the founding of Georgia in colonial America. The daughter of a Creek India...

3/2/2011 3/2/2011

Matilda Joslyn Gage MP (1826 - 1898)

Matilda Electa (Joslyn) Gage March 24, 1826-March 18, 1898 Parents: Dr. Hezekiah Joslyn d.1865 Husband: Henry Hill Gage Children: Thomas Clarkson Gage Maud (Gage) Baum Charles Henry Gage ...

6/8/2009 2/17/2011

Mary Methotashe "Young Eagle" MP (1738 - 1825)

"Methelashe", "Methotasa", "Methotashe Opessa", "Marguerite Mary Iacc"

Tecumseh, Son of Pucksinwah -- " The Shawnee War Chief." ---part 4 Continuation of Lineage-- Mother --Methotasa After Pucksinwah's death, Methotasa returned to her adopted village taking the smal...

1/16/2008 2/16/2011

Mercy Otis Warren MP (1728 - 1814)

Considered a "Founding Mother" of the Revolutionary War and the Nation. Wrote anti- British propaganda during that time, similar to Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine. Afterward, she wrote a multi volu...

10/12/2007 2/15/2011

Mary Esther Marion (1737 - 1815)

After being held as a rebel spy aboard a British prison ship in Charleston harbor, Mary planned and executed a daring escape with several other patriots." After the American Revolution, Mary Esther V...

1/20/2009 2/15/2011

Faith Trumbull MP (1718 - 1780)

The Trumbulls and their sons, Joseph and David were instrumental in supplying the continental armies, the militia and the French forces with supplies of every kind. Their son, John, is known for his Re...

6/17/2008 2/15/2011

Catharine “Kitty” Schuyler MP (1734 - 1803)

"Kitty Schuyler"

Catherine Van Rensselaer was born 1734. She was the eldest daughter of John Van Rensselaer and his wife Engeltie Livingston. Her father was lord of the lower or Claverack Van Rensselaer Manor. "Kitty...

9/5/2008 2/15/2011

Virginia "Eliza" Poe MP (1756 - 1835)

"Carnes/Carney", "Eliza", "Elizabeth", "Cairnes", "Carnes"

Working under her supervision, the women and girls of Baltimore made uniforms for Lafayette's troops. Their effort supported his campaign in the South.

6/16/2007 2/15/2011

Mary Murray (1726 - 1782)

Mary Lindley Murray is known in American Revolutionary folklore as the Quaker woman who in 1776 held up British General William Howe after the British victory against American forces at Kips Bay. Accor...

9/12/2009 2/15/2011

Elizabeth Lewis MP (1715 - 1779)

Elizabeth Annesley Lewis, wife of Francis Lewis, was, like Hannah Floyd, driven to an untimely death by the hardships and persecutions she was forced to undergo from the British, because her husband wa...

5/3/2010 2/15/2011

Mary Knight (1773 - d.)

MARY KNIGHT, the sister of Gen. Warrell, had the following tribute to her patriotism and humanity paid to her by a New Jersey newspaper in July, 1849: "The deceased was one of those devoted women who a...

3/2/2010 2/15/2011

Nancy Hart MP (1747 - 1840)

"War Woman", "Ann"

A Patriot of the American Revolution for GEORGIA. DAR Ancestor # A051652 Nancy Morgan Hart (c. 1735 – 1830) was a heroine of the American Revolutionary War whose exploits against Loyalists in the Geo...

7/20/2008 2/15/2011

Cate Greene (Littlefield) MP (1755 - 1814)

"Caty", "Cathrene", "Catherine", "Cate", "Catharine"

Catharine Littlefield "Caty" Greene (17 February 1755 – 2 September 1814) was the wife of American Revolutionary War general Nathanael Greene, a mother of five, and noted for being a supporter of inven...

10/9/2007 2/15/2011

Hannah Caldwell MP (1737 - 1780)

Hannah was killed by British gunfire during the Revolutionary War under disputed circumstances during the Battle of Connecticut Farms in what is now Union Township, an act which Union County immortaliz...

3/2/2008 2/15/2011

Penelope Barker MP (1728 - 1796)

Penelope Barker, revolutionary patriot, was born in Edenton, Chowan County. Her parents were Samuel Padgett, physician and planter, and Elizabeth Blount, daughter of the prominent Chowan planter and ...

6/5/2008 2/15/2011

Hannah Arnett MP (1733 - 1824)

"Arnott", "Arnot"

Hannah Arnett (White) January 15, 1729-January 10, 1823 Parents: Husband: Isaac Arnett 1726-1801 Children: Susan (Arnett) Kollock 1755-1846 William Arnett 1774-1821 A noted patriot of t...

