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Henry Adams MP (1843 - d.)

"Henry Adams"

Henry Adams was a Louisiana leader who advocated the emigration of southern freed blacks to Liberia after emancipation. Born a slave in Newton County, Georgia on March 16, 1843, Henry Adams was origi...

10/21/2015 10/21/2015

Benjamin "Pap" Singleton MP (1809 - 1900)

"Pap", "Old Pap", "Washington Singleton"

Benjamin "Pap" Singleton (1809–1892) was an American activist and businessman best known for his role in establishing African American settlements in Kansas. A former slave from Tennessee who escaped...

10/21/2015 10/21/2015

John Brown (Abolitionist) MP (1800 - 1859)

John Brown (May 9, 1800 – December 2, 1859) was an American abolitionist who advocated and practiced armed insurrection as a means to end all slavery. He led the Pottawatomie Massacre in 1856 in Bleedi...

7/23/2008 12/6/2011