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Col. John Wise Sr. MP (1617 - 1695)

His ancestry is not specifically known, but that he belonged to the Wise family of Sydenham, Devon is likely. (Or not - his naming a property "Clifton" may be significant; Sydenham House is in the pari...

5/8/2007 6/28/2019

John Arlington, III MP (c.1761 - 1818)

John Arlington, III was born in Accomack County, VA in ca.1725. He was the son of John Arlington, II and wife, Tabitha. John Arlington III married Rose "Rosey" Bagwell, the daughter of Thomas Bagwell...

5/9/2015 6/27/2019

Rose "Rosey" Bagwell Arlington MP (c.1764 - bef.1792)

Rose "Rosey" Bagwell was the daughter of Thomas Bagwell (c 1714-June, 1764) and Patience Nock (c 1734 -2/27/1797). She was born c 1764 at Accomack County, VA. Rose married John Arlington, III, the so...

5/9/2015 6/27/2019

Thomas Bagwell MP (c.1714 - 1764)

Thomas Bagwell was the son of Henry Bagwell (c 1668-10/1/1734) and Margaret Drummond (c 1670-2/27/1750/51). He was born circa 1714 at Accomack County, Virginia. Thomas was named in his uncle's will o...

4/25/2019 6/27/2019

Patience Bagwell MP (c.1734 - 1797)

Patience Nock was born circa 1734 at Accomack County, VA. She was the daughter of Benjamin Nock (1690-1766) and Rose Armey Trader (1702-1755). Patience Nock married her 1st husband, Thomas Bagwell (c...

4/26/2019 6/27/2019

Benjamin Nock MP (c.1690 - 1766)

Benjamin Nock was a son, born to William Nock and Patience Waddelowe at Accomack County, VA circa 1690. Benjamin married Rose Armey Trader, the daughter of Richard Armitrader and Elizabeth Chance cir...

6/22/2019 6/27/2019

Rose Nock MP (c.1702 - c.1755)

Rose Armey Trader was a daughter, born to Richard Armitrader & Elizabeth Chance circa 1702 at Accomack County, VA. [Note: It's anyone's guess as to why Rose chose to alter her maiden name; however, a...

6/22/2019 6/27/2019

Richard Armitrader MP (c.1672 - 1755)

Richard Armitrader was a son, born to Arthur Armitradinge & Rose Kellam circa 1672 at Accomack County, VA. [Note: Shown in records as Armitrader.] Circa 1700 he married his 1st wife, Elizabeth Chance...

6/27/2019 6/27/2019

Elizabeth Armitrader MP (c.1680 - 1738)

Elizabeth Chance was a daughter, born to Henry & Margaret Chance circa 1680 at Accomack County, VA. Circa 1700, she married Richard Armitrader, a son of Arthur Armitradinge & Rose Kellam at Accomack ...

6/27/2019 6/27/2019

Rhoda Clark MP (c.1700 - d.)

Rhoda "Rhody" Clark was born circa 1700. Her parents are not known. Rhoda married twice: Circa 1720 she married her 1st husband, Thomas Simpson, Jr. of Accomack County, VA. Rhoda & Thomas Simpson...

7/18/2014 6/27/2019

Thomas Simpson, Jr. MP (c.1686 - c.1728)

[Note: There are discrepancies in the research findings concerning the parentage of Thomas Simpson, Jr. It would seem logical that Thomas Simpson, Jr's father would share the same name & be Thomas Simp...

7/18/2014 6/27/2019

Comfort Dix MP (c.1718 - 1784)

Comfort Dix was a daughter, born to Isaac Dix, III and Bridgett Savage circa 1718 at Accomack County, VA. Comfort Dix was married twice. First to Thomas Copes, II (b ca 1706 - November 1742). They ma...

7/18/2014 6/26/2019

Col. Southy Simpson MP (c.1720 - bef.1779)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of COLONEL. DAR Ancestor # A104233 Col. Southy Simpson was born circa 1720, a son of Thomas Simpson, Jr. & Rhoda Clark of Accomack Coun...

