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William Alston Blair MP (1836 - 1856)

* "General" William Walker, President of Nicaragua * * * * ) Died on Gen. William Walker's Campaign in the Filibuster (or Freebooter) adventure in Nicaragua.

11/21/2015 11/21/2015

Civil War Union Brevet Major General, US Congressman. From 1846 to 1849, he was secretary to the commissioners sent by President Polk to treaty with the Indians on the Texas frontier. At the beginn...

5/21/2011 6/15/2015

Colonel Ambrosio José Gonzales (October 3, 1818 – July 31, 1893) was a Cuban revolutionary who became a Colonel in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. Gonzales, as a revolution...

3/4/2015 3/4/2015

Capt. Appleton Oaksmith MP (1825 - 1887)

Appleton Oaksmith (February 12, 1825 – October 29, 1887), of Carteret County, North Carolina, was the son of Seba Smith and Elizabeth Oakes Smith. Appleton Oaksmith was one of the most colorful...

5/26/2014 5/26/2014

George W. L. Bickley MP (1823 - 1867)

"George Washington Lambe Bickley"

George Washington Lafayette Bickley (1823 – August 1867) was the founder of the Knights of the Golden Circle, a Civil War era secret society used to promote the interests of the Southern United State...

5/4/2014 5/4/2014

Thomas Alfred Smyth (December 25, 1832 – April 9, 1865) was a major general in the Union Army during the American Civil War. He was the last Union general killed in the war. Early life Smyth ...

7/3/2012 7/3/2012

William Logan Crittenden MP (1823 - 1851)

Newspaper account: “An American kneels only to his God, and always faces his enemy,”* declared William Logan Crittenden, refusing to kneel before his executioners in Havana this date in 1851. Thi...

1/30/2012 1/30/2012

George Rogers Clark (November 19, 1752 – February 13, 1818) was a soldier from Virginia and the highest ranking American military officer on the northwestern frontier during the American Revolutionar...

10/11/2007 1/30/2012

) William Walker (May 8, 1824– September 12, 1860) was an American physician, lawyer, journalist and adventurer, who organized several private military expeditions into Latin America, with the intent...

3/31/2008 1/30/2012

For more pictures, go to the Media section. A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA with the rank of STAFF OFFICER. DAR Ancestor #: A011522 William Blount, (March 26, 1749 (O.S.)/...

10/26/2008 1/30/2012

Ira Allen, Continental Army MP (1751 - 1814)

Ira Allen (April 21, 1751 in Cornwall, Connecticut - January 7, 1814) was one of the founders of Vermont, and leaders of the Green Mountain Boys; and was the brother of Ethan Allen. Biography ...

4/18/2007 1/30/2012

DAR Information: SMITH, WILLIAM Ancestor #: A106172 Service: NEW YORK Rank(s): LIEUTENANT COLONEL, AIDE-DE-CAMP Birth: 11-8-1755 NEW YORK NEW YORK Death: 6-10-1816 WESTCHESTER -PROB NEW YORK Servic...

4/29/2007 1/30/2012

Governor George Mathews MP (1739 - 1812)

"George Matthews"

George Mathews August 30, 1739-September 30, 1812 Parents: John Mathews and Ann Archer Wives: Mary Flowers b.1739 Anne Paul 1741-1788 Margaret Reed Children with Mary Flowers: Sarah...

12/21/2007 1/30/2012

James Long MP (1793 - 1822)

) James Long (born February 9, 1793 Culpepper County Virginia died 8 April 1822 in a Mexico military prison) led the unsuccessful filibuster Long Expedition to Texas. Biography Long was a for...

1/30/2012 1/30/2012

John Anthony Quitman (b. September 1, 1798, Rhinebeck, New York– July 17, 1858, Natchez, Mississippi) was an American politician and soldier. He served as Governor of Mississippi from 1835 to 1836 ...

1/30/2012 1/30/2012

Chatham Roberdeau Wheat (April 9, 1826 – June 27, 1862) was a Captain in the United States Army Volunteers during the Mexican War, Louisiana State Representative, lawyer, mercenary in Cuba, Mexico, a...

2/19/2009 1/30/2012