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7/11/2016 6/2/2017

Robert fitz Wimarc MP (c.1007 - c.1071)

"Robert de Essex", "de Almsteda", "de Moyaux", "Robert the Staller", "Robertus Draco", "Robertus Diaconus", "Robert the Deacon", "Robert the Dragon", "Robert Wymarc", "Wymark", "Wimark"

Who was Robert fitz Wimarc? The surname of Wymarc was derived from the Old French and Old Breton, "Wiuhomarch", and was brought into England in the wake of the Norman conquest of 1066. The name was c...

7/3/2008 11/12/2016

Picot de Lascelles, I, High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire MP (c.1022 - aft.1092)

"of Cambridge", "de Grentebrige", "de Laceles", "Robert Picot", "Picot de Saye", "Picot the Norman", "Lord of Bournand Madingley"

Picot at the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066 : Picot, which means "Pikeman" in early Norman language, was a Baron who had apparently come over with the Breton contingent of William the Conqueror'...

5/28/2008 5/5/2016

Osborn de Maule MP (deceased)

4/1/2016 4/1/2016

Harold "the Dane" Avenel MP (c.860 - d.)

"Harold the Dane", "Harald the Dane"

The original Scandinavian ancestor in Normandy France : According to Dominican friar, and historian Vincent de Beauvais (writing in the 13th century) Harold Avenel , a.k.a. Harold the Dane , a kinsma...

12/17/2015 4/1/2016

Neil (I) II, viscount de Saint-Sauveur MP (953 - c.1040)

"Niel", "Nigel", "Néel", "Neil", "De Saveur", "de St Sauveur", "de St. Saveur", "de Saint Sauver", "de Saint-Sauveur", "de Saint Sauveur"

: NEEL [I] (-[1040/42]). Vicomte [de Cotentin]. William of Jumièges records that Richard II Duke of Normandy left "Nigel de Coutances, Raoul de Ternois, et Roger, fils de celui-ci" as guardians o...

1/23/2008 1/6/2016

Hue de Normandie, Baron de Cleuville MP (c.980 - 1077)

"Hugh", "Hughes of Cleuville de Tallebot", "Hue de Tallebot", "Hugh** /TALBOT/", "Hugh /Talbot/", "Hugh /de Tallebot", "Lord of Cleville/", "Hugh /De Tallebot", "Lord of Cleuville/", "Bishop of Lisieux", "Baron de Cleuville"

Name: Hugh de Talbot Surname: de Talbot Given Name: Hugh AKA: Bishop of Lisieux Sex: M Birth: 1000 Change Date: 6 Nov 2006 at 00:00:00 Father: William I "The Bastard" d'Eu b: 0978 in Eu, ...

6/14/2007 7/27/2015

Sihtric Danus MP (deceased)

Gomeric had three sons: Bernard Danus, ancestor of the Dukes of Harcourt; Sihtric, a Viking chief and the oldest son, our ancestor William (Guillam), Norman Baron. from "Origin and History of the Mon...

11/3/2010 6/4/2015

Gorm / Gommer MP (c.850 - d.)

"Gomeri", "Gormeric de Normandie", "Gommeri Ingvarsson", "Gurim", "Gommer"

No reliable sources exist for this person. The ancestral line of Roger I of Montgomery is uncertain. Gomeric, Prince of Denmark, built a castle in the southern part of the diocese of Lisieux known as...

12/25/2007 6/4/2015

Eustace III, count of Boulogne MP (c.1058 - 1125)

"Count of Boulogne", "Eustace III", "comte de Boulogne", "The Norman Hunter", "Eustace The Norman", "Eustace Fitznorman", "Eustace Montalt"

Eustace III of Boulogne From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Eustace III, was a count of Boulogne, successor to his father Count Eustace II of Boulogne. His mother was Ida of Lorraine. Eustace appeare...

2/25/2007 12/11/2014

Turstin FitzRolf From Wikipedia, This knight depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry is sometimes stated to depict Turstin FitzRolf, but is in fact more likely to be Eustace II, Count of Boulogne as the kn...

1/11/2009 3/23/2013

Col. John Richmond MP (1594 - 1664)

According to the Richmond Family Ancestry page on Elizabeth Nicholas' family group:: HUSBAND: John RICHMOND BIRTH: 1594 PLACE: Ashton, Keynes, Wiltshire, England MARRIAGE: 1631 PLACE: Ash...

2/20/2007 7/26/2011

Honfroi, seigneur de Vieilles MP (980 - 1044)

"Humphrey de Vieilles", "Onfroi de Beaumont-le-Roger", "Humphrey /de Harcourt/", "Humphrey /de Veilles/", "was the first holder of the "grand honneur" of Beaumont-le-Roger", "one of the most important groups of domains in eastern Normandy[2] and the Founder of th."

Vital Statistics FMG called him "Honfroi de Vieilles". He is one of the Seigneurs de Pont-Audemar, Seigneur de Vieilles" line. Son of Thorold de Pont-Audemar, Seigneur de Vieilles and his wife We...

