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Easter Rising Civilian deaths

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  • Bridget Allen (1900 - 1916)
    Bridget Allen Age 16 at death. Daughter of Mary Allen. She was one of 38 children shot dead during the Easter Rising.
  • Owen Donnelly (c.1859 - 1916)
    Owen Donnelly Owen Donnelly was shot dead near Kilmainham on Thursday the 27th of April 1916, he lived in South Summer street Dublin and was about 57 years old and a native of county Tyrone.. He was a...
  • Margaret Naylor (c.1881 - 1916)
    Mrs Margaret Naylor On the 29th of April 1916 Margaret Naylor was hit by a stray bullet when caught in the cross-fire between Rebels and the British Army while she was crossing the Rings End Draw Brid...
  • George Alexander Playfair (1894 - 1916)
    Playfair George Alexander aged 23. He was born in Canada. He was the older of two sons of the Commanding Officer of the Magazine Fort in the Phoenix Park Dublin. After the Magazine Fort was raided and ...

Civilans killed during the Easter Rising Ireland

Almost 500 people were killed in the Easter Rising. About 54% were civilians, 30% were British military and police, and 16% were Irish rebels. More than 2,600 were wounded. Many of the civilians were killed as a result of the British using artillery and heavy machine guns, or mistaking civilians for rebels.


The aim of this project is to create a genealogical collection of profiles of all people who were killed during the Easter Rising in Ireland. This project is part of the 1916 Easter Rising Ireland project

How to take part

  • First you will need to have or create the profile of the person you would like to add to this project.
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  • After you have joined this project go to the profile you would like to add and click the action button and select add to project from the dropdown menu.
  • Questions can be asked in the discussion section of this project

Victim list


  • Allen, Bridget (16), 27 Anan Quay
  • Andrews, Joseph (14), 8 Stephen's Place, Mount Street. (Recorded in some places as Christopher Andrews. The Irish Times records a J Andrews 8 Stephen’s Place Mount Street aged 14 buried in Glasnevin. There is no Christopher Andrews aged 14 recorded as being buried in Glasnevin during 1916.)
  • Armstrong, John H. (43), 2 Great Longford Street.


  • Barnbrick, Alice (44), 8 Willet place.
  • Barry, Bridget (36), 44 Lower Dominick Street.
  • Barter, William (23), 14 Elliott place
  • Blayney, James (65), 18 First Avenue., Seville Place, married with a wife and 4 children aged 8 to 14 years.
  • Brennan, John (45), 6 Great Longford Street.
  • Brennan,Malachy. (45), 85 Capel Street. Married with six children, employed as a Van Man.
  • Brunell, Julia (20), 2 Grattan Street.
  • Brunswick, Mary Anne (Molly) (15), 57 Lower Wellington Street.
  • Butler, R. (45), 10 Woodgate Street, London.
  • Byrne, F, 30 Corporation Buildings, Foley Street
  • Byrne, James, 31 Lower Stephen Street.
  • Byrne, John (60), 68 Shelbourne Road. Married with 5 children, employed as a watch maker. Died in Jervis Street hospital from bullet wounds on the 26th of April.*
  • Byrne, Patrick (42), 1 O'Brien's place, Co. Dublin.
  • Patrick Bealen, a native of Loon, Castlecomer, County Kilkenny.
  • Browning, Francis Henry aged 47, 17 Herbert Park, Donnybrook.
  • Byrne Josep, 65 Townsend Street


