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John Goddard, of Oyster River MP (c.1608 - 1666)

John Goddard. Born ca 1608. John died on 12 Nov 1666 in Durham, Strafford County, New Hampshire biography From the History of Durham:88 “John Goddard, born about 1608, as a deposition shows, wa...

4/26/2007 4/5/2016

Thomas Roberts, of Dover MP (c.1600 - bef.1674)

"Thomas Roberts of Woolaston", "Gloustershire"

Armiger Robert's Son Thomas died in England .Frances James was his mother and wife of Sir Thomas. Not wife of Thomas Roberts the immigrant EVERYONE PLEASE READ THE FIRST TWO SOURCES FIRST THREE PARAG...

7/4/2007 9/1/2015

William Wentworth (elder) William Wentworth (1616-1697) was a follower of John Wheelwright, and an early settler of New Hampshire. Coming from Alford in Lincolnshire, he likely came to New England with...

2/22/2007 9/1/2015

Judge John Woodman MP (c.1634 - 1706)

'John Woodman, born circa 1634 in England, son of Edward & Joanna (Salway) Woodman; married first Mary Field, July 15, 1656, at Newbury, Massachusetts. She was born in 1631, daughter of Darby & Agnes...

6/29/2008 9/1/2015

Darby Field MP (c.1610 - aft.1651)

From Darby Field (1610–1649) was the first European to climb Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Of Irish ancestry, if not born in Ireland, he was in Boston, Massachusetts, by 1636, and settled in Dur...

1/18/2007 9/1/2015

James Leach MP (1624 - 1697)

Mr. Leach was a weaver at Great Island, Portsmouth. He owned the Island now called Leach Island. Grand Juryman, 1654-5; took oath of allegiance and was sworn Constable, 27 June, 1656; and was Tythingma...

4/12/2007 9/29/2014

Capt. Martin Pring MP (c.1580 - c.1626)

Martin Pring (1580–1626) was an English explorer from Bristol, England who in 1603 at the age of 23 was captain of an expedition to North America to assess commercial potential; he explored areas of pr...

1/6/2014 1/6/2014

Anthony Brackett MP (bef.1613 - 1691)

"Immigrant ancestor"

Anthony Brackett, Sr. Birth:  Circa 1613 - Norfolk, England Death:  Sep 28 1691 - Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire Parents:  unknown Partner:  Eleanor Brackett Children:  Thomas, Antho...

2/25/2007 1/3/2014

David Thomson MP (1592 - 1627)

"David "the Scotchman" Thompson"

David Thomson, son of Richard Thomson and Florence Cromlan, was born Dec. 17, 1572, After his father's early death, he resided with his widowed mother at the home of Dr. Richard Vines; with whom he lat...

10/29/2007 1/1/2014

Thomas Spencer, of Maine MP (c.1596 - 1681)

Thomas Spencer Birth: abt 1596- Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, England Death: Dec 15 1681 - Berwick, York, Maine, USA Parents: unknown Wife: Patience Chadbourne summary He was a tavern ...

2/1/2007 12/31/2013

Patience Spencer MP (bef.1612 - 1683)

Widow Spencer kept an inn at Saco, 1662. From 2. PATIENCE2 CHADBOURNE (1. William1), baptized Tamworth, Warwickshire, England 8 Nov 1612; died York Co ME (probably Berwick) 7 Nov 16...

7/5/2008 12/31/2013

William Chadbourne, of Berwick MP (bef.1582 - aft.1652)

William Chadbourne Baptized: Mar 30 1582 - Tamworth, Stafford, England Death: after Nov 16 1652 - Kittery, York County, Maine Parents: Robert Chadbourne, Margaret Dooley Wife: Elizabeth Sparr...

12/20/2007 12/31/2013

Humphrey Chadbourne, of Berwick MP (bef.1615 - 1667)

The first record we have found indicating his presence in America is the 1640 list of Residents of NH From HUMPHREY2 CHADBOURNE (1. William1), baptized Tamworth, Warwickshire, England...

12/20/2007 12/31/2013

Capt. John Mason MP (c.1586 - 1635)

name: John Mason born c. 1586 Kings Linn, Norfolkshire, England, d. c.1635 England title: captain occupation: sailor colonizer appointed second Proprietary Governor of Newfoundland's Cuper'...

6/10/2008 12/31/2013

Governor Thomas Wiggin MP (1592 - 1666)

THOMAS WIGGIN (Governor and called Captain) was born about 1592, and died in Squamscott about 1667 being buried south of the railroad tracks, about 5 hundred yards west of the old depot, near the end o...

10/1/2007 12/31/2013

Rev. John Wheelwright MP (c.1592 - 1679)

WHEELWRIGHT, John, clergyman, born in Lincolnshire, England, about 1592; died in Salisbury, Massachusetts, 15 November, 1679. He was graduated at Cambridge in 1614, and, entering the ministry of the ...

2/22/2007 12/31/2013

Edward Hilton MP (bef.1596 - bef.1671)

Edward Hilton Summary ORIGIN: London MIGRATION: 1628 FIRST RESIDENCE: Dover REMOVES: Exeter by 1639 RETURN TRIPS: To England in 1629 and return to new England in 1630 or 1631 OCCUPATION...

7/4/2008 12/30/2013

William Berry, Sr. MP (1605 - 1654)

(Check out: ) William Berry (1619 – June 28, 1654) was the first settler at Sandy Beach, Rye, New Hampshire. From Wikipedia William Berry was born in Norfolk, England, the son of Johan Berry. He ...

5/6/2007 12/29/2013