7/18/2014 6/26/2019

Southy Simpson MP (c.1756 - 1794)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of PRIVATE. DAR Ancestor # A134039 Southy Simpson was a son, born to Col. Southy Simpson ( c 1720-1779) and Comfort Dix (c 1718-1784) a...

7/18/2014 6/25/2019

Elizabeth Arlington MP (1788 - d.)

Elizabeth Simpson was born on November 8, 1788 at Accomack County, VA.. She was the daughter of Southy Simpson (ca 1756-1794) and Hannah Scarburgh Rogers (1763-1855). Information on a paper from the ...

4/23/2019 6/25/2019

Thomas Bagwell Arlington MP (c.1788 - 1816)

Thomas Bagwell Arlington was born circa 1788 at Accomack County, VA. He was the son of John Arlington III (c 1761-1818) and Rose "Rosey" Bagwell (b c1764). Thomas was named in his grandfather's will ...

5/9/2015 6/25/2019

Anna Simpson Arlington was born on February 24, 1812 at Accomack County, VA. She was the daughter of Thomas Bagwell Arlington (1788-1816) and Elizabeth Simpson (b. 1788) also of Accomack County, VA. ...

1/10/2019 6/25/2019

Levi Rayfield, Sr. MP (c.1768 - c.1835)

Levi Rayfield, Sr. was born between 1765-1770 at Accomack County, VA. His 1st marriage was circa 1795 to a lady, whose name remains unknown. The 1800 Census shows Levi Rayfield, living at St. Georg...

5/27/2019 6/25/2019

Levi R Rayfield, Jr MP (c.1805 - 1839)

Levi R. Rayfield was the son of Levi Rayfield, Sr. and his mother's name is unknown. Levi R. Rayfield was born circa 1805 at Accomack County, VA and died February, 1839 at Accomack County, VA. Levi m...

1/10/2019 6/25/2019

Susan Anne Hart MP (1836 - 1889)

Susan Anne Hart (Rayfield) and James Henry Hart were the parents of Rebecca Davis Holmes (Hart). This family was from Accomack County, VA. Susan A. Rayfield was born in Accomack County, VA on Septemb...

10/2/2018 6/25/2019

James Henry Hart, Jr. MP (1835 - 1884)

James Henry Hart, Jr. was born in Accomack County, VA in circa 1835. He was the 4th child born to James S. Hart, Sr. and Mary E. Killmon, both of Accomack County, VA. James Henry Hart, Jr. (1835-1884...

10/2/2018 6/25/2019

Rebecca Davis Holmes MP (1863 - 1925)

Rebecca Davis Hart was a daughter, born to James Henry Hart, Jr. and Susan Anne Rayfield Hart on March 7, 1863 at Melfa, Accomack County, VA. Rebecca Davis Hart married John William Holmes, MD on Mar...

8/27/2016 6/25/2019

Christopher Calvert MP (c.1610 - c.1682)

24 Jun 1636, William Bibby granted 300 acres for the transportation of six people, including Christopher Calvert, who at this point is reportedly settled in Accomack Co. 25 Sep 1637 Christopher verif...

6/3/2007 12/20/2015

Sophia Respess MP (c.1710 - bef.1766)


from Sophia Savage 1,2 F, b. circa 1710, d. before 30 April 1766 Father Capt. Thomas (6) Savage (II) b. c 1670, d. b 11 Jun 1728 Mother Alicia Harmanson b. c 1671, d. b 20 Aug 1726 Last Edite...

12/21/2008 2/27/2015

Maj. John Savage, Gent. MP (1706 - bef.1747)

From John died before 14 April 1747 at Northampton Co, VA. It was on this date that his will was probated. The testr. is described as John Savage, Gent., and his extrx. Mary Savage declared she would...

9/23/2009 2/26/2015

Elizabeth Teackle MP (1718 - 1765)

12/2/2007 2/12/2015

Mary Scarburgh MP (bef.1613 - 1691)

"Scarburgh", "Cade", "Littleton", "Charlton", "Swarburgh"

Mary, wife of Col. Edmund Scarburgh, was NOT a Littleton, or a Charlton, or a Pott(s). She has been plausibly identified as the daughter of a John Harmer who was some sort of cousin to the two John Har...