6/10/2007 1/29/2011

Richard de Vesci, de Vains MP (c.1025 - 1061)


Richard de Vesci Born: Unknown Died: Unknown Father: Ranulf de Vesci Mother: Unknown Spouse: Unknown Issue: John de Vesci [RICHARD . No direct proof has been found that Richard was the ...

10/11/2008 1/7/2011

12/21/2007 1/1/2011

from the FMG Medieval Lands database RAOUL de Tancarville . The Chronique de Normandie, based on le Roman de Rou, names "le sire de Tancarville" among those who took part in the conquest of England i...

12/21/2007 1/1/2011

Guillaume de Tancarville, I, Seigneur de Tancarville MP (1060 - 1129)

"Chambellan de Normandie"

Translated from French wikipedia : Guillaume (I) de Tancarville (circa 1075-1129), son of Raoul, chief chamberlain of Normandy and England. It seems certain that he is the chamberlain of Duke Robert ...

12/21/2007 1/1/2011

Muriella de Normandie MP (c.966 - 1020)

Moriella, Murielle Parents: Unknown. NB: NOT Richard of Normandy Spouse: Tancred de Hautville Children: LINKS MEDIEVAL LANDS TANCRED de Hauteville ([980/90]-[1041]). Contemporary sources ...

6/14/2007 12/24/2010

patriarch of the line of de Tancarvilles: see

11/16/2007 12/24/2010

Tancred Guiscard, seigneur de Hauteville MP (c.970 - c.1041)

"Tancrède/ l'Ancien", "Tancred", "Tankred Hauteville"

Tancred de Hauteville was an eleventh-century Norman petty lord about whom little is known. His historical importance comes entirely from the accomplishments of his sons and later descendants. He w...

5/11/2007 12/24/2010

Tancred II de Hauteville MP (c.1025 - 1100)

1/2/2009 12/24/2010

Richard II "the Good", Duke of Normandy MP (963 - 1026)

"l'Irascible", "The Good", "The Irascible", "Richard the Good", "Duke of Normandy", "Richard The Good ; Richard le Bon", "Doke Richard II of Normandy", ""Le Bon"", "Richard II the /Normandy/", "Richard II 'The Good' Of /Normandy/", "Richard //", "Richard II "le Bon" /Duke Of..."

Richard II 'le Bon' Duc de Normandie Parents: Richard I 'Sans-Peur and Gunnor de Crèpon Spouses: 1. Judith (982-1017), daughter of Conan I de Bretagne Children: * Richard (c. 1002/4), d...

3/10/2007 12/15/2010

Adèle of Normandy MP (c.897 - 962)

"Geirlaug", "Adèle", "Gerlot", "Gerloc", "Gerlatta", "Gerlotta", "Gerlaug", "Adele (Gerloc) \\of Normandie\\", "of Normandy", "Gerloc of /Normandy/", "Adele /De Normandy/", "Gerloc (or Geirlaug)", "baptised in Rouen as Adela (or Adèle)", "Of Normandy /Adele/", "Princess of", "Adela ..."

Gerloc Adela Hrólfsdóttir de Normandie (c.897 - 962) was the daughter of Gange-Hrolfr 'Rollo' & Poppa De Valois. Her original name was Geirlaug or Gerloc, but she was baptised in Rouen as Adela (...

6/3/2007 11/15/2010

The name and background of Hrollaug's wife is not known. "Ermina" is a highly unlikely name for a woman of Norse/Icelandic background. There is NO known connection to the d'Avranches family in Norman...

3/18/2007 11/14/2010

Emma de Conteville MP (1039 - 1066)

"Emenhilde (Emma)", "Emma"

LINKS to MEDIEVAL LANDS [updated July 2017] a) RICHARD "le Goz" (-after 1082). m (before [1047]) ---. The name of Richard’s wife is not known. She is called “Emma” in the Complete Peerage[118], b...

6/3/2007 11/14/2010

Guillaume II "Talvas" de Bellême, seigneur d'Alençon MP (985 - c.1055)

"Guillaume de Bellême", "Sire d'Alençon", "William", "Talvas", "Seigneur de Belleme William II /Talvas/", "Seigneur d'Alencon & Belesme and Hildeburg", "Seigneur Guillaume II Bellême", "Guillaume "Talvas" de Belleme", "Seigneur d'Alencon II"

LINKS ------------------------------ MEDIEVAL LANDS GUILLAUME [II] "Talvas" de Bellême (-after [1050/54]). Guillaume de Jumièges names (in order) "Guérin, Foulques, Robert et Guillaume" as ...