  • Carrick William, Little is known of William Carrick, there are no details of his age, religion, occupation or other information recorded about him. His death is recorded as the 1st of April 1916. He is buried in a mass grave with a British Soldier, two Volunteers and another two civilians. (V2 25 N)
  • Carroll, James Joseph aged 24, the Municipal Buildings, Kingstown. Single, Roman Catholic worked as an engineer died on the 28 of April 1916 (A7W)
  • James Joseph Carroll, aged 24 from 9 Georges Place Kingstown. Died on the 28th of April 1916 and is buried in Deansgrange.
  • Costello John. Little is known of John Costello, there are no details of his age, religion, occupation or other information recorded about him. (Possibly from Athlone)
  • Clarke Joseph, aged 72. (Possibly from Power’s Court off Upper Mount Street Dublin)
  • Cunningham, Andrew aged 24, 77 Park View, Pigeon House Road. Dublin. Married, Roman Catholic, died on the 1st of May 1916, occupation Silk weaver
  • Caffrey, Christina (2), 27 Corporation Building.
  • Caldwell, Anne Jane (24), 43 Corporation Buildings.
  • Casey. Joseph (33), 55A Townsend Street.
  • Cashman, James (34) Rosemount, Dundrum.
  • Cathcart, Christopher (9 years 8 months), 28 Charlemont Street.
  • Clarke, Philip (40), 65 Cork Street.
  • Clarke, Richard (73), 61 Mespil Road.
  • Coade, James J. (19), 28 Upper Mount Pleasant Avenue. He was shot dead at 10.45pm on the Tuesday of the Rising by the Military as he stood with a friend near Behan’s Photographers at the corner of Military Road
  • Coghlan, Thomas (49), 155 North Strand.
  • Cole, Mary Anne (37), 14 Up. Gloucester Street.
  • Condon, Julia (44), 56 Summerhill.
  • Connolly. JOHN (33), 108 Philipsburgh Avenue, Fairview Dublin.
  • Connolly, Mary (23), 4 Nth. Richmond Street.
  • Connolly, William (37), 27 Usher's Quay.
  • Connor, Christopher (21), 31 Strandville Avenue.
  • Corbin, Mr., Jervis Street Hospital.
  • Corrigan, C, North Frederick Street.
  • Corrigan. Mary Anne (38), 8 Engine Alley, Moore lane.
  • Cosgrave, Edward (43). 65 Lower. Dominick Street.
  • Costello, John (32), 9 Wall Square.
  • Costello, Jane (24). 113 Seville Place. Employed as a shorthand writer and typist she was a native of Glenfield Kilmallock County Limerick. She was shot dead on the 27th of April. She was hit by a bullet at her residence as she momentarily passed a window. Her friend, Miss Katie Lewis, who witnessed the incident reported that the bullet was fired by a soldier in a doorway on the street.
  • Costello, Mr., Kingstown.
  • Courtney, Clement, 24 York Street.
  • Covle, H. (29), 32 Leinster Avenue.
  • Crawford, Julia (20), 7 Irvine Crescent.
  • Creevan, J., St. Aloysius Road.
  • Cromien, John (23), 13 Fingal Place.
  • Cunningham, Mary (62), 7 Chancery Street.
  • Curley, Francis (51), l6 Green Street. A father of four children, one daughter and three sons, one of his sons, Patrick, was killed in April 1915 while fighting in WW1, he was a private in the Dublin Fusiliers.


