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  • Hooper Alexander Pegues (1884 - 1976)
  • Martha Lamar Pegues (1862 - 1941)
  • Samuel Fitts Pegues (1858 - 1941)
    James Harris Fitts, "Genealogy of the Fitts or Fitz Family in America," MDCCCXCVII page 130 No.174 Samuel Fitts/5 Pegues was born Dec. 8, 1858; baptized May 21, 1860.-----He was educated at he universi...
  • Rosa Pegues (1858 - 1953)
  • Josiah Evans Pegues (1854 - 1933)
    James Harris Fitts, "Genealogy of the Fitts or Fitz Family in America," MDCCCXCVII page 130 No.173 Joe Evans Pegues was born Dec. 13, 1854, and baptized by Rev. R.D. Nevius. Mr. Pegues commenced work f...

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