6/11/2009 2/15/2011

Elizabeth Stark MP (1724 - 1814)


Elizabeth Clark (Page) 1737-1814 Known as Molly Parents: Caleb Page and Elizabeth Merrill Husband John Clark 1728-1822 Children: Elizabeth had 11 children including: Mary Caleb An his...

8/7/2007 1/28/2011

Rebecca Motte MP (1737 - 1815)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for SOUTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor #: A082263 She allowed her house to be burned to expel British soldiers. See story below. Rebecca Brewton was born in June 15, 17...

2/2/2008 1/11/2011

Jenny Wiley (Sellards), Indian Escapee MP (1760 - 1831)

"Jenny Wylie"

Additional Curator's Notes: Jean C. Sellards , known as Jenny, was born in 1760 in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Hezekiah Sellards and Jean Brevard. Hezekiah hated neighbors and kept pushing the fami...

2/28/2008 1/11/2011

Anne Hutchinson MP (bef.1591 - 1643)

Biography Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson was born on July 20, 1591 in Alford, Lincolnshire, England and was baptized on July 20, 1591 there. Her parents were Reverend Francis Marbury, I and Bridget (Dryde...

1/25/2007 1/3/2011

Sarah Fulton (1740 - 1835)

"Mother of Boston Tea Party"

Mother of the Boston Tea Party DAR Ancestor # A042592 Sarah Bradlee by Maggiemac Wife and Sister of American Patriots Sarah Bradlee was born on December 24, 1740, in Dorchester, Massachusetts –...

10/25/2008 1/2/2011

Sarah “Sally” Bache MP (1743 - 1808)

From Temple Franklins diary . Scene Four the most unforgettable of the day ... sallybache Metropolitan Museum Aunt Sally (Sally Franklin Bache). Painted in 1791 by John Hoppner in England. Aunt S...

8/18/2007 1/2/2011

Sarah 'Sally' Hemings MP (1773 - 1835)

"Sarah Hemings", "Sally Hemings", "Sally Hemmings", "Sally", "Sarah"

Sally Hemings (Shadwell, Albemarle County, Virginia, circa 1773 – Charlottesville, Virginia, 1835) was an American slave owned by Thomas Jefferson. She is said to have been the half-sister of Jefferson...

11/16/2007 12/23/2010

Sybil Ogden (1761 - 1839)

Sybil Ludington volunteered to ride alone through the New York countryside to muster her father's regiment. Her mission was crucial to the patriot victory at Danbury." Sources: Sybil Luding...

1/10/2008 12/23/2010

Theodosia Burr MP (1746 - 1794)

"Theodosia Stillwell Bartow Prevost Burr"

Theodosia Stillwell (Bartow) Prevost Burr From F, #552920 Last Edited=19 Nov 2013 Theodosia Bartow is the daughter of Theodosius Bartow. She married, firstly, Lt.-Col. Jacques Marc Prevos...

10/12/2008 12/23/2010

Sacajawea "Bird Woman" MP (1788 - 1812)

"Sacagawea", "Sakakawea"

See In the early stages of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, at Fort Mandan on the Missouri River, an interpreter was engaged. This French-Canadian trader was named Toussaint Charbonneau. He br...

3/2/2008 12/23/2010

Martha Washington, First Lady of the USA MP (1731 - 1802)

"“Lady Washington", "” widow of Daniel Parke Custis"

Martha Washington, née Dandridge 1st First Lady of the United States In office: April 30, 1789 – March 4, 1797 Born June 2, 1731(1731-06-02) Chestnut Grove, New Kent County, Virginia Died May...

4/3/2007 12/23/2010

Martha Skelton Jefferson MP (1748 - 1782)


Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson, born Martha Wayles (October 30 [O.S. October 19] 1748 – September 6, 1782) was the wife of Thomas Jefferson, who was the third President of the United States. She nev...

2/24/2007 12/23/2010

7/23/2009 12/23/2010

Laura Wolcott MP (1730 - 1794)


Laura Wolcott (Collins) : Cause of Liberty Laura Collins Wolcott 1732/3-1794 Wife of Oliver Wolcott Laura Collins, who was married to Oliver Wolcott, in January, 1759, was the daughter of Captain...

10/26/2007 12/23/2010

Kerenhappuch Turner MP (c.1715 - bef.1804)

"Heroine of the Battle of Guilford Court House", "Kerenhappuch Norman Turner", "Karen Happuch", "Keren Happuch"

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor #: A117148 According to Steve Norman, Kerenhappuch was born 1715 in Halifax, Virginia and died 1807 in Guiford Co., North Carolina." Ke...

12/16/2007 12/23/2010

Esther Reed (1747 - 1780)

Esther De Berdt Reed (1746-1780) Esther de Berdt Reed led the largest women’s organization of the American Revolution. She was born October 22, 1746, in London, England. Her father, Dennis de Berdt, ...