7/20/2007 2/12/2015

Thomas Wisdom MP (1630 - c.1696)

Notes "Came to USA in 1662 with three brothers. Thomas and his son Francis were probably among the first on this continent deported to the Bahamas for activities in Bacon's Rebellion." "Wis...

9/22/2008 10/8/2014

John Wisdom MP (1605 - 1681)

John Wisdom Birth: 1605 - Bucklebury, Berkshire, England Death: 1682 - Eastern Shore, Maryland, The American Colonies Wife: Elizabeth Pinchin or Pynchen (Wisdom) Son: Thomas Wisdom notes ...

9/22/2008 10/8/2014

Dr. Tobias Selby [Selvey] MP (c.1615 - bef.1681)

When Tobias Selby booked passage to Virginia from the port of London in 1635, he stated his age as twenty. This puts his birth year at 1615. It is possible he is a brother to Robert Selby, aged 19, who...

4/10/2009 9/25/2014

Richard Waters MP (1667 - bef.1720)

Richard made a will on 21 April 1720 at Somerset Co, MD. To son William, Extr, and tract Waters River. To cousin John Waters land. Mentions brother John Waters (dec'd) & Charles Hall. To sons William, ...

8/21/2007 9/18/2014

William I Hanby MP (c.1652 - 1702)

William Hanby was born circa 1652 at Northampton Co, VA. He did not remain there, but moved north to New Jersey and then back and forth across the Delaware River. At some time he associated with Quak...

8/8/2009 9/17/2014

Obadiah Hunt, II MP (aft.1769 - 1806)

"Obahiah", "Obediah", "Odediah"

Married at least twice: to Nancy Goffigon on 29 November 1796 and to Nancy Mathews on 7 October 1803. Known and attributed children: Sally Hunt.(named in father's will 1806) John G. Hunt (named...

5/21/2013 9/16/2014

Grace Robins MP (c.1603 - 1681)

"Grace O'Neil", "Grace (Neale) Waters", "Robins", "Robbins"

Legend claims she was an Irish lady of noble birth, who fled to America to escape a repugnant forced marriage. It's a pretty legend, but it isn't true. Hers is still quite a romantic and dramatic story...

10/11/2010 9/16/2014

Lt. Edward Waters MP (aft.1584 - 1630)

Birth date uncertain, perhaps c. 1584 (he claimed to be forty in 1624). The date "30 November 1589" is a christening date which may not have been transcribed correctly - "4" and "9" can be easily confu...

7/22/2007 9/16/2014

Anne Jenifer MP (aft.1640 - 1696)


Was the partner of Col. Edmund Scarburgh in an adulterous liaison (he was still married). Had three daughters, Atalanta, Arcadia, and Annabella, by this relationship. After Scarborough's death, she m...

9/29/2008 9/16/2014

Elizabeth Rickards MP (1673 - d.)

2/3/2008 9/16/2014

William Dunton MP (aft.1654 - bef.1709)

5/19/2014 9/16/2014

Smart Hunt Webb MP (c.1690 - d.)

5/18/2014 9/16/2014

Thomas Hunt, III MP (c.1680 - bef.1719)

Formerly thought to have married Smart Dunton, but a close reading of the will of Sarah (Smart) Tankred indicates that both Mary and Smart Tankard married Hunts.

