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Hassan Bey Shukri MP (1876 - 1940)

Hassan Bey Shukri From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hassan Bey Shukri (Hebrew: חסן שוכרי‎) (1876–1940) was the mayor of Haifa[1] and the president of the Muslim National Associations. Biography[e...

1/20/2018 1/20/2018

Daniel Glaser MP (1960 - 1980)

Danny was recruited to the Israeli army in mid-July 1978, and true to the spirit received from his parents he volunteered to serve in the Air Force. He studied all the required courses (including skydi...

5/17/2007 5/9/2016

Dan Tsalka MP (1936 - 2005)

Dan Tsalka (1936-June 15, 2005) was an Israeli writer. Dan Tsalka was born in 1936 in Warsaw. In World War II his family fled to the Soviet Union, where they lived in Siberia and then Kazakhstan. At ...

5/10/2008 1/23/2012

Roman Rakower MP (1918 - 2000)

Roman did much reasearch on the history of the Rakower family as well as other families from Krakow. He was able to find family members all around the world and wrote a book about it. On May 18, 1985...

1/2/2009 12/24/2011