7/15/2007 12/23/2010

Eliza Lucas MP (1722 - 1793)

Eliza Lucas Pinckney was the daughter of Lieut.-Colonel George Lucas of the British Army. About 1738 Eliza migrated with her father from Antigua to South Carolina, where he bought several plantations...

2/17/2008 12/23/2010

Dorothy 'Dolly' Hancock Scott MP (1747 - 1830)


Dorothy Quincy , dau. of Justice Edmund Quincy and Elizabeth Wendell, was b. May 10,1747. She was the wife of JOHN HANCOCK (1737-1793) from 1775 to 1793. They married at the Thaddeus Burr Mansion in Fa...

5/5/2007 12/22/2010

Dolly Madison, First Lady of the USA MP (1768 - 1849)

"Dolly Madison", "Dolley Payne /Todd/", "/Dolley/", "Dolley Todd /Madison/", "Dolley Madison", "dolley", "Dolley Todd", "Dorothea Dandridge "Dolley" Payne", "Madison"

First Lady of the United States from 1809 to 1817. She also occasionally acted as what is now described as First Lady of the United States during the administration of Thomas Jefferson, fulfilling the ...

6/21/2007 12/22/2010

Deborah Franklin MP (1708 - 1774)


Deborah (Read) Franklin (about 1708 – December 19, 1774) was the spouse of Benjamin Franklin, a prominent inventor, printer, thinker, revolutionary and Founding Father of the United States. He signed t...

8/18/2007 12/22/2010

Cecily Farrar, Ancient Planter MP (c.1601 - 1660)

"Reynolds", "Sisley Greene", "Cicely Bayley", "Cecily Jordan", "Cicily Farrar", "Sisley", "The first southern belle", "Cicely", "Cecily", "Baley", "Farrar", "REYNOLDS", "Jordon", "Jordan", "Cicely Jane Reynolds", "Jordan Farrar", "Ancient Planter"

Cicely Reynolds , born betw 1593 and 1604 in Dorset, England; died 1677 in Farrar's Island, Henrico Co., VA. She was also known as Sisley or Cesley Greene, Reynolds, Farrar, Jordan, Bayley , and Montag...

1/25/2007 12/22/2010

Abigail Adams (née Smith) (November 11, 1744 – October 28, 1818) was the wife of John Adams, the second President of the United States, and mother of John Quincy Adams, the sixth, and is regarded as ...

3/5/2007 12/22/2010

Annis Boudinot Stockton MP (1736 - 1801)

Annis Boudinot Stockton (July 1, 1736 – February 6, 1801) was an American poet. Stockton was born in Darby, Pennsylvania, to Elias Boudinot, merchant and silversmith, and Catherine Williams. Annis ...

9/6/2008 12/22/2010

Pvt. Deborah Sampson (Continental Army) MP (1760 - bef.1827)

"Robert Shurtleff", "A Revolutionary Soldier", "who disguised herself as a man to join the Continental Army."

Deborah Samson Gannett (December 17, 1760 - April 27, 1827), better known as Deborah Sampson, was an American woman who impersonated a man in order to serve in the Continental Army during the America...

9/11/2008 12/22/2010

Elizabeth Clark McLaughlin MP (1759 - 1823)

"Betty Zane", "Betty Clark", "Betty McLaughlin", "Betty"

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor #: A130537 16. ELIZABETH "BETTY"6 ZANE (WILLIAM ANDREW5, NATHANIEL4, ROBERT3, ROBERT SR.2, SIMON1) was born 19 July 1759 in Moorefiel...

3/6/2008 12/22/2010

Nancy Ward, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee MP (c.1738 - c.1822)

"One who goes about", "Beloved Woman Of The Cherokee", "Beloved Woman of Cherokee Nanye hi The Ghi Ga -u", "Beloved Woman of the Cherokee", "Na Ye Hi", "Nancy Ward"

Nancy Prophetess Na-ni Ghi-Ga-U aka Nancy Ward Nanye-hi ("One Who Goes About") Ward (Ani'-Wa'ya = Wolf Clan (Nanye'hi) Family The facts about Nancy are: She was a Cherokee woman of the Wolf Cla...

2/4/2007 12/22/2010

Rebecca Ann Boone MP (1739 - 1813)


Rebecca (Bryan) Boone (June 9, 1739 – March 18, 1813) was an American pioneer and the wife of famed frontiersman Daniel Boone. She was born near Winchester, Virginia. Her parents were Joseph Bryan ...

2/11/2007 12/22/2010

Martha Ingalls Carrier, Accused Witch MP (c.1649 - 1692)

"Martha Allin"

Martha Carrier - A Spiritual Giant, and Pioneer Puritan Feminist. Martha Carrier , one of the alleged "witches" killed during the Salem Witch Trials. She boldly proclaimed her innocence as those arou...

11/14/2008 12/22/2010