7/23/2007 11/14/2010

Herluin, Count of Conteville MP (c.1001 - 1072)

"Harlowen", "Herlevin", "Herluin", "Harlevin", "de Burgo", "Viscount de Conteville", "Herlwin", "Vicomte de Conteville; aka Harlowen (Herluin) de Burgo", "Herluin de BURGH - Hellouin de CONTEVILLE", "Comte de Conteville", "Vicomte de Conteville"

Herluin's marriage to Herleva[edit] Towards the beginning of the 11th century, Conteville and its dependencies appear to be in the hands of Herluin, who married Herleva, the mistress of Robert I, D...

3/11/2007 11/13/2010

Ermengarde of Anjou, Duchess Of Brittany MP (958 - 1022)

"Elizabeth", "Irmgard", "Ermengard", "Gotfredsdatter", "Ermengarde /D Anjou/", "Duchess", "Ermengarde /d Anjou/", "Ermengard /De Anjou/", "Ermengarde-Gerberga of Anjou", "Countess of Rennes", "Regent of Brittany (992-994)", "Countess of Angouleme", "Duchess Ermangarde Bretagne"

Conan married Ermengarde of Anjou, daughter of Geoffrey I of Anjou and Adele of Vermandois and had the following issue: Judith (982-1017), married Richard II, Duke of Normandy Judicael, count...

3/17/2007 11/11/2010

Agnès d'Évreux, Comtesse d'Evreux MP (1030 - 1116)

"de Montfort"

Agnès was the daughter of Richard d'Evreux and Godechilde (widow of Roger "de Conches" de Tosny), so she was raised as a younger sister of the de Tosny children. She married Simon I de Montfort, Seigne...

3/8/2007 10/23/2010

Ralph (Raoul, Ranulf) I de la Haye, Seigneur de la Haye, of Halnaker, Seneschal de Robert Mortain MP (c.1055 - c.1098)

"Also called 'Ralph'", "Sénéchal de Robert (comte de Mortain", "le demi frère de Guillaume le Conquérant)"

It appears that it is not entirey clear whether Raoul/Ranulf de la Haye was the son of Thurstan Haldup (who was Baron of La Haye-du-Puits) or if Raoul married into the family and gained the title throu...

2/14/2008 10/22/2010

The name of the father of Ranulf (Raoul) de la Haye is not known, according to primary sources. SEIGNEURS de LA HAYE According to Domesday Descendants, this family originated in La Haye-du-Puit...

5/25/2009 10/22/2010

Thurstan (Richard) Haldup MP (c.1013 - c.1079)

"Richard "Turstain HALDUP" HALDUC Haldub- Seigneur de La Haye du Puits (50) (2e) - Seigneur de Lessay"

There are many different versions regarding who his parents were. Many web-based genealogies claim him to have been a son of Saint-Sauveur, while others position him in the le Goz family. Based upon a ...

3/3/2008 10/22/2010

Gisla de Montfort-sur-Risle MP (c.978 - 1077)

"Gisle", "Gisele /De Bertrande/ Gisela"

Vital Statistics Gisla de Montfort-sur-Risle was the daughter of Thurstan de Bastembourg. Her mother's name is unknown. She was the sister of Hugues I, "cum Barba" Montfort-sur-Risle and Guillaume ...

8/29/2007 10/21/2010

Hawise d'Échauffour MP (1007 - 1102)

"Hawise /d'Echafour/", "Havoise d' Échauffour de Saint-Cénéri - Havoise d' Échauffour"

Hawise d'Echaffour (d'Eschauffen) was born in Echaffour, Normandie, France. Parents: Giroie Le Goz De Montreuil d'Eschauffen and Gisela Bertrand de Bastenburg married about 1001. Hawise d'Eschauf...

8/29/2007 10/21/2010

Son of Giroie (son of Albert le Gros) d'Echauffour et de Montreuil and Gisla de Bastembourg GUILLAUME (-5 Feb ----). Guillaume de Jumièges records that "Guillaume fils de Giroye" fought the comte d...

6/18/2008 10/21/2010

Elise (Hesilia) Crispin MP (c.1027 - 1086)

"Hesilia Crespin", "Hésilia de BRIONNE"

Elise Crespin1 b. circa 1031 Elise Crespin|b. c 1031|p207.htm#i23422|Gilbert de Brionne dit Crespin, baron du Bec-Crespin||p246.htm#i27680|Gunnor d'Aunou||p246.htm#i27681|||||||N. N. d'Aunou||p246....

11/7/2007 10/21/2010

Ben M. Angel notes: A large number of the existing online profiles for Guillaume seem to refer to "The Origins of Some Anglo-Norman Families": William of Arques has been the subject of an exhaustive ...

11/20/2007 10/21/2010

William of Normandy, Count Of Talou & Arques MP (c.1025 - 1086)

"William of Talou", "Count of Talou (Arques)"

aka William Nicholas Darcy (D'Arcy) 1) 2) This one possibly not related to Duke of Normandy **Still reseraching to determine either way. 3) d'Arques, or William of Talou, b 1020-26 - d. after 1054.