  • Owen Donnelly
  • Doyle, John aged 20, 104 Ringsend Road, Dublin. Died on the 1st of May 1916, Roman Catholic, worked as a painter (E1 30 W)
  • Daly. Margaret (60), 57 Queen Street.
  • Dorgan. Denis (58), 12 Henrietta Street. Died on the 27th of April.
  • Davis. Catherine (59), 6 Stratford Row, Summerhill.
  • Derrick, Patrick (24), 22 Eustace Street.
  • Dickson, Thomas (31), 12 Harrington Street, newspaper editor, shot by Military in Portobello Barracks.*
  • Dignan, P. (51), 22 Lower Ormond Quay,
  • Dillon, Robert (65), " The Flag" 8 Moore Street. Died on the morning of April 29th while trying to escape , with his wife and daughter, from his home which was engulfed in flames.
  • Donnelly, John (44), 6 Newfoundland Street.
  • Donnelly, Thomas (52), 35 North Cumberland Street.
  • Donlan, Brendan, (18) 2 Lower Camden Street.
  • Donoghue, J. (19), 97 Marlborough Street.
  • Donohue, T. D. (22), 4 North Brunswick Street.
  • Doyle, Daniel (46), 27 Upper Liffey Street.
  • Doyle, John (36), 16 Moore Street.
  • Doyle, John (18), 25 Summerhill.* Died on the 26th of April from gunshot wounds. Single and employed as a Labourer.
  • Doyle, Moses (14), 7 Whitefriar Street.
  • Recorded in Glasnevin as being 14 when he was killed on the 24th of April 1916. A match on the 1911 Census shows him registered at New Street, Merchants Quay, his Mother’s name and Fathers occupation match that of the entry in the Glasnevin register of burials but the Census records him as being 5 years old in 1911.
  • Doyle, Stephen P. (50), 27 Wellington Quay.
  • Doyle, Thomas (50), 12 Upper Mercer Street.*
  • Dunne, Edward (39), 91 North King Street.*
  • Dunne, M. (28), 36 Wexford Street.
  • Dunlea, Richard (35), 83 Marlborough Street.
  • Dunphy, J, Adelaide Hospital.
  • Dwan, John. (24), 1 Lower Gardiner Street.


  • Ennis, Edward (31), 5 Dromard Avenue., Sandymount.
  • Ennis, George (50), 174 North King Street


  • Flynn , John aged 63, Dodder View, Dublin.
  • Fahey (Fahy), Peter (23), 18 Usher's Island* He was a tailor and he died on the way to Jervis St Hospital with his pregnant wife.
  • Farrell, Jeremiah (48), 20 City Quay.
  • Farrell, John, (35), 3 Monks' Cottages, Lower Sheriff Street.
  • Fennell, Patrick (33), 13 Portobello Road.
  • Ferris, Arthur (35), 22 Lower Kevin Street. Died as a result of injuries received when trampled during a stampede.
  • Fetherstone, Patrick (12), 1 Long Lane, Dorset Street.
  • Finegan, William, (66) 48 Marlborough Street.
  • Finnegan, James (40), 27 North King Street.
  • Foran, Thomas (28), 22 Patrick Street.
  • Foster, John F. (2 years 10 months), 18 Manor Place, Dublin.
  • Fox, William, 6 Holycross Road.*
  • Fraser, James, 68 Caledon Road.
  • Friel, Patrick (59), 17 St. Joseph Villas. Strand Street.


  • Gregg, William aged 64, 2 Simpson's Lane, Irishtown. Married, Roman Catholic, died on the 26th of April 1916, occupation Bottle Maker. (Although the Glasnevin Necrology records him as having died on the 29th newspaper reports record he died on the 26th.)
  • Geraghty, Joseph (21), 16 Middle Gardiner Street.
  • Geraghty, Patrick (39), 64 Lower Dominick Street.
  • Gibney, James (5 Years 6 Months) 16 Henrietta Place.* Died from concussion, he received his injuries during a bombardment by the military.
  • Glaister, Robert (55), Ryicote, Silloth, Cumberland (Naval Petty Officer).
  • Glennon, Daniel (65), 99 Upper Church Street.
  • Glynn, Michael (57), 24 C. Corporation Buildings.
  • Goulding, Andrew (45), 18 Up. Buckingham Street.


