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Elimelech Weissblum of Lizensk Family Tree ("Noam Elimelech")

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  • Eluzur/Eliezer Lipa Elowitz, Of Zborov (1813 - 1867)
    GEDCOM Note ===ELEAZAR ELIEZER ELOVITZ fall 23 adar rishon 5627 en zborov foto de la matzeva
  • rabbi Meir Elowitz (deceased)
  • Pinchas Elimelech Elowitz (b. - 1829)
    אב"ד זבארובנפטר תקצ"טHe was raised by his grandfather's student,[ R' Menachem Mendel of Rymanov ], who helped marry him off (See Entry in Meorei Galicia, Meir Wunder)
  • R' Israel, The Kozenitz Maggid (1733 - 1814)
    The Kozienice Yizkor contains substantial biographical information.* המגיד מקוז'ניץ - חייו ותורתו Hebrewbooks(Hasidic dynasty) The Kozhnitzer Hasidic dynasty founded by the Kozhnitzer Maggid, Rebbe Yis...
  • Chava Lipman (c.1756 - c.1807)
    Chava Lipman Sister to Elimelech of Lizhensk - Noam Elimelechalso had nikname of Ha Hassida. Sue was c alled Chava the Hasssida* Chava's Fathers name was Eliezer Lipa Lipman, not Weisblum. The Name Wei...

The aim of the project is to rectify and clean up the Noam Elimelech Weissblum of Lizensk Family Tree.

See Dr. Neil Rosenstein's The Unbroken Chain - Chapter Vll - Shapiro Dynasty of Lyzhansk page 1142.

Please add all your findings, and the collaborators will sort out all the relevent sources.



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"Yalkut Einot Noam"

The source of the family tree chart on the media tab as well as Elazar and Eliezer Lipa's profiles is a booklet (in Hebrew) called "Yalkut Einot Noam". It is updated from time to time by a group of descendants of Reb Elimilech. You can Google for it, they even have a Facebook page.

According to the above mentioned booklet, the source of the Name Weisblum is from the white flowers (some says Lilies) that were embroidered on the Reb's white suit.
Reb Elimilech didn't use this name, it was just a nickname, but some of his descendants adopted this name after his death. (ZB)



• Elimelech of Lizhensk father's name was Eliezer Lipman, not Weisblum.

• The Name Weisblum aparently was taken from his wife Mirl Weisblum. It seems that in those days it was hard to get a marriage licenses so children were born and named after the mother--- in this case Weisblum (?)

• Nevertheless, in some sources the brothers Elimelech of Lizhensk and Zucha of Anipoli are still called after the Father Eliezer LIpman.

• What is even more confusing is why Eliezer Lipman's father is also given the name Weisblum

a clear Mistake, no?

• It is understandable to some extent if the sons wore the name of their Mother Weisblum, but as for Eliezer, and especially his Father and Grand father should not the name obviously be Lipman?

A. Szapiro

(At the very least, corrections to Eliezer's father and grandfather are needed on Geni)


(Grandfather) Avraham Weisblum married daughter of Eliezer Lipmann Heilprin

(Father) Eliezer Lipa Weisblum & Mirish

There were five children ie.

1. Etel Etya married Yisrael Olbaum

2. Miril Mirish married ? Eilyahu Whitefield?

3. Elazar (c1741 - c1806) married bat Israel Lipa Wife #1, Bat Tzvi Hirsch Lipiner Wife#2

4. Eliezer Lipa (d. 1810) - Author of Orach L'Tzadik and Admor of Chielnik. Father of Feiga Shapiro, Naftali etc.

5. Yaakov Weisblum




There is information in Neil Rosenstein's Unbroken Chain - Chapter Vll - Shapiro Dynasty of Lyzhansk page 1142.


Errors Recently Corrected.


( These errors have now all been corrected - 4 /13 /11 )

If you come across new errors, please contact one of the project collaborators.

‎רבי ר' אלימלך האט געהאט פינעף קינדער: ‎ר' אלעזר מליזענסק 
ר' אליעזר ליפא מחמלניק בעמח"ס אורח לצדיק 
ר' יעקב רויטמאן ממגלינצא 
לאה גיטל 
מיריש ‎ר' אלימלך האט געהאט דריי איידימער:

‎1) ) אסתר עטיל, אשת ר' ישראל אלבום מפריסטיק, א זון פון ר' משה, און אן איר-אייניקל פון הרה"ק' ר' קאפיל ליקאווער זצ"ל. (זייער חתונה איז שוין געווען נאך די פטירה פונעם הייליגען ר' אלימלך)

‎2) מירוש אשת ר' אליהו פון שדה לבן - זיי האבן געוואוינט און רימונוב און ר' מענדעלע רימונובער (תלמיד פון ר"ר אלימלך) האט זיי אויסגעהאלטן.

‎3) ר' שמואל צורף - און עס איז נישט קלאר ווער זיין רעביצין איז געווען ולאור זה איז דא אסאך וואס זאגן אז ער איז געווען מירוש'ס מאן בזווג ראשון. 
ר' שמואל צורף ליגט אינעם צווייטען צימער פונעם אוהל..

‎רבי ר' אלימלך האט געהאט דריי ברידער'ס 
ר' זושא מהאניפולי 
ר' אברהם (געווען א דאקטער אין קעניקסבערג) 
ר' נתן (המכונה שיף)

‎אויפן לעצטן נאמען האבן זיי געהייסן ווייסבלום 
און זייער טאטע האט געהייסן ר' אלעזר ליפמאן 
און זייער מאמע האט געהייסן מרת גיטל

‎רבי ר' אלימלך האט געהאט צוויי ווייבער. 
בזוו"ר איז ער געווען אן איידעם ביי רבי אהרן רוקח זצ"ל 
בזוו"ש איז ער געווען אן אייעם ביי רבי יעקב מרגליות זצ"ל

Chaya Sarah Hofstein, she only had one husband. Remove R Shmuel Zanvil Beer? Maybe it is supposed to be Shmuel Zanvil Bindiger who married a first cousin?
AFAIK, Avaraham Weissblum is not a son of Noam Elimelech.

"Menachem Yissucher Weissblum's" name was 
מנחם יששכר מענדל בער ווייסבלום 
and he was a son of Elazar. (Wife Sheindl)
Elimilech from Rimanov (or Rymanow) was the son of Eliezer-Lipa, his wife was Malka, the daughter of Elazar. (they where cousins
What was Reb Elimelechs mother name was? Common thought has it as Mirish/Mirel however some claim that her name was Gitel.
Re the name of his second wife and did she have any children and who are they. On Geni we have Gitel as a second wife, is the name verified?