5/7/2007 10/17/2010

Giroie Le Goz d'Échauffour, Lord of Echauffour and Montreuil-l'Argillé MP (c.968 - c.1020)

"Girole le Goz /de Montreuil/"

Vital Statistics Also called Geroius. Son of Arnaud (Arnold) "le Gros" and his wife (whose parents are unknown). Died in 1050 or after. Married Gisla, daughter of Thurstan de Bastembourg. Their ele...

8/29/2007 10/17/2010

Gervase DE GRANDMESNIL * Birth: France * Partnership with: (Unknown) o Child: Robert DE GRANDMESNIL Birth: 0990, Normandy, France Descendants of Gervase DE GRANDMESNIL 1 Gervase DE GRANDMESNI...

8/29/2007 10/17/2010

Hugues de Grandmesnil, Sheriff of Leicestershire MP (1032 - 1094)

"de Grentemesnil", "de Grentmesnil", "Hugh", "Hugo", "Hue"

Hugh de Grandmesnil, Lord Hinckle From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hugh de Grandmesnil (1032 – 22 February 1098), also known as Hugh or Hugo de Grentmesnil or Grentemesnil, was a commander at ...

8/29/2007 10/17/2010

Sprota of Burgundy MP (c.890 - d.)

There are no known primary sources for the mother of Torf. This information is what is "popularly" believed. Sprote de Bourgogne1 Sprote de Bourgogne was born in 908. She married Bernard the Dane. ...

12/16/2007 10/16/2010

William FitzOsbern, 1st Earl of Hereford MP (1016 - 1071)

"Guillaume", "Guillaume Fils Osbern"

William FitzOsbern, Earl of Hereford. Son of Osbern de Crépon and Emma d'Ivry Married: Adelisa Richilde (no children) Children with Adelisa: 1. Guillaume (William) 2. Roger 3. Emma 4. (daughter) Ille...

6/10/2007 10/16/2010

William I de Braose MP (c.1049 - c.1095)

"Guillaume", "Braiose", "de Brieuze", "de Briouse", "de Briouze", "Lord", "Guillaume de Briouze"

William (Guillaume) de Braose (Briouze), 1st Lord of Bramber son of unknown father, and mother named Gunnor name of his wife is unknown *-- alternately reported as Eve de Boissey or Agnes de St. ...

7/20/2007 10/16/2010

Eustace II, count of Boulogne MP (1020 - 1087)

"Eustache II de Boulogne Count De Boulogne", "Eustaas II van Boulogne", "Eustace II", "count of Bologne"

From Wikipedia: Eustace II, (c. 1015-1020 – c. 1087) [1][2] was count of Boulogne from 1049-1087, fought on the Norman side at the Battle of Hastings, and afterwards received a large honour in En...

6/10/2007 10/16/2010

Geoffroi (Godfrey) de Bolbec, Vicomte d'Arques MP (1006 - 1035)

"Geoffrey", "Godefroi", "Godfrey", "Geoffroi", "Vicomte d'Arques dit de Bolbec"

Godefroi (Geoffroy, Geoffrey, Godfrey) de Bolbec, Vicomte d'Arques Parents: Osbern de Bolbec & Aveline de Crépon Spouse: (Gozelin's daughter) de Rouen, heiress of Arques Children: 1. Gu...

11/20/2007 10/16/2010

Robert de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Leicester and Count of Meulan (1049 – 5 June 1118) Parents: Roger de Beaumont and Adeline of Meulan, daughter of Waleran III, Count de Meulan, and an older brother o...

6/10/2007 10/16/2010

Henry de Newberg de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Warwick MP (1045 - 1119)

"Henry /de Neubourg/"

Henry de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Warwick (? – 20 June 1123) was a Norman nobleman. He is also known as Henry de Neubourg or Henry de Newburgh, from the castle of Newburg near Louviers, in Normandy wh...

10/3/2007 10/16/2010

Roger de Beaumont, Seigneur de Portaudemer MP (1022 - 1094)

"Barbatus", "la Barbe", "le Barbu", "Roger de Beaumont", "de Beauchamp"

Roger de Beaumont Roger de Beaumont (le Barbu) Roger de Beaumont-le-Roger (c. 1015 – 29 November 1094) was son of Humphrey de Vielles (himself a great-nephew of the Duchess Gunnora of Normandy) and...

6/10/2007 10/16/2010

Robert contributed to the restoration of Henry King of France to his throne, and received from the gratitude of that monarch, the Vexin, as an additional to his patrimonial domains. In the 8th year of ...

3/11/2007 10/16/2010

Herleva of Falaise MP (c.1003 - c.1050)

"Arletta", "Arlette", "Arlotta", "Arlotte", "Erleve", "Harlena", "Harlette", "Herlette", "Herleve", "Herlève", "Herlotte"

family Parents: Fulbert de Falaise and Doda Mistress of Robert 'le Magnifique': Child: Guillaume 'le Conquérant' (William Conqueror), King of England Spouse: Herluin de Conteville Childre...