  • James Healy
  • Father and son Thomas and Christopher Hickey were both killed in what became known as North King Street Massacre
  • Thomas Hickey, aged 38 of 168 North King Street Dublin.
  • Christopher Hickey, aged 16 of 168 North King Street Dublin.
  • Hogan, Jeremiah aged 26, 9 Summerhill, Dublin.
  • Gerald St John Hogan aged 26 from 9 Summerhill Road Kingstown. he is burier in Deansgrange Cemetery.
  • Hanratty, Elizabeth (30), Moore Street.
  • Hall, Robert C. (29), 3 Serpentine Avenue
  • Halliday, William. James. (23), Herberton Bridge. Visiting Dublin from Belfast he was shot dead at Dolphin’s Barn.
  • Harris, Patrick (35), 23 Marlborough Place.
  • Hayes, Morgan (45), 8 Christchurch Place.
  • Healy, John (14 Years 6 Months). 188 Phibsborough Road.
  • Healy, James P. (33), 143 Church Street,
  • Heavey, William (32). 57 Moore Street. Mortally wounded as he was leaving his burning premises, he was a native of Athlone.*
  • Heeney. Robert P. (40). 14 North Great George's Street. Shot in the stomach in O’Connell Street in the early days of the Rising, Mr Heeney was a cattle exporter and was shot while going to the aid of another wounded man. He was originally from Old Bridge Drogheda but had been living in Dublin for some time. He was buried in Glasnevin on the 3rd of May. Newspaper reports state he was shot by a Sinn Feiner.*
  • Hoey, Patrick (25), 27 North King Street.
  • Hoey, Ryder's Row.
  • Hogan, James (28), 31 Upper Rutland Street. Mr Hogan worked as a carter for the Dublin Tramway Company and was shot dead on the Thursday. Mr Hogan was keeping the night watchman company and against the advice of his fellow workers he went out to get milk, he was shot dead in Earl Street.
  • Higgins, Christopher (26), 40 Jervis Street.
  • Hughes, Michael (34). 172 North King Street
  • Hyland, Charles Hachette (29) 3 Percy Place. A dental Surgeon


Ivors, Patrick, 15 Cumberland Street.


  • Jessop, James (12), 3 Upper Gloucester Street.*
  • Johnston Robert (75) 18 Denzille Street. A retired carpenter and native of County Wicklow.
  • Jordan Christopher, Holles Street Hospital.


  • Kelly, Mary aged 12, 128 Townsend Street, Dublin. She died from a gunshot wound and was killed in Lombard Street on the 30th of April.
  • Kenyon Thomas. Aged 67 years old when he died.
  • Keegan, F. 29 Upper Ormond Quay.
  • Kelly, Denis, Jervis Street Hospital.
  • Kelly, Laurence (50), 1 Lower Clanbrassil Street.
  • Keogh, M., Holles Street Hospital.
  • Knowles, Henry (40), 6 East Essex Street.
  • Kane. Jane (40), 109 Amiens Street.
  • Kavanagh, (15), 4 North King Street.
  • Kelly, James (18), 205 Phibsborough Road.


  • Loughlin John
  • Lawless, Peter J. (21), 27 North King Street.
  • Lawlor, Christopher (46), 6 Halston Street. Shot at the barricade at the top of Halston Street within a few yards of the church. The bullet entered his arm and body, he was covered with blood. Mr Lawlor was given the Sacraments at the church in Number Six Halston Street and died soon afterwards.
  • Leahy, Michael (62), 3 Inns Quay.
  • Lennon, Kate (55), 5 Upper Gloucester Place.
  • Lennon, Mary (64), 43 Corporation Buildings
  • Long, Samuel (44), 25 Great Clarence Street.