5/18/2014 9/16/2014

Frances Benthall MP (c.1674 - 1720)

4/7/2010 9/16/2014

Daniel Benthall MP (aft.1662 - c.1719)

4/7/2010 9/16/2014

Azel Benthall MP (c.1710 - c.1790)

5/22/2014 9/16/2014

Frances Hunt MP (c.1738 - c.1765)

5/21/2013 9/16/2014

Frances Hunt MP (c.1776 - 1796)

8/25/2014 9/16/2014

Thomas Hunt MP (c.1762 - 1795)

5/21/2013 9/16/2014

Susanna "Sukey" Hunt, I MP (c.1768 - 1812)

5/19/2013 9/16/2014

Walter Luker MP (c.1765 - aft.1813)

5/19/2013 9/16/2014

Hillery Hunt MP (1764 - 1799)

"Hillary", "Hilary"

5/21/2013 9/16/2014

Delitha Hunt Wilkins MP (c.1775 - bef.1836)

Birth* circa 1775 Delitha was born circa 1775 at Northampton Co, VA. Married Name 28 January 1796 As of 28 January 1796,her married name was Hunt.1 Marriage* 28 January 1796 She married Hillery (60...

6/6/2014 9/16/2014

Joakim M. Wilkins MP (1776 - c.1815)

Twin to Watkins.

6/6/2014 9/16/2014

Delitha Elizabeth Trower MP (1836 - 1887)

Here is what I have. The dates are a bit off from yours but I have visited their graves and confirmed the birth and death dates for Wm. and Delitha. William Henry, b. 15 nov 1825,d.12 nov 1893: Delitha...

6/7/2014 9/16/2014

Delitha Ann Cutler MP (c.1815 - bef.1850)

Delitha Ann Wilkins was born circa 1815 at Northampton Co, VA. She married Richard Cutler on 30 April 1831 at Northampton Co, VA. John Wilkins Jr. was security on the M.L.B. of Richard Cutler and Del...

6/6/2014 9/16/2014

Dr. Richard Cutler MP (bef.1810 - bef.1850)

Presumed to have died before 1850, because his daughters Delitha Ann and Mary E. were in the household of one William Cutler (Richard's older brother?) and a woman named Margaret Cutler who may have be...

6/6/2014 9/16/2014

Joseph Hanby MP (c.1676 - c.1710)

"Children", unspecified.

3/2/2013 9/16/2014

John Hanby MP (c.1709 - 1776)

From this point on the line gets very obscure and hard to follow, because the family no longer owned any land, paid no taxes, and got involved in few or no legal or business transactions.

3/2/2013 9/16/2014

John Hanby MP (c.1730 - d.)

Missing the links to connect John Hanby to Joseph Hanby . This path is a "best guesstimate".

3/2/2013 9/16/2014

Bridget Edmunds MP (c.1762 - bef.1824)

Bridget Edmunds was born circa 1762 at Northampton Co, VA. Bridget was named in her grandfather's will on 2 April 1767 at Northampton Co, VA. In his will Richard Haze gave my grandson Richard Haze so...

6/18/2014 9/16/2014

Joseph Hanby MP (aft.1750 - bef.1817)

Listed in Northampton County taxes, 1782, as owning nearly nothing. Listed again in 1788 with one horse, no white males between 16 and 21, and no slaves. Listed in 1803 as owning 3 slaves>16, 2 sla...

3/23/2014 9/16/2014

Polly Bell MP (c.1782 - bef.1850)

Bell, Edmund &, Polly Hanby, 27 Dec. 1802, William Parkerson sec. Con[sent] of Joseph Hanby, father of Polly. (This means she was under 21, therefore not born before 1782.)

6/18/2014 9/16/2014

Thomas "the Carpenter" Savage MP (aft.1610 - bef.1655)

Possibly the son of Ensign Thomas Savage , but NOT by his known English wife Ann/Hannah. The timing is all wrong for that. Y-DNA studies so far are inconclusive, due to uncertainties in the lineage o...

12/28/2009 9/16/2014

Nathaniel Littleton Savage MP (1726 - 1786)

12/21/2008 9/16/2014

Esther Savage MP (1698 - 1764)

12/21/2008 9/16/2014

Thomas Savage, III MP (1691 - 1737)

11/16/2008 9/16/2014

Thomas Savage, Jr. MP (c.1646 - c.1721)

Reference: FamilySearch Genealogy - SmartCopy : Mar 18 2020, 22:14:19 UTC

7/12/2008 9/16/2014

Captain John Savage MP (1624 - 1678)

"Capt John Savage"

Capt John Savage Birth: 1624 - Northampton, Virginia Parents: Thomas Savage, Hannah 'Ann' Elkington (NOT Tyng! This confusion came about because Daniel Gookin decamped from the Eastern Shore to M...