3/11/2007 10/16/2010

Richard le Goz, Viscount of Avranches MP (1025 - 1066)

"Richard /D'Avranches/", "Richard /d'Avranches/", ""le /Goz"/"

Richard 'le Goz', Vicomte d'Avranches Parents: Toustain (Thurstan) le Goz and wife's name unknown (possibly Judith Montanolier or Monteroulier) Spouse: Name unknown: perhaps "Emma" (perhaps de Cont...

3/18/2007 10/16/2010

Alphonsus de Vere, comte de Guînes MP (c.1000 - 1076)

"Alphonse", "Alphonso", "de Ghesnes"

Many problems with the following statements: Alphonso was born in 1000 in Hedingham, Essex, England.1 Alphonso's father was Manussus de Vere and his mother was Petronella of Boulogne. His paternal gr...

11/7/2007 10/15/2010

Alberic "Sanglier" de Vere, Sheriff of Berkshire MP (1030 - 1112)

"Aubrey", ""The Monk"", "Chamberlain", "Alberey", "Sanglier", "the Monk", "Aubrey /De Vere/", "Alberic", "Earl of Oxford", "I"

The known origin of the family is quite clearly at Ver in the Cotentin, in Normandy and close to Brittany. (Many Flemish families were settled here, and the early adoption of their quartered coat, gule...

6/10/2007 10/15/2010

CURATORS NOTE: Contradictory accounts exist about whether his mother was Beatrice de Vascoeuil or Emma de Bellecombe, but recent scholarship leans towards the latter, who some report to have been Ranul...

5/20/2007 10/15/2010

Turchetil d'Harcourt, seigneur de Tourville, de Turqueville, de Tanqueraye & d'Harcourt MP (c.951 - c.1024)

"Turquetil", "Turketil", "Thurytel"

Turquetil (Thorketil) d'Harcourt, seigneur de Tourville, de Turqueville et de Turqueray, possesseur de la terre d'Harcourt, est né vers 960, fils de Torf et d'Ertemberge de Briquebec, et petit-fils de ...

5/23/2007 10/15/2010

Seigneur Turquetil (Thurketill) de Neufmarché MP (c.988 - c.1040)

"Thureytel", "Thureyitel", "Torketill", "Turchetil", "Thureyitel de Neufmarche", "Turquetil de Neufmarche", "Born: Neufmarche", "Seine-Inferiere", "Normandy", "France"

Thurkill or Turquetil de Neuf-Marché NOTE: Do NOT confuse with Turketill de Tourville or d'Harcourt. These were not the same--see below. from : Turchetilus de Novo-Mercato (Turquetil de Neuf-Ma...

6/11/2007 10/15/2010

Adeline de Harcourt (de Montfort) MP (c.985 - 1030)

"Adeline", "Adelize"

Anceline or Adline de Montfort. Sources for her parents, spouse and children, please? Wife of Thurkill de Neufmarché SEIGNEURS de NEUFMARCHE 1. THURKILL de Neufmarché . m ---. The name of T...

5/23/2007 10/15/2010

Lézeline De de Turqueville, Countess d'Eu MP (c.986 - 1058)

"de Tourville", "Lezieline", "Lesceline", "Alice", "Lescieline /De Harcourt/", "Lasseline de Bar", "Countess D'Eu"

Alice Lezieline or Lesceline d’Harcourt († 1058). Lecelina. Parents: Turchetil, Seigneur de Tourville & his wife Spouse: Guillaume, Comte d'Hiemois Children: 1. Robert 2. Guillaume 3. Hugue...

6/14/2007 10/15/2010

Geoffrey de Brionne, Count of Eu & Brionne MP (aft.953 - bef.1015)

"Godfrey", "Godefroi", "Godefroy", "Geoffroy", "Jeffery", "Geoffrey", "Geoffroy D'Eu", "Count D'Eu & Brionne", "Geoffrey or Godfrey", "Count of Eu", "Comte d'Eu et Brionne", "Brionne", "d'Eu"

Godefroi de Brionne (Crispin), comte d'Eu (Geoffrey, Godfrey or Goeffroy de Brionne), illegitimate son of Richard Duke of Normandy Parents: Richard I Sans-Peur, Duke of Normandy, and a mistress (no...

5/19/2007 10/15/2010

William I, count of Eu MP (aft.975 - c.1057)

"Ocensem comitatum", "comte d'Hiémois", "Willermus Aucensis comes", "Guillaume d'Eu"

Guillaume FitzRichard de Normandie, Comte d'Hiémos et Comte d'Eu. Parents: Richard 'Sans-Peur' I & a mistress Spouse: Lesceline, daughter of Turchetil de Tourville 1. Robert d'Eu 2. Guillaume '...

6/14/2007 10/15/2010

Humphrey "The Bearded" or "The Old" de Bohun I MP (c.1040 - 1113)

"Honfroy", "Onfrei", "Onfroi", "Unfridus", "Humfridus", "with the Beard", "With The Beard", "Old Humphrey"

Godfather of William the Conqueror Excerpted from Les Seigneurs de Bohon by Jean LeMelletier, Coutances: Arnaud-Bellee, 1978. HUMPHREY THE OLD (died before 1093) was a modest Norman nobleman. He ga...

