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A project identifying the people with variants of this name who settled in South Africa in an effort to establish the various branches.

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The following people are listed in South African Genealogies - Heese/Lombard Volume 5 (Being up-dated)

Page 651

  • August Emanuel Christian Möller

From Lichtenau in Hesse-Kassel Married in Cape Town on 22 April 1804 to Sara Marina Muller

  • Casper Möller

From Brakel near Höxter in Germany - Arrived in SA 1763 as a soldier on "De Vrou Petronella" Married 18 Dec 1768 Elsabé Roelofs

  • Heinrich Möller

From Mecklenburg - Arrived 1711 as soldier on the "Sandenburg"

From Hamburg. Arrived in SA 17 June 1682 on "Java" Died Feb 1720 Married 16 may 1680 in Hamburg - Margaretha Marquardt

Page 707

  • Anthonie Josephus Mulder

From Zwolle Married in Cape Town 18 Oct 1807 Cornelia Jacoba Goor

  • Engelbert Mulder

From Deventer in Netherlanbds Married Geertruy Johanna Gutsche from Rotterdam

  • Frederik Sweris Mulder

from Basselt in West Friesland Lived in Olifantsrivier in 1815 and in 1821 in Attaquaskloof Married 1 Dec 1800 Jacoba Magdalena Mouton

  • Gustaaf Carel Mulder

Born in Amsterdam c 1842 Married 21 jan 1863 Anna Maria Hendrika de Waal

  • Jan Mulder

from Utrecht, Netherlands Married 17 feb 1817 Cape Town Anthoinette Martina Ley No issue recorded in SAG

  • Jan Andries Mulder

From Groningen Died 2 Dec 1832 Married Cape Town 19 Oct 1806 Petronella Fredrica Paulsen

  • Jan Hendrik Stempelmolder

From Buinen in Drenthe, Netherlands Married 31 Sep 1717 Maria Coetzee

  • Jan Jurgen Mulder

Labourer/kneg with Jan Theron Probably from Germany -Died Jun 1783 No wife is listed in SAG but son - b1 Jurgen Johannes 1765 mother Johanna Catharina van die Kaap

Born Lenzen, Germany Shoemaker Arrived in South Africa before 1699 Married Elizabeth Putter

The name Moller was changed to Mulder in later generations and Johana Jürgen is considered to be the Stamvader of the Mulder's in South Africa.

  • Johannes Mulder

From Amsterdam Married Cape Town 22 Dec 1821 Dorothea Hendrika Niehaus No issue recorded in SAG

  • Johannes Cornelis Mulder

Born Middelburg, Zeeland Died Zoutrivier, Namakwaland 1859 Married Tulbagh 7 March 1819 Elizabeth Smit

  • Johannes Petrus Mulder

Born Amsterdam 1787 Died Stinkfontein, Prins Albert 30 June 1870 Married Graaff-Reinet 19 Nov 1808 Anna Magdalena de Beer

  • Adam Heinrich Müller

Born Mecklenburg Arrived as soldier aboard Sandenburg in 1726

  • Alexander August Müller

From Oldenburg, Germany Died Bloemfontein 16 April 1892 (58) Married Carolina Marie Grieslach

  • Andreas Müller

From Leipzig Arrived in SA 1714 as soldier Married 11 Sep 1718 Susanna van Dyk

Arrived 1735 as soldier from Meerkerk, Keulen, Germany Died 19 Jul 1768 Married Tulbagh 4 May 1746 Adriana van Rooyen

Born Germany c 1774

Died 14 Jul 1841, Worcester (South Africa) On his Death Notice his Surname is Muller, but all his Children's info their surnames were Möller. Married Caledon 15 Oct 1820 Alida Jacoba Olwagen

  • Carl Müller (i)

From Hannover, Germany Arrived in SA as a soldier about 1760 Married 17 April 1768 Johanna Catharina Lombard

  • Carl Müller (ii)

From Römhild in Sakse Born 1778 Arrived in SA 1804 Died 1815 Married 3 April 1814 Sara Wilhelmina Hovertsen van die Kaap