  • Margaret McGuinness, died from wounds received during the fighting in Dublin. She died on the 3rd of April 1916 and is buried with her husband in Deansgrange Cemetery who had passed away two years earlier. She was 50 years old and from 3 Pembroke Cottages, Dublin.
  • Maguire Joseph
  • McCarthy, John aged 54, Island Bridge Barracks, Dublin. Died on the 23rd of May 1916, Married, Roman Catholic.
  • James (Jim) McCarthy. He is buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.
  • McIntyre, Patrick aged 38, Newspaper Editor, 21 Fownes Street. Dublin, shot by the military in Portobello Barracks.
  • Macken, Peter (37), 13 Nassau Place.
  • Maguire, William (40), 92 Marlborough Street.
  • Mallon, John (29), 96 Upper Dorset Street.
  • Manning, Peter P. (25) 4 Broadstone Avenue.
  • Martin, Patrick (42), 22 Lower Gardiner Street.
  • McCabe, Herriett (41), 34 Marlborough Street.
  • McCartney, J. (36), 16 Exchange Street.
  • McCormack, James, Baldoyle.
  • McCormack, James (40), 44B. Corporation Buildings. He was shaving and stuck his head out the window at the noise of the fighting in the City Centre and was shot, possibly in the head, and died. He left behind a widow and four sons.
  • McDowell, W. (49), 10 Merchant's Quay.
  • McElvery, J. (56), 15 Verschoyle Place Dublin.
  • McGaley, E. (57), 4 Lower Bridge Street.
  • McKane, Bridget (16), Henry place. She was killed on the Friday of the Rising when a number of Rebels including Sean Mac Diarmada where fleeing the G.P.O., Bridget was with her family in their home when they heard someone trying to gain access. Her father Thomas (Tommy) went to the door, his youngest child of two years old in his arms, his second youngest six years old clinging to his leg and 15 year old Bridget standing behind him. Before Tommy could open the door a bullet came through it hitting Tommy in the shoulder and passing through him hit Bridget fatally wounding her.
  • McKillop, M. (33), 22 Lower Gardiner Street.
  • McLoughlin, R. (62), 27 John Street Blackpitts.
  • McManus, P. (61), 12 Moore Street.
  • Meagher, John (49), Dublin.
  • Meegan, John (53), 90 Lower Gardiner Street.
  • Merna, Julia (60), 32 Great Charles Street.
  • Molcady, T., Irvine Place, Fairview.
  • Moore, James (29), 15 Little Britain Street.
  • Elizabeth Moran died on the 29 of April 1916. Although recorded as being killed on the 29th of April a Mrs. Moran was shot dead by machine-gun fire at her home on the 2nd of May 1916. (Address in 1937 2 Hamilton Row, Dublin)
  • Morris, Mary (27), 31 Upper Mount Street.
  • Moy, W E., Richmond Hospital.
  • Mullen, William (9), 8 Moore Place.
  • Murphy, Catherine (68), 63 Railway Street. Died as a result of injuries received when trampled during a stampede.*
  • Murphy, Edward (42), 18 Upper Pembroke Street shot dead on Stephen's Green on 25th April 1916. Edward had emigrated to Canada in the early 1890's and made his way to Fort Steele in BC where he worked as a printer and at gold mining. In January 1902, at age 28, he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Mounted Rifles at Fort Steele and saw active service in the Boer War. He returned to Dublin after the war and married Margaret Graham of Lower Pembroke street. She was left with four children*
  • Murphy, J. (60), 42 Henry Street. He was chairman of Rathdown Number 2 Rural Council and a Justice of the Peace, he was originally from Delgany County Wicklow. He died in Henry Street as he left his business premises.
  • Murray, Daniel J. (28), 35 Lower Mountpleasant Avenue*
  • Murray, John (40), 28 Empress Terrace


  • Neal, John, The Castle Yard.
  • Nealon, Patrick (62), 77 Bridge Street.
  • Nolan, Margaret (26), 6 Lower Wellington Street.
  • Nunan, Michael (34), 174 North King Street.


  • O’Flaherty, Joseph, Northumberland Road, Dublin.
  • O'Callaghan, J., Iveaqh House.
  • O'Carroll, Richard (40), 49 Cuffe Street.
  • O'Connor, Ellen (50), South Union Workhouse.
  • O'Donoghue, Joseph (42), 31 Cabra Park.
  • O'Duffy, John (82), 54 Rutland Square. He was killed by machine-gun fire when running from Moore Street into Henry Street to escape fire coming from the direction of Parnell Street . He died in the middle of the street and was given the last rites by Father John Flanagan who was attached to the Pro-Cathedral.
  • O'Grady, Edward (25), 2 Lower Sheriff Street.
  • O'Grady. Patrick (45), Daisy Market.
  • O'Neill, William (16), 93 Church Street.
  • O'Reilly, J. (28), 12 Lower Gardiner Street.
  • O'Reilly, Thomas J (21), 43 Geraldine Street.