6/11/2007 10/14/2010

Judith de Montanolier MP (982 - 1044)

"Also called 'Judith de Monterolier'", "Turuvisa or Turuvia are often associated with her name", "de Montrolier"

Judith de MONTANOLIER 1 was born 994 in , Normandie, France. She married Toustien le GOZ Viscount of Hiesmes on 1014 in , Normandie, France. They had the following children: M i Richard "le Goz...

3/18/2007 10/14/2010

Robert "the Chamberlain" Bigod MP (c.1015 - 1071)

"Bigot", "le Bigod"

Robert le Bigod was a poor Knight who gained the favour of William, Duke of Normandy, by informing him of the intended treachery of William Werlenc, Count of Mortain. Robert held the lands of Malitot, ...

3/17/2007 10/14/2010

7 Hugh III, Seigneur de GOURNAY m Basilia FLAITEL (b abt 1025 Linton Herfordshire d Jan 1099 Bec) abt 1043 Basilia was the daughter of Gerald FLEITEL and Herleve d'EVEREAUX and widow of Raoul de GAC...

11/16/2007 10/14/2010

Hugues II (III), seigneur de Gournay MP (c.998 - 1074)

"Hugues Sire Of /Gournay/ II", "Hugh Sire Of /Gournay/ III"

NOBILITY.htm HUGUES [II] de Gournay (-[killed in battle Cardiff 1074]). The Chronique Manuscrite de Normandie records that, after the death of Canute King of England in 1035, "le Conte Neel de Cousta...

11/16/2007 10/14/2010

Gauthier de la Ferté MP (b. - c.989)

GAUTHIER de la Ferté (-after 989). Gauthier de la Ferté founded the priory of La Ferté en Brai, at the command of "fratre Hugone", by charter dated to [989/96], which names his father Renaud and his mo...

10/14/2010 10/14/2010

NOBILITY.htm HUGUES [I] de Gournay (-after 989). Gauthier de la Ferté founded the priory of La Ferté en Brai, at the command of "fratre Hugone", by charter dated to [989/96], which names his father R...

11/16/2007 10/14/2010

Renaud Lord of Gournay MP (930 - 973)

"Renaud /De Gournay/"

NOBILITY.htm RENAUD . Seigneur de Gournay. m ALBERADE, daughter of ---. Gauthier de la Ferté founded the priory of La Ferté en Brai, at the command of "fratre Hugone", by charter dated to [989/96], w...

11/16/2007 10/14/2010

Eudes (Odon) de Gournay MP (c.860 - c.912)

"Eudes (Odon) /De Gournay/"

NOBILITY.htm SEIGNEURS de GOURNAY The town of Gournay was located in the eastern part of the duchy of Normandy, in the area known as "le pays de Bray", separated from the domaine royale by the rive...

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son of Roger I "Conches/The Spaniard" de Tosny and his second wife Godechildis. married Avice de Clare [Curator's Note: though some sources have him married to Adelisa de Savona, this is not strongly...

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7/4/2008 10/14/2010

Hugues de Calvacamp, I MP (c.914 - c.980)

"de Tosny", "de Calvacamp", "de Cavalcamp"

Please see Peter Stewart's "Origin and Early Generations of the Tosny Family" (July 2009, rev. March 2012) at

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Roger III 'd'Espagne' de Tosny MP (990 - bef.1040)

"de Toni", "de Toeni", "The Spaniard", ""The Spaniard""

CURATOR'S NOTE from Pam Wilson, 15 Dec 2017. This profile may actually represent two different men whose idenitites have been ambiguated over the years. In his most recent update to the Medieval Lands ...

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Raoul de Tosny, I, Seigneur de Tosny MP (c.935 - aft.991)

"Ranaulf", "Ralph", "Rodulf", "de Toeni", "Tosni", "Toni", "Rodolphe"

GRESLEYS OF DRAKELOWE COMPILED BY FALCONER MADAN, M.A. FELLOW OF BRASENOSE COLLEGE, OXFORD PRINTED FOR SUBSCRIBERS 1899 has an excellent section on the de Toeni from 2-15 and Robert de Stafford 16-17 ...

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Raoul de Toeni, II MP (c.955 - 1015)

"Raoul II (Rodulf) (Ralph) de Toeni / Tosny / Toni", "de Todeniaco", "de Ternois", "Rodulf II /De Toeni/", "Seigneur de Toeni /Rodulph/", "Rudolph"

NOTE: The reason we have numbered him as Raoul II (I) is because he is listed as Raoul I in Wikipedia and some other sources. Updated March 2015 RAOUL [II] de Tosny , son of RAOUL [I] [de Tosny] & ...

