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Henry de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, Surety of the Magna Carta MP (c.1176 - 1220)

"1st earl of Hereford", "Fifth Baron"

Signed Magna Carta as surety --------------------------------------------- Henry Excerpted from Les Seigneurs de Bohon by Jean LeMelletier, Coutances: Arnaud-Bellee, 1978. Henry de Bohun (1176-...

6/10/2007 12/12/2014

Saher/Saier/Saer Quincey, 1st Earl of Winchester Saher de Quincey 1155 - 1219 1st Earl of Winchester and Crusader died in Palestine.m. Margaret de Beaumont in 1173.  Their children included: Robe...

6/9/2007 12/12/2014

Robert de Vere, 3rd Earl of Oxford, Surety of the Magna Carta MP (c.1164 - 1221)

"3rd Earl of Oxford"

The official Oxford Pedigree of the De Vere Society gives him only one wife (Isabel de Bolobec) and only two legitimate children: Hugh de Vere, 4th Earl of Oxford (1210-1263), m. Hawise de Quincy ...

6/9/2007 12/12/2014

William of Huntingfield (d 1219/1) was an English sheriff in Norfolk and Suffolk and landowner, and one of the Magna Carta sureties. He held Dover Castle from 1204 and in the First Barons' War, and w...

4/2/2007 12/12/2014

John de Lacy, 2nd Earl of Lincoln, Magna Carta Surety MP (1192 - 1240)

"1st Earl of Lincoln", "John de Lacy", "Magna Carta Baron"

John de Lacy (1192 – July 22, 1240), son of Roger, became Earl of Lincoln and 8th Baron of Halton. He and his cousin Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford, signed Magna Carta. John de Lacy was buried in Stanl...

6/7/2007 12/12/2014

CURATOR'S NOTE (updated 12-30-2015 Pam Wilson) Robert FItzWalter Baron of Woodham Walter, Baron of Little Dunmow in Essex (whose barony descended to him from his grandfather Robert FitzRichard, who h...

12/29/2007 12/12/2014

From Medlands: HERVE [IV] de Donzy (-Château de Saint-Aignan 23 Jan 1222, bur Abbaye de Pontigny near Auxerre). “Guillelmus Guoet dominus de Giem” donated property to Rigny abbey, with the support of...

5/21/2008 12/12/2014

Pierre de Montaigu, 15th Templar Grand Master MP (b. - 1232)

"Pedro de Montaigu", "Petrus de Monteacuto"

Pedro de Montaigu was Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1218 to 1232. He took part in the Fifth Crusade and was against the Sultan of Egypt's conditions for raising the siege of Damietta. He w...

10/31/2008 2/5/2013

Árpád(házi) II. András - Andrew II, King of Hungary MP (aft.1176 - 1235)

"Andrew", "King of Hungary", "Jeruzsálemi Endre", "Andrés II "El Hierosolimitano" de Hungría", "King Andras II of Hungary/", "the Jerosolitan", "le HiΘrosolymitain", "Андраш II"

-------------------------------------------------------------------- HUNGARY KINGS Chapter 5. C. PRINCES of HUNGARY 955-1000, KINGS of HUNGARY 1000-1301. ANDRÁS II 1205-1235, ANDRÁS III 1...

6/10/2007 6/24/2012

Willem I, count of Holland MP (c.1165 - 1222)

"Wilhelm", "William", "Guillaume", "Guilielmus Primus", "the crazy", "van Friesland"

Medlands Wikipedia William I (c. 1167, The Hague – 4 February 1222), Count of Holland from 1203 to 1222. He was the younger son of Floris III and Ada of Scotland. Life William was raised in S...

6/9/2007 6/24/2012

Frederick II Hohenstaufen, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1194 - 1250)

"Federico Ruggero Costantino di Hohenstaufen", "Federico I", "Federico VII", "Federicus", "Fidiricu"

Frederick II (December 26, 1194 – December 13, 1250), of the Hohenstaufen dynasty, was a pretender to the title of King of the Romans from 1212 and unopposed holder of that monarchy from 1215. As such,...

5/30/2007 6/24/2012

Leopold VI, duke of Austria MP (1176 - 1230)

LEOPOLD von Babenberg , son of LEOPOLD V Duke of Austria & his wife Ilona of Hungary ([1176/77]-San Germano 28 Jul 1230, bur Lilienfeld). ... Betrothed (Feb 1194) to --- "la Damsel de Chypre", daug...

5/20/2007 6/24/2012

Bohemond IV of Antioch (or de Poitiers) (c. 1172 – March 1233), also known as the One-Eyed (in French le Cyclops), was ruler of the Principality of Antioch (a crusader state) between 1201 and 1205,...

6/24/2008 6/24/2012

John Count of Brienne (1205/06–1221), King John I of Jerusalem (1210–1225), Co-Emperor John Brienne of Latin Empire (1229-1237), Progenitor of the d'Acre and Beaumont branches of the House of Brienne. ...

12/16/2007 6/24/2012

al-Malik al-Kamel (1180 - 1238)

Profile photo: Frederick II (left) meets al-Kamil (right). Al-Kamil (Arabic: الكامل‎) (full name: al-Malik al-Kamel Naser al-Din Abu al-Ma'ali Muhammed) (1180–1238) was a Kurdish Ayyubid sultan who...

6/24/2012 6/24/2012

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Al-Adil I (Arabic: العادل‎, in full al-Malik al-Adil Sayf al-Din Abu-Bakr ibn Ayyub, Arabic: الملك العادل سيف الدين أبو بكر بن أيوب‎; 1145–1218) was an Ayyubid-E...

11/23/2010 6/24/2012