  • Carl Theodor Müller

Born 18 Aug 1756 Left Wesel, Germany as a sailor on Capelle 17 Dec 1790 Married 1 6 March 1796 Regina Catharina Rog Married 2 Graaff-Reinet 15 Oct 1818 Catharina Elizabeth Schutz

  • Carsten Müller

from Wehden near Lehe, Germany Arrived in SA 1767 as sailor on De Jonge Lieve Married 29 May 1774 Isabella Schonken

  • Casper Müller

From Handschuhsheim, Germany Arrived 1774 as Soldier died 1803 Married Paarl 2 June 1785 Anna Nieuwoudt

  • Christiaan Frederik Muller

From Stockholm Married 2 Mar 1794 Maria Roux

  • Christoph Ludwig Henning Müller

Born c 1746 Arrived in SA towards 1767 from Gutersleben as a soldier Died 3 March 1805 Married 30 Nov 1783 Maria Magdalena Delport

  • Conrad Müller

From Klein, Lissa, Germany Arrived ion SA 1743 as a soldier aboard Saamslag Married Paarl 25 July 1756 Maria Kriel

  • Frans Dietrich Müller

Born 1714 Arrived in SA 1740 as a midshipman aboard Horssen from Nassau-Weilburg Married Catharina Geertruyda van Staden (See Personalia of the Germans at the Cape, 1652-1806)

  • Frans Christoffel Müller

From Jever, Germany Married Cape Town 28 March 1802 Magdalena Grundlingh

  • Franz Sebastian Müller

Born Altheim, Baden, Germany 17 March 1809 Arrived in SA 1858 died Ohlsen 14 narch 1865 Married St. Valentin, Altheim 26 Nov 1840 maria Anna Cornelia Link

  • Friedrich Müller

From Steedheim, Germany Married 21 March 1802 Maria Jacoba Jorssen

  • Friedrich Ludwig Müller

From Bruchsal, Germany Arrived in SA towards 1763 as a soldier Died 15 feb 1781 married 6 Oct 1771 Christina Johanna van die Kaap

  • Gerd Christoffel Müller

From Diepsteede Captain on the Meermin Married 20 Nov 1763 Helena van Smittenberg

  • Georg Müller

From Witsenhausen in Hesse, Germany Married Cape Town 4 Aug 1822 Christina Elizabeth Walendorf

  • Gottfried Müller

From Zweibrücken, Germany Married 1st George 1 Oct 1820 Cornelia Anna Margaretha Elizabeth van Greunen Married 2nd Graaff-Reinet 4 April 1824 Elsje E Willemse

  • Heinrich Müller

from Hesel in Oos-Friesland Arrived in SA 1788 Married 15 April 1792 Anna Catharina Elizabeth van Eeden

  • Heinrich Oswald Müller

From Lobenstein Arrived in SA 1743 as a sailor on board Weltevreden Married 1st - 20 May 1753 Hendrina Helena Eksteen Married 2nd - 7 Oct 1770 Elizabeth Mostert

  • Jacob Salus (Calitz) Müller

From Rawitsch, Poland Married 13 April 1788 Maria Vosloo

  • Jan Frederik Muller

Born Ireland about 1770 Arrived in SA as a sailor with the VOC Died 4 May 1857 - Graaff-Reinet Married 1st - Tulbagh 7 Jun 1807 Hester Johanna Pienaar Married 2nd - Graff-Reinet 9 May 1842 Anna A,alia Rothman

  • Joachim Friedrich Müller

From Thüritz, Brandenburg Arrived as a soldier on the Nieuw Rhoon 1773 Died 19 Oct 1797 Married 20 Oct 1776 Beatrix Brand

  • Johan Andreas Muller SV-PROG

From Hanover Germany Arrived 1771 as a soldier Married Cape Town 31 March 1776 Johanna Engelbrecht

From Luneburg, Germany Arrived in SAS 1732 as a soldier on the t Huijs te Forest Chemist Married 8 May 1735 Anna Botha widow of Christian Schmidt 3 Children The family apparently went to Batavia towards 1743 according to South African Genealogies Volume 5 page 728

From Sulzdorf Germany Arrived in SA 1779 as a soldier Married 7 Nov 1784 Maria (Dina) Margaretha de Beer

From Coeverden, Netherlands Married Elizabeth Nel