  • Pentony. Thomas (48), 34 North Cumberland Street*
  • Pierce, George (20), 12 South Earl Street.
  • Power, James (60), 9 Buckingham Place.
  • Purcell, Christina (30) 17 Wentworth Place.


  • Quinn, Joseph (42), South Union Workhouse.
  • Quirke, Elizabeth (22) Upper Liffey Street.


  • Margaret Rowe
  • Redmond, Christopher (21),.
  • Redmond, Mary (16), 4 Mary's Abbey.
  • Reilly, John (51), 75 Capel Street.
  • Ryan, Federick (18), 3 High Street.
  • Ryan, Patrick (13 years 6 Months), 2 Sitric Place


  • Stewart, Bridget aged 11, 3 Pembroke Place Ballsbridge. She died in the Royal Hospital Baggot Street, cause of death was gunshot wound to the chest, haemorrhage and shock.
  • Sweny, William Lional. Born in 1902. He was 16 years old when he was shot on the 28th of April. He lived at 1 Lincoln Place Dublin. His father owned a pharmacy. He is buried in Deansgrange, for many years his body was unidentified.
  • Synnot, George aged 59, 98 Haddington Road Dublin. Died on the 30th of April 1916. Church of Ireland, occupation Offical.
  • Scott, Walter E. (8), 16 Irvine Crescent.
  • Sheil, Florence, née Pigott, (29) of 45, Jervis Street, Dublin.
  • Simpson, Vincent P. (23), 6 Enniskerry Road.
  • Smyth, Elizabeth (19), 5 Sandwith Place.
  • Spellman, Timothy (68), 62 Arbour Hill.
  • Stephenson, Patrick (50), 76 Lower Gloucester Street.
  • Stillman, John (35), 8 Leitrim Place. John J. Stillman was shot dead at Grand Canal Street Bridge on the 27th of April. He had just left his mother house at Leitrim Place and was crossing the bridge during an exchange of fierce fire between the Military at Mount Street Bridge and the Rebels. He was struck by a bullet in the right lung which killed him instantly. He was employed by Independent Newspapers Limited where he worked in the commercial department. He leaves a widow and four young children ranging in age from 18 months to six years.


  • Taaffe, Rosanna (41), 26 Corporation Street*
  • Tierney, P., 123 Dorset Street.
  • Timmons, May, 4 Harmony Row.
  • Traynor, John J. (18), 3 Shannon Terrace, Kilmainham.
  • Trevor, Patrick, Ryder's Row.



  • Veale, Margaret M. (13), 103 Haddington Road


  • Walsh Annie
  • Richard Waters of Recess Blackrock County Dublin. He was 48 years old when he died.
  • Woodcock Christopher
  • Walsh, Edward (43), 8 Lower Dominick Street.
  • Walsh, John (34). 172 North King Street.
  • Walsh, James J. (19), 14 Upper Kevin Street.
  • Walsh, Philip (27), 43 Manor Place.
  • Walsh, Philip (12), 10 Plunkett's Court.
  • Watson, William, Swift's Row.
  • Watters, Very Rev. F. J , D.D., S.M. (66), 96 Lower Leeson Street.
  • Wenny, Mrs. (63), 18 Upper Buckingham Street.
  • West, William (52), 16 Belvedere Place.
  • Whelan, Christopher (15), 30 North. Great George's Street.
  • Whelan, Daniel (33) 122 Parnell Street.
  • Whelan, Patrick (23), 25 Pembroke Cottages Ringsend.
  • Whelan, Sarah (28), 16 Great Clarence Street