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This is Magog, legendary ancestor of the Irish kings. For the Biblical Magog, see Magog . According to the Bible, one of Noah's grandsons was Magog / מגוג ( Genesis 10:2 ; Chronicles 1:5 ). Biblical ...

7/25/2010 5/24/2014

The father of Caesair (or Caesar) Cruithach is often called Caesar Cruithach as a convenient shorthand, although the sources that name her say only that her father was a king of the Gauls. Some unsou...

10/21/2008 5/24/2014

Caesair Cruthach (Fictitious) MP (c.-653 - c.-633)

"Caesar Cruthach"

She is a fictional character from legendary Irish genealogy. Sources Caesair Cruthach, Princess of the West Franks

8/22/2007 5/24/2014