7/25/2008 9/16/2014

Elkington Savage MP (1676 - 1719)

12/21/2008 9/16/2014

Thomas "The Ensign" Savage MP (c.1594 - bef.1633)

"Ensign Thomas Savage Ancient Planter", "Ensign Thomas Savage"

Thomas 'the Ensign' Savage Birth; circa 1594 Possibly OF, Chester, Cheshire , England Death: 1633 (35-43) Savage Neck, Northampton County, Virginia Parents: unknown Spouse: Hannah 'Ann' (Elki...

7/12/2008 9/16/2014

Sarah Williams (born Clarkson) MyHeritage Family Trees Williams_ in Williams Web Site, managed by Danny Williams Birth: 1624 - Crisfield, Somerset, Maryland, United States Death: 1671 - Annamessex,...

5/22/2008 9/16/2014

Will of Stephen Horsey Will of Stephen Horsey Sr., Prerogative Court Record 1635- 1674, (microfilm, Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture at Salisbury University, SR 4396) pp. 458-9 ...

3/3/2009 9/16/2014

John Horsey MP (c.1657 - 1678)

3/3/2009 9/16/2014

Ambrose Dixon, Sr MP (c.1623 - 1687)

Ambrose was born in England, most likely in London or Cambridge, Middlesex as that is where his parents lived. (NOTE: Geography FAIL - Cambridge is in Cambridgeshire, NOT Middlesex.) When he came to ...

4/8/2008 9/16/2014

Rosanna Johnson Hanby MP (c.1815 - c.1890)

1/27/2013 9/16/2014

James Dalby MP (c.1780 - d.)

1/27/2013 9/16/2014

Richard Hanby, of Northampton MP (1626 - 1682)


Richard is the first member of this line of the Hamby/Hanby family known to have taken up residence in the American Colonies. Exactly when or how he got there is uncertain, but he was certainly residen...

3/28/2009 9/16/2014

John Richard Hanby MP (1864 - aft.1910)

Family oral tradition has it that John R. Hanby used to work with horses, but was disabled when a barrel fell off a wagon and struck him.

12/31/2012 9/16/2014

Susan Sukey Hanby MP (1797 - 1848)

Susan(nah) and Obadiah appear in some lists of the children of Obadiah Hunt II. (son of Azariah Hunt) but were not mentioned at all in his will, and cannot have been the children of either of his known...

1/27/2013 9/16/2014

John Hanby MP (c.1793 - bef.1837)

This is probably "the other John Hanby". John Hanby "of Joseph" appears on Northampton County, VA tax rolls for the first time in 1811. Implies a birth date c. 1790 (and another John Hanby with whom ...

1/27/2013 9/16/2014

Mary E. Hanby MP (c.1839 - bef.1920)

Mary Cutler, like Joakim Hanby, was an orphan who had been handed off to (possibly-reluctant) family. She had it a little worse, as she was handed off twice, first to her father's older brother (Willia...

12/31/2012 9/16/2014

With a name like "Rickards", there is very little doubt that the family line traces back to an "ap Richard" in Wales. Michael Rickards Sr. Birth: 1595 in , , , England (or Wales) Death: [probably...

2/3/2008 9/16/2014

Michael Rickards of Northampton MP (aft.1620 - 1688)

Was at least 21 by 30 March 1651, when he took the oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of England at Northampton Co, VA. Parentage, birth date, and suffix as "Jr.", attested only by LDS sealing re...

2/3/2008 9/16/2014

Roger Michael, Pirate MP (c.1644 - c.1686)

Roger Michael - Eastern Shore's Own Pirate Roger Michael was born in about 1644 somewhere in England. He came to Virginia as a teenager. He is not listed as a headright in the local records of the ti...