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Robert de Toeni, Lord of Belvoir MP (1030 - 1088)

"Tosny", "Toni", "Toeni", "Tony"

His parentage is unknown for certain. PLEASE NOTE: (1) Robert de Toni/Tosny Lord of Belvoir (married Adelais) MAY or MAY NOT be the same as (2) Robert de Tosny also known as Robert de Stafford (married...

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Roger de Saint-Sauveur, vicomte du Cotentin MP (c.945 - 1014)

"Roger De /Saint Sauveur/"

Roger de Saint-Sauveur, Vicomte du Cotentin ROGER [I] (-after [990/1000]). A charter dated to [1136] records donations to the abbey of Saint-Sauveur, which it states was first constructed "tempore ve...

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Niel II (III) de Saint-Sauveur, vicomte de Cotentin MP (bef.1016 - bef.1073)

"Niel", "Nigel", "Néel", "Neil", "De Saveur", "de St Sauveur", "de St. Saveur", "de Saint Sauver", "de Saint-Sauveur", "de Saint Sauveur", "Baron of Halton", "Constable of Chester", "Ivo", "Neil De /St Sauveur/", "Neil de St. Sauveur; Nigel Neil de St. Sauveur; Neil Nigel de St. S..."

Had TWO sons named William. : NEEL [II] , son of NEEL [I] Vicomte [de Cotentin] & his wife --- (-1 Aug, before [1073] or 1092). "… Nielli vicecomitis, Nielli filii eius…" witnessed the charter ...

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Gilbert de Brionne comte d'Eu MP (aft.979 - 1040)

"Gilbert", "Giselbert", "Count of Eu", "Count of Brionne", "also known as Giselbert .", "Comte de Brionne"

Update and disambiguation by Pam Wilson (15 May 2013): Need to distinguish Gilbert Crispin de Bec from Gilbert de Brionne (Comte d'Eu) , whose identities are frequently conflated. There is a great de...

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Adèle de Brionne, comtesse d'Eu MP (985 - 1040)

"Adela /D' Eu/", "Adela de Normandie"

Adela de Brionne daughter of Gilbert de Brionne, sister of Richard, Baldwin and William de Brionne. Married Neel II de Saint Sauveur, Vicomte du Cotentin. from Charles Cawley, FMG: ADELA ). Her par...

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Béatrice de Vascoeuïl MP (c.1004 - c.1053)

"Beatrice", "Beatrix"

Béatrice de Vascoueil Parents: Tesselin de Vascoueil Vicomte de Rouen? & NN de Bolbec (daughter of Osbern de Bolbec and Avelina Crepon) Spouse: Rudolph (Ralph) I de Warenne Children: 1. Rudol...

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#6 below. Chapter 1. EARLY NORMAN FAMILIES of VIKING ORIGIN A. FAMILY of GUNNORA, mistress of RICHARD I Comte de NORMANDIE Four sisters and one brother, parents not known, presumably of Vikin...

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Asperling (Eperling) de Vaudreuïl, I MP (c.925 - c.975)

"Esperleng de Pîtres"

After William died, Sprota became the wife of Esperleng, a wealthy miller; Rodulf of Ivry was their son and Richard's half-brother. Sprota married Esperleng after the relationship with Guillaume/Wi...

11/24/2007 10/14/2010

Albérède de Bayeux MP (c.960 - c.1010)

"Aubree", "Albreda"

Aubree or Eranberge, married to Raoul d'Ivry. Her parentage is unknown. [That is to say, no first name can be established for her father, and no name at all for her mother. At this time prominent peopl...

7/28/2007 10/14/2010

Raoul d'Ivry, comte d'Ivry et de Bayeux MP (945 - 1015)

"Long Sword", "Ralph", "Raoul", "Rodulf", "Rodulf of Ivry", "Comte D'Ivry"

Raoul/Rodulf of Ivry Ivry means "Hebrew" RAOUL d'Ivry ([942/50]-after 1011). Guillaume of Jumièges records that “Richardus dux primus” consulted “Rodulfo comite suo equidem uterino fratre” about hi...

7/28/2007 10/14/2010

Emma fitz Arfast MP (c.995 - c.1034)

"Albérade", "Emme"

Emma, daughter of Raoul d'Ivry, married to Osbern FitzHerfast de Crépon. Three children: 1. Guillaume (William) 2. Osbern 3. Emma EMMA d'Ivry . Guillaume de Jumièges records that one of the...

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Osbern de Crépon, Abbot of St. Evroult, Steward of Normandy, MP (c.985 - c.1040)

"Abbot of St. Evroult", "Steward Of Normandy"

Osbern de Crépon Parents: Herfast II de Crépon and his (unknown) wife Spouse: Emma d'Ivry Children: 1. Guillaume (William) FitzOsbern, Earl of Hereford 2. Osbern 3. Emma (married Guillaume ...

7/28/2007 10/14/2010

Herfast of Crepon MP (c.955 - 985)

"Arfast", "Herfast", "Herfastus", "Herbastus", "Erfasti", "brother of Gunnora / Duchess of Normandy", "Haraldsson"

Herfast II (Herbastus) de Crépon, brother of Gunnor de Crépon Parents: Unknown. Often said to be Herbastus "the Dane" (Fictitious) and his wife Spouse: unknown Children: 1. Osbern de Crépon m. ...

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Bernard "the Dane", viscount of Pont-Audemer MP (c.880 - 955)

"Bernard the Dane", "Renaud", "Renault", "The Dane", "The /Dane/", "Bernard /de La Mans/", "Bernard d'Harcourt", "Bernard le Danois", "Bernardus Danus"

Bernard the Dane (French - Bernard le Danois; c.880 - before 960), was a Viking jarl (earl) of Danish origins. He put himself in the service of another jarl, Rollo, to conquer and colonize what would...

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Torf de Harcourt MP (aft.914 - bef.1003)

"Torf the Rich", "The Rich", "Karlsefine", "Prince of Denmark", "Touroude de Pont-Audemer", "Seigneur de Pont-Audemer"

Torf "the Rich" Harcourt de Pont-Audemer SEIGNEURS de PONT-AUDEMER, SEIGNEUR de VIEILLES TORF, son of ---. m ---. The name of Torf's wife is not known. Torf & his wife had [two] children: 1. [d...

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Osbern de Bolbec, Lord of Giffard, seigneur de Longueville-sur-Scie MP (c.945 - 1035)

"Osbern", "de Bolbec", "Osbert", "Osberne I", "Osborn", "Osborne", "Osbern de Bolbec", "Seigneur de Giffard - Osbert - Seigneur de Bolbec et Osbern de Bolbec", "Lord of Longueville"

Osbern I de Bolebec Spouses: first wife '''Aveline (Avelina) de Crépon''' Children: 1. Gauthier (Walter) Giffard (married Ermengarde) 2. Godefroi (Geoffrey) Giffard (married Mlle de Rouen) ...

6/11/2007 10/14/2010

Josceline de Montgomerie MP (c.1000 - 1050)

"de Bolebec"

Note from Curator: following Charles Cawley in the Medieval Lands Database Project, we have posited Josceline's mother as Avelina de Crepon, sister of Gunnora, who married Osbern de Bolbec. Over the ye...

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Thorold, seigneur de Pont-Audemer MP (c.949 - c.1040)

"Thorold", "Tourude", "Þóroldr", "Touroude were Touroude "the Wodcutter" of Ponte-Audemer and Thorold de Vieilles", "Tourude de Harcourt"

Thorold, Touroude or Þóroldr d'Harcourt de Pontaudemar Parents: Torf and his wife Spouse: Wevia, Gunnor de Crépon's sister Children: 1. Honfroi who married Aubrey 2. Roger 3. (some repor...

6/30/2007 10/14/2010

Avelina Wevia de Crépon, wife of Osbern de Bolbec MP (c.968 - 1024)

"Avelina", "Aveline", "Avelina /de Crepon/", "Aveline /de Crepon/", "Duvelina", "sister of Gunnora", "Duchess of Normandy", "Avelina Duceline de Crépon - Aveline Duceline de Crépon - Ameline Crépon", "Weva"

Robert de Torigny mentioned Aveline as a sister of Gunnora. As printed by Duchesne, this chapter implies that Aveline married Osbern de Bolebec and her sister Wevia married Thorold de Ponaudemer, but a...

5/18/2007 10/14/2010

Wevia de Crépon, wife of Thorold de Pont-Audemer MP (952 - 990)

"Weva de Crépon", "Wewa", "Wevia", "Gueuve", "Weva de Crepon", "Duceline"

Robert de Torigny mentioned Wevia as a sister of Gunnora. As printed by Duchesne, this chapter implies that Wevia married Thorold de Pontaudemer and her sister Avenline married Osbern de Bolebec, but a...

7/16/2007 10/14/2010

Sainsfrida / Seinfrie de Crépon MP (aft.948 - 1037)

"Sainfrie", "Senfrie"

According to the story preserved by Robert de Torigny, the Duke of Normandy became enamored of the beautiful Senfrie (Seinfreda), wife of one of his (unnamed) foresters in the area of Saint Vaast d'Equ...

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Roricon de Crépon MP (870 - d.)

Roricon de Crépon who might have been the grandfather of Herbastus de Crépon. LINKS WIKIPEDIA (fr) La famille normande des Crépon, originaire du Calvados, est issue de différents lignages scand...

2/4/2008 10/14/2010

Rainulf (Ranulfus, Ranulph) de Crépon. Son of Roricon and his wife Spouse: (Gunnor) Child: Herebastus (Herfast) LINKS WIKIPEDIA (fr) La famille normande des Crépon, originaire du Calvados...

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Curator note from Pam Wilson: A group of very powerful Norman siblings lived in the 10th century and married into well-positioned families in Norman political and social life. The names of their pare...

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