5/3/2009 9/16/2014

7/8/2014 9/16/2014

Joachim Michael MP (c.1670 - c.1707)

7/8/2014 9/16/2014

Joakim W Hanby MP (c.1835 - bef.1869)

This highly obscure Northampton County figure was left orphaned before reaching maturity, and along with his similarly orphaned older brother was taken in by their senior half-brother, John T. Scott. ...

12/31/2012 9/16/2014

Azariah Hunt, II MP (c.1738 - c.1775)

5/21/2013 9/16/2014

Azariah Hunt, I MP (c.1702 - bef.1736)

5/21/2013 9/16/2014

Obadiah (Obediah) Hunt MP (c.1799 - aft.1835)

"Obahiah", "Odediah"

Susan(nah) and Obadiah appear in some lists of the children of Obadiah Hunt II. (son of Azariah Hunt) but were not mentioned at all in his will, and cannot have been the children of either of his known...

5/9/2013 9/16/2014

Obediah H. Hanby MP (c.1831 - c.1861)

"Obadiah Hunt Hanby"

Obediah A. Hanby is not quite as obscure as, but in some ways more mysterious than, his younger brother Joakim. The brothers were orphaned young and raised by their senior half-brother, John T. Scott. ...

1/27/2013 9/16/2014

Anne Hunt MP (c.1643 - 1709)

2/5/2010 9/16/2014

Captain Thomas Hunt MP (c.1640 - 1701)

2/5/2010 9/16/2014

Frances Bibby Wilkins MP (c.1635 - bef.1692)

Note: This profile has been mash-merged and later disambiguated. When working with Eastern Shore profiles, it is ESSENTIAL to check with the Miles Files as a reference source. There is no particular ...

7/25/2008 9/16/2014

Maj. John Robins MP (1669 - 1740)

3/13/2009 9/16/2014

Maj. John Robins MP (1636 - 1709)

Col. Obedience Robins I, chirurgeon, b. April 16, 1601, in Long Buckby, Eng., son of Richard & Dorothy Robins, arrived in Virginia by 1628. He was appointed one of the first commissioners [justices] of...

12/19/2008 9/16/2014

Col. Obedience Robins MP (1601 - 1662)


COL Obedience ROBINS of "Cherrystone Plantation" was an early member of the House of Burgesses, the first legislative assembly in the New World. He was one of the most influential citizens of his time,...

8/20/2007 9/16/2014

Colonel Edmund Scarburgh, Il MP (bef.1617 - 1671)

"Edmond", "Scarborough"

Col. Edmund [3] Scarburgh (II)1 M, b. 1617, d. May 1671 Father Capt. Edmund [1] Scarburgh (I) b. 1584, d. b 19 Feb 1634/35 Mother Hannah Smith b. c 1592, d. a 19 Feb 1634/35 Please see ...

7/19/2007 9/16/2014

Cpt Edmund Scarburgh MP (1584 - 1635)

"Skarburge", "Edmond Barry. Will of Lording Barry", "dated 7/18/1625."

Neither he nor his son Col. Edmund Scarburgh ever had middle names. Some lazy researcher "tagged" them generations later to make it easier to tell them apart. His death date is not certain, but "Janu...

7/21/2007 9/16/2014

Tabitha Hill MP (1639 - 1718)

"Smart", "Brown", "Custis", "Scarborough"

Tabitha was born c. 1640 at Accomack Co, VA.3 As of before 12 July 1653,her married name was Smart.1,4 She married John Smart before 12 July 1653.1,4 She married Devereux Browne before 1660.1 Tabitha B...

7/19/2007 9/16/2014

John Custis, I MP (1592 - 1644)

John Custis and Joane Smithier Powell were first cousins. June, 1942, Volume XXX, Number 2. Notes, page 75. National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 21; Volumes 27-30, By National Genealogical...

6/18/2009 9/16/2014

Sorrowful Margaret Custis MP (c.1692 - 1750)

"Sorrowful Margaret"

LAST child (and how!) of Margaret Michael Custis. She married twice (William Kendall and then Thomas Cable), and had children by both marriages. Sorrowful Margaret was born circa 1692 at Northampton ...

6/18/